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Posted 28 Apr 2013



White Stone Business Network: Bringing Businesses Closer to Their Customers

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28 Apr 2013CPOL4 min read
White Stone Helps Businesses Give Their Customers Greater Value for their Money.

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Computers in the World Today.<o:p>

In a world where almost every system is getting computerized; both companies and their customers have no choice but to embrace digital lifestyles. The CEO and the customers that patronize his company’s products and services, interact using computers and computing devices. Keep in mind also that these computers and computing devices, like laptops, tablet PC’s, smartphones, internet TV, servers and databases etc. cut across different types of architectures, platforms, and digital ecosystems. Not to mention the different industry players like Microsoft and its technologies, Google and Android, Nokia and Samsung and their smart devices, who are all delivering cutting edge technology, way faster than the average individual can keep up with.<o:p>

High Cost of Implementation and Maintenance.<o:p>  

I can remember the days when businesses had to build different applications for different platforms. Some companies had to figure out a way to integrate their products and services into one unified system that will be accessible to their customers. But that still did not make the applications, products and services, available to many emerging markets. It also did not solve all the problems and limitations constantly encountered during management and maintenance, not to mention the high cost of it.<o:p> 


The Need for a New Platform    

With this understanding, you will agree with me that there is a need for new architectures, and platforms that have the power and ability to consolidate other existing architectures, into one easy to use platform. This architecture and platform must be able to supply every need, service every request, be accessible from different computing devices, but all the time remaining available and accessible around the clock, adaptable and transformable, scalable and securable, with little cost, maintenance and manageability from both businesses and customers. From the way I look at things, that architecture, and platform that can provide all of the above requirements mentioned above, is Windows Azure, which in a way can be seen as a consolidation of  architectures, and platforms, because it is accessible, across many computing platforms and devices.  This is why I have chosen to develop White Stone Business Hub using Windows Azure. I am certain it will be beneficial because it will give me that edge I need to get businesses closer to their customers no matter the platform or device. Did I hear you say, “What is White Stone Business Hub?”<o:p>

White Stone – The Business Network<o:p>

White Stone™ is a solution that brings businesses close to their customers. White Stone™ will be developed using ASP.Net with MVC, and it will take advantage of Windows Azure Hosted Services, and Mobile Services. One of the reasons I take interest in mobile computing is this; a report by Gatner says there has been a reduction in sales of PCs worldwide because consumers are migrating to other computing devices like tablets and smartphones (See report at There will be more tablet PC’s in the world. Mobile computing is here to stay and thrive; therefore, there is a need for businesses to start adopting architectures and solutions that have the resources to satisfy those mobile computing needs. With Windows Azure Mobile Services, White Stone™ will go a long way to be a solution available on different mobile devices and their platforms.<o:p>

Windows Azure Virtual Machines<o:p>

Azure Virtual Machines can host many current operating systems, which can be accessed by customers, all day and from any location. This ensures high availability to customers who will be able to access our products and services.<o:p> 


Points of Interest  

Windows Azure Flexible Pricing<o:p>

Another good reason I will be using Windows Azure is that it is far cheaper to use Azure Virtual Machines as your system and infrastructure, than using the traditional on premise server systems, especially when you consider the cost of buying and maintaining servers, Operating Systems, and application software’s, hiring DBA’s and Server Admins who are going to manage the on premise system. Windows Azure has flexible payment options like Pay as You Go.<o:p>


White Stone will be very easy to manage, maintain, transform and scale up, because most of the maintenance and management required, have been greatly reduced and abstracted away by Windows Azure. Now our customers can be better served by White Stone™ the Business Network.  


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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