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Desktop Programming
5 Aug 2000   Updated: 19 Oct 2003   Rating: 4.52/5    Votes: 20   Popularity: 5.32
Licence: Not specified    Views: 471,014     Bookmarked: 99   Downloaded: 5,247
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Ever wanted to use the new Office 2000 file dialogs on Win 95/98/NT/Me, including the file previewing? Well now you can.
4 Feb 2001   Updated: 19 Feb 2001   Rating: 4.45/5    Votes: 10   Popularity: 4.02
Licence: Not specified    Views: 139,983     Bookmarked: 45   Downloaded: 1,962
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A free (source included) Html Help Viewer, in the style of the Office 2000 Help Viewer, including docking and auto-hide.
Programming Languages
13 Feb 2002   Updated: 13 Jun 2004   Rating: 4.95/5    Votes: 79   Popularity: 9.16
Licence: Not specified    Views: 1,190,095     Bookmarked: 198   Downloaded: 6,352
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bttlxeForum is a freely available feature rich database-driven Internet forum solution written entirely in Active Server Pages.
31 Oct 2004   Updated: 31 Oct 2004   Rating: 4.72/5    Votes: 35   Popularity: 6.76
Licence: CPOL    Views: 76,415     Bookmarked: 83   Downloaded: 2,870
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A framework to completely separate objects from their data source - allowing any data source to be used without prior consideration in your code or designs. Databases, text files, web services and potentially anything else can all be used or swapped transparently.

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CEO Bttlxe Ltd & Incentica Ltd
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