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Marco Bertschi 9-Oct-18 0:22am View
I can really recommend Expresso - A great tool which has helped me a lot throughout the time.
Marco Bertschi 30-Mar-17 17:56pm View
Have a look at for further reference.
Marco Bertschi 27-Mar-17 6:05am View
Have you tried to use the admin tools?
Otherwise, have a look at
Marco Bertschi 27-Mar-17 5:59am View
Can you add the full configuration file? What do the specific error details say?
Marco Bertschi 27-Mar-17 5:43am View
What's the error message?
Marco Bertschi 27-Mar-17 5:42am View
Just use plain ASCII characters. Then try again. If in doubt, your page has a different name that you intended, but that is nothing your users will care about, you can display whatevertheheck you want *on* the page.
Marco Bertschi 27-Mar-17 5:40am View
Marco Bertschi 27-Mar-17 5:39am View
"I need 30 characters here"
Never did myself.
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-17 13:47pm View
Hi there- Thanks for your comment. Please ask a new question and do not hijack solutions to ask another question.
You can ask a question here:
Marco Bertschi 25-Apr-16 8:06am View
You're not giving a lot of information from your question, but let me try to help you.

From your question I assume you want to debug the .Net framework, for this purpose you should try the steps documented here:
Marco Bertschi 7-Mar-16 6:22am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n Wrong type - Rather a Reference than a Tip.
Marco Bertschi 29-Jul-15 5:04am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Handy.
Marco Bertschi 3-Aug-14 12:03pm View
Have you tried to resolve if there is an exception thrown while you run it on the server? Does the server have access to "" (Maybe try to ping it?)?
Marco Bertschi 3-Aug-14 4:48am View
You're welcome.
Marco Bertschi 15-Jun-14 6:37am View
I'll take a look, thanks Peter.
Marco Bertschi 6-Jun-14 14:53pm View
Hi Sergey,

a belated follow-up:
I tried to realize this with a PowerShell Script triggering the WiX candle, heat and light with the correct parameters. Candle and Heat work, but light needs a hand-written file which tells which files go where on the target system.
Marco Bertschi 5-Jun-14 5:58am View
I just deleted it.
Marco Bertschi 5-Jun-14 5:01am View
I'll check it. What I tried was basically "convert the insertpre plugin to an insertvar plugin"...
Marco Bertschi 22-May-14 3:59am View
Marco Bertschi 19-May-14 13:45pm View
Gonna lay this one on hold until everything else is in place
Marco Bertschi 16-May-14 7:52am View

congratulations, you managed to submit a solution that really works - Nevertheless I'd recommend the use of the string.split class (easier to implement and better understandable - You can always change it to use regex if the need arises), but have my 5* for the working solution anyways.
Marco Bertschi 16-May-14 7:50am View
This doesn't work very nice, a regex that returns a single match (with multiple groups) would be a lot easier to use. Even better would a solution work that uses the string.split function.
Marco Bertschi 16-May-14 7:48am View
While your solution works reasonably well, the output still contains the separators and not only the text between the separators. A cleaner way would be to use the string.split function.
Marco Bertschi 16-May-14 7:46am View
You are welcome - Always go for the easiest possible solution, you can go for a more complex solution as soon as the need arises.
Marco Bertschi 16-May-14 7:45am View
I am with you - I assume that a solution like mine is changed to a regex-based solution as soon as changing requirements lead to a need of a more complex parsing routine.
Nevertheless I think one should go with the easiest possible way from the beginning on, a good architecture will changes as exchanging my solution with a regex easy.
Marco Bertschi 10-Apr-14 5:05am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n I agree with techek, a better (more detailed) explanation of what you do would certainly improve the value of this item. Whatsoever, if anyone can't figure out the solution for the problem you described they probably shouldn't work as developer. The HTML markup is ok, and it's not *bad* per se - Yet not enough for a 4* or 5* vote.
Marco Bertschi 8-Apr-14 12:00pm View
Dammit. Missed that, thanks!
Marco Bertschi 28-Mar-14 10:52am View
Yes, we got a build server which will do the work for us. But the question remains, how can I harvest these libraries from the file system instead adding them to the solution?
Marco Bertschi 10-Mar-14 8:55am View
This question was deleted because it smells like spam - "code-extracting exe" doesn't sound quite appropriate for this site. I ask you to re-post your question and explain what you want a bit more clear. And try to avoid links to other sites, especially if they are not well-known to the public - Post the code, explain your problem and we will be happy to help you.
Marco Bertschi 6-Mar-14 14:52pm View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Great read!
It would be very interesting if you can explain your code in detail to help newbies on this topic, I'm sure it would receive a great feedback!
Marco Bertschi 5-Mar-14 15:26pm View
Issues resolved - Replaced too wide images with rescaled versions. Applicable from Rev. 6 of the Article.
Marco Bertschi 5-Mar-14 4:48am View
All fixed now.
Marco Bertschi 4-Mar-14 15:42pm View
No - It is a typo, I confused left an right while writing this - Fix will be applied tomorrow.
Marco Bertschi 4-Mar-14 11:37am View
Hi Michal,

