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Great Reads

by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Daniel Vaughan
Calcium provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Includes a host of modules and services, and an infrastructure that is ready to use in your next application.
by Sacha Barber
It would probably be like Cinch, an MVVM framework for WPF.
by Marc Clifton
Review your project dependencies.

Latest Articles

by Jayson Ragasa
Multi RDP Client .NET is used for managing your RDP connections. It allows you to Import/Export .RDP files, disconnect all connection at one click, and connect all your servers at one click as well.
by Rahman Masudur
Few tricks about using a Resource Dictionary in WPF
by Richard Atkins
Create a fluid, multi-column, vertically ordered list using nested, floating divs
by pdoxtader
A multithreaded server class that accepts multiple connections from a provided client class. Each client can send and receive files and text (byte data) simultaneously along 250 available channels.

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.NET 3.5 

5 Jun 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
23 Nov 2009 by Daniel Vaughan
Calcium provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Includes a host of modules and services, and an infrastructure that is ready to use in your next application.
4 Sep 2009 by Sacha Barber
It would probably be like Cinch, an MVVM framework for WPF.
17 Jun 2009 by Marc Clifton
Review your project dependencies.
24 Aug 2009 by Waleed Elkot
Reading text from any image using Microsoft Office 2007 OCR
6 Apr 2008 by Dr. WPF
This article describes a new approach by which an element can remove its visual and logical relationships to its children while maintaining a conceptual parental relationship with those children.
26 Jun 2009 by Shivprasad koirala
A State Machine Workflow discussion.
30 Apr 2009 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation and tooling of model driven WorkflowServices logically centralized in the Repository and physically decentralized for their runtime projecting.
30 Dec 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
Animation technique based on Clip property of UIelement in WPF
25 May 2010 by Thiago de Arruda
A Virtualizing WrapPanel for WPF.
3 Sep 2008 by Daniel Flower
A guide to writing a compiler in .NET for beginners, using Irony.
27 Nov 2009 by Max Paulousky
This article presents the techniques and caveats of building Silverlight applications that can be notified about database state changes via polling duplex. WSHttp binding and CLR triggers are used to implement the solution as well.
25 Feb 2016 by J.Starkl
A windows-service which can handle different operations in separate threads and which can be controlled by a small GUI program
3 Sep 2008 by Ahmed Negm
This article introduces how to create and manage .NET enterprise applications using your favorite technology (Data Access Application Block, LINQ, NHibernate, ASMX, and WCF) with the Model Driven Development approach by Sculpture.
1 Dec 2009 by raelango
This article explains how to export the contents of a DataGrid to Excel/CSV.
5 Nov 2008 by Tolgahan ALBAYRAK
Read, Write, Save INI files without using Windows APIs.
15 May 2009 by Tawani Anyangwe
Binding a WPF ListView to a DataMatrix with columns determined at runtime
6 Aug 2009 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Demo for a math puzzle board game
31 Jan 2010 by Arik Poznanski
Complete Library for using the Windows 7 Ribbon from C#, including 18 samples and 21 blog posts documenting the Ribbon features
31 Jan 2010 by Arik Poznanski
The question this posts tries to address is: Where to put value converters?
2 Mar 2012 by Osman Kalache
A simple video-security application that allows video capture from PC webcams, detect motion, record videos on local storage using .NET 3.5, AForge and FFMpeg
19 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
PSAM Control Library ported over to WPF
14 Aug 2013 by Harmen Brouwer
How to create and deploy a SSRS rendering extension, explained by a functional Zip Rendering extension for SSRS 2005, 2008 (R2) and 2012.
10 Apr 2010 by Ali Aboutalebi
Using the C# script engine inside a network using .NET Remoting.
11 Oct 2009 by Wu Xuesong
An article describing a tool developed using WPF for visualizing 3D geometry models
1 Jan 2008 by Pedro Gomes
Reflection on generics can be complicated. This article shows how to use the DynamicMethod class to dynamically invoke a generic method.
3 Dec 2009 by Teofil Cobzaru
A MultiSelector-derived control that supports multiple selection modes, scoped selection, customizable lasso-tool and selection logic
17 Dec 2009 by Jeremy Hutchinson
Demonstrates overriding the DataTemplateSelector.SelectTemplate method.
1 Mar 2010 by The Manoj Kumar
A Visual Studio 2010 extension for creating numbered bookmarks.
24 Jun 2010 by Amit Kumar Tiwari
Shaping WPF Form using an Image
21 May 2012 by Zimin Max Yang
Dynamic table mapping for LINQ-to-SQL, suitable for data horizontal partitioning (Shard).
6 Feb 2009 by Tomas Petricek
The Real World Functional Programming book explains essential concepts of this paradigm using examples in C# 3.0 and F#. In this article we look at immutability, which stands behind the clarity of functional programs.
3 Jul 2009 by Michael L Perry
Use a combination of data-binding techniques to create WPF menus that change with your application
28 Mar 2010 by Vinit Yadav
A Yahoo! messenger clone application built with Silverlight and its Duplex Polling WCF service. Explains how to deal with the Yahoo! packet format named YMSG.
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
A collection of ExtractionRules, ValidationRules, and Request Plugin that makes ASP.NET and AJAX website testing painless. No need to record tests, write parameterized tests using server-side control names, handle UpdatePanels, simulate clicks on buttons - all from Web Test.
5 Apr 2010 by PIEBALDconsult
A class that allows my CommScript class to "'drive' a command line utility"
11 Oct 2011 by Enrique Albert
Baseline WCF Distribution Layer - Decoupling of WCF Services and ViewModels.
24 Oct 2010 by Nithyaduruvan, Sathishkumar_P
This article describes about the export functionality of Excel sheet from WPF datagrid.
13 Jan 2012 by MarkLTX
A subclass of the WPF TextBox control that displays an ellipsis when the text doesn't fit.
30 Sep 2009 by Fiwel
Different ways to apply image filters.
4 Sep 2008 by Ivan Krivyakov
C# arithmetic expressions compiled into 8086 machine code (yes, you can run it on Vista :-))
22 Apr 2009 by Richard Gavel
Part 1 of a series describing creation of a WPF based appointment control with the Outlook look and feel
25 Feb 2010 by dasblinkenlight
Converting between types in .NET
15 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon drop down color picker control.
23 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with the ribbon quick access toolbar.
25 Jan 2013 by FatCatProgrammer
StarReport: WPF-less GDI+.NET report component.
4 Mar 2009 by Derek Viljoen
How to leverage LinFu (or any other Dynamic Proxy implementation) for Fault Tolerance and Failover
19 Jul 2009 by Jammer
An article showing an extremely simple implementation of CompositeWPF.
5 Aug 2009 by Cosmin Oprea (aka somalezu)
This article describes a very simple way to make WinForms databindings without the need to refer the datasource property names with magic strings.
15 Dec 2009 by Webplethora
How to get the Windows user identity name in Silverlight.
6 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon application menu with ribbon split button and ribbon drop button controls.
9 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon combo box control.
22 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon context popup.
17 Sep 2012 by ObiWan_MCC
A C# SMTP server (receiver).
21 Apr 2013 by Rob Culhane
How to dynamically add access database columns at runtime using VB.NET
21 Nov 2014 by CodeFate
Revision of the Global Mouse and Keyboard Library from Brian Geiman
21 Dec 2007 by Bruno Sonnino
This article will show how to use data binding and styles to show data coming from a Microsoft SQL database using the new object-relational model introduced in Visual Studio 2008, LINQ to SQL, allowing grouping, sorting and filtering of data with almost no code.
25 Jul 2009 by Stephen Cleary
Describes the ViewModel command classes in the Open-Source Nito.MVVM (WPF) library, and provides guidelines on their usage.
19 Feb 2010 by Ondra Spilka
How to host a WCF HTTPS service with a custom username validator, in IIS.
7 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use ribbon tabs, groups and the ribbon help button control.
19 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to load ribbon resources from external DLLs.
20 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon application modes.
31 Jul 2017 by Dirk Bahle
This article explains how to take advantage from look-less WPF controls through inheritance
6 Oct 2008 by Modesty Zhang
Port Cairngorm 2.2.1 to Silverlight 2 Beta 2. Includes all source code and a sample application.
14 May 2009 by CS Rocks
This article demonstrates how to upload a file to a (HTTPS) WebDAV server in VB.NET.
12 Jul 2009 by Parag.Gadkari
A ReST based Web Service for C#.
17 Jul 2009 by eyedia
Sequential workflow as a WCF service. Create workflow custom activities, invoke child workflow from parent. Configure workflow runtime service using a config file. Basic idea of rules, creating a rule using the rule editor. Applying rules during runtime.
24 Nov 2009 by raelango
This is a sample project to access Microsoft Access MDB data in Silverlight via OLEDB and dynamically populate a DataGrid.
14 Feb 2010 by Irfan alam
A library for creating a voice and text conferencing application
4 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon application menu.
12 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with images in the ribbon.
14 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon check box and toggle button controls.
21 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with ribbon contextual tabs.
23 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to work with the ribbon recent items control.
9 Oct 2010 by Stefan Savev 2
Describes how to dump information from the C# parse tree
31 Oct 2010 by NavnathKale
Lightweight and simple
16 Dec 2011 by Henryk Filipowicz
A web user control for selecting a file from the file system.
16 Feb 2013 by Marc Clifton
Sinking WebBrowser button element events and getting/setting input element values programmatically, without a web server.
4 Nov 2009 by Larry Aultman
How to catch and handle ASMX based SOAP exceptions in a WCF client.
24 Jan 2008 by defwebserver
This tutorial will show you how to create a DotNetNuke module using LINQ to SQL.
28 Dec 2008 by avsol
Use ASP.NET Routing to avoid 404 Not Found errors.
9 Jan 2010 by Sergey Arhipenko
This article shows how to build different versions of Visual Studio solutions on the same build server.
16 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon font control.
25 Oct 2012 by Enrique Albert
WPF Validation using the IDataErrorInfo interface combined with Validation attributes
30 May 2009 by Oleg V. Polikarpotchkin
WPF element to pick up an image (either bitmap or drawing) pixel color.
29 Nov 2008 by Radu Chirila
Debug tool for analyzing Session content in web applications.
23 Aug 2008 by Björn Friedrich
This article shows how extension methods can be used, e.g., for sorting index-based generic lists.
13 Oct 2008 by CodingBruce
Pull metadata from a schema or generate XML mappers
17 Dec 2008 by #realJSOP
A not-so-dotNet way to allow multiple programs to share a single settings file
21 Apr 2009 by Richard Gavel
Part 3 of a series describing the creation of a WPF based appointment control with the Outlook look and feel.
1 Jun 2009 by Polanek
A Domain Specific Language for WWW operations created with Irony.
19 Jun 2009 by Greenhorn999
A project that allows users to query Source and Half-Life-based master servers and individual servers
12 Jul 2009 by Eric J. Smith, Shannon Davidson
Easily detach entities when using LINQ to SQL
8 Mar 2016 by Qwertie
Well, not literally. Enhanced C# supports pattern matching, ADTs, and tuples, so Plain C# gets all that by transitivity.
2 Aug 2009 by Abhishek Sur
Gives an introduction of how to create SQL CLR managed objects in SQL server.
21 Aug 2009 by kirkaiya
A very simple, XAML-based month-view calendar that shows appointments, exposes events, and allows dragging appointments in the current month.
5 Sep 2008 by IncureForce
How to disable FlashPlayer (AxShockwaveFlash) right-click ContextMenu
24 Jan 2010 by Jeroen De Dauw
A small C# library that provides scaffolding for genetic algorithm based functionality.
2 Feb 2013 by Marc Clifton
A prototype application for cross-referencing and indexing files, URL's.
14 Nov 2013 by shijo joseph
An extension methods library which could do the equality comparison operations easily
2 Feb 2016 by Clifford Nelson
A problem with the WPF MVVM design pattern is closing a window from the ViewModel. This article presents a method that allows the use of dependency properties to be used to control the closing of a window
19 Dec 2016 by petrostherock
Machine Learning. What languages come to mind? R? Python? Matlab? Bet you didn't think Visual Basic.
21 Jan 2013 by Kerem Guemruekcue
This short article shows how to use an undocumented internal class method from the System.Deployment.Application.Win32InterOp namespace to get a PE images manifest resource.
5 Aug 2014 by Chris875
State pattern and procedural solution illustrated
12 Aug 2014 by Qwertie
SparseAList and some AList benchmarks
26 Aug 2011 by Jecho Jekov
How to use .NET settings files in class library projects.
25 Apr 2008 by Daniel Gidman
Serialize and Deserialize your objects with ease and simplicity
9 Apr 2010 by Sean Goodpasture
A look at how to compile and use the Xapian search technology on Windows, and its pitfalls.
29 Apr 2011 by Mohammad A Rahman
Exception logging using Elmah - Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET
28 Oct 2011 by Yvan Rodrigues
The Open Graph protocol specifies additional meta tags that can be added to the page to supplement social networking sites with more information about your page.
31 May 2012 by Jani Giannoudis
How to centralize and unify asynchronous execution of actions and functions.
21 Jun 2012 by Ivan Krivyakov
How to deal with a stubborn combo box that won't let you cancel invalid user selection
22 Jun 2012 by Jobless Creature
This is a article on SOAP UI. This is used for web service load testing
16 Jul 2012 by Suhel Shah
Content Managemnt of website using Blogger Blog and Google GDI API
18 Jul 2012 by Ajosh Palis
The purpose of this article is to illustrate a context menu that renders in cricular shape.
17 Aug 2012 by dave.dolan
Example: HOWTO Move the ECB from the Filename to Title, in a DocLib, preserving all native functionality.
14 Aug 2012 by Ravi_Vaswani
Setting IIS security type and user, accounts permissions using installer class and custom action
5 May 2014 by Gerald Gomes
This article will make an attempt to describe a basic way to start implementing animation in WPF.
8 Nov 2016 by Niemand25
A simple way to place any ObjectListView inside a ComboBox
11 Apr 2017 by Juan Francisco Morales Larios
Continues with the cloning objects .NET Framework
30 Dec 2007 by AGD-H
Knit is a Visual Studio add-in tool that allows a developer to apply multi-step patterns to solution and assembly meta-data.
30 Jul 2009 by Giovanni Bejarasco
Porting of System.TimeSpan as a SQL Server UDT.
