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26 Jul 2021 -
  2 Aug 2021
Dark mode or Light mode?
Windows 11, macOS, tablets and phones and our favourite applications offer dark mode. Do you use it? prefer it? Ignore it?
19 Jul 2021 -
  26 Jul 2021
What are the worst sins in a website aimed at selling things to developers?
I'm not saying we're a pedantic, fussy unforgiving bunch. Just be careful when trying to be clever...
12 Jul 2021 -
  19 Jul 2021
Live, in-person conferences or online conferences. Which do you prefer?
Assuming a conference on your favourite tech was coming up, your boss gave you the golden ticket to attend, and you had the time and space to go. Multiple choice because sometimes there's no black and white answer.
5 Jul 2021 -
  12 Jul 2021
Which of the following IDEs have you used?
"Used" means to create an actual working application (or at least give it a good attempt)
28 Jun 2021 -
  5 Jul 2021
What are the worst habit a developer can have?
Obviously not an exhaustive list...
21 Jun 2021 -
  28 Jun 2021
Are you worried about your job security post-pandemic?
We're not there yet, but we're getting closer. Does this mean your job is more secure or does it mean things may get a little uncertain?
14 Jun 2021 -
  21 Jun 2021
Where do you find info on new developer tools?
"Info" being news about new tools or more information on tools you've heard about. Asking for a friend (no, really)
7 Jun 2021 -
  14 Jun 2021
Can you, without looking it up, write code to convert any Binary Search Tree to a Balanced Binary Search Tree?
The real question is: Is this important these days? Esoteric knowledge we need for interviews, or basic skills we should know cold?
31 May 2021 -
  7 Jun 2021
How important is learning AI to you for job security?
The buzzword of the 2020's or a core competency?
24 May 2021 -
  31 May 2021
Are we, as developers, getting better or worse at writing good code?
A very loaded question, sure, but try and think about when you first started writing code and the examples you read and the code you worked on, and compare it to what you see now.
17 May 2021 -
  24 May 2021
Are you encouraging your kids (or kids of family / friends) to code?
Are you teaching (or merely encouraging) kids around you to follow in your footsteps? If so, how's it going (or not going)?
10 May 2021 -
  17 May 2021
What's you preferred form of code editor and compiler?
Just me and my computer, or an IDE on any device, anywhere?
3 May 2021 -
  10 May 2021
What are your favourite Star Wars spinoff series?
May the 4th be with you
26 Apr 2021 -
  3 May 2021
What is your direct Manager's background?
Have they been in the trenches where you are now or do they bring a different set of skills?
19 Apr 2021 -
  26 Apr 2021
Coding Addiction: What have you skipped in order to sneak in some coding?
Sure, there are some things more important that finishing that awesome UI, optimising that index or getting that one last bug squashed. So we've been told, anyway.
12 Apr 2021 -
  19 Apr 2021
Straw Poll: which of these languages have you used?
"used" means written some code that compiles and runs. You don't need to be an expert.
5 Apr 2021 -
  12 Apr 2021
Low-code or no-code platforms: Do you use them?
A release from the drudgery of plumbing code or an efficient means of adding vendor lock-in and inflexibility?
29 Mar 2021 -
  5 Apr 2021
What's your preferred weather to code in?
If only laptops were waterproof. Comment if you're particularly fussy about the weather you prefer.
22 Mar 2021 -
  29 Mar 2021
What language would you recommend for a High School student who's never coded before?
Everyone has an opinion, but think about what got you excited, and what enabled you to progress.
15 Mar 2021 -
  22 Mar 2021
When you try tutorials and how-to's for products written by the vendor, they:

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