thanks - Will be fixed by tomorrow.
Another typo is that I exchanged the paths in the line
**Git is afterwards installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Git if you are using an x64 system, or C:\Program Files\Git if you are using an x86 system.**

Will fix all that by tomorrow, and add a content overview.
Marco Bertschi 3-Mar-14 11:39am View
Bugs are added as sub task of this task.
Applicable bugs for the Alpha version
Marco Bertschi 3-Mar-14 5:58am View
Closed after push of [related commit](
Marco Bertschi 28-Jan-14 8:29am View
I have updated my example, it should work now.
As said before, "Response" is only accessible from a page's code-behind.
Marco Bertschi 28-Jan-14 8:22am View
The problem is that "Response" is only available in the code behind file of a web application: e.g. you would need to call Response.Write("<script>alert('Your alert box')</script>"); from a *.aspx.cs file, otherwise it is not going to work.
Marco Bertschi 28-Jan-14 8:04am View
Is this method placed in the code behind of a web page?
e.g. a file with the ending *.aspx.cs ?
Marco Bertschi 23-Jan-14 2:30am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n The idea is good - You are talking about jsFiddle, why not take the chance and give a little intro to it?
Marco Bertschi 20-Jan-14 10:36am View
I guess he tries to reference a textbox located on form1 from form2, thus the "inaccessible due to its protection level "-error.
2nd, he didn't instatiate form1, thus the Error #2.
Marco Bertschi 20-Jan-14 8:48am View
Thank you Ron, but we decided that it would be too much effort to make it resizable. We are leaving it at a static size, until someone comes up and complains.
Marco Bertschi 20-Jan-14 3:23am View
This happens because you need adminstration rights to kill a process.
Marco Bertschi 20-Jan-14 3:21am View
thank you for your answer. Your solution seems to be applicable as long as no exact positioning is required, but not if I want to keep a buttons relative position to an image.
Marco Bertschi 15-Jan-14 14:13pm View
I updated the solution above with a second code sample. It doesn't seem to be possible to access a path directly via "C:\image.jpeg", but you can deploy the image with your application and then look in the "Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.InstalledLocation" StorageFolder, or the Documents folder, or the downloads folder, or... - You get my point. I have also added a list / explanation of accesible folders with the Win 8 API ( Now it is on you again, get into it!
Marco Bertschi 17-Dec-13 11:28am View
This solution will perform quite bad, since you need a method call for Convert and ToString (You are essentially converting a string to a date, and back to a string again!) - Why not use String.Format, which is a single method call?
Nevermind, I have overseen that the input comes from a textbox - Your solution seems fine to me.
Marco Bertschi 17-Dec-13 11:26am View
This solution will perform badly, since for dateTime.Year, dateTime.Month and dateTime.Day is a method and a property get operation called. Why not use String.Format?
Marco Bertschi 16-Dec-13 6:49am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n This is a code dump, and not really a Tip. Please add explnations to the code, and I'll be happy to revise my vote.
Marco Bertschi 4-Dec-13 17:37pm View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Gary says it.
Marco Bertschi 4-Dec-13 8:12am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice
Marco Bertschi 29-Nov-13 11:41am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Great one!