16 Aug 2009 by Farooq Kaiser
In this article, I will explore handling unknown actions. A Controller.HandleUnknownAction method gets called when a controller cannot find an action method that matches a browser request.
29 Aug 2009 by _Khallaf
How To Do Precise 2-Way Rijndael CryptoStream Communication
21 Aug 2009 by User 5271454
Utilizing the CCR to manage and execute plug-ins.
26 Aug 2009 by Martin Hinshelwood
WPF drag and drop behaviour
19 Nov 2009 by Doug Wyrembek
An article on using WPF to sharpen images
3 Nov 2010 by vnmatt
Code generator for creating XML serializable classes from scanning the XML file itself.
15 Mar 2011 by Not Active
Using SPMetal to generate Linq to SharePoint classes
22 Apr 2012 by ManojKumar19
How to make WCF service reference configurabe for Silverlight project(makes easy for deploying on severs like Dev, QA, UAT etc.)
3 Mar 2017 by Paolo Foti
Save and restore your design work using a persistence manager based on XAML code
12 Nov 2008 by aschmidt
An article explaining a Remoting extensible channel sink architecture and an implementation of the compression channel sink.
22 Apr 2012 by Overboard Software
QueryMap allows you to pre-translate a LINQ expression into a form that the underlying query provider (such as LINQ to SQL) can understand.
31 Aug 2009 by Nicholas Butler
An entry for the Lean and Mean competition
5 Oct 2009 by Alexander Yegorov
Practical use of LINQ to XML technology.
5 Oct 2009 by Alexander Yegorov
A practical use of the LINQ to XML technology.
18 Apr 2010 by Tamas Koszoru
Summarizing client side asynchronous invocations in WCF/WCF Silverlight. Introducing ServiceClient class.
11 Aug 2010 by Paulo Morgado
Dumping Objects using Expression Trees
10 Feb 2014 by raju melveetilpurayil
Unlimited scroll like Facebook news feed or Twitter tweets
29 Nov 2012 by RovenetBill
ASP.NET c# component for editing SQL tables with plug-in column format adapter architecture.
13 Aug 2014 by Qwertie
In the netherworld between T[] and List
13 Apr 2016 by Steve Grundy
This article describes using the Windows MIDI API functions in a managed environment.
12 Apr 2016 by Jalapeno Bob
A VB.NET version of Ray Koopa's 21 Mar 2016 article, Getting All "Special Folders" in .NET
26 Jun 2014 by George Sefcik
Size-to-content just doesn't give you the window sizes you want for each usercontrol.
1 Sep 2008 by Sean Rock
Change local IIS home path from explorer context menu
6 Sep 2008 by David Catriel
A simple and straightforward tool to monitor and report SourceSafe database changes.
9 Jul 2009 by Polanek
A WinForms sample application for the Domain Specific Language created with Irony.
27 Aug 2009 by Farooq Kaiser
In this post, I will build an MVC application that will consume an RSS feed.
4 Jan 2010 by Leftend
A simple how-to on using the Custom Formatter capability within the AutoMapper library.
24 Jan 2010 by cokkiy
ExImage is a Silverlight control very similar to the built-in Image control, except it supports three more stretch modes: RepeatX, RepeatY, and RepeatXY, which means images can be tiled horizontally, vertically, or both.
26 May 2010 by AlexCode
A way to audit your business objects using NLog.
20 Jul 2010 by Suha Mneimneh
Manage your SharePoint lists by code.
27 Sep 2010 by Not Active
A Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint 2010 extension to import existing list definition and schema to SharePoint 2010 project
27 Sep 2010 by venugopalm
Integrating database development into Visual Studio to collaborate application development team and the database designers
6 Sep 2011 by EmitsorGrp
Automatically generate a Windows Phone 7 settings page.
19 Nov 2011 by User008
Drag 'n Drop asynchronous files from an external server or device
30 Nov 2011 by saharkiz
Generate Front end screens and database on a Windows Mobile 5 for data collection
1 May 2012 by Jean-Francois Lanouette
This is an alternative for "Simple & Advanced Pivots with C# and ASP.NET"
15 Sep 2012 by Michael R Duffy
A discussion of using Azure table storage to store an application's logging information for Microsoft Windows Azure based cloud deployments
4 Nov 2012 by AlexKven
PresentationWindows is a WPF class library that introduces three new types derived from the Window class, enabling many previously difficult to access features of windows.
17 Dec 2012 by Charles Mathis
This is an alternative for "Using RoutedCommands with a ViewModel in WPF".
7 Jun 2014 by Winfried Wille
RAE-Tic Tac To is a simple and straight solution for the Tic Tac To game which is backed by unit tests with nunit 6.2.
7 Sep 2014 by David A. Gray
Join me for an adventure in time zone conversion.
23 Mar 2016 by Bob Stoom
An example of a simple code how RootFolder and SelectedPath properties interact
30 Oct 2007 by Chris Jenkins
In this article, we will see how to embed IronPython in our Windows Presentation Framework applications using C#.
13 Aug 2011 by Kenneth Kasajian
The powerful DoFixture() in FitLibrary simulates English like specification. The PhraseFixture proposal takes this to the next level.
2 Aug 2008 by Lee Humphries
Well, somebody had to do it.
14 Apr 2010 by Derek Lakin
Change notification for dependency properties
27 Apr 2009 by davehamdan
A re-write of a previous article. Still using LINQ, but incorporating much more in this iteration 2 version.
8 May 2009 by Thomas Scheelhardt
Provides an implementation of an ImageButton that will grey out when disabled
17 May 2009 by Agola K. Odero
The attached assembly, used with the associated font, allows a developer to format UPC-A barcodes from any .NET project in a just a few lines of code.
23 Jun 2009 by trxStudio
A Duckworth Lewis calculator for Windows Moblie and .NET 3.5.
29 Jun 2009 by David O'Sullivan
A step by step guide to building a robust enterprise level multi-tier ASP.NET MVC web application using Catharsis to automatically generate the code infrastructure.
8 Apr 2010 by Daniel Ormisher
This article describes a simple method of capturing a NewWindow event for the Windows Forms WebBrowser control, and also how to detect (and potentially cancel) a JavaScript window.close() call.
28 Apr 2010 by Not Active
Using SPExport and SPImport to copy or move a SharePoint web.
12 Jul 2010 by Bangon Kali
This component will be used as a text box for automatically formatted currency values.
9 Sep 2010 by CodingBruce
When you want an application to trigger on an event (timer, system, file, etc.), but you don't want the overhead of the service manager
8 Nov 2010 by JP van Mackelenbergh
A component which allows to work with WCF services in a robust way
3 Aug 2011 by Eric Lynch
Flexible CSV reader/writer with progress reporting and many file format variations.
28 Nov 2011 by Member 7656529
A review of the book Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development.
23 Jan 2012 by malakar.anil
This article explains how to write easily maintainable and extendable application using MVC
29 May 2012 by Razi Syed
This is an alternative for "How to post back to the server using JavaScript in ASP.NET"
9 Oct 2012 by Kay Lerch
Use TestUI to release a simple class library (or a whole collection of those) as an indepenent UI application for testing or administrative purpose. It is on your own to enhance the user experience with your own TestUIRenderer.
31 Dec 2018 by Randy Kroeger
This article provides an example on how you can change application configuration settings within an existing ClickOnce publish, update the manifest files, followed by using the Mage utility for updating the manifest using the existing cert file.
11 Dec 2007 by Andrew Friedl
Using the KudzuASp Template Engine for Classic ASP
10 Mar 2008 by Szymon Pobiega
An introduction to NetMX - a lightweight .NET management solution.
14 Aug 2008 by Yasser M. Jaffal
In this article, I discuss an example of how you can use information retrieval to grab data out of MSN Money pages to get a free Web Service for currency exchange rates and other quotes.
6 Feb 2009 by Javier Ibarra
This article is about how to get or set values of an InfoPath form.
26 Mar 2009 by james.wren
Use C# and MapPoint 2009 to find a street address from a latitude/longitude.
5 May 2009 by Shou Takenaka
This article describes an idea of the ASP.NET page transfer method that can be called like the Response.Redirect method and works as cross-page posting.
21 Apr 2009 by Talya Gendler
Implementing localization which depends on the gender of the registered user (ASP.NET).
29 May 2009 by yordan_georgiev
Provides a demo for a generic page presenting the contents of a database.
5 Jun 2009 by L Viljoen
A jumpstart tutorial on writing portal websites
7 Jul 2009 by Tomas Petricek
The Functional Programming for the Real World book explains essential concepts of the functional programming paradigm using examples in C# 3.0 and F#. In this article we look at one very important advantage of using one of the core functional concepts - immutability.
13 Jul 2009 by Jan-Erik Romoeren, Björn Asplund
Pattern for publishing an event by using an attached property and IEventAggregator. This time it's generic.
21 Oct 2009 by santosh poojari
This white paper is written in a view to help developer to create custom application block using .NET Enterprise Library.
20 Oct 2009 by Wayne Delport
An article demonstrating how to pass date values in XAML as property values.
16 Aug 2010 by Paulo Morgado
If the intent is to hydrate the objects from data, why not have an expression that does just that?
21 Jan 2011 by Parvez B
Synchronously returning a Dataset from Workflow Foundation to ASP.NET
12 Feb 2011 by Yaron Naveh
A command line utility to generate WCF proxies from WSDL 2.0 documents.
29 May 2012 by Erol Esen
Two relatively new ways of developing multi-threaded applications are compared: Synchronization Domains and the Task Parallel Library
19 Jul 2013 by Gaurav_Chhatbar
Object oriented implementation of basic language processing / parsing leveraging LINQ / PRISM / UnityContainer.
8 Oct 2014 by Israel Sant'Anna
This is an alternative for "Links with arbitrary text in a RichTextBox".
10 Sep 2015 by Wladis
IML on the example of popular app ToDo MVC
21 May 2010 by Bee Mobile
Download data from the local mobile database within sdf file. Create iPhone-like GUI on Windows Mobile to display the data. Create functionality to search the table data. Polish the app by adding some cool features such as round buttons, vibration, glass effect. Find out how to detect the current re
5 Apr 2009 by Richard A. Dalton
Part two of a four part series of articles on the Specification Design Pattern.
5 Apr 2009 by Richard A. Dalton
Part three of a four part series of articles on the Specification Design Pattern.
17 Dec 2007 by mfmaneef
Explains how to send bulk records to a database using OPENXML.
31 Dec 2007 by jkunken
In this article, we will describe how information generated on data acquisition devices connected to servers running Windows Server 2003 can be efficiently integrated into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 using Windows PowerShell.
7 Dec 2007 by vadimas
Troubles putting JavaScript code inline with VB.NET or C# code
29 Mar 2008 by Velio Ivanov
In this series I'll go through the steps of my implementation of ASP.NET XmlProviders.
23 Sep 2008 by nkrscorpio
A tool to validate localization strings in Resx files supporting multiple languages.
30 Oct 2008 by spidergeuse
This is an update to my jigsaw, which allows the user to customize the jigsaw (size and picture).
23 Jan 2009 by Williarob
Ever think "wouldn't it be nice if there was a control - like a panel control - that you could simply use to wrap some input controls, set a single property (to the ID of the control that should be 'clicked' when the Enter key is pushed), and that was all you needed to do?". Well, now there is such
7 Mar 2009 by Szymon Pobiega
Description of an abstraction layer over the dependency injection infrastructure
27 Apr 2009 by Aneesur Rehman Khan
Consume 32 bit COM DLL in x64 bit SQL Server 2005
26 Jun 2009 by David O'Sullivan
See how Catharsis can help you rapidly develop robust enterprise level applications.
3 Jul 2009 by Balamurali Balaji
This article is Part 2 of the previous article and explains how to perform data binding to WPF controls using LINQ to data stored in an XML file.
29 Jul 2009 by paul1307
If you need to restrict user input to digits or decimal data, this is one way!
7 Aug 2009 by Barry G. Hynum
An easy to use, low real estate Methods DDL navigation tool.
21 Oct 2009 by mrjvdveen
This article describes my experience with upgrading to Silverlight 3 and the steps taken to ensure our code would work.
31 Dec 2009 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
Allow users to make virtual directories and use them via a similar interface as DirectoryInfo.
9 Sep 2009 by David Schiffer
A simple WinForms application that lets you connect to Team Foundation Server 2008.
29 Oct 2009 by Stephen Inglish
Everyone wants one, now you can have the functionality and style your own.
9 Nov 2009 by squaredonut
A special brush using binding and converters to achieve graceful degradation.
26 Nov 2009 by aadon.s
How to use the BizTalk SQL Adapter to synchronize data by invoking a Stored Procedure.
12 Jan 2010 by shijo joseph
This article demonstrates a tool which can auto-generate playlists for iTunes.
2 Mar 2010 by ron wilson
A branch/fork of Xiangyang Liu's XYNTService/XYWinService
16 Apr 2010 by Rabb Moshe Plotkin
How to make a responsive application by not having to wait for your LINQ to SQL to return from the server
7 Apr 2010 by John Wigger
A utility class allowing you to deal with form data as a collection.
7 Apr 2010 by sadomovalex
Camlex.NET 2.0 brings to Sharepoint developers new opportunities like dynamic filter conditions, search by field ID and others
30 Sep 2010 by M Sheik Uduman Ali
This article explains how to generate, convey and handle warnings in SOA system.
30 Sep 2010 by M Sheik Uduman Ali
This article explains how to generate, convey and handle warnings in SOA system.
15 Oct 2010 by sadomovalex
SPGraphviz - create your own visualization graphs without programming in Sharepoint. Just define graph in DOT language in simple text file, upload it into document library and specify URL in SPGraphvizWebPart - it will make a graphical representation of your graph.
2 May 2011 by Hariharan Arunachalam
Create a simple redis pub/sub client pair in VB.NET
3 Aug 2011 by Eric Lynch
A class to read Unicode character names and a tool to display/search them.
7 Nov 2011 by Paul_Gordon
An easy way to call and manage Stored Procedures in .NET.
13 Apr 2012 by sea_caty
How to run a simple WCF service with Topshelf as a host plus several tips and tricks
21 Jun 2012 by dreamzlife
A simple SMTP mail client with xml based template factory imlementation
29 Jun 2012 by Jobless Creature
This is a continuation of my article on SOAP UI Introduction
14 Jul 2012 by C Rotell
How to solve the no style or lack of javascipt function on the MVC LogOn Page.
