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Great Reads

by Fredrik Bornander
WPF Implementation of the spinning panel frequently used on the iPhone
by Steve Krile
Fully AJAX-enabled user control used to select names from a database in a drop-down format.
by Graeme_Grant
A Modern Toggle Switch - From mock concept to a full custom WPF control that you can plug into your own apps
by Graeme_Grant
.NET Core LogViewer Control for WinForms, WPF, and Avalonia using the ILogger Framework with Microsoft Logger, Serilog, NLog, and Log4Net in C# & VB on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Latest Articles

by Arlo Weston
How to use the decorator pattern in WinForms, VB.NET, with async/await and/or multi threading (update 8/10/20 - this is more of a Chain of Responsibility pattern than a Decorator)
An extended version of the Dynamic Tab article
by ADemontis
An overview on how to interrogate Dall-E in VB.NET
This article and the demo are about getting started using my Schafkopf_OOP VB.NET project.

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Visual Basic 

13 Mar 2012 by Fredrik Bornander
WPF Implementation of the spinning panel frequently used on the iPhone
24 Aug 2009 by Steve Krile
Fully AJAX-enabled user control used to select names from a database in a drop-down format.
15 Nov 2017 by Graeme_Grant
A Modern Toggle Switch - From mock concept to a full custom WPF control that you can plug into your own apps
11 Sep 2023 by Graeme_Grant
.NET Core LogViewer Control for WinForms, WPF, and Avalonia using the ILogger Framework with Microsoft Logger, Serilog, NLog, and Log4Net in C# & VB on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
15 Jun 2016 by JosipK, Marko Kozlina
C# and VB.NET console applications that demonstrate how to create and send an email reply with IMAP and SMTP protocols in .NET Framework
13 Sep 2005 by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB
9 Jan 2023 by Graeme_Grant
This article comprehensively covers the Microsoft ClickOnce Installer with a bare bones WinForm/WPF C#/VB Silent Updater framework plus covers how to implement, troubleshoot, test locally, to release.
27 Apr 2016 by Clayton Rumley
There are those who think I am crazy, and this just might be the proof.
12 Oct 2013 by Kenneth Haugland
Implementation and theory behind TLM modelling for acoustic wave propagation with 2D and 3D view. Also includes a raindrop and boat wake simulation.
4 Dec 2007 by Ned Thompson
This article will demo how a free Flyout can help to save space on your webpage.
1 Feb 2017 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
How to build my own 3D graphics engine from ZERO step by step
17 Nov 2023 by Levie Rufenacht
Wisej brings a familiar desktop development experience to the web without losing any of its benefits.
24 Apr 2012 by Ana Carolina Zambon
This is a demonstration of how to use the basics of Mono.Cecil by adding method calls to existing assemblies.
20 Feb 2019 by Igor Krupitsky
The ASP.NET pages let you upload, delete and browse files into a database.
22 May 2013 by Dejan Mauer
Free and easy way to access a web camera by using the Aforge library.
11 Aug 2013 by LarryCharlton
Dynamic data forms.
9 Sep 2017 by Gamil Yassin
Part 1 of a series of articles demonstrating .NET AI library from scratch
7 Nov 2022 by Terence Wallace
A VB.NET implementation of a city-building game with real-time strategy elements.
6 Nov 2012 by Kurt Swaim
Describes an OPC wrapper DLL and an example of how to use it for communication to a device through an OPC server.
3 Aug 2016 by Avelino Ferreira
The easiest way to implement the ToolStripControlHost and ToolStripDropDown classes, in a UserControl, in order to display a Container/Control beyond the limits of its Parent Container and Parent Form, with very few lines of code. Let's uncomplicate ...
12 Oct 2023 by Graeme_Grant
.NET compliant Silent ClickOnce Update Background Worker Service for Winform, WPF & Console in C# & VB
28 Mar 2010 by Vinit Yadav
A Yahoo! messenger clone application built with Silverlight and its Duplex Polling WCF service. Explains how to deal with the Yahoo! packet format named YMSG.