Thanks for mentioning me, btw ;-)
Marco Bertschi 24-Nov-13 5:59am View
Hi Sergey,

I know that my solution is not the most exact one. Thank you for providing another, more exact solution.
Marco Bertschi 23-Nov-13 17:35pm View
You are welcome, glad that I was Abel to help you.
Marco Bertschi 23-Nov-13 14:04pm View
Thank you very much for this, you have just solved a problem of mine :D
Marco Bertschi 15-Nov-13 7:36am View
Hi RK, Thank you for your answer - I solved it meanwhile by resetting the Visual Studio settings - I doubt that your solution would have worked, since I can't do the key combo and click the right at the same time ;)
Marco Bertschi 15-Nov-13 6:50am View
So what?
At least I tried to solve the problem myself. If you don't have any idea I thank you for pointing out what I already found out - Re-installing VS doesn't solve the problem.
Marco Bertschi 15-Nov-13 6:46am View
No. We are all volunteers, and not here to do any work for you. We guide you in the right direction, but we can't write any code for you.
I directed you towards the post of Charles, the post contains code samples and therefore I don't see a need to give you any code.
Marco Bertschi 15-Nov-13 4:24am View
So the picture box is filling the whole form, in the end?

Can you upload screenshots of your form, somewhere?
Marco Bertschi 15-Nov-13 4:21am View
Please, can you post what the above code is printing? Any errors, warnings during Build?
Marco Bertschi 15-Nov-13 4:08am View
It is about the picture box, at least IMO - He wants to keep the size of the picture box when he re-sizes the window, which is a clear indicator that there is something wrong with the picture box' anchor settings.
Marco Bertschi 7-Nov-13 11:50am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Nice one, Tadit - It might be even improvable by providing information what the ProgID for the other office applications are (Word etc, but maybe even Visio or MS Project).
Marco Bertschi 29-Jul-13 9:02am View
Exactly - But there is something CSS-Like for Winforms, see my answer below.
Marco Bertschi 18-Jul-13 3:59am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Revised my vote after you have admited your mistake.
Marco Bertschi 17-Jul-13 3:59am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Agree with H. Mueller.
Marco Bertschi 21-Jun-13 4:36am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n I ain't got a problem with tips/tricks containing no source code; sometimes no source code is needed to present an idea.
What really disturbs me on this one is that this one is just copy-pasted from your Lounge post and does not present any idea, neither source code nor anything else interesting.
Marco Bertschi 21-Jun-13 4:35am View
It is a question, but not a programming one.
Maybe you get a better answer in the Lounge forum:
Marco Bertschi 27-May-13 3:36am View
You can't use javascript directly on your VB 6 code - JavaScript is a script language for web pages only.
Marco Bertschi 24-May-13 5:23am View
Yep. Moved over to the homework section, and gave him advice how to ask a proper question.

Marco Bertschi 24-May-13 5:23am View
Yep. Moved over to the homework section, and gave him advice how to ask a proper question.

Marco Bertschi 14-May-13 3:32am View
Please give an example of how you did it (code). Otherwise we can't solve the problem.

Marco Bertschi 12-May-13 15:37pm View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Scary. Really scary.
Everything is hard-coded. Have fun when you need to translate your program into different languages :rolleyes:
Marco Bertschi 12-May-13 8:34am View
Not possible. The only way would be to place the ASPX page content into an iframe.
Marco Bertschi 11-May-13 13:56pm View
Then you can get the Customer by its ID on the SelectedIndexChanged event of the dropdown, and then read the CustomerLastName from the corresponding property.

Hope I could help ya,
Marco Bertschi 11-May-13 8:09am View
Proper way to do it, nice.
But IMO Timer.Stop() [] would suit better.
Marco Bertschi 11-May-13 7:38am View
It is nice, but it unfortunately keeps the button hidden after printing since you do not set the button' visibility to visible after printing.

Marco Bertschi 11-May-13 7:21am View
Do you know C++, at least?
Marco Bertschi 11-May-13 7:20am View
What is the error you get?
At which point are you stuck?
Marco Bertschi 5-May-13 16:24pm View
I am sorry, my previousl posted solution did not fit your needs, I have overread the no ccboot part.
May I ask you whyy ccboot is no option to solve the issue?