4 Dec 2012 by sadomovalex
Shows how using reverse engineering feature developers may add new conditions into string CAML queries using lambda expressions.
30 Mar 2013 by VSNetVbHarry
Implement a progress bar and pass arguments to a LongRunningProcess.
5 Aug 2013 by toni galani
Analyzing the risk associated with owning, investing, or collaborating with business by utilizing DnB Marketplace data subset.
10 May 2015 by Namkem
The article is a description of the SharePoint 2010 Sequential Workflow project in VS2010. The generated solution, .wsp, allows user to quickly create SP 2010 Workflows just by writing an XML file and uploading it to the SharePoint WFE.
3 Feb 2019 by Melick
SharePoint 2016 Installation using AutoSPInstaller Online - how to set up the environment and service accounts
7 Dec 2007 by tobinharris
In this article, Tobin Harris introduces a new Ajax library for ASP.NET and explains its benefits over Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax. He demonstrates an easier approach to .NET Ajax applications, even for those without serious JavaScript skills.
22 Dec 2007 by Miles Gibson
Iron Speed Designer builds database, forms, and reporting applications for .NET – without hand-coding. Quickly create feature-complete custom applications that integrate Web pages, controls, data access, validation and security. Accelerate development and eliminate infrastructure programming.
7 Jan 2008 by Visual Numerics, Inc.
This document focuses on the combination of VSTO 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition.
26 May 2009 by DBI Technical Support
Applying component software to quickly achieve scheduling success
5 Jan 2011 by Sacha Barber
A look at different Aspect Orientated Programming frameworks.
7 Aug 2010 by Sacha Barber
It would probably be like Cinch, an MVVM framework for WPF.
4 Jun 2012 by Omar Al Zabir is an open source free web based UML diagram editor. You can code uml diagrams as fast as you can type using a special language to describe the diagram.
8 Mar 2010 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
WCF-enabled multi-player XNA game for the Windows platform.
25 Sep 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
A level program written for the Zune using the XNA framework.
22 Apr 2018 by JohnLeitch
This article details how to make .NET applications scriptable with Aphid, an embeddable scripting language.
21 Dec 2007 by Roberto Sonnino
A text editor with interactive 3D, speech, and ink using WPF 3.5.
24 Aug 2009 by Sunny Ahuwanya
A distributed implementation of the ASP.NET state service
13 Jul 2008 by Josh Smith
A free library of controls and utility classes for use in WPF applications.
30 Dec 2018 by Chinmoy Mohanty
Multiple techniques of implementing The Observer Pattern in .NET
22 Jun 2013 by Pero Matić
A detailed analysis of how to inject the .NET runtime and arbitrary .NET assemblies into unmanaged and managed processes; and how to execute managed code within those processes.
30 Jun 2015 by Arthur V. Ratz
The following article describes how to implement sorting of custom non-generic collections by overriding the functionality of the generic IComparable and IComparer interfaces used by the LINQ’s Enumerable.OrderBy clause aggregate method.
24 Nov 2012 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
This article describe how to construct FileExplorer controls included DirectoryTree and FileList, using Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.
10 Nov 2014 by Thomas Duwe
A month calendar and date picker with culture awareness.
23 Jun 2009 by Ziad Elmalki
Replace any method with another method at runtime. Updated for 3.5 SP1.
11 Mar 2014 by Ivan Krivyakov
Baktun Shell is a demo app that hosts its child windows in separate processes.
25 Mar 2008 by Qwertie
Demonstrates a variety of Windows Forms data binding features through several simple examples.
7 May 2012 by Sperneder Patrick
This article describes how to handle and use the SpeechRecognitionEngine class that is shipped with and since .NET 3.0.
15 Feb 2009 by Thomas Gerber
A WPF RibbonBar control.
29 Apr 2010 by KenJohnson
A collection of shapes: Epicycloids, Epitrochoids, Hypocycloids, Hypotrochoids, Farris Wheels, Lissajous Curves, and Rose Curves.
7 Sep 2009 by Josh Smith
Reviews the “From Russia with Love” technique of simplifying the creation of ViewModel objects from other libraries, without compromising your MVVM architecture
8 Nov 2009 by Sacha Barber
An AI search application using the A* algorithm.
3 Oct 2015 by Snesh Prajapati
Recently I was looking for WPF major versions and its progression so far. To my surprise there was no resource providing a compact look on WPF versions on internet. Then I put some efforts in this regard and came up with this article.
17 Nov 2010 by Paul Selormey
A C# library for converting SVG to WPF and viewing SVG files in WPF Applications
24 Aug 2009 by Nish Nishant
This is an LCS based diff library that was written for the Code Project Lean and Mean diff engine contest
22 Jun 2014 by Nathaniel Moschkin
Topics and methods on programming in .NET and performance considerations
12 Mar 2012 by Marc Clifton
An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Relationship Oriented Programming Tool.
15 May 2012 by Pete O'Hanlon, Sacha Barber
A distributed code-snippet storage tool.
21 Sep 2008 by chaiguy1337
Building a reusable spinning wheel throbber in WPF: Part 1.
8 Nov 2015 by DotNetSteve
Using delegates to group, conquer cross cutting concerns and create dynamic validators
19 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
WinForms library containing the IncipitViewer control for drawing musical notes
23 Feb 2011 by Igor Ladnik
Skype automation allows a user to control desktop of another user with built-in screen sharing.
11 Sep 2013 by Guirec
A journey into AOP land with concerns, pointcuts, joinpoints, advices, aspects, interceptors, proxies, targets, mix-ins, composites...
28 Jul 2012 by Smart K8
A palette quantizer based on human perception
5 Dec 2009 by Sacha Barber
A code generator for my Cinch MVVM Framework.
13 Jan 2016 by Qwertie
The new parser generator for C#: now with syntax highlighting.
11 Sep 2010 by Renil Joy, Bangalore
Custom Rule Engine approach which can evaluate complex combinations of business rules. A sample application is provided in WPF following the MVVM pattern.
21 Sep 2016 by ArindamNayak
Enable CORS support in WCF and consuming WCF as rest API from different domain , other than WCF hosted domain.
14 Dec 2010 by Stan Kirk
Use the .NET SocketAsyncEventArgs to write socket server code in C#
22 Dec 2008 by Olivier Simon
This library provides Visual Studio 2008 design-time support to customize WPF XPlorerBar features.
11 Sep 2008 by Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the Repository Tool to create and manage contracts for virtual (manageable) services.
27 Jul 2011 by JosipK
Explains how to detect which character is used as a separator in CSV file
27 Jan 2008 by Josh Smith
Provides guidance for using the Model-View-Controller design pattern to create modular WPF apps that are easy to unit test
15 Nov 2009 by Josh Smith
Reviews a WPF application that displays an object graph which can be rearranged by the user at runtime, and highlights circular dependencies in its nodes.
9 Dec 2008 by Philip Laureano
The first article in a series of articles that describes how you can use the LinFu.IOC 2.0 container to extend your application(s).
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
A WPF smart client to generate UML diagrams from plain text using plantuml tool
31 Mar 2010 by Qwertie
A memory-efficient Patricia trie that implements IDictionary and supports the "find nearest key" operation.
19 Apr 2012 by Sacha Barber
A look at designing a service layer using good practices, and the MSFT technology stack.
8 Jul 2014 by Sam Lombardo
Dynamically map a DataTable to type-safe business objects using reflection and generics
31 Oct 2008 by Vagif Abilov
The article discusses how to isolate the code under test from behavior of referenced classes by using mocking frameworks.
13 Jan 2009 by Dmitri Nеstеruk
A BDD tutorial using NBehave and MbUnit.
16 Mar 2010 by Sacha Barber
A re-usable breadcrumb control for WPF.
28 Mar 2010 by PIEBALDconsult
An improved string split method.
27 Apr 2010 by Sacha Barber
Binding and using Friendly enums in WPF
23 Aug 2008 by sukram
Drag, resize and rotate elements on a Canvas
23 May 2008 by Adrian Akison
Discusses the six major types of combinatorial collections, with examples and formulas for counting. Expands with a C# Generics-based set of classes for enumerating each meta-collection.
2 Jul 2008 by Josh Smith
Reviews and compares three techniques that enable you to data bind to any element tree.
5 Aug 2009 by Marc Clifton
Build a Metadata Designer for the CX Dynamic Composition Framework.
29 Aug 2011 by Not Active
A demonstration of how the ASP.NET Repeater control can be used for in-place editing and adding items
26 Jul 2009 by Daniel Grunwald
Explains why WPF seems to break if you try to use FocusScope, and provides a simple solution.
1 Apr 2013 by Daniel Grunwald
AvalonEdit is an extensible Open-Source text editor with support for syntax highlighting and folding.
10 Sep 2010 by Nicholas Blumhardt
Using the Autofac dependency injection container to simplify the configuration of object-oriented applications.
18 Apr 2010 by Katka Vaughan
Learn how to create a simple MVVM pattern based application using the Calcium SDK.
22 Jul 2009 by EvelynT
An article on creating a circular gauge custom control for Silverlight 3
21 Oct 2008 by Pero Matić
Case-study on the internals of a Navigational Workflow engine for a fictional dating website called “World Wide Dating”.
8 Jul 2008 by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of an Excel-like Autofilter ListView.
15 Apr 2010 by Suchi Banerjee, Pune
This article explains the Event based ASP.NET Web Form programming model for a web application with reference to partial rendering and AJAX asynchronous postback.
3 Jul 2009 by Sacha Barber
A better selection option for users.
5 Mar 2008 by Josh Smith
The second article in a series devoted to a WPF application that plays streaming audio podcasts off the Internet. This article discusses the idea and implementation of look-less applications.
12 Nov 2007 by Philip Laureano
A fast dynamic proxy library with support for .NET Generics
10 Sep 2018 by Evaldas Jocys
JavaScript class library which partly replicates Microsoft .NET Framework structure and functionality.
20 Dec 2011 by Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
T4 templetes with built-in support for CRUD operations, that utilize XML/XSD for DAL/BLL generation.
14 Apr 2010 by Sacha Barber
Simple WPF TimeLineControl That I Think May Be Useful
6 Sep 2008 by Frank Gennaro 2487219
This article discusses the creation and persistence of .NET Framework and custom objects within the Windows User Settings.
19 Sep 2009 by Nicholas Butler
The basic greedy algorithm.
14 Oct 2010 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Discover how to create complex stick figure animations using simple WPF or Silverlight elements.
26 Mar 2008 by sukram
A Frankenbuild
18 Jun 2009 by Pete O'Hanlon
Using the WCF RESTful services to create a Twitter hybrid Smart Client.
7 Nov 2009 by Daniel Vaughan
Generate project metadata with T4 and unburden yourself from string literals in XAML binding expressions and INotifyPropertyChanged event arguments.
22 Nov 2007 by W. Kevin Hazzard
Never use the InstallUtil.exe utility that ships with the .NET SDK again.
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
AspectF is a simple way to do Aspect Oriented Programming style coding which makes your code a lot cleaner and more maintainable.
13 Mar 2012 by Shivprasad koirala
SharePoint Quick Start FAQ - Part 4
12 Nov 2007 by Philip Laureano
Using LinFu.DynamicObject to add mixins, duck typing and multiple dispatch to your favorite .NET languages
10 May 2011 by Sacha Barber
A look into using the Task Parallel Library.
5 Oct 2012 by Mike Barthold
How to make Boss xy drop item abc and where does that rare mob come from?
24 Feb 2009 by Solid State Coder
A beginner's guide to the list and view controls in WPF.
26 Apr 2008 by VCSKicks
C# custom controls with the look and functionaliy of Photoshop's angle selectors.
24 Oct 2007 by Mohamed H. Elsherif
Multicore hardware is spreading very fast, however the programming for Multicore is not an easy job, Parallel FX (PFX) comes to the rescue
10 Jan 2015 by Matt Perdeck
Easy to use library to use CSV and tab delimited files with LINQ queries.
28 Apr 2009 by andywilsonuk
Looks at techniques for getting an image's width and height quickly
29 Nov 2011 by Md. Marufuzzaman
Add random quotes in your Outlook email signature
8 Oct 2008 by sukram
Designer Canvas with Zoombox
24 Sep 2014 by Meshack Musundi
A WPF 3D Rubik's Cube application
21 Nov 2009 by Daniel Vaughan
Introducing the Calcium SDK. Calcium provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Includes a host of modules and services, and an infrastructure that is ready to use in your next application.
8 Mar 2011 by Sacha Barber
Set of utility classes to observe a chain of INotifyPropertyChanged objects.
26 Feb 2010 by Gary R. Wheeler
A solution for binding a set of WPF radio buttons to an enumeration value.
4 Feb 2010 by WebMaster
Create fast, flexible, and extensible IDE applications easily with Storm - it takes nearly no code at all!
19 Jul 2009 by Valentin Billotte
Another way to integrate multiple XNA scenes inside WPF.
1 Dec 2008 by Muigai Mwaura
A custom implementation of BindingList that provides sorting for every property of type T.
1 Jan 2011 by Sacha Barber
If Jack Daniels made MVVM frameworks.
22 Jul 2014 by Sacha Barber
Nice little rating control for WPF
11 Jun 2008 by craigd
Index your website (including images and geographic data), search and display results in Google Earth.
25 Dec 2008 by Samir NIGAM
This article describes how to manage states of the Checkboxes inside the GridView in different pages.
31 Jan 2008 by Dario Solera
Exploring Windows Presentation Foundation 3D capabilities and building a sample application with a couple of cool features such as zooming and 3D rotation
26 Jan 2016 by Chris Copeland
A managed library to launch and/or connect to the Tor network for SOCKS5 communications, and for middle-man proxy hosting.
21 Jan 2010 by Mosfiqur Rahman
An article on using compression/decompression of WCF data
22 Feb 2010 by Pero Matić
How to automatically enforce and switch between secure (HTTPS/SSL) and non-secure (HTTP/non-SSL) web pages without hard-coding absolute URLs, using SEO friendly redirects.
5 Apr 2011 by Sacha Barber
A small utility Fluent interface class to export a List.
18 Mar 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This is a simple program to explain how 3D stereoscopic systems work, also with some fun!
23 Apr 2010 by Ciumac Sergiu
Layers Pattern via a WPF project.
