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Articles by Øyvind Sean Kinsey (Article: 1, Tip/Trick: 1)

Article: 1, Tip/Trick: 1

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Programming Languages
24 Jun 2009   Updated: 17 Aug 2009   Rating: 4.80/5    Votes: 3   Popularity: 2.29
Licence: MIT    Views: 45,354     Bookmarked: 22   Downloaded: 641
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How to use the easyXDM JavaScript library to transmit messages and method calls between windows in different domains.

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Web Development
8 Mar 2011   Updated: 10 Mar 2011   Rating: 4.33/5    Votes: 3   Popularity: 2.07
Licence: CPOL    Views: 8,510     Bookmarked: 1   Downloaded: 0
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The algorithm behind the EqualityExpression (==,===, !=, !==) is a bit more complex than what is portrayed in some of the other alternates and comments, and a correct understanding of this actually quite important in order to avoid unforeseen errors in javascript programs.The short story is...

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Software Developer (Senior) BRIK
Norway Norway
I am a partner at BRIK where we create rich web sites focusing on content, enabling non-technical users to publish a variety of media easily.
We are also the technical partner on ExorLive, a web application for planning and tracking workouts.

I have worked mainly with .Net, MySQL and Javascript, and today most of my work is centered around creating rich and effective frontends with Javascript backed by Javascript-enabled webservices.

I am also the manager of the easyXDM project, enabling web developers to easily expose javascript API's.