Marco Bertschi 2-May-13 3:45am View
And which kind of FTP server are you using?
Marco Bertschi 25-Apr-13 7:59am View
I have no idea about how you can solve the second, best way for you to get an answer is to post another question.
Marco Bertschi 24-Apr-13 7:03am View
Thank you!
Marco Bertschi 24-Apr-13 7:03am View
Could be a way, but basing on what he said he already enabled the show/not show feature aöready. His only problem is now that he wants to have the show/not show thingies when the SW is reinstalled, without changing anything at the software.
Marco Bertschi 24-Apr-13 6:16am View
IDK, this is a seperate question.
Marco Bertschi 24-Apr-13 6:15am View
Can you try to exclude
Marco Bertschi 24-Apr-13 4:54am View
I asked you to not to cross-post.
Marco Bertschi 24-Apr-13 3:37am View
Marco Bertschi 23-Apr-13 11:56am View
Can you add the HTML code of the page you are trying to load?
Would make things a lot clearer.

Thanks & cheers
Marco Bertschi 23-Apr-13 5:46am View
Just enter the purpose for which you need Grasshopper there.
Marco Bertschi 23-Apr-13 5:46am View
Just enter the purpose for which you need Grasshopper there.
Marco Bertschi 23-Apr-13 4:19am View
Hi there,
please do no cross-posting:[^].
Marco Bertschi 22-Apr-13 4:24am View
Yes, it is for helping each other. Can you post your algorithm here?
We are not splvin homework, but we are always here to help you if you can explain where you are stuck and why you are stuck.
Marco Bertschi 18-Apr-13 16:16pm View
I honestly don't know. Search Google and use the best guess.
All the best!
Marco Bertschi 18-Apr-13 11:25am View
Use a web service ( and a database.
Marco Bertschi 18-Apr-13 9:25am View
Search google.
Marco Bertschi 17-Apr-13 10:08am View
Please consider this website:
Marco Bertschi 17-Apr-13 8:55am View
I have no idea what this error means. What does the install log say?
Marco Bertschi 17-Apr-13 2:35am View
Marco Bertschi 15-Apr-13 14:46pm View
I said "Windows focused" by intention. I know that CP is not only Windows, but posting the question in the Q&A will not get him a big echo.
Marco Bertschi 15-Apr-13 14:08pm View
Furthermore, CodePrject is Windows focused.
He might be able to find a better solution in a Linux-focused forum.
Marco Bertschi 15-Apr-13 10:17am View
You're welcome, I am glad that I was able to help you.

Marco Bertschi 15-Apr-13 7:49am View
I thought that this could be the problem.
I striked out the non-good part. You might want to try to do something yourself, sockets are always a good solution.
Maybe you can setup VNC on your localhost and use WireShark to sniff for some tricks you might discover when you see what is actually happening on the network?
Marco Bertschi 15-Apr-13 3:36am View
And I understand your point, Sir.
Marco Bertschi 15-Apr-13 3:25am View
Thank you for your answer, even though it is not as specific as I hoped.
Marco Bertschi 5-Apr-13 5:54am View
On which line does it give the error?
Marco Bertschi 25-Mar-13 10:16am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n A ZIP download of the code would be nice. And a bit more detailed code description.
Marco Bertschi 21-Mar-13 9:55am View
Yeah right, I was a bit left back behind myself. pointedPerson points to a pointer. My bad.
Marco Bertschi 21-Mar-13 8:15am View
Yes. But in your case, the realtivity of the exe and the DB has changed. Your exe is looking for the db at "C:\Milkat" and not "C:\Milkat\Database" on the client machine.
Marco Bertschi 21-Mar-13 7:37am View
The Problem is that your exe is located on different places related to the database on client and dev machine.
Changing the exe's location to C:\Milkat\bin on the client machine should you help solving the problem.
Marco Bertschi 21-Mar-13 7:29am View
And where is the executable located?
Marco Bertschi 21-Mar-13 7:29am View
And where is the exe?
Marco Bertschi 21-Mar-13 6:45am View
You can point towards a class or a structure. Example you have a class person:
Person person = new Person();
Person* pointedPerson = &person;

Now does pointedPerson point to person.
Marco Bertschi 20-Mar-13 7:07am View
This is a MySQL specific error occured because of the password format of MySQL. Code wouldn't have helped out much.
Marco Bertschi 19-Mar-13 12:22pm View
Why don't you use Google?