22 May 2008 by S. M. SOHAN
An article that shows a simple way of changing the default value of the DataContext CommandTimeout
24 Apr 2009 by Ron Gramann
Provides layout management for Composite WPF (Prism) applications
28 Dec 2007 by Umut ŞİMŞEK
This article demonstrates an example of uses of Windows services
12 Nov 2009 by Don Kackman
Parsing SQL statements to create LINQ Expressions.
9 Sep 2010 by Alexander Batishchev
The article reveals the details of how to execute only portion of application code base under elevated privileges
14 Nov 2008 by andy404
This article introduces PFX for the .NET Framework and discusses PLINQ.
24 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to define custom size definitions for ribbon group elements.
1 Jun 2009 by Dan-el Khen
An open source utility that synchronizes your database structure with a LINQ to SQL model.
25 Mar 2013 by Rajendra Kondapalli
This article will guide the developers on how you can connect to excel files using ADO.NET and modify the sheets
1 Feb 2009 by Colin Eberhardt
This article provides a number of practical examples which demonstrate how to perform validation, styling, and DataSet integration with the new WPF DataGrid.
2 Mar 2009 by StevenHobbs
Shows you how to implement a remote file repository using WCF.
22 Apr 2009 by Pero Matić
This article illustrates how to bypass Vista UAC as well as how to correctly launch an interactive process from a Windows Service.
17 May 2011 by Sacha Barber
A look into using the Task Parallel Library.
15 Jul 2010 by Pete Everett
Send signed and encrypted e-mail in accordance with RFC 2633
24 Oct 2012 by Enrique Albert
WCF service response message patterns
11 Jul 2010 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
A soccer game made with Silverlight and VS 2008.
5 Jun 2010 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
A multimedia exam suite built on Silverlight and Youtube
2 Oct 2009 by Samir NIGAM
This article describes how to toggle the states of all CheckBoxes inside a particular DataGridView column.
19 Nov 2009 by Simon Allaeys
Managed Fusion - A managed API to view and manipulate the Global Assembly Cache
31 Oct 2010 by Abhishek Sur
In this article, I have shown how you can build pluggable Resources for styles, Languages or any static objects, etc. Therefore building a new style doesn't hamper your code and you can easily plugin any new style to the application even though it is already in the production environment.
21 Oct 2009 by Carsten Zeumer
An article on how to detect the language of a written text.
18 Aug 2011 by Herre Kuijpers
A utility that allows you to enter simple and more complex mathematical formulas which will be evaluated and calculated on the spot
23 May 2009 by Matt Sollars
A WPF hybrid smart client for calculating attack combos in the Prince of Persia game.
23 Dec 2009 by Sacha Barber
It would probably be like Cinch, an MVVM framework for WPF.
24 Jul 2008 by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of an interactive pie chart which uses data binding.
29 Feb 2008 by sukram
Connecting items
8 Dec 2008 by Brian Pursley
An article that introduces SharePoint web part development by creating a simple contact form web part.
11 Oct 2011 by Enrique Albert
WPF ICommand implementation based on Josh Smith's pattern.
21 Aug 2009 by Werner Willemsens
An article on analysing a program exception or software crash.
24 Jul 2008 by Josh Smith
Reviews a clean and lightweight way to use RoutedCommands in the MVVM pattern.
27 Aug 2012 by Ami Bar
A .NET Thread Pool fully implemented in C# with many features.
7 May 2010 by Sacha Barber
It would probably be like Cinch, an MVVM framework for WPF.
26 Mar 2009 by Joerg Lang
The article describes how to create a Deep Zoom image and store the tiles in a database, and how to read the image from the database and display it in the browser.
8 Nov 2009 by objo
This article shows how to use a WPF ShaderEffect for anaglyph blending (for red/cyan glasses). The effect can be used for both 2D and 3D elements.
3 Feb 2010 by The Manoj Kumar
A multi-touch simple and compound gesture recognition implementation for Windows 7 in WPF.
11 Jan 2012 by solalem
High level design of RC car with programming the microcontroller and user interface on a PC
11 Dec 2009 by Ben Morrison
A guide to writing a language service for Visual Studio using Irony.
28 Apr 2009 by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes how to generate Dependency Properties from an XML declaration using a simple T4 template. It also includes a quick T4 primer.
3 Feb 2010 by Eric Haddan
Demonstrates WPF C# examples of Windows Touch, Thumbnails, Task Dialogs, Thumbnail Toolbars, Overlay Icons, and Progress bars using the .NET Framework 3.51.
22 Nov 2013 by Qwertie
A technique for installing "Custom Tools" in all VS versions from 2008 to 2013
25 Apr 2009 by Daniel Grunwald
Different approaches to weak events
5 Apr 2008 by Sacha Barber
An introduction into WPF Styles and Templates.
29 Jan 2013 by Florian Rappl
An introduction to lambda expressions as well as an advanced discussion on how and where to use them. This article will also show known and introduce new design patterns that might be helpful.
29 May 2014 by Ivan Krivyakov
How to properly create WPF Data Tempaltes in code
11 Jan 2009 by Sacha Barber
A look at the Visitor pattern, and a Reflective version.
30 Apr 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
A simple program to find real size or distance of objects in your digital camera photos
7 Oct 2008 by Martin.Holzherr
Introduction to the parsing method PEG with library and parser generator
27 Feb 2011 by Patrick Kalkman
An article that explains Digest Authentication and a library to use Digest Authentication with WCF Rest and validate against any back-end.
23 Jul 2013 by Mohammad A Rahman
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that works as a communicator between the objects and the data. This article partially taken from the "Expert C# 5.0" - book and it will explore the different extension methods used in the LINQ using C# and IL code to discuss..
29 May 2013 by Jain, Ajay
The article presents some .NET techniques for using Reflection optimally and efficiently.
22 May 2008 by Josh Smith
Reviews how using a ViewModel can abstract away the complexities of the WPF TreeView control.
16 Jul 2010 by KenJohnson
A geometric visual brush producer with plug-in architecture and customized XAML.
20 Mar 2009 by Vincenzo Rossi
A flexible library to add filtering capabilities to a DataGridView.
7 Feb 2008 by Philipp Sumi
A strongly typed enhancement of the regular WPF TreeView control.
23 Oct 2012 by Enrique Albert
Global and Request context pattern for server side resources
4 Aug 2008 by Amir Emamjomeh
A simple example of how to classify data using genetic algorithm and VB.Net
7 Oct 2009 by Ron Levy
A cool CPU Monitor AddIn for Outlook 2007
12 Jun 2010 by gjvdkamp
A small program that parses expressions and evaluates them using LINQ Expressions
7 Feb 2013 by Anupama Agarwal
This article describes how to create custom delivery extension of Reporting service with User Control (.ascx) instead of server control.
30 Jan 2010 by Bryan Thomas Weikel
LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and NHibernate used in a parallel fashion in a three-tier WinForms application.
28 Mar 2013 by Paul McClean
A collection class providing data virtualization with large data sets.
2 Oct 2009 by Abhishek Sur
The article will guide you with samples to create and embed Microsoft Map in your website within minutes. The intention is to give basic knowledge on how JavaScript library could be used to embed Custom Map.
4 May 2008 by Josh Smith
Introduces a generic technique of chaining commands together.
5 Sep 2013 by Jani Giannoudis
Simplifying the .NET User Configuration for Windows Forms and WPF
12 Oct 2008 by Sacha Barber
A 3D screensaver written in WPF.
9 Nov 2012 by Abdul Quader Mamun
To develop scalable applications, effective paging is essential. Devoid of smart and effective paging and sorting to handle thousands of thousand data takes extra time and system resources.
20 Jan 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Wrapper and sample programs demonstrating the use of the Skyhook Wireless XPS SDK (hybrid position system using GPS, WiFi Positioning, and Celltower positioning)
26 Sep 2009 by Uwe Keim
A small class to perform basic XCOPY like operations from within C#
22 Mar 2010 by Assil
How to make your methods callable asynchronously by creating begin/end pair stems, in a similar way that the WSDL.exe tool generates the contract files for a Web Service.
29 Mar 2012 by Matt Perdeck
Improves web site performance by combining and minifying JavaScript and CSS files on the fly. Processes ASP.NET AJAX toolkit .axd files too. Improves image caching and loading. Very easy to add to any ASP.NET web site.
16 Nov 2008 by Daniel Vaughan
In this article, we look at the asynchronous web service model in Silverlight, and how it can be augmented to allow synchronous web service calls. We also explore efficient channel caching, and asynchronous Silverlight Unit Tests.
7 Jul 2009 by Hedley Muscroft
A Vista TaskDialog wrapper class (for Vista) and Emulator (for pre-Vista Windows)
10 May 2012 by Alberto Venditti
An alternative to SQL Server Management Studio for scheduling SQL Server Agent jobs
7 Jul 2008 by Leslie Godwin
Newton Dynamic Extensions for the WPF
18 Aug 2010 by Suchi Banerjee, Pune
With the help of an example in this article, I have tried to explain a practical multi-threading application design. The Microsoft CLR Profiler tool has been used to get an insight on what is going on. Emphasis is given to development of a generic module as it maximizes code reuse.
27 Nov 2008 by Claudio Masieri
This article describes the design, implementation, and usage of WS-Discovery for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
8 Jun 2009 by Sacha Barber
A nice explar of how to use RESTful WCF and WPF.
20 Jun 2009 by Charles T II
A Data Access Framework using Generics, Lambda Expressions, Fluent Interfaces, and the SqlProviderFactory.
11 Dec 2009 by Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A tutorial that walks through adding/updating/deleting data in your database with LINQ to SQL while keeping your class relationships (M:M, 1:M, and M:1) synchronized.
27 Feb 2008 by Sacha Barber
WPF Amazon Explorer Using 3D
10 Jan 2018 by Amir Jalilifard
In this article, you are going to learn about P2P Network and Windows Communication Foundation to share your files between peers through a P2P network.
10 May 2011 by Sacha Barber
A look into using the Task Parallel Library.
28 May 2008 by Nicholas Butler
An investigation into advanced concurrent programming.
29 Oct 2013 by Dezhi Zhao
This article shows a fast solution to Einstein's Riddle by using brutal search.
14 Apr 2010 by Derek Lakin
Shows how to set the initial focus in XAML
30 May 2008 by dmihailescu
Burn ISO files using IMAPI v2.0 and C#
25 Apr 2009 by Rahman Masudur
Shows how to use the WPF ItemsControl with alternating items and hover effect
15 Jan 2017 by Qwertie
A very small logging library
25 Nov 2008 by Georgi Atanasov
A framework, and a WinForms control which enables .NET 2.0 users to visualize XML-formatted rich text.
18 Apr 2011 by Sacha Barber, Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Highly customisable WPF Carousel control.
18 Mar 2011 by Meshack Musundi
A 2D carousel like UserControl in WPF
2 Apr 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This application shows a simple algorithm for drawing random flowers and trees. The logic is based on fractal sets.
22 Mar 2009 by Daniel Vaughan
Knowledge acquired by a neural network is used to predict the element to which a user may intend to navigate.
3 Feb 2009 by MR_SAM_PIPER
This article provides an example of how to implement and use a custom expression builder to extend compile-time support in your ASP.NET pages.
7 Feb 2017 by O.G.I.
Pathfinding algorithm based on a direction priority
26 Apr 2009 by Daniel Flower
A guide to writing a compiler in .NET for beginners, using Irony.
28 Feb 2010 by Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
How the .NET Framework Stopwatch class can be used to measure and compare algorithm runtime with a high accuracy
26 Apr 2013 by Sebastien Lebreton
Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Reflector or JustDecompile. Reflexil is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. Reflexil also supports "on-the-fly" C#/VB.NET code injection.
14 Aug 2012 by Abdul Quader Mamun
Custom TreeView web user control for parent child relatioinal data upto infinity
20 Oct 2009 by Günther M. FOIDL
Sammon's projection is a nonlinear projection method to map a high dimensional space onto a space of lower dimensionality.
12 Sep 2010 by TheCodeKing
A step by step guide to getting Log4Net working with the .NET Client Profile
2 Nov 2010 by Daniel Ranger
Native C++ implementation of the .NET Asynchronous Design Pattern using Windows I/O Completion Ports
31 Mar 2013 by anoopk01
This is a custom developed tool for generating a digital certificate.
30 Jan 2012 by Dirk Bahle
UI and code-behind is executed in different threads. Long running processes need asynchronous execution. This artice shows a way of doing this in a ViewModel approach.
8 Aug 2010 by Jeremy Likness
An introduction to the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.
23 Sep 2009 by David Veeneman
Using MVVM, particularly with the WPF DataGrid
15 Apr 2011 by Meshack Musundi
A WPF Target Shooting Game
14 Aug 2008 by Christoph Husse
Now supports an unmanaged API, kernel mode hooking, and extending unmanaged APIs with pure managed handlers since Windows 2000 SP4.
4 Dec 2009 by shivamkalra
Using webcam and image processing to decode a Morse code flashing LED.
14 Jun 2009 by Josh Smith
Reviews a matrix control that can be data bound and visually styled with ease
22 Sep 2012 by Y Sujan
Simple undo/redo library for C#/.NET.
1 Jul 2015 by Woong Gyu La
How to create a server-client network quickly using IOCP TCP template server-client framework, EpServerEngine.cs (C#).
9 Mar 2011 by Doug Schott
Introduces the RoutedCommandBinding class as a new way for invoking methods in a View Model directly from XAML in an MVVM application.
21 Jul 2010 by Fabio Franco
A WinForm that extend the standard features provided by Microsoft
31 Dec 2007 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
This article uses Visual Studio Tools for Office to build a Word Document Template that can be used to post messages to a message board.
24 Mar 2009 by Oleg V. Polikarpotchkin, Peter Lee
Calculate piecewise Bezier curve control points to make it a spline
6 Aug 2008 by SHRIDHAR TL
Compose mail messages and send them through your mail account provider.
2 Jul 2009 by Henry Minute
An article on enabling nested controls to accept child controls at design time.
6 Dec 2008 by Dmitri Nеstеruk
Describes a small VS add-in for making decorators from existing code.
14 Oct 2011 by Enrique Albert
How to use Spring.Net DI reducing coupling and enhancing automated testing.
30 Apr 2009 by Tomz_KV
Discussion on the concept and implementation of interaction between a content page and a master page.
4 May 2010 by Gregory Gadow
Write an application that launches in the notification area.
23 Apr 2009 by Vincenzo Rossi
An enhanced PrintPreviewDialog with better look, localization, auto page numbers, and additional text.
