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by ridoy
A brief explanation of application development for Android Wear, helpful for every beginner and intermediate android developer.
by raddevus
Steps for building a device you can add to your existing garage door, which implements an atmega328, bluetooth (hc-05) and relay module which will allow you to open your garage door from any paired Android device.
by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will discuss about the advanced Android application development based on the example of creating a responsive Airport schedule simulator application.
by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This post attempts to describe the general difference between overloading and overriding in Object-oriented programming languages.

Latest Articles

by Han Bo Sun
YUI-Compressor maven plugin to minify JS files for Spring Boot based web app development
by Han Bo Sun
This tutorial will discuss how to create a rest service supports GraphQL query.
by Jennifer Reif
In this article we build a Java microservice that connects to, and interacts with, graph data in a Neo4j AuraDB Free database.
by Evgeny Pereguda
This article presents my project for capturing of video and audio sources on Windows OS by Microsoft Media Foundation.

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27 Oct 2019
App to convert an exisiting non-Room database for Room
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25 Jul 2019
Xiao Ling
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16 May 2011
asheesh goja
‘Expert Systems’ is one of the most commercially successful application of Artificial Intelligence. This three part series describes how to develop an expert system based artificial advisor, using a backward reasoning algorithm.