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 19-Mar-13 12:22pm View
I added the WPF tag
Marco Bertschi 19-Mar-13 8:02am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n You advertise a commercial product
Marco Bertschi 18-Mar-13 9:25am View
I assume that the article helped you?

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 18-Mar-13 7:43am View
Reason for my vote of 3 \n How about a bit descriptive content around the code?
Marco Bertschi 18-Mar-13 7:18am View
Now I am confused. I am truly sorry but I will not be able to help you since I simply don't get it. Anyways, I wish you best of luck for your project!

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 18-Mar-13 4:40am View
Can you tell us the variable name which is not set to the instance of an object?

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 18-Mar-13 4:38am View
Nice and clear, +5. It took me a bit to answer this because of the code sample I have added :~/

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 18-Mar-13 4:19am View
Exactly. Moved this one into the "GimmeCode" section
Marco Bertschi 17-Mar-13 16:07pm View
So you want to create the graph by using f(x)?
Marco Bertschi 17-Mar-13 14:55pm View
And where do you access the GridView?
Marco Bertschi 17-Mar-13 14:53pm View
If the graph is only available as a BMP - nope. You'd have to do a bit of picture analysis to know how the graph looks like (which is required for calc'ing f(x)).

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 17-Mar-13 10:17am View
Right. I just not wanted to modify the code too much because IDK what around the code snippet happens.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 17-Mar-13 9:29am View
You are welcome, well-asked questions shall get well stated solutions.
Marco Bertschi 17-Mar-13 9:26am View
Please do not write things like "If u got ur Answer pls mark it." into your solution.
It is very impolite and we do not like to see it on CP.
I removed the bit of begging now.

In addition, what do you do when the searched item is suddenly at index 0?

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 17-Mar-13 9:23am View
I have now added the assignement of the labels.
The searchIndex counts which row of the ListView we are currently searching, afterwards we can select the corresponding row at the searchIndex.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 16-Mar-13 18:42pm View
You are welcome, even when I overlooked a part of the question.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 16-Mar-13 18:41pm View
I forgot to add this. Since it is near midnight where I live I'll add this part tomorrow.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 16-Mar-13 17:44pm View
Well... We submitted our solutions at the same time. But I somehow do not get your way of doing it, can you explain it to me?
Marco Bertschi 15-Mar-13 11:04am View

Can you post the HTML text too?
Marco Bertschi 14-Mar-13 16:27pm View
Whoops, I overviewed this one - Nevermind.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 14-Mar-13 16:26pm View
Still don't get it. What is an "UVa's" solution?
Marco Bertschi 14-Mar-13 16:23pm View
Are LibA and LibB deployed by the same developer(s) as the application which optionally links one of the libraries?
And why do you want to link the libraries "optionally"?

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 14-Mar-13 16:21pm View
Can you provide a link to the forum discussion for further clarification?

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 14-Mar-13 16:18pm View
It could also be that he does not close the datareader dr and then the datareader stays open and can't be used to execute another command.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 14-Mar-13 4:46am View
There is a description for it on the web (You can use the steps necessary for Vista for Win 7 & 8 too):
Marco Bertschi 13-Mar-13 17:49pm View
Can you post the detailed error message?
Marco Bertschi 12-Mar-13 2:33am View
A good solution which solves the askers' problem deserves it.
Marco Bertschi 12-Mar-13 2:31am View
Sorry, I somehow overread the comment.
Marco Bertschi 12-Mar-13 2:31am View
Sorry, I somehow overread the comment.
Marco Bertschi 12-Mar-13 2:19am View
It is IMO only an issue when you force your customer to use the compa mode of IE. In addition the maintainability of the aapp goes below zero when explicitly working with the compa mode (which is just a workaround for above stated situations).
If the customer comes and says "You don't need to make it browser independent, we use IE anyways" (Which is actually the case in my current comapany) it is just a legitimate use case. Off course - a customer will pay more if he suddenly wants to have FF or Chrome enabled for the app - But even then it is another use case.

-- MB
Marco Bertschi 11-Mar-13 17:32pm View
I think the OP means reverse Geocoding (Getting an address from Latitude and Longitude).
Marco Bertschi 11-Mar-13 16:38pm View
Have you deplyoed it with a setup installer?
You can try to launch the application with the CMD and get the exit code as descripted here:

Can you post the exit code afterwards?

