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Mobile Apps
Windows Mobile
14 Oct 2008   Updated: 14 Oct 2008   Rating: 4.00/5    Votes: 10   Popularity: 4.00
Licence: CDDL    Views: 48,202     Bookmarked: 45   Downloaded: 727
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Leave traditional scrollbars for picture viewing on small screens.
18 Aug 2017   Updated: 18 Aug 2017   Rating: 0.00/5    Votes: 0   Popularity: 0.00
Licence: Apache    Views: 8,373     Bookmarked: 3   Downloaded: 0
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Read multimedia files details and get them as object properties

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Software Developer
France France
I'm a Software Developer since my young days, started using Basic on a "Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2", then used GWBasic, QuickBasic, Visual Basic from version 1.0 to 6.0, then turned to C# since 2004 and never went away.
I made lots of web applictions using ASP, then ASP.NET, and a lot of Winform applications.