3 Apr 2008 by Sacha Barber, Fredrik Bornander
WPF: A Beginner's Guide series, end exemplar and fun with Physics.
30 Aug 2008 by Josh Smith
Explains the concept of attached behaviors and shows how to use them in the context of the MVVM pattern.
21 Sep 2010 by Dmitri Nеstеruk
Shows how a few Extension Methods solve the 'repeated null check' problem.
8 Feb 2008 by Philip Laureano
Using MSBuild and Mono.Cecil to dynamically intercept static and final methods of nearly any type, including sealed types. No proxies required.
3 Dec 2012 by Ofir Makmal
A deep-dive of what is going on under the hood.
19 Dec 2009 by Solid State Coder
An explanation of the different ways to create delegates through a guided example that starts with .NET 1.1.
20 Nov 2011 by Dominik Reichl
A C# implementation of the BLAKE hash algorithm.
23 Mar 2010 by Sacha Barber
Simple article showing how you to embed PicLens in your own apps
15 Nov 2010 by 10Tec, Sergey Gorbenko
Tool for creating MS Visual Studio documentation files - XML Summaries, HxS/MSHC help solutions and manuals.
23 Mar 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
Implementation of a topic based Publish Subscribe design pattern using socket programming, and a proprietary messaging protocol.
20 Jul 2009 by Mark J. Caplin
Create a line of business application using Silverlight 3.
17 Jan 2010 by Caio Kinzel Filho
This article attempts to show a variation of the Event Aggregator design pattern with specialized listeners.
2 Jun 2014 by siglr2
Event-based, generic wrapper and manager to implement multithreading in your applications
16 Mar 2008 by owen654321
High performance solution for scheduling and executing work items.
1 Nov 2009 by Roberto Sonnino
A multi-touch RSS reader built with Multi-Touch Vista.
13 Jul 2009 by Martijn Boeker
Re-usable implementation of the Propagator Design Pattern in C#, a potentially more powerful alternative to the well-known Observer Design Pattern.
22 Jan 2009 by Suriel Bendahan
A reusable set of code to enable service thrown exception handling in Silverlight.
8 May 2008 by Jake Morgan
Deploy zip files to your web application and serve compressed files directly out of the zip file.
12 Mar 2010 by Paulo Zemek
This article will explain how to create a simple chat program using this remoting technology, which supports web-cam and sending files.
30 Nov 2010 by Jevgenij Pankov
An article on creating a customizable loading indicator for Silverlight 3
21 Feb 2009 by M Sheik Uduman Ali
This article explains how to use C# 3.0 lambda expression & LINQ for functional programming
8 Aug 2008 by Brian Geiman
Easy-to-use library with global mouse and keyboard hooks and simulators.
17 Mar 2016 by Ravi Bhavnani
An object that harnesses the power of Google's online natural language translation tools.
8 Jul 2009 by kaviteshsingh
Simple splash screen using C#
2 Sep 2010 by dmihailescu
What is the start-up and system performance overhead for .Net, Mono, Java versus C++ and Forms, WPF, Swing versus MFC
18 Dec 2012 by Abion47
Using asynchronous progress bars on your form from start to finish
6 Mar 2008 by futureturnip
Using LINQ to improve everyday code
7 May 2010 by Sacha Barber
It would probably be like Cinch, an MVVM framework for WPF.
22 Jun 2013 by Ritesh Ramesh
MVC custom binding.
28 Jan 2008 by n2jtx
An example of transferring virtual files to Windows Explorer using C# and the CFSTR_FILECONTENTS and CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTOR formats.
8 Sep 2009 by RobCroll
Shows how easy it can be to create a WinForms UserControl using only GDI+
1 Aug 2008 by Jammer
An article detailing with the odd problems and solutions to using SQL Compact 3.5 in desktop applications.
30 Dec 2007 by Snews
A control that mimics the look-n-feel of iTunes and the iPod manager.
23 Jun 2009 by PAPAYA
This article introduces you to how to access stock quotes from the Yahoo! Finance service.
30 Nov 2008 by Sacha Barber
Demonstrates a method of dynamic query across WCF Service boundaries.
20 Aug 2008 by Andriy Protskiv
ReportExporters is a library for easy exporting of a DataGridView to Excel/PDF/image file types by using Reporting Services report generation.
29 Nov 2010 by cameron_elliot
A .NET library and website which allows developers to expose and view arbitrary diagnostic information about their .NET processes.
10 May 2011 by Sacha Barber
A look into using the Task Parallel Library.
10 May 2011 by Sacha Barber
A look into using the Task Parallel Library.
16 Nov 2010 by Abdul Quader Mamun
Paging must be effective for large scaleable applications. Without smart and effective paging and sorting for huge amount of data, user request takes more time and uses more resources.
8 Sep 2014 by Pragmateek
"MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C#” - book review
24 Oct 2013 by Bill_Hallahan
Creates copies of a Visual Studio C++ or C# solution
23 Oct 2012 by Enrique Albert
Baseline WCF Client application using the MVVM pattern
19 Sep 2009 by Nicholas Butler
The linear space refinement
16 Jun 2016 by Clifford Nelson
This is an alternative for "Advanced WPF Localization" that adds functionality for capitalizing and pluralizing the text to be display.
12 Jun 2012 by Mic
Swintching between different types of serialization.
3 Aug 2009 by defwebserver
The goal of this tutorial is to walk you through creating a simple Silverlight module in DotNetNuke that authenticates the currently logged in user through a web service.
6 Jan 2014 by S. M. Ahasan Habib
In this article, I explain with transaction related theory and code sample, how in various scenarios we can use TransactionScope with various options for managing real life transactions.
13 Nov 2010 by Igor Ladnik
Unmanaged Windows GUI application with no exported program interface gets automated with injected code. A WCF aware injected component allows world-wide located clients to communicate with automated application via Azure AppFabric Service Bus despite firewalls and dynamic IP addresses
12 May 2020 by Jayson Ragasa
Multi RDP Client .NET is used for managing your RDP connections. It allows you to Import/Export .RDP files, disconnect all connection at one click, and connect all your servers at one click as well.
20 Jan 2013 by Daniel Flower
In this C# project, BASIC source code is compiled to JavaScript and run in a browser.
9 Apr 2010 by Abdul Quader Mamun
ASP.NET provide features to develop appllication for mobile devices. System.Web.Mobile namespace is devoted specifically to mobile Web development.
22 Jul 2009 by DaveyM69
A complete overview and implementation of SNTP from a client perspective.
7 May 2008 by Sacha Barber
Using the AddIn model pipeline.
8 Jul 2008 by Anders Malmen
Create a custom ASP.NET 3.5 control with WebResources, client-side JS, and HTTPhandlers.
1 Jan 2011 by Ashish Kaila
Learn how to leverage UI automation in testing your UI and also to support accessibility features
6 Dec 2008 by Sacha Barber
An article which shows how to bind to generic methods
6 Oct 2008 by DaveyM69
Simplifies the use of base 2, 8, and 16 bit data.
28 Jun 2008 by Derek Bartram
A Code Project orientated Kevin Bacon game utilising the CodeProject.dll
6 Aug 2014 by Oleg Shilo
An article on C# interface to the WiX toolset
10 Dec 2008 by Wael Alghool
Gathering of various algorithms into one library to transform Hierarchical trees between various formats, and allows them to be represented into SQL 2005, the formats supported are TreeView, Textual, Tabular, Modified Preorder Tree Traversal and Graphical.
24 Jun 2013 by KK Kod
How to perform Inline editing in JqGrid
1 Jun 2009 by Daniel Vaughan
Calcium provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Includes a host of modules and services, and an infrastructure that is ready to use in your next application.
3 Feb 2008 by Yiyi Sun
Use the Presentation Model pattern in ASP.NET Web site, Windows Forms and WPF
15 Nov 2007 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A debugger visualizer that allows WPF controls and objects to be visualized as XAML.
11 Jan 2015 by Mohammad Dayyan
A C# library to use PersianCalendar as easy as DateTime
24 Oct 2009 by Paulo Zemek
The article explains how to create a secure stream that uses asymmetric cryptography to connect and symmetric cryptography to continue without the need for SSL or Certificates
7 Dec 2010 by CodingBruce
Build better schema for rapid data model prototyping.
11 Oct 2009 by Nicholas Butler
Making more of your cores
10 Mar 2009 by Nic_Roche
Using a proper MVC pattern to stream an image from Microsoft Chart controls for the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
14 Mar 2010 by Steven Nagy
Learning effective techniques to utilise configuration in your cloud apps, without locking into the Azure platform
10 May 2011 by Sacha Barber
A look into using the Task Parallel Library
23 Jan 2009 by Sacha Barber
Cross business object validation: a more centric view.
13 Aug 2009 by S. Senthil Kumar
An application to find undisposed objects in your .NET application.
3 Feb 2017 by lepipele
An overview that presents all PayPal integration options, targeted especially at C# developers.
23 Nov 2010 by Michal Stehlik
Simple way how to pack data into one file
4 Nov 2009 by Sacha Barber
A notes listbox that you could use in your own app.
17 Feb 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
How Command Pattern and Stack can be used to implement Undo/Redo operation in C#
29 Oct 2013 by Juan Davel
This article is an updated one discussing the configuration of IIS, ASP.NET and SQL Server.
1 Mar 2010 by Yang Yu
Build distributed programs without worrying about distribution implementation
14 Mar 2012 by Frank_Zh
An IList Extension Method that sorts the list in any order or in a combination of orders.
21 Mar 2011 by Jaco van Staden
Basic Implementation of a Memory Queue, Thread Queue and Basic Logging Framework
9 Nov 2010 by Simeon Sheye
Quality Gate One Studio is a testing framework that suggests a new approach to unit and integration testing.
5 Jan 2012 by Sacha Barber, Richard E King
A look at using RabbitMq to do message routing.
15 Jun 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate how we can integrate T-SQL with an external application.
24 Feb 2010 by Paolo Foti
Use all the design facilities of the DesignSurfaceExt class together with a Toolbox and PropertyGrid classes.
24 Apr 2010 by Marc Clifton
Create countdown timers to remind you of upcoming events.
30 Mar 2011 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Demonstration of what needs to be done to make a voice recorder on Windows Phone 7 including converting the raw bytes from the recording into a WAVE file.
30 Jun 2008 by Sacha Barber, marlongrech
WPF: An article on using 3D visualization of an RSS feed.
9 Nov 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize to XML, any generic, derived, or other complex type, which XMLSerializer cannot serialize
19 Nov 2014 by Allan Eagle
Using a combination of Reflector, Reflection, and C# 3.0 extension methods to add Save(string FileName) functionality to MailMessage in System.Net.Mail.
5 Jul 2010 by Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
Implementing Yahoo! contact reader app using Yahoo contact API and ASP.NET
20 May 2010 by Rajesh Pillai
I will give a walkthrough of the story of registering a new user using BDD on an ASP.NET MVC application.
17 Jul 2012 by Mike Barthold
Bringing RDS to life - How it all works.
3 May 2016 by Southmountain
this post discussed .NET versioning and multi-targeting of .NET application and component written in C#.
15 Jun 2010 by Colin Eberhardt
This blog post describes a technique for associating multiple bindings with a single dependency property within Silverlight applications. WPF already has this functionality in the form of MultiBindings, the code in this post emulates this function.
5 Oct 2010 by #realJSOP
One way to create a completely random encryption key, and sharing it with a client application
18 Aug 2012 by Dan Randolph
C# interop using platform invoke and C++ vectors to implement fast searching and selection on index keys
23 Apr 2008 by Danijel Arsenovski
Combining dynamic and static typing in VB.NET
20 Mar 2009 by Sergio Romero
A class that generates an XML string as an Excel file
27 Jul 2008 by Petr Ivankov
CodeDom Optimizing Compiler for Science and Engineering
3 Jan 2010 by Brady Kelly
A short, didactic look at using the ASP.NET Dynamic Data Framework to provide a WPF application with data model metadata.
22 May 2012 by hevesir
A simple way to create your own Google map from several locations.
5 Dec 2007 by Josh Smith
A detailed examination of the WPF element trees and their subtleties
3 May 2017 by dmihailescu
A Visual Studio add-in that inserts some commonly known OO patterns into your working project and searches your highlights online.
5 Nov 2010 by Meshack Musundi
A WPF application that provides weather information using GOOWAPI
20 Aug 2014 by Anurag Gandhi
A class to pivot a DataTable with various aggregate functions
15 Feb 2011 by Sacha Barber
A kind of 3d tree level control
21 Jan 2009 by Murray Foxcroft
A take on getting started with the Facebook API and WPF
20 Apr 2009 by CalicoSkies
A C# class for reading and writing WAV files, light audio manipulation, and WAV file mixing.
24 May 2009 by Maciej Zbrzezny
A simple “getting started” article that shows the basis of creation of a Word 2007 (docx) document using the Open XML Format SDK 2.0 CTP.
31 May 2011 by Xavier Spileers
Utility class for filling mergefields (loose fields and tabular data) in a Microsoft Word (docx) template document, without needing Microsoft Word itself
31 Oct 2009 by Abhishek Sur
This article will enable you to add custom search rules to your application using Bing Search API with much more
2 Oct 2012 by Sina Iravanian
A flexible XML serialization library that lets developers design the XML file structure, and select the exception handling policy. YAXLib supports polymorphic serialization and serializing generic and non-generic collection classes and arrays.
15 Jun 2009 by Ziad Elmalki
WCF Service Behavior Example: IPFilter - Allow/Deny Access by IP Address
15 Jun 2009 by John Gathogo
An article illustrating how to consume a WCF service from an SSRS Server Report
23 Jan 2010 by ds47
This article shows how to retrieve exceptions from a Web Service to a Silverlight Client by creating a WCF endpoint behavior.
22 Mar 2009 by Josh Smith
Introducing ContentControl3D: a control that makes it easy to incorporate 3D flips into any WPF user interface.
30 May 2011 by RikTheVeggie
A Tri-State Tree View designed for Directory Browsing and Installers
11 Aug 2009 by Arshad_Ali_alizproarts
This article describes a new way to automate window applications based on MSAA which otherwise is not possible using any other technique.
9 Oct 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
How to check user inactivity in WPF Application
19 May 2008 by Josh Smith
A gradual introduction to the world of WPF data binding.
23 Oct 2008 by Scott Tattersall
A practical guide for NET architects, managers and developers for Scaling, Architecting, Managing and Performance optimising .NET Web applications.
