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Google parent Alphabet launches Intrinsic: a new company to build software for industrial robots
A robot must provide advertising views, unless that conflicts with the First or Second Laws
Industry News The Verge 26 Jul 2021 699
Zuckerberg wants Facebook to become online 'metaverse'
He just wants to be an alligator in another timeline
Industry News BBC 26 Jul 2021 1,253
Industry News The Register 26 Jul 2021 3,998
Fake Windows 11 installers now used to infect you with malware
I think calling Windows 11 "malware" is being a little harsh
Industry News Bleeping Computer 26 Jul 2021 1,072
The 12 Habits of highly effective software developers
Habit 0: Avoid lists of "good" habits
Developer News Better Programming 26 Jul 2021 3,370
‘I don’t know’ is the best phrase for your career
I don't know if this is good advice
Developer News The Next Web 26 Jul 2021 1,632
Developer News Microsoft Game Stack blog 26 Jul 2021 1,518
Developer News MSIX blog 26 Jul 2021 969
The W3C pages
"The cobbler's children have no shoes"
Hot Threads CodeProject 26 Jul 2021 1,045
Satire Savage Chickens 26 Jul 2021 580
Science And Technology Science Focus 26 Jul 2021 1,381
Science And Technology Vice 26 Jul 2021 1,339
Normal touchscreens can also detect contaminated water, researchers find
Finding contaminated water may void your warranty though
Science And Technology Gizmodo 26 Jul 2021 920
Microsoft research confirms tech support scams still exist
My research confirms "No sunshine, Sherlock"
Industry News Windows Central 23 Jul 2021 1,377
MITRE updates list of top 25 most dangerous software bugs
The mosquito didn't make the list this year?
Industry News Bleeping Computer 23 Jul 2021 1,932
Industry News ZDNet 23 Jul 2021 2,365
Jack Dorsey hopes bitcoin can bring about world peace
You may say he's a dreamer...but yeah, he's a dreamer
Industry News Engadget 23 Jul 2021 1,904
How to build multi-platform apps with Uno Platform and blockchain
In case you want to bring about world peace
Developer News Uno Platform 23 Jul 2021 875
Everyone cites that 'bugs are 100x more expensive to fix in production' research, but the study might not even exist
So, go ahead and leave them in for users to find. They always appreciate helping!
Developer News The Register 23 Jul 2021 1,245
Try the new System.Text.Json source generator
Because JSON is the new XML
Developer News .NET blog 23 Jul 2021 2,450
Which soft skills do employers want software developers to have?
Fingers crossed that it's "belly". I'll be so employable!
Developer News Dice Insights 23 Jul 2021 2,110
MS Money
Because some software should never die
Hot Threads CodeProject 23 Jul 2021 1,811
Really, Microsoft?
Because it's all about the icons
Hot Threads CodeProject 23 Jul 2021 2,182
Speeding Up Reinforcement Learning with a New Physics Simulation Engine
Reinforcement learning (RL) is a popular method for teaching robots to navigate and manipulate the physical world, which itself can be simplified and expressed as interactions between rigid bodies
Tips and Tools Google AI 23 Jul 2021 95

Page 1 of 2,256