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Amazon unleashes Q, an AI assistant for the workplace
"If I ask a very simple question, do you think you might be able to answer it without it troubling your intellect too much?"
Industry News Ars Technica 30 Nov 2023 1,461
Industry News TechRepublic 30 Nov 2023 1,374
Bad Bots Account for 73% of Internet Traffic: Analysis
But I promise you that I'm a good bot
Industry News Security Week 30 Nov 2023 1,479
Write your Git commits with GitHub Copilot
For those that need an AI to write, "code change"
Developer News Visual Studio 30 Nov 2023 1,189
Developer News The Register 30 Nov 2023 2,770
The King has returned!
Developer News BBC BASIC 30 Nov 2023 2,722
Primary constructors has caused concerns for C# developers
Secondary constructors still considered acceptable
Developer News RoundTheCode 30 Nov 2023 3,011
First time that MS PowerPlatform / Lowcode has looked tantalizing
Low coder wanted, must have coding degree
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Nov 2023 1,160
How to make thing more complicated for nothing...
Do you need a reason to make things more complicated than they need to be?
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Nov 2023 991
Preparing for Network Failures this Holiday Season
Suppose I’m connecting my home Christmas lights to the Internet. Perhaps I’ll make a mobile app that calls my home control server.
Tips and Tools Public Object 30 Nov 2023 53
Announcing general availability of the AWS SDK for Kotlin
We are excited to announce that the AWS SDK for Kotlin is now generally available and supported for production use.
Tips and Tools AWS developer tools 30 Nov 2023 61
The complete guide to iOS & macOS development in Neovim
In this article, I will describe step by step how to configure Neovim to move away from Xcode.
Tips and Tools Wojciech Kulik 30 Nov 2023 82
Test the latest AI features in Kotlin
The OpenAI Kotlin library is already being updated with the new APIs and you can start to try them out right now in your Android codebase with snapshot package builds.
Tips and Tools Surface Duo 30 Nov 2023 68
Displaying HTML in a .NET MAUI Label
Although the Label in .NET MAUI is commonly used to display text in plain format, there are occasions when you need to incorporate HTML content
Tips and Tools Ask Xammy 30 Nov 2023 90
Swift 5.9 Backtracer is Now Concurrency-Aware, Improves Readability and Linux Support
Besides extending the language through macros and borrow-stile memory management, Swift 5.9 also introduces some helpful features for program debugging, including an out-of-process crash handler, just-in-time debugging support, and backtracking to makes it easier to interpret control flow when using structured concurrency.
Tips and Tools InfoQ 30 Nov 2023 51
AI agents can copy humans to get closer to artificial general intelligence, DeepMind finds
Think about that the next time you sit on the photocopier
Science And Technology The Register 30 Nov 2023 1,218
The ‘self-operating’ computer emerges
It's sad when they grow up and don't need you anymore
Science And Technology Venture Beat 30 Nov 2023 1,521
Industry News Beta News 29 Nov 2023 1,492
Tech pros quitting over salary stagnation, stress
"If you ever get annoyed, look at me I'm self-employed. I love to work at nothing all day"
Industry News Information Week 29 Nov 2023 3,651
This dev conference organizer seems addicted to making up women
They're not made up. They're just in Canada, so you can't meet them.
Industry News The Verge 29 Nov 2023 2,916
Industry News Reuters 29 Nov 2023 1,289
Python is easy. Go is simple. Simple != easy.
Would you rather that people think of you as simple, or easy?
Developer News Preslav Rachev 29 Nov 2023 5,080
Developer News Ars Technica 29 Nov 2023 2,738
Microsoft's new Windows Ugly Sweater for the 2023 holiday season will offer up some Bliss
Because nothing says the holiday season like a sweater that looks like the wallpaper on your parent's computer
Developer News Neowin 29 Nov 2023 3,184

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