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Articles by Bernhard Hiller (Articles: 2, Tip/Tricks: 4)

Articles: 2, Tip/Tricks: 4

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Programming Languages
23 Aug 2010   Updated: 12 Jun 2016   Rating: 4.84/5    Votes: 27   Popularity: 6.92
Licence: CPOL    Views: 60,684     Bookmarked: 70   Downloaded: 4,197
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View and edit your GPS track records on a nice GUI with online maps and aerial views.
Web Development
30 Jul 2011   Updated: 2 Apr 2012   Rating: 4.81/5    Votes: 26   Popularity: 6.72
Licence: CPOL    Views: 330,850     Bookmarked: 94   Downloaded: 23,669
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Some steps for consuming a Json web service from a C# application

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Desktop Programming
Windows Forms
14 Nov 2011   Updated: 20 Nov 2011   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 5   Popularity: 3.49
Licence: CPOL    Views: 19,562     Bookmarked: 10   Downloaded: 56
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That's far too obscure.All you need to do is store a reference to the TabPage instance which was removed from the TabPages collection of the TabControl. You may use the form where the TabControl is placed for that purpose.You could also create your own TabControl which has an extra property...
28 Mar 2012   Updated: 28 Mar 2012   Rating: 5.00/5    Votes: 1   Popularity: 0.00
Licence: CPOL    Views: 10,510     Bookmarked: 0   Downloaded: 64
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Double and DateTime values bound to textboxes in correct format
Programming Languages
27 Sep 2010   Updated: 27 Sep 2010   Rating: 4.67/5    Votes: 2   Popularity: 1.40
Licence: CPOL    Views: 5,150     Bookmarked: 2   Downloaded: 0
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Ever heard of Microsoft.Samples.ApplicationFramework? That's far better, since the newly started application will connect to the running application, and command line arguments will be passed to it.Take a look here: Real World Applications Sample, Part 1:..., Single Instance, ...[^]
18 Mar 2020   Updated: 18 Mar 2020   Rating: 4.76/5    Votes: 11   Popularity: 4.55
Licence: CPOL    Views: 27,388     Bookmarked: 5   Downloaded: 330
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A short utility class implementing a timeout for functions

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