4 Nov 2013 by Meshack Musundi
WPF 3D cubes puzzle game for the AIO(All-In-One) PC
24 Sep 2015 by Stefano Castelli
The article will illustrate how to create a Code39 barcode in VB.NET and C#
21 Jun 2010 by Corey Fournier
15 Aug 2023 by Xavier Junqué i de Fortuny
Reduces/evaluates a real/complex math expression
16 Sep 2017 by Gamil Yassin
Perceptron, when to use it and sample code
31 Mar 2011 by Gregory Gadow
Prank your coworkers with a dialog box that appears and disappears randomly by using a notification area app.
1 Jan 2012 by wayvirgo
How to use the Google Calendar API from VB.NET.
21 Apr 2013 by Rob Culhane
How to dynamically add access database columns at runtime using VB.NET
12 Apr 2016 by bradyguy
An end to end view of how to integrate Jira REST API's with Excel.
17 Sep 2017 by Gamil Yassin
Part 4 of a series of articles demonstrating .NET AI library from scratch
6 Oct 2009 by CS Rocks
This is a slideshow that works in a Silverlight 3 UserControl.
2 Feb 2010 by carl morey
A complete weather station using Arduino 2009 and Visual Basic
21 Jul 2014 by _Plutonix
An easy to use, customizable Collection Editor; with inheritance support
4 Nov 2016 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
VisualBasic Darwinism Evolutionary computation Application and Super Computing
22 Jan 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Implementing text highlighting in a WPF TextBlock control with MVVM
22 Dec 2017 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on De/Serializing object graphs with XML
11 Jul 2023 by Igor Krupitsky
This application lets you copy tables from folder with CSV files to SQL Server
25 Feb 2023 by Graeme_Grant
Enabling development and production AppSettings support for non-ASP.NET Core apps
14 May 2009 by CS Rocks
This article demonstrates how to upload a file to a (HTTPS) WebDAV server in VB.NET.
7 Jul 2012 by Manoj K Bhoir
TreeView Explorer using VB.NET 2008
30 Mar 2015 by SSDiver2112
Interactive Design Time Control Overlays to make editing custom controls easier.
16 May 2017 by Rene Bustos
WCF WebService IN VB.NET Response JSON
5 Jun 2017 by Mahsa Hassankashi
phenomenon prediction and simulation by Markov Chain Mont Carlo
8 Dec 2017 by Dirk Bahle, Alaa Ben Fatma
Tips & tricks on visting and searching nodes in WPF TreeViews
9 Sep 2023 by chlohee
Machine Learning. What languages come to mind? R? Python? Matlab? Bet you didn't think Visual Basic.
21 Oct 2003 by Duncan Edwards Jones
Part 2 in the series showing how to write a debugger in VB
19 Jan 2012 by stuxstu
Job application tracker for those out of work built using Visual Studio Lightswitch 2011.
12 Mar 2012 by ledtech3
How to take a screenshot of a Windows form and then print it.
13 Sep 2012 by ljw1004
How to use UPnP on Windows 8
4 Mar 2013 by i00
Automatic port forwarding for your UPnP enabled router.
29 Sep 2017 by Gamil Yassin
ML algorithms based on function or type of problems they solve
4 May 2022 by Xavier Junqué i de Fortuny
Polynomials Math Parser and Evaluator in VB.NET
10 Apr 2002 by Len Holgate
This example COM component provides 3 COM objects for using the Win32 Mailslot IPC mechanism. The component may be useful if you need to communicate from VB using Mailslots.
14 Jun 2007 by Daaron
Automate web test recording into C#, VB.NET and PHP
19 Jun 2009 by Greenhorn999
A project that allows users to query Source and Half-Life-based master servers and individual servers
2 Aug 2009 by Abhishek Sur
Gives an introduction of how to create SQL CLR managed objects in SQL server.
21 Aug 2009 by kirkaiya
A very simple, XAML-based month-view calendar that shows appointments, exposes events, and allows dragging appointments in the current month.