16 May 2011 by Jevgenij Pankov
Resizable windows simulating multi-windows desktop interface for Silverlight 4
29 Nov 2009 by Bharath K A
Scalable, high performance, and low latency reverse AJAX grid. This is a COMET based multi-client capable grid control. This grid control can COMET-update to multiple clients with varying data needs. Complete performance report included.
23 Jun 2010 by santosh poojari
The article is about step by step demonstration to implement simple WCF service,host and Client
3 Jul 2011 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
A quick view under the hood of Cosmos and how it works
27 Nov 2014 by Craig A. Moore
Creating sheets of labels within a PDF document using PDFSharp
3 Mar 2009 by Suriel Bendahan
Share your .NET assemblies with Silverlight.
14 Oct 2011 by Enrique Albert
Unit of work pattern on NHibernate using repositories.
5 Jan 2010 by Christopher R Davis, Michael S Knight
A comparison of nHydrate and the Entity Framework
17 Feb 2009 by Trent Tobler
Uses .NET extension method as an example on how to sort mixed alpha/numeric text
12 Aug 2009 by Mahdi Yousefi
Create an ASP.NET captcha that can be used in Web Forms or with AJAX using s3capcha.
21 Feb 2011 by Christopher R Davis
Use model driven development to keep your API and database in sync.
16 Mar 2017 by lepipele
ASP.NET MVC C# Opensource library that abstracts social logins for OAuth providers like Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal
20 Feb 2014 by Sacha Barber
WPF: Version II of my 100% Reflective class diagram creation tool.
8 Dec 2015 by Thomas Daniels
This article explains speech recognition, speech to text, text to speech and speech synthesis in C#.
8 May 2011 by Amarnath S
An article describing how to apply a Vignette Effect to your image.
21 Sep 2009 by Anand Ranjan Pandey
This article is to encourage you to take advantages of code snippets to make development easy and faster.
2 May 2009 by Jeroen De Dauw
A multithreaded file downloader with progress details, speed info and more
29 Aug 2011 by Simon Bang Terkildsen
Explains how to debug WPF data bindings using trace messages or an IValueConverter.
1 Dec 2010 by Scott Rippey
A string template method that allows you to fill a string with data. Easy to use, fast, extensible, and extremely powerful! Uses Reflection, Conditional Formatting, iterating through Arrays, and more!
23 Sep 2015 by Alberto Venditti
Using a .NET Windows service as an engine for specialized custom plug-ins execution
27 Mar 2008 by Sacha Barber
Excursions and deviations into the dark recesses of my mind.
17 Feb 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
How single object Representing Change Approach and Stack can be used to implement Undo/Redo operation in C#
10 Mar 2009 by KenJohnson
A fast WPF textbox control with support for text coloring, highlighting, underlines, and strikethroughs.
6 Oct 2014 by Pavel Torgashov
Fast and flexible replacing of standard WinForm’s controls: ListBox, CheckedListBox and TreeView
1 Jun 2015 by Athari
C# CSS parser with with support for all modern CSS features.
1 Feb 2009 by Miroslav Popovic
How to add a Firefox-like incremental search to WPF applications using the M-V-VM pattern. The search is performed directly on a CollectionView, so it can be used with any WPF items control.
3 Nov 2009 by Syed Hasan Hyder
This article focuses on internal supply chain management systems visibility via chart reports, and provides assessment apparatus to manage and monitor activities spawned during business processes, hence paves the way for timely and precise business decisions.
21 Apr 2010 by Tamas Koszoru
Small, generic, reusable infrastructure for running tasks asynchronously and displaying progress information.
19 Dec 2011 by David Catriel
Creating a .NET trigger for SQL Server that will log (down to the field level) all changes made to tables.
29 Nov 2009 by Donald Wingate
An article describing a color picker with independent control of seven variables and dynamically updating slider backgrounds.
1 May 2008 by darrellp
The VF Graph Isomorphism algorithm in C#.
24 Dec 2009 by Sacha Barber
WPF: A simple pageable 3D graph.
25 Jan 2008 by Daniel Vaughan
A URL Object Serialization component that provides compression and encryption of CLR objects, enabling embedding within URLs. Also includes a user account purging component that performs the periodic removal of unconfirmed user accounts, and a website that demonstrates the user account confirmation.
18 Jun 2013 by Sergey Semyonov
DataGridViewTextBoxCell derived cell that can be merged with cells of the same type
13 Feb 2009 by dB.
A VMWare C# tasks library.
26 Jul 2009 by Arun Reginald Zaheeruddin
Adding missing functionality to the Graphics class with the use of Extension Methods in C# 3.0.
4 Jan 2010 by Pedro Güida
The article shows how to embed a XNA-based game into a WinForms control with ease. Also, it explains how to integrate an XNA GS project into VS2008 (this IDE is not currently supported by XNA GS), and in turn, to be able to use WPF with your XNA-based creation.
5 Apr 2010 by Josh Smith
Reviews a simple and testable way to show a MessageBox in any WPF or Silverlight application built with the MVVM design pattern
23 Mar 2015 by Oleg Shilo
The extremely simple implementation of generic "Extension Properties"
24 Feb 2017 by Ebenezar John Paul
An Ideal Code Review Checklist that applies for most programming languages
10 Nov 2014 by Tsuda Kageyu
Extract all the variations of an icon, including the ones ExtractIconEx() can't extract.
1 Nov 2007 by Sacha Barber
Silverlight 1.1 Fun and Games
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
Entity Framework is world’s most difficult ORM for n-tier application. See how I have produced a 100% unit testable fully n-tier compliant data access layer following the repository pattern using Entity Framework.
20 Mar 2014 by Lizandro Campbell
Using Visual C# 2008 to establish connection to a MySQL 5.1 database with MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.7
10 Jun 2013 by KK Kod
Developing .Net application with Mongo Db as Back end
30 Jun 2008 by Sacha Barber
WPF: A simple article on using WebBrowser to stream YouTube videos.
27 Mar 2013 by Lukasz Swiatkowski
Vista-like TaskDialog control for .NET Framework 2.0, compatible with Windows XP
14 Apr 2008 by Sacha Barber
A WPF 3D Panel that allows tabbing and activates the current item.
19 Dec 2008 by Sandeep Mewara
A client callback custom control and how to use it in WebForms.
24 Feb 2009 by Sacha Barber
An article showing how to do DeepZoom in Silverlight 2.0.
11 Jun 2008 by Ryan Bost
How to perform two-way data binding with the XmlDataProvider within the Windows Presentation Foundation.
4 Jan 2009 by #realJSOP
A utility that you can use to "exercise" your inkjet printer without wasting a lot of ink or paper
4 Aug 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
This article will demonstrate how we can manage Windows service application on our local computer.
24 Jul 2014 by Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
NHunspell (Open Office spell checker for .NET) functions for servers and ASP.NET web projects.
21 Jul 2010 by Meshack Musundi
Learn how to create a WPF image viewer in Expression Blend.
12 Aug 2012 by Suhel Shah
Custom implementation of Microsoft Membership and Role provider using Fluent Nhibernate
20 Aug 2010 by Jan Vilášek
Solution for highlighting searched text in WPF ListView
17 Jun 2009 by colonel720
A convenient shortcut using generics to check for InvokeRequired on a Winforms control
11 Jul 2008 by James Simpson
A chat application demonstrating a reusable API for COMET and ASP.NET (following on from a previous article).
18 Dec 2007 by Gabor Mezo
A simple way for implementing code injection in C# 3.0
26 Feb 2009 by Alexei Prokudin
Syntax highlighting TextBox in Silverlight 2.0.
18 Jun 2009 by Corinna John
First steps tutorial for Delphi developers.
8 Nov 2009 by FantasticFiasco
An article on how to connect Silverlight 2 with web services in order to create a music library application with browse, search and download features.
17 Mar 2009 by Bashir Magomedov
An ASP.NET control that allows drawing current Hijri date in string format on an ASP.NET page.
22 Nov 2009 by Uwe Keim
A web application for generating and measuring shortcut hyperlinks, similar to
14 Aug 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
Is it better to serialize types without default constructor with Custom Serializer or a Substitute Pattern? Example of serialization of FontFamily into isolated storage in WP7.
21 May 2009 by Sacha Barber
WPF: A demo of using the Onyx WPF framework.
29 Mar 2008 by Giorgi Dalakishvili
A simple application for hosting several Windows in one parent window
29 Dec 2011 by Marc Clifton
A walk on the wild side using Relationship Oriented Programming.
20 Jul 2008 by Sacha Barber
An article on how to simplify the WPF validation process.
10 Aug 2008 by Sacha Barber
A beginner's guide to threading in .NET.
9 May 2012 by Umer Aziz Malik
This is a very basic level tutorial about authenticating with Facebook and Twitter and setting your status with it.
5 Jan 2008 by Mike Hankey
A utility to uncover the mysteries of the Clipboard, now with a data injector that allows you to pass various data formats to the Clipboard.
17 Dec 2009 by TylerBrinks
An overview of the Windows 7 taskbar features, and how to use then in your own applications.
25 Mar 2015 by Chivate Atul
Tracing dead-locks in multi-threaded applications.
30 Jun 2008 by junnark
We will create a very simple web chat application using the latest ASP.Net 3.5 technologies from scratch.
27 Nov 2008 by Vitaliy Liptchinsky
This article describes how to easily trigger pre-JITting of your heavy assemblies.
6 Dec 2008 by Colin Angus Mackay
An introduction on how to use Virtual Earth's ASP.NET Controls to show data on a map.
29 Apr 2014 by Shai Vashdi
Simplifying the use of UI threads (using the Dispatcher) & new threads in WPF
7 Sep 2009 by Muhammad Akhtar Shiekh
An artcile on End to End solution to optimized paging and sorting in ASP.NET GridView using Object Data Source.
31 Jan 2017 by Pritam Zope
In this article, we will create a Notepad with features like Multi Tabbed Documents, Document Selector, File Association,Opening/Saving Multiple Files, Line Numbers, Running External Programs, Viewing files in Browser, Full Screen Mode, etc.
9 Mar 2010 by Santiago Blanco-Leis
This article explains how to create a ListBox in WPF with the scrollbar in the background and auto-scrolling functionality when hovering over the control ends.
26 Mar 2009 by Oleg V. Polikarpotchkin
Chart controls composed from Chart Parts
7 May 2009 by CS Rocks
This article demonstrates how to download a file from a (HTTPS) WebDAV server in VB.NET
23 Oct 2010 by Ahmed_Said
Creating a custom Jumplist with custom events and examining all of its features in Windows Forms 3.5
21 Oct 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
Sample that allows the user to customize the shortcuts assigned to menu items.
5 Feb 2009 by Basab Dattaray, Modesty Zhang
This article presents a flexible and practical reusable control that is essential to modular Silverlight applications. It helps to improve a large Silverlight application's composite structure and run time performance.
6 Dec 2011 by Sacha Barber
A simple look at how to share the JSON API to Web and Desktop.
17 Aug 2015 by Simon McKenzie
Reads JPEG Exif data without the heavyweight and unnecessary instantiation of GDI+ objects.
29 Feb 2008 by dmihailescu
Create disk ISO images using IMAPI 2
21 May 2010 by smatusan
This article discusses a component that enables automated content filtering for the WPF Toolkit DataGrid.
28 Aug 2010 by Efe Erdoğru
This is an experimental & educational project for system monitoring based on "Base Library for Multi-threaded Windows Services" architecture
10 Jun 2009 by Michael Sync
Bindable WPF WYSIWYG Text Editor
11 Dec 2009 by Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A tutorial and application on using WPF Data Binding with LINQ to SQL classes. This is part 3 of a three-part tutorial on using LINQ to SQL.
9 Jun 2009 by Bharath K A
LINQ to World Wide Web is an useful tool to query REST like web sites.
16 Jun 2015 by dmihailescu
Customize OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog using a WPF Window
14 Jan 2015 by Helmut Obertanner
In this article, you will learn how to customize the built-in Select Names dialog and use different external data sources for your own dialog.
19 Feb 2008 by Roman Kiss
This article describes the design, implementation, and usage of VirtualService for the Enterprise Service Bus, using the Microsoft .NET FX 3.5 technology.
7 Jul 2008 by Tomz_KV
Discuss the concept of single sign-on using Forms authentication within ASP.NET as well as other platforms.
2 Apr 2012 by Jürgen Bäurle
How to use LINQ to connect to a SAP/R3 system.
13 Sep 2009 by Md. Marufuzzaman
A simple example of SQL server admin tools.
26 Dec 2011 by Drag0nHunter
ASM.Net a assembly x86 emulator which emulates the language the managed way
1 Jul 2013 by HiteshSharma
Hardware interfacing through serial port using C#
4 Jun 2008 by salysle
This article provides an introduction to employing LINQ to SQL within a Windows Forms application. The article will address the incorporation of LINQ to SQL into a WinForms project, how to use LINQ to SQL to select, insert, update, and delete data, and how to use LINQ to SQL to execute stored proced
3 Nov 2010 by Shakeel Iqbal
This article explains different ways to show contents in the Tree View control.
18 Mar 2013 by codekaizen
A convenient, high-performance money structure for the CLR which handles arithmetic operations, currency types, formatting, and careful distribution and rounding without loss.
13 Oct 2010 by David Veeneman
How to create a WPF custom control, using Expression Blend and Visual Studio
22 Apr 2010 by Sacha Barber
Showcasing how to use PRISM's regions outside of PRISM.
2 Aug 2009 by Ed Guzman
How to convert LINQ to SQL anonymous types to a specified type.
17 Jul 2009 by Sacha Barber
Using IronPython in WPF to evaluate expressions
15 Jul 2016 by andalmeida
Extending the camera class and creating basic animations.
5 Jun 2011 by Simon Bridge
Shows how to implement a system to generate events when network interfaces change.
6 Jun 2010 by Wayne Gaylard
A class to generate a complete backup of a MySQL database.
11 Feb 2009 by Philip Laureano
The second article in a series of articles that describes how you can LinFu.IOC 2.0's dependency injection capabilities to extend your application(s).
11 Jan 2009 by Matt T Hayes
Explains how to update search results as one types in a text box while keeping the UI responsive.
21 Nov 2009 by Tom F Wright
This article adds a new subsidiary slider control to control the ZoomBoxPanel. The slider is designed to sit on top of the visual content and fade into the background when not in use, similar to the sliders in Google Earth and Visual Studio.