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 11-Mar-13 15:03pm View
Yeah - And even the compability view is changed with every version of internet explorer.
Therefore it is the best to keep your app up to date with the current and the last two versions of IE (I assume none of your clients is using IE 6, 7 or older? If they'd do you may want to point out the hazard for their IT infrastructure this might cause).
Marco Bertschi 11-Mar-13 14:38pm View
It was a good answer, you just got stricked by a univoter. Gave you five to correct it.
Marco Bertschi 11-Mar-13 14:34pm View
Maybe it will be. The problem is not the IE as a browser, it is the compability mode. You'd better update the stuff that it is good formatted in the normal IE mode.
Marco Bertschi 11-Mar-13 14:32pm View
Try to change the port to 587.
Is there an email server set up on your server or just the IIS 8?
Marco Bertschi 10-Mar-13 17:04pm View
Chill down man. Of course it was not a well-asked question. But there was a sample code - which means they have tried to resolve it. This is the thing about the Q&A section.
People ask questions but sometimes they struggle a bit. It was their first question so who wonders that they struggled in asking it?

I am sure they will do better the next time.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 10-Mar-13 17:00pm View
Good and useable solution. Have +5.
Marco Bertschi 10-Mar-13 10:31am View
Hi Mary,

Can you post the ASPX code of the elements which cause the problem here - We are not able to see your screen or access your HD ;).

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 8-Mar-13 9:01am View
Please provide code.
Marco Bertschi 8-Mar-13 8:59am View
Sample code is not available for reposters.
Marco Bertschi 7-Mar-13 3:41am View

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 6-Mar-13 13:27pm View
No problem. I haven't known about the max size either until I saw your question.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 26-Feb-13 5:37am View
Can you please please stop shouting?
Marco Bertschi 23-Feb-13 13:52pm View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n As ProgramFOX told you: This is pure plagiarism.
Marco Bertschi 22-Feb-13 7:13am View
I retagged it.
Marco Bertschi 22-Feb-13 7:11am View
You didn't gave us too many hints for what do you want to do in the technical wway. If you need further information about the sheerid API I suppose you can find them on the sheerid homepage:

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 22-Feb-13 5:15am View
It depends on your hardware. I moved your question over to the hardware guys...
Marco Bertschi 21-Feb-13 16:56pm View
My 2. Very inefficient.
Marco Bertschi 20-Feb-13 17:38pm View
Slow down, it is a beginners tutorial. She will se lewax00' solution by herself.
Marco Bertschi 20-Feb-13 17:36pm View
You can always get extra help on codeproject as long as you follow some basic rules:
- Be kind
- Tell us what you have done by now
- Tell us why you are stuck
- Pinpoint where you need the help (in your case: Can someone explain me the cout<< and cin >> setpession in this code sample?)
- You can submit questions about the C++ progamming language at the corresponding forum:
The experts are there and you usually can get an answer much faster than herre in the Q & A section

About the cin / cout thing: Maybe this link below is going to help you:

And we stand fully behind every one whos teacher is a complete moronic <otherinsulthere> who cannot explain stuff to his students.
Marco Bertschi 20-Feb-13 17:04pm View
please do not take this as an insult - are you trying to get us to finish your homework?
Oh and by the way: It seems like you forgot to set the user inputs' fond to bold (right after you souce block).
Edit: We are trying to help you with homework if you can show us the effort you have done until now and can show us a paticular example where an error does occur.
I only can start explaining thcode lines which you already have submitted:
cout << "Enter bool, int, long, float, float, and double values: ";
Writes the sentence between the "" out to the console.

cin >> first >> second >> third >> fourth >> fifth >> sixth;
Reads the variables' values from the console - starting with variable "one" and ending with "six".

I can maybe help you if you tell me what you have tried until now and explain me why you are stuck.