10 Nov 2017 by knockNrod
Creating Embedded Controls for WonderWare InTouch and WinCC
11 Dec 2011 by Manoj K Bhoir
ContextMenuStrip Control with Microsoft Office like Visual Style using VB.NET
6 Oct 2013 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
Mathematical method of S-system equation to simulate a biochemical network system
18 Aug 2017 by VisualMonsters
Magic blocks -Simple logical game tutorial
28 Mar 2016 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
Machine playing snake game
23 Jan 2013 by Justin Shepertycki
Using Entity POCOs as a DataSource for your Crystal Reports
10 Mar 2009 by nkrscorpio
This is yet another example for memory mapped files. What is cool though is unlike other samples, I have a SetData(TCHAR* Key, TCHAR* value) / GetData(TCHAR* key) pattern here.
6 Apr 2010 by seejay1120
A Fast Way to Update Treeview Nodes Using a Database as a Source
25 Apr 2012 by Razi Syed
Easily bind a class to .NET data controls like GridView, FormView, etc., and get an updated object or list back in the code-behind effortlessly.
22 Mar 2013 by Terence Wallace
TexasQuest is a 2D side scroller platform game similiar to Super Mario
5 Apr 2015 by J.L. MacDonald
When supplied with a connection string and table name, this tool will read the field data types and create asp controls for you to copy and paste in your own project.
4 Jul 2016 by Avelino Ferreira
"Don't care about Google Maps/Routing/StreetView programming. This Control gives your WinForms applications the power of Google Maps API v3". - my previous article. Unfortunately, since Dec.2015, Google Maps JavaScript API applications requires authentication and the program stopped working properly
28 Jul 2000 by Len Holgate
The ATL OLE DB Provider templates appear to rely on the fact that your data is kept in a simple array, but that's not really the case at all!
7 Jan 2008 by S.SRIVATHSAN
Implementation Nhibernate concept in VB.NET
31 Jul 2012 by Kenneth Haugland
How to calculate a reverbration time in a room
21 Jan 2013 by Kerem Guemruekcue
This short article shows how to use an undocumented internal class method from the System.Deployment.Application.Win32InterOp namespace to get a PE images manifest resource.
12 Apr 2013 by NightWizzard
...for example a WYSIWYG HTML editor to edit or display emails...
10 Nov 2014 by Dirk_Strauss
Securing Your .NET Applications – A Summary Review Of Visual Guard
5 Aug 2014 by Chris875
State pattern and procedural solution illustrated
28 Jul 2014 by hgbecker
Animated IOS like On/Off switch.
28 Dec 2014 by Snesh Prajapati
In this article series, I am sharing how to create report using Report Builder by fetching data from Oracle DB.
3 Oct 2015 by Mr.PoorEnglish
what is "typed" on typed Dataset, and how to use it
18 Feb 2016 by Kuv Patel
Debug stored procedures in Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio.
6 Mar 2016 by Hiske Bekkering
A simple explanation of how to synchronize custom painting with a ProgressBar's default painting.
3 Mar 2017 by Dracula
Run all rules for all accounts on all messages; also useful as Outlook Rule debug tool.
26 Sep 2019 by William Costa Rodrigues
This article explains an easy method to download and update your WinForms application
29 May 2017 by Kourosh K Tari
In this article I will show you how to update WebBrowser control to use the latest installed browser on the host machine.
31 Jul 2013 by Hisham Abdullah Bin Ateya
Querying a family tree in LINQ fashion.
21 Apr 2014 by Amir Emamjomeh
This application integrates modification, simulation and visualization of Black-Oil model of hydrocarbon reservoirs
8 Feb 2015 by Emiliano Musso
How to apply GA techniques fo solving problems in VB.NET. The example shows how to create solutions for a 2D maze, which will evolve to find the shortest path between two points.
1 Oct 2015 by Steve Aube 1
This article describes a new alternative approach for Automated Testing of User Interfaces (UI).
8 Nov 2016 by Niemand25
A simple way to place any ObjectListView inside a ComboBox
7 Oct 2016 by Stefano12777606
How-to setup log4net logging tool, create different objects configured to store their own logs in their own log directory and zip older logs
19 Sep 2017 by Igor Krupitsky
Application lets you copy tables from Paradox to SQL Server
11 Jan 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on using checkboxes within a WPF treeview.
11 Dec 2019 by honey the codewitch
If you use the CodeDOM, here's an indispensable package to make it awesome.
3 Aug 2022 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
R# language is a kind of R liked language implements on .NET environment
17 Jul 2007 by Miran.Uhan
Grayscale and color scale filters.