5 Sep 2009 by Farooq Kaiser
In this article, I will examine how you can improve the performance of an ASP.NET MVC application by taking advantage of the various components
24 Jun 2009 by rogwabbit5
Add, Update, Delete and Search Sun One LDAP with .NET DirectoryServices
14 Nov 2010 by Not Active
Creating menu items with sub menus for the SharePoint 2010 Site Actions menu
5 Mar 2009 by Solid State Coder
A beginner's guide to the default control layout mechanisms in WPF
8 Jan 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
A guide to get a Windows Mobile Professional dev environment up and running for those who cannot acquire Visual Studio.
15 Apr 2008 by Islam ElDemery
An Internet chat application with file transfer.
8 Oct 2010 by Ed Guzman
More about delegates. Meet the Event
9 Oct 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
Description of how I came up with making a drop down style custom color picker in WPF.
1 Jan 2010 by Shakeel Iqbal
Manage your daily tasks and To-Do list using some exciting features of Windows 7.
6 Oct 2010 by Ed Guzman
Call delegates asynchronously if you need
5 Mar 2008 by Ron Ayoub
How to use the Interpreter Pattern to parse algebraic expressions
16 Feb 2016 by Simon Agholor
How to invoke Java methods from a .NET application.
13 Nov 2019 by pdoxtader
A multithreaded server class that accepts multiple connections from a provided client class. Each client can send and receive files and text (byte data) simultaneously along 250 available channels.
4 Nov 2015 by Murray Foxcroft
Integrating WPF and XAML with the Windows forms NotifyIcon control to produce a slick, styled popup window when the mouse is moved over the NotifyIcon
5 Nov 2013 by dpalash
From this article, you will be able to get the basic idea about web scraping and a few problems and their solutions while working.
16 Feb 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
How Memento Pattern and Stack can be used to implement Undo/Redo operation in C#.
17 Dec 2008 by thund3rstruck
Writing and using cross platform AJAX in ASP.NET applications.
2 Dec 2009 by Philipp Sumi
Logging is an important aspect of every application, but you probably don't like to have dependencies on a specific logging framework all over the place. This logging façade provides you with a common interface that decouples the logging framework of your choice from your code.
1 Feb 2009 by Sacha Barber, Richard E King
A WPF graph control with autoscaling and historical data support.
22 Jan 2012 by Ali Daneshmandi
Restaurant and Waiter project! (WPF - Windows Mobile)
6 May 2008 by Sergey Arhipenko
How to employ Windows Workflow Foundation for testing processes. Let's design tests on a visual diagram and automate its execution!
12 Nov 2007 by Philip Laureano
A library for currying delegates and for handling any event fired from any object instance
20 Jul 2012 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
File upload widget that will display real time file upload progressbar
23 Aug 2012 by Andrey Gliznetsov
This article describes the usage of custom WPF TreeListView control comparing with basic TreeView
7 Feb 2013 by Abul Kayes
Implementation of the Decorator pattern in C# .NET.
1 Nov 2008 by Sacha Barber
A journey into Expressions
30 Dec 2007 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
This article builds a web based message board and uses several new technologies introduced with Visual Studio 2008 such as LINQ, WCF Web Programming, WCF Syndication, ASP.NET ListView, ASP.NET DataPager etc.
10 May 2012 by icemanind
This article takes you through a step-by-step process of creating your own virtual machine.
2 Aug 2009 by cokkiy
This article describes how to create and use the Silverlight Carousel control.
17 Mar 2011 by Sacha Barber
If Jack Daniels made MVVM Frameworks
12 Mar 2012 by Not Active
A comparison of performance between ADO.NET and Entity Framework.
13 Sep 2008 by Razan Paul (Raju)
Implementation of Fault Resilience support in publish/subscribe paradigm
4 Nov 2010 by Ed Guzman
Using delegates and generic types to improve development.
4 Jan 2011 by rusanu
Efficient streaming of large files when transfering via HTTP to and from a SQL Server database
3 May 2008 by Sasha Goldshtein
In this article, we will write a full-blown WMI provider in managed code and consume that provider from managed code using the WMI extensions in .NET 3.5.
12 Nov 2009 by Rahul Singla
A new productive way of producing Office documents with dynamic content substitution.
27 Feb 2009 by emad_awad
How to use LINQ to SQL in N-Tier architectures.
7 Feb 2010 by Paul B.
Sample WCF clients for three different platforms with no code duplication and no generated proxies.
1 Sep 2016 by NaibedyaKar
SQL Server database project creation using Visual Studio 2013
1 Aug 2008 by Josh Smith
Examines how to create a tree of checkboxes that intelligently update their own check state and are easy to navigate with the keyboard
12 Jun 2009 by Jammer
An article showing an extremely simple implementation of CompositeWPF.
8 Jun 2010 by Pete O'Hanlon
This article describes one way of dealing with the thorny issue of image lifetime in applications.
11 Aug 2009 by Damian Suess
Display line numbers for rich text box with auto sizing. This is a converted version from another article written in VB.NET.
19 Jun 2012 by ripsware
Create button from image
7 Jul 2009 by Stephen Inglish
A pre-configured ASP.NET website containing a Master page, error handling, login / logout, and other boilerplate new project code.
16 Sep 2009 by Paul "Jonno" Johnson
An article on improving code completion in C#.
10 Oct 2014 by Bryan Tubbs
This article will show how to create a list of a particular class type from a SqlDataReader object by dynamically creating a lambda expression to carry out the process of populating the list.
24 Nov 2010 by C_Johnson
RS232 Communication from PC to a PIC using WPF
15 Nov 2007 by Philip Laureano
A fully functional, yet minimalistic inversion of control container
26 Oct 2008 by Urs Enzler
EventBroker is a notification component for (a)synchronous loosly coupled event handling.
16 Aug 2011 by Reto Ravasio
A WPF app that uses dynamic types and databinding for displaying MSI files.
17 Oct 2009 by Daniel Vaughan, Nicolas Dorier
How to use an MSBuild custom task to provide compile time verification of string type names in app.config files.
2 Feb 2011 by Meshack Musundi
A WPF animaloid
28 Feb 2011 by Patrick Kalkman
An assembly that adds Basic Authentication to an IIS hosted WCF REST service to validate against any back-end.
6 Oct 2008 by Olexandr Malko
.NET Remoting is available since beginning of .NET intoduction. It’s time to get to know it well eventually. I hope this topic will help you with this.
3 Sep 2009 by DaveyM69
A class that enables you to control and monitor the toggle keys such as CapsLock, NumLock, and ScrollLock.
28 Feb 2019 by SSDiver2112
A custom Panel that creates a glow effect around a child control or a drop shadow when it receives focus
31 Aug 2009 by Luc Pattyn
My entry to the lean-and-mean programming competition.
8 May 2012 by HiteshSharma
The application adds a custom button and a few anchor elements on Google page which link to a previously searched text on google.
10 Mar 2017 by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
A description of techniques based on context-sensitive conditions
10 Aug 2008 by Sacha Barber
This article is all about how to control the synchronization of different threads.
11 Mar 2010 by fabianse
Base practice code for those preparing the exam 70-536 or learning the .NET framework basis
23 Dec 2009 by tetsushmz
This article explains how to display a tooltip when the mouse hovers over a disabled control
4 Feb 2011 by leppie
Illustrates a dynamic binding implementation in C#
10 Oct 2009 by Volynsky Alex
A simple tutorial on how to embed a C# code into an XAML file
20 Sep 2009 by SlingBlade
An article on using an auto-suggest text-box/drop-down list ASP.NET server control library which can be populated inline or using AJAX, and how it was developed.
5 Dec 2008 by Razan Paul (Raju)
Connect with destination machine with timeout using socket programming
25 Sep 2008 by Henrik Jonsson
Easy-to-use and high performance dynamic sorting of most type of sequences with SQL-like syntax, developed using System.Linq.Expression classes.
4 Mar 2009 by lneir
Animates an object along a geometric path
27 Aug 2009 by Waleed Elkot
A Web User Control to enable paging in Repeater and DataList controls.
20 Mar 2010 by thund3rstruck
A simple class for working with Shell applications
22 Mar 2010 by Joel Ivory Johnson
My experience with the Windows Marketplace for Mobile for 6.x devices and the certification process.
1 Dec 2011 by Hiren Khirsaria
Communication between JavaScript and Silverlight to calling methods
21 Apr 2010 by Artem S. Dmitriev
This article shows the best way to play GIF animation in your WPF project.
6 May 2010 by David Cruwys
Provide a mechanism to execute a list of tasks in parallel on multiple threads and communicate back to the calling thread useful states such as exceptions, timeouts, and successful task completion.
23 Jun 2010 by Ashish Mundra
Demonstrates AOP for Exception Handling using Unity2.0 in ASP.NET application
5 May 2011 by Clifford Nelson
Implements a control to support changing colors for Silverlight Shapes using VisualStateManager
10 Mar 2010 by Juan Pablo G.C.
Automatizing creation of a database, tables, SUID actions, and easy WPF to class mapping.
7 Aug 2009 by Allen _ Wang
Calculating the workload for speech language pathologists is a very complex process. A systematic approach has to be developed in order to calculate the workload and setup a standard.
17 Dec 2007 by Ivan Krivyakov
Rhino Mocks version 3.3 can mock any MarshalByRefObject.
3 Nov 2013 by Lyubomir Rumenov Velchev
How to switch between N number of threads - primary and secondary services. Show a way to implement backup service switch. This could be easily converted to load balancing service.
30 Oct 2011 by icemanind
A very easy to use mathematical parser library for .NET.
12 Dec 2009 by Abby Fichtner (Hacker Chick)
A beginner's LINQ tutorial that walks you through mapping your SQL Server database tables and relationships to objects, and how to retrieve that data via simple LINQ queries.
20 Sep 2008 by Sacha Barber, Fredrik Bornander
A Spider type control tree thingy for WPF.
18 Nov 2010 by Liviu Ignat
A custom WPF polygon that supports round corners.
11 Jul 2009 by Modesty Zhang
This article presents the techniques and caveats of building a 3-tire Azure hosted application using Silverlight 3 (presentation tier), .NET RIA services (business logic and data access), and Windows Azure Table (data storage).
7 Sep 2009 by Jianzhong Zhang
An article on WPF 3D performance enhancement techniques
17 Aug 2009 by Ragheed Al-Tayeb
This library enables you to control the glass effect of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
13 Jul 2009 by Wisam E. Mohammed
The royal gate to building Desktop GIS applications using the Open Source MapWinGIS and C#.
29 Jan 2009 by Nitesh Maharaj
How to create simple and advanced pivot tables in C# and ASP.NET
14 Apr 2015 by Yvan Rodrigues
Today's high-resolution cameras produce huge files, with quality you may be willing to sacrifice.
17 Jan 2011 by Simeon Sheye
How fast can a loop reading from memory be made to run and how does loop constructs, data types, interfaces, unrolling and hoisting affect performance?
22 Feb 2009 by Raul Mainardi Neto
An implementation of the MVVM Patterns + CommandModel within a WPF LOB application.
8 Jan 2009 by Tamir Khason
This article explains how to build a simple FM radio player with RDS support by using WPF and USBFM library
17 Apr 2012 by Sacha Barber
A simple Color Picker with preview.
6 Jul 2009 by Sohel_Rana
Returing JSON data from a Web Service and accessing it with JQuery.
11 May 2011 by Super Lloyd
A much simpler composite application library.
5 Feb 2011 by RameshSengamalai
DataGrid in WPF using SQL Server Compact 3.5 Sp1
16 Oct 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
Shadow copied applications aren't locked by the loader, so they can be updated/substituted at runtime.
9 Jul 2010 by Scott McFadden
The ITextSharp helper class provides a simple way of generating PDF documents using ITextSharp 5.*
12 Mar 2010 by stevenmcohn
Detect network availability, specifically to the Internet, and monitor status changes
4 Jul 2011 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Introduction to writing plugs in Cosmos in C#, Assembly, or X#
7 Apr 2014 by Shai Vashdi
This article shows a simple way to implement Master-Detail pattern with hierarchical DataTemplate
1 Jun 2009 by jpaulino
This article shows the basic steps of creating a report, define the data source at runtime, work with parameters, include images, use the expression editor, and how to feed data to a subreport and charts. Finally it will demonstrate some easy customizations to ReportViewer.
12 Nov 2013 by S. M. Ahasan Habib
This article will help beginners to understand how knockout will work with ASP.NET and communicate client-side server side and the usefulness of the responsive UI design.
26 Feb 2009 by Kevin Li (Li, Ken-un)
Generics and extension methods in C++/CLI
18 Aug 2012 by M. Pastore
A simple example of using multi-filters with a WPF DataGrid with MVVM.
11 Oct 2011 by Enrique Albert
WPF INotifyPropertyChanged implementation.
8 Sep 2008 by Don Kackman
The first part of a Factory: locating Assemblies and finding Types that match criteria.
25 Mar 2012 by jgauffin
Griffin.MvcContrib gives you localization features without any code changes.
29 Aug 2013 by Kumar Kisalaya
This is an alternative for "Compress Zip files with Windows Shell API and C#"
14 Sep 2008 by defwebserver
This article describes an implementation using a DotNetNuke module communicating with a Windows Workflow service hosted in a Web Service.
27 Jun 2011 by Meshack Musundi
A WPF Peer-to-Peer chess application that utilizes WCF and PNM.
11 Mar 2008 by Sacha Barber
An introduction into RoutedEvents / RoutedCommands.
14 Mar 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This simple application simulates a 3D environment with some objects in different depth and size based on stereoscopic calculations.
11 Nov 2007 by Daniel Vaughan
A fun Silverlight implementation of the game Sokoban. Contrasting Silverlight 1.1 and WPF, while showcasing some new features of C# 3.0, Expression Design, Expression Blend, and Visual Studio 2008.
2 Sep 2011 by Alan Burkhart
A small utility for creating interesting background tile images. Includes "Set as Wallpaper" feature
31 Mar 2010 by Sacha Barber, Richard E King, Fredrik Bornander
This is true code, what you say
3 Oct 2010 by Kanasz Robert
In this article, I will show you how to save big files into database using .NET Web Service and how to monitor transfer status.
1 Jan 2011 by Sacha Barber
If Jack Daniels made MVVM Frameworks.
