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Posted 28 Apr 2013



Freeing People from Drugs Addiction

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28 Apr 2013CPOL3 min read
Cloud Solution to help Patients to get rid of Drug Addiction and take medicines on time. Failing to take drug will trigger notifications to Doctors. Drug reminders will be available in Live Calendar and Proofs for taken medicines will be stored in SkyDrive.

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The purpose of providing this solution is to help Society to get rid of drug addicts in gradual manner. The trouble with Drug addict patients is that they do not take medicines on time. Failing to do this activity again causes urge in them to take Drugs and this catastrophically increases nuisance in the society.


Just some time back, I was watching "Crime Patrol (Dastak)" on Sony Television (India). The case was about the addicts who killed a man to get money from him so that they can buy Drugs to satisfy their growing urge. This incident pushed my mind to suggest a solution to handle such kind of scenarios. 

Application Logical Components 

Doctors Management: 

This will allow Application Owners / Administrators to store list of all Doctors. This will allow to have hierarchical management of Doctors, their registration and contact information and their Patients on 2nd level. On the 3rd level, we can store information for Medicinal History for individual patient. As Application Administrators, they will also have access to various pre-defined reports and probably charts. 

Patients Management: 

This segment will be handled by Doctors individually. They will be able to add Patients under their treatment / observation. They will also be able to see their medicine schedule and pictures whenever patients have taken medicine. In case patients have missed medicine, they will be able to see their telephone numbers. Also, its assumed that every patient will have to take medicine by certain time (say: 12 PM) and they are supposed to upload proof for that (done in automated fashion). Whenever this medicine taken information is not available, they will receive notifications.

Patient Self Care:

This part will actually allow patients to see their own information, list of medicines, their schedules and next appointment dates. They will have an option to upload proof by using camera. Its assumed that patient is having a Windows Tablet / Windows Phone to do this activity. 

Application Code Components 


This is an option available to those who don't have access to Windows tablet / Windows Phone. They will be able to do all activities listed above. 

SQL Azure:

Central Repository to Store Data of all Logical Components listed above. This Database will be associated with Mobile Services.

Virtual Machines:

I'd rather stick to Web Roles for hosting sites. I might create optional components for custom reporting by hosting SSRS services in VM Role.

Mobile Services:

My most important component as it will be mostly handling data between Windows 8 Metro app / Windows Phone 8 App / HTML site. This component will also be used to run Scheduler Services and calling SQL Server stored procedures for sending Medicine Reminders.

Live Connect Services:

For uploading pictures to Live Account, these services will be used. They will also be used for creating entries in Patient's Calendar.  

Windows 8 Metro App and probably WP 8 App:

They will be the center of attraction as they will be available through Store to install and use. They will connect to WCF Services hosted in Cloud and use Mobile Services for notifications.


2013/04/28 - First Draft.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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