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 19-Feb-13 11:20am View
As you said - You need tables for posts, images, comments, likes, users, roles, reports, messages and so on.
Marco Bertschi 19-Feb-13 9:48am View
In no way. There is someone reposting his questions...
Marco Bertschi 19-Feb-13 9:45am View
Are you talking about a web application?
Marco Bertschi 19-Feb-13 7:02am View
Glad that I was able to help you.
Marco Bertschi 19-Feb-13 7:02am View
Do as stated in the example: Every item in the menu needs a property called "image" where you can get and set the Image. Image is type of the image class in the MSDN:
Marco Bertschi 19-Feb-13 5:31am View
Added a code sample to the solution

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 16:42pm View
Did you do a cross-post?
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 16:38pm View
Can you at least add in which kind of DB you want to store the image? MySQL, SQL server or something else?
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 16:36pm View
Can you add the CSS file so we can se your style settings?
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 16:28pm View
SA, please reread your post near "she/she" ;-). What I want to bring up is that he/she could reformat the clipboard content using HTML or something like that. I just posted the link to the overview :-/. Sorry if I was not specific enough.
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 16:27pm View
SA, please reread your post near "she/she" ;-).
What I want to bring up is that he/she could reformat the clipboard content using HTML or something like that. I just posted the link to the overview :-/. Sorry if I was not specific enough.
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 16:23pm View
I had a look at his answers too. I am not considering to be the last instance nor a judge but to me it seems like he is giving just general answers or posting general links instead of really answering a question. Or the answer is just wrong (like this one is).
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 16:11pm View
Seriously - Do you never sleep or is there a bot working for you? It does not matter when I look for unanswered questions - everytime there are some with your comments below!
Please do not take this as insult, I am just wondering...
I think this whole thing is sort of clipboard related, even if it is only half of the story...
It might helps the OP if he can reformat the clipboard content (see my post below yours).
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 16:09pm View
Everything about formatting clipboard texts can be found on the MSDN:

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 11:59am View
My 5 for providing a useful answer and showing a workaround on the "Hide me from user"-thing.
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 11:58am View
I was not sure about the suspicious touch of the question. That is why I asked :D. As Sandeep said - a second opinion is always helpful.
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 9:12am View
COM.Interop.#officeproduct# to be exact. OP definately needs to be more specific!
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 8:54am View
Why do you want to do this? Why should the user not know that his screen is being scrapped?
Marco Bertschi 18-Feb-13 8:52am View
You need to expand the last opened Treenode by code-behind when reloading the page.
Marco Bertschi 15-Feb-13 13:43pm View
Thank you Marcus.
Marco Bertschi 14-Feb-13 4:26am View
Mh... I faced the same issue when developing my own app (it is using master pages too).
I wrote my solution down to an article because I thought that there are other people suffering from the same problem:
Marco Bertschi 12-Feb-13 5:50am View
Listen to me. We are working on your final nuke. You want to watch yourself getting burned? See here:
Marco Bertschi 11-Feb-13 4:56am View
A screenshot of your output would be nice...
Marco Bertschi 11-Feb-13 4:56am View
Can you post an example of your output? Maybe a screenshot?
Marco Bertschi 11-Feb-13 4:55am View
Every application has (in Windows) a pool of memory assigned which is smaller than the total amount of memory available because there are always other memory-consuming applications running. This pool is usually only a few megabytes big within a DotNet app.... So the best way for you would be to make the operation less memory-consuming.
Marco Bertschi 11-Feb-13 3:36am View
The "GimmeCode"-tag says it all...
Marco Bertschi 8-Feb-13 14:31pm View
I added the source sample which you have posted as comment to your Original post.
Marco Bertschi 8-Feb-13 8:12am View
Maybe the solution 2 by sisir pato helps you?
Marco Bertschi 8-Feb-13 5:52am View
This is a repost of the question you have already asked:
Marco Bertschi 5-Feb-13 3:12am View
Sorry, have just seen the ASP.Net tag but not the XSLT tag :-/.
Marco Bertschi 4-Feb-13 11:30am View
Hello please help me (understanding your question)
Marco Bertschi 4-Feb-13 11:22am View
Eventhough I don't know the answer, I like to congrat you because of the good formatted question which has a good code sample!
Marco Bertschi 4-Feb-13 11:21am View
Have a look at the results from the CP search function.
Or you might want to use one of these links:

Marco Bertschi
Marco Bertschi 1-Feb-13 15:49pm View
Do you mean to create a HTML documentation out of the XML comments in your project?
Marco Bertschi 1-Feb-13 15:47pm View
Can you post it as solution so people can see that it has been solved?