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Teen hacker charged with 30 felonies over huge Twitter bitcoin scam
Someone's going to bed without dessert tonight.
Industry News Slash gear 3 Aug 2020 1,498
Industry News ZDNet 3 Aug 2020 1,296
Red Hat and CentOS systems aren’t booting due to BootHole patches
That's one way to stop your boot system from getting hacked
Industry News Ars Technica 3 Aug 2020 681
How Google is bringing Windows apps to Chromebooks
By just relabeling Windows laptops?
Industry News The Verge 3 Aug 2020 1,915
Google’s ‘trust tokens’ are here to take cookies down a peg
All the spying you're used to, with a spiffy new name!
Developer News The Verge 3 Aug 2020 793
OpenTelemetry .NET Beta released!
So you can watch Big Brother?
Developer News Open Telemetry blog 3 Aug 2020 1,109
C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup weighs in on distributed systems, type safety and Rust
"I get a little bit sad when I hear people talk about C++ as if they were back in the 1980s"
Developer News The New Stack 3 Aug 2020 1,498
IBM completes successful field trials on Fully Homomorphic Encryption
I think you can get a lotion to help with that
Developer News Ars Technica 3 Aug 2020 750
Other People's Code
Or your own code, just six months later
Hot Threads CodeProject 3 Aug 2020 744
Build a toy quantum computer at home
A very polarizing article
Science And Technology Dhruv on Math 3 Aug 2020 1,442
Microsoft engineer proposes "TRAMPFD" for improving Linux security
...aaaaand I need a new irony meter again
Industry News Phoronix 31 Jul 2020 3,207
Industry News Indeed Hiring lab blog 31 Jul 2020 2,246
Developer News Tech Xplore 31 Jul 2020 2,936
JDK 16 begins to take shape
"And I do anything for my sweet sixteen"
Developer News Infoworld 31 Jul 2020 947
Learn about the latest .NET Productivity features
"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better"
Developer News .NET blog 31 Jul 2020 4,437
Developer News ZDNet 31 Jul 2020 3,098
Hot Threads CodeProject 31 Jul 2020 2,317
Use a Raspberry Pi to Back up Your Garmin Activity Data
By backing up the activity data on the Raspberry Pi, you can take control of your data and have archives of your hard work without relying on a third-party database.
Tips and Tools Tom's Hardware 31 Jul 2020 242
Back to Machine Learning Basics – Classification Algorithms
In this article, we focus on the classification algorithm or to be more precise, the algorithms that are used primarily for classification problems.
Tips and Tools Rubik's Code 31 Jul 2020 332
Microsoft takes ownership of the development of the PyTorch for Windows from Facebook
Due to several issues, Windows support for PyTorch has lagged behind other platforms like Linux and macOS. Microsoft taking ownership of the project will improve PyTorch support on Windows.
Tips and Tools MS Power User 31 Jul 2020 209
Implementation of ReBeL, an algorithm that generalizes the paradigm of self-play reinforcement learning and search to imperfect-information games.
Tips and Tools Facebook Research 31 Jul 2020 86
NVIDIA, BMW, Red Hat, and more on the promise of AI, edge computing, and computer vision
Leaders from NVIDIA, BMW, Pinterest, Intel, Uber, and Red Hat among others gathered to talk about the most important new use cases and the most urgent issues: from ensuring greater user privacy to enabling lower latency, accelerating better search and personalization, advancing automation, delivering real-time intelligence, and more.
Tips and Tools Venture Beat 31 Jul 2020 194
DeText: A deep NLP framework for intelligent text understanding
In this blog post, we will introduce DeText, a state-of-the-art open source NLP framework for text understanding.
Tips and Tools LinkedIn 31 Jul 2020 201
Randomness theory could hold key to internet security
Roll D20 for security (and initiative)
Science And Technology Tech Xplore 31 Jul 2020 1,760

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