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Feature Forums
Forum Description Last Post Total
- Uncategorised posts -
Misplaced questions from users. If you find yourself posting in this forum then either try and choose a more appropriate forum, or make a suggestion in the Suggestions forum for a new forum 
28 Jun 2020 9:42pm 995
General Programming
Forum Description Last Post Total
.NET (Core and Framework)
Discussions on the .NET Core, .NET Framework and .NET 5 frameworks 
28 Jul 2020 6:44am 30,823
Discussions on Mathematics and Algorithms 
28 Jul 2020 6:36am 7,650
Discussions on ATL, WTL and STL programming 
3 Jul 2020 7:42pm 9,868
C / C++ / MFC
C, Visual C++ and MFC discussions 
2 Aug 2020 7:28am 463,612
C# discussions 
1 Aug 2020 10:49pm 377,673
COM discussions 
31 Mar 2020 2:38pm 11,668
Delphi discussions 
30 Jun 2020 9:36am 475
Design and Architecture
Discussions on Design, Patterns and Architecture 
30 Jul 2020 12:19am 7,105
DirectX, OpenGL and GDI/GDI+ discussions 
12 Jul 2020 9:24pm 2,370
Hardware & Devices
Discussions on hardware (choosing, setting up, troubleshooting) and device drivers (for those who like the colour blue) 
5 Jul 2020 1:16am 5,726
Java discussions 
21 Jul 2020 9:41pm 9,735
LINQ (all flavours) 
23 Jun 2020 8:39am 2,740
Linux Programming
Discussions on anything to do with programming on Linux. Whether it be C++, web development, bash scripting or digging into the Kernel. 
26 Jul 2020 11:00pm 348
Managed C++/CLI
Discussions on Managed Extensions for Visual C++ .NET 
1 Aug 2020 8:41am 14,781
Objective-C and Swift
Objective-C and Swift language and programming discussions. 
3 Nov 2019 11:40pm 208
Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions discussions 
14 Apr 2020 12:30am 358
Silverlight / WPF
Silverlight, WPF and XAML programming discussions 
9 Jul 2020 11:57pm 18,110
Visual Basic
Visual Basic Questions 
21 Jul 2020 5:07am 119,667
Visual Studio
Discussions on the Visual Studio .NET IDE 
30 Jul 2020 6:57am 7,801
Windows Development
Discussions on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows RT 
2 Aug 2020 9:38am 397
Windows Forms
Desktop and Windows Forms development 
30 Jul 2020 7:15am 7,044
Discussions on XML and related technologies 
10 May 2020 9:58pm 6,780
Web Development
Forum Description Last Post Total
ASP.NET web development 
1 Aug 2020 1:20am 198,146
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing 
18 Jul 2020 11:28pm 232
JavaScript discussions 
24 Jul 2020 11:02am 5,222
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
LAMP discussions 
22 Jul 2020 12:09am 3,748
SharePoint discussions 
20 Apr 2020 11:09am 2,298
Web Development
Discussions on HTML5, CSS, Scripting, Ajax etc. 
1 Aug 2020 8:59pm 35,451
Mobile Development
Forum Description Last Post Total
Discussions on Android development 
22 Jul 2020 10:09pm 2,158
Discussions on iOS development 
1 May 2020 2:34am 154
General Discussions on Mobile related development. For Android specific development please see the Android forum 
17 Jul 2020 8:48am 7,844
Product Lifecycle
Forum Description Last Post Total
Application Lifecycle
Application Lifecycle discussions 
22 Dec 2019 5:43am 381
Collaboration / Beta Testing
For those looking for development partners or beta testers 
17 Jul 2020 2:54am 2,189
Free Tools
Free Tools - reviews and recommendations 
29 Jul 2020 7:27am 1,230
Running a Business
General discussions on running a software business including getting started, planning, strategy, legal issues, and staying afloat 
20 Sep 2019 2:41am 517
Sales / Marketing
Discussions on marketing, pricing and selling your software. Please - no ads 
23 Jun 2020 9:12pm 212
Database & SysAdmin
Forum Description Last Post Total
Discussions on database access, SQL, and ADO 
28 Jul 2020 2:16am 61,075
Hosting and Servers
Hosting and managing server discussions 
4 Jul 2020 10:44am 786
System Admin
General discussions on System Administration and support. Are you your company's IT expert? 
16 Jul 2020 5:03am 12,198
General Discussions
Forum Description Last Post Total
Article Writing
Discuss writing articles, add your requests for articles here, or search for ideas for a new article. Do not post programming questions here 
31 Jul 2020 6:36pm 9,395
CodeProject API
This forum is for discussing the CodeProject APIs. Feedback, suggestions, bugs and general help. Note that is currently in early beta. It has bugs. 
18 Mar 2020 10:49am 134
Press Releases
Press Releases from companies serving our community 
25 Mar 2019 4:05am 1,553
Site Bugs / Suggestions
General discussions, site bug reports and suggestions about the site. 
1 Aug 2020 6:32pm 74,990
Spam and Abuse Watch
Reports of spammers, trolls and other abuse 
3 Aug 2020 1:10am 58,484
The Insider News
The Insider. Your Daily News 
3 Aug 2020 2:38am 72,302
The Lounge
For discussing anything related to a software developer's life but is not for programming questions. Got a programming question?

3 Aug 2020 2:31am 1,914,513
The Weird and The Wonderful
It was the best of code, it was the worst of code. Coding Horrors, Worst Practices, and flashes of brilliance 
30 Jul 2020 9:13am 19,199
Where I am: Member Photos
A photo gallery of members' cities, office, home, or crazy places they've visited. What does the world look like through the eyes of others? 
5 Jul 2020 1:11pm 344
Work Issues
Talk about work issues, get tips on resume writing, hiring, firing, office issues, co-workers and coffee etiquette. 
17 Jul 2020 9:53pm 2,542