16 Jun 2008 by Daniel Vaughan
A fun implementation of the game Sokoban, written to showcase some features of WPF, C# 3.0, Expression Design, and Visual Studio 2008.
29 Dec 2010 by santosh poojari
The article provides a code base for implementing dynamic hierarchical data structure with ASP.NET Treeview control
23 Jul 2010 by Kubajzz
All you need to know about GPU - accelerated effects in Windows Presentation Foundation
13 Aug 2008 by dave.dolan
Illustrating a multi-predicate injection pattern now possible with the new features of C# 3.0.
17 May 2012 by Shahin Khorshidnia
In a Windows application, passing values from a secondary form to the main form or share data among several applications (.NET application).
29 Jan 2011 by Sam Shiles
Bringing WPF like declarative data binding to ASP.NET Web Forms to enable declarative two-way data binding to any object whilst opening up MVVM UI development.
4 Jun 2010 by Syeda Anila Nusrat
Create a Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer classes, and Stored Procedure scripts from a database table.
17 Oct 2011 by Jose A Pascoa
This article deals with building a standalone 64-bit .NET .exe file that is statically linked with an Assembly Language compiled object file.
16 Feb 2010 by dawright, ProtoBytes
A heurisitc graphing tool to help discover 'Big O Notation' function thru infinite asymptotic's and instrumentation.
7 Oct 2008 by Roman Kiss
This article describes the design and implementation of the WCF extension for exporting the wsdl documentation and schema annotation.
10 Aug 2008 by Sacha Barber
This article will be all about how to thread different types of UIs.
15 Nov 2009 by Scott Whitlock
An article for anyone interested in how to build an extensible application using WPF and the Model-View-ViewModel pattern.
22 Aug 2010 by Md. Marufuzzaman
The objective of this article (Part-1) is to introduce you with Microsoft Windows PowerShell.
29 Oct 2013 by Khademul Basher
MVC Pattern and it's types and implementation using Passive Model.
15 Jun 2011 by isaks
Shows how to create a nice looking photo frame control in WPF and animate it using the Ken Burns effect
16 Aug 2007 by Stu-Smith
Literate code describing how to build a simple "world clocks" application in WPF
17 Dec 2013 by Mike Gledhill
How to easily add an "export to Excel" feature to your app
4 Feb 2012 by Radim Köhler
The Catharsis framework, web-application in .NET with Guidance.
1 Feb 2010 by Shoban Kumar
MP3 player which has Windows 7 features like Progressbar and Thumbnail toolbar
14 Nov 2009 by Declan Bright
Edit individual GridView cells without putting the entire row into edit mode.Examples using the SqlDataSource and ObjectDataSource controls are included.
12 Aug 2014 by Thilina Chandima
An introduction on how to store and retrieve images from SQL Server 2008 by using Stored Procedures and C#.
5 Aug 2014 by santosh poojari
This article helps you to build and enable robust web applications with respect to various aspects of security that needs to be taken care of while designing a system.
10 Oct 2008 by Colin Eberhardt
This article compares the development of a Line of Business control, the Bullet Graph, in both WPF and Windows Forms.
30 Dec 2009 by Razan Paul (Raju)
Techniques of making a simple marquee text control, Drip animation and Roll animation
21 Jul 2009 by Tamer Oz
In this article, we will be focusing on creating, editing, and deleting both user accounts or groups on the Active Directory or Machine SAM by using the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace that .NET Framework 3.5 includes.
19 Feb 2008 by codekaizen
How much faster will implementing "the generic bad algorithm" in SSE2 make it?
23 Mar 2009 by Karthikeyan Govindan
Describing complete class of delegate and asynchronous processing
10 Mar 2009 by Eusebiu Marcu
An article on viewing Channel9's RSS posts
16 Nov 2009 by V.GNANASEKARAN
An article on how we can expose our data efficiently with minimal effort by leveraging Microsoft ADO.NET Data Services.
8 Jun 2008 by Christoph Husse
In contrast to existing ones, my RTE is fully written in C#, and doesn't use any HTML rendering or JavaScript. Most common features are supported!
6 Feb 2010 by Omar Gameel Salem
A C# simulation for DataLink layer using OpenGl
20 Sep 2010 by winSharp93
Want to get rid of messy "PropertyChanged"-subscriptions and too many OnPropertyChanged("...") to manage value relations? Then DataBinder is what you're looking for!
3 Oct 2008 by Weidong Shen
A custom ListView that scrolls when its contents are dragged on screen.
10 May 2009 by Donsw
A discussion of the different options of Unit Testing in VS2008.
26 Aug 2014 by voloda2
An article describing a simple .NET library which simply keeps your database schema up-to-date.
4 Jan 2009 by kannankeril
This project is provided as a starter application to get you started with WCF and MSMQ. It uses MsmqIntegrationBinding. The sample messages borrow their structure from the Northwind database, but that database is not a requirement.
5 Apr 2009 by Niladri_Biswas
This is a demonstration to show how to create a dynamic server control using HTTP modules
30 Oct 2011 by Vasili Baranov
Easy navigation in Windows Explorer and Total Commander.
4 Jun 2008 by salysle
This article provides an introduction to employing LINQ to Objects queries to support a simple WinForms application; the article addresses the construction of LINQ to Objects statements, and then goes on to describe how one might use LINQ to Objects within the context of an actual application.
2 Dec 2009 by Mehdi Ghiasi
A list box with color name and previews
14 Nov 2008 by Slava Khristich
Index large XML file for fast access. Use IO and XMLReader for parsing with Regex.
24 May 2010 by gjvdkamp
A short project that displays a LINQ Expression tree in WPF.
20 Jun 2009 by Arindam Sinha
Databinding - Bindinglist, BindingSource and BusinessObjects
9 Jun 2013 by Stan Bice
Imagine connecting church worship attenders with real-time content.
21 Dec 2010 by Massimiliano Peluso "WeDev Limited"
This article describes in depth everything that happens beween the request/response in a web application.
14 Sep 2010 by iucon
An AJAX UpdatePanel with less communication overhead and better performance
18 Mar 2015 by Mike_Liu
Learning the fundamentals about LINQ, i.e., data type var, anonymous types, lambda expressions, LINQ syntax, and LINQ queries.
22 May 2008 by Pete O'Hanlon
Shows how certain WPF concepts can be easily understood via ASP.NET.
15 Oct 2009 by Ken C. Len
Log4Net XML log viewer
15 Sep 2011 by Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
Easy way to consume WCF REST services through JQuery and perform CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) operations
15 Nov 2010 by venugopalm
Business Logic (Engines) and Service Contracts (Managers) Design for Customer Order Management System
27 Jan 2012 by Ruxo Zheng
Lessons learnt from writing a screensaver with WPF
2 Nov 2015 by icemanind
Easily create Business and Data Layers!
28 Feb 2011 by Fredrik Bornander
Creating a command that can handle warnings and adapt to the way the user uses the UI.
23 Dec 2010 by Pete Sutcliffe
Demonstrates using Knockout.js and jQuery templates to manage JavaScript model binding
2 Jan 2015 by Mayank_Gupta_
XML serialization and deserialization using C#
10 Dec 2014 by Anurag Gandhi
This article explains the details and use of Nullable Type in C#.NET.
27 Oct 2008 by Daniel Vaughan
Legion is a grid computing framework that uses the Silverlight CLR to execute user definable tasks. It provides grid-wide thread-safe operations for web clients. Client performance metrics, such as bandwidth and processor speed, may be used to tailor jobs. Also includes a WPF Manager application.
25 Nov 2013 by Livio Francescucci
A basic introduction about how to write unit tests using mock objects (Rhino Mocks).
16 Jun 2009 by Jeremy Likness
ASP.NET AJAX-based source code browser
22 Dec 2010 by PIEBALDconsult
Enumerating permutations and combinations without recursion.
1 Aug 2017 by Dmitry Brant
A custom control for Windows Forms that looks like an electronic 7-segment LED display.
3 Feb 2015 by Mike_Liu
Manually implement a basic WCF Service from scratch, step by step, with clear instructions and precise screen snapshots.
7 May 2008 by Rob Philpott
Demonstrates access to your sound hardware with ASIO drivers
11 Dec 2007 by felipesabino
This article explains how to read a DataTable and return an inverted or pivot table depending on the column names provided.
23 Jan 2011 by Meshack Musundi
Learn how to skin a WPF application in Expression Blend.
24 Jul 2014 by Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
New NHunspell (Open Office spell checker for .NET) functions at a glance.
5 Mar 2016 by Prabu ram
This article explains how to create a PDF file using C# object
5 Jun 2009 by Bharath K A
MultiMap is similar to a .NET Dictionary collection type, but accepts duplicate Key,Value pairs during addition. The MultiMap collection is also a concurrent collection.
15 Jul 2016 by andalmeida
Implementing a basic camera model to extend the raytracing algorithms
1 Sep 2013 by Moreno Airoldi
The class runs under Mono or .NET and allows the use of Windows style "INI" files to store and retrieve application settings
7 Jan 2011 by Enrique Albert
Development of parent/child relationships across application layers - also AutoMapper, a WPF custom converter, and WPF shutdown.
23 Oct 2010 by Kaboa
An enhanced ResXFileCodeGenerator that handles formatted strings in a type-safe and natural way
7 Jun 2010 by ErnestoNet
Improve drawing speed using layers in .NET.
24 Dec 2007 by sunhui
A new method for Extending Microsoft Office 2007 User Interface using MFC/ATL and .NET technologies.
15 Mar 2013 by PIEBALDconsult
An enumeration-based command line parser.
10 May 2012 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
DataPagerPlus allows user to displaying Navigation Button (right), Page Number (center), Total Records (left) on Pager
19 Jun 2013 by KK Kod
Document describes about the Delegate in C# and the usage of delegate in different scenarios
21 Feb 2009 by Sacha Barber
A queryable working MP3 player, using some cool LINQ stuff.
4 Apr 2010 by Shivprasad koirala
This article will compare four important architecture presentation patterns i.e. MVP(SC),MVP(PV),PM,MVVM and MVC. Many developers are confused around what is the difference between these patterns and when should we use what. This article will first kick start with a background and explain different
12 Feb 2009 by junnark
We are going to build a simple web chat application using Silverlight 2 and the technologies surrounding it like, ASP.NET 3.5, C#, WCF, and LINQ-to-SQL. We will use MS SQL Server to store user details and messages from this chat room.
27 Mar 2014 by alexandrvslv
Docking windows container, extended listview, extended property editor.
2 May 2010 by Buu Nguyen
.NET library which enables combination, minification, compression, and caching of JavaScript and CSS resources for ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC web applications.
21 May 2009 by Dan-el Khen
A library that enables typed queries to Facebook
19 Nov 2014 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
This article describes how DirectoryInfoEx uses IShellFolder to list special / virtual directories using C#.
11 Aug 2008 by Nicholas Butler
A class that safely retrieves MemberInfos using the C# 3.0 compiler.
9 Jul 2008 by Berend Engelbrecht
Fast generation of DeepZoom image tile sets, collection thumbnails, and XML data in managed code without using external tools.
26 Mar 2013 by Lukasz Swiatkowski
How to create an animating glass button using only GDI+ (and not using WPF)
12 Aug 2009 by Perry Marchant
An article describing the best practices for Entity Framework performance
10 Mar 2009 by Christoph Menge
A guide to creating OpenGL applications with Windows Presentation Foundation
25 Sep 2009 by Mark Brownsword
A WPF hybrid smart client that synchronises your goals with the Toodledo online To-do service.
11 Nov 2009 by John Samuel Vekal
Application has failed to start because side by side configuration is incorrect
23 Apr 2009 by Aneesur Rehman Khan
This is a command line utility for generating Japanese and French resource files from English using the Google Translation API.
30 Oct 2011 by Govardhana Reddy
Multilingual support for applications using Google Translator and jQuery.
30 Aug 2010 by ashutosh k. shukla
Step by Step Guide to create Restful WCF service API in ASP.NET and C#
18 Dec 2010 by Enrique Albert
In-proc WCF testing, dynamic client proxies, WCF Request context extension, and WCF client async commands.
14 Apr 2008 by Eric Haddan
Using the Image Mastering API to create Red Book Audio CDs
13 Mar 2010 by Arik Poznanski
In this article, I'll present how to use the ribbon drop down gallery, split button gallery, and in ribbon gallery controls.
1 Oct 2008 by Carlos A Alvarez
This article is a basic working sample of using WCF and WPF to publish real-time data.
7 Feb 2010 by Arik Poznanski
An easy way to add fade-in / fade-out effects to your user controls, when you change their Visibility property
11 Jun 2011 by Omar Al Zabir
Implement caching in your project using AspectF library that saves you from writing plumbing code for dealing with cached objects and collections and learn how to handle stale objects and collections
30 Sep 2010 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
The ASP.NET Validation Summary control with customized CSS and Style to display a summary of all validation errors that occur in a web page.
28 Sep 2008 by AndrewSmith
A plunge into creating a fast, full text index, with advanced searching capabilites.
9 Dec 2009 by Shivprasad koirala
This article has 12 important FAQ’s which covers unit testing, automated testing, data driven test, load/ performance test, code coverage , database testing and ordered testing.
11 Jul 2011 by Sacha Barber
An experiment into combining AOP and MEF.
12 Feb 2009 by Sandeep Mewara
How to localize the SQL Server Reporting Services Reports
14 Oct 2013 by Praveen Kumar Katiyar
This article explains the Contracts type supported in WCF
18 Jan 2010 by Markus Giegl
This article shows how to use the open source re-linq library to easily implement a powerful LINQ provider on the example of LINQ to NHibernate HQL.
15 Feb 2010 by Tim Schwallie
A few ways to work with In-Clause and Stored Procedures with SQL Server and C#.
15 Mar 2012 by Md. Rashim uddin
This is a simple server software for copying file from one directory to other but the technique can be used to develop in any server software.
17 Feb 2010 by William Winner
This ToolTip will allow you to spell-check the text of items or controls when you can't see the whole text.
12 Sep 2009 by Avi Farah
Configuration files can be enhanced and extended using config-variables and if-logic
11 Mar 2010 by David K Turner
How to build a multicolumn ListView that selects cell templates based on the row data type; and how to create a ViewModel on the fly for each cell template.
16 Jan 2012 by Ron Sher
A performance counters helper class that makes it easier to use performance counters in your system, especially for measuring duration and total duration
27 Oct 2008 by lneir
Displays a text string along a path defined by a given geometry.