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frostcox 12-Jul-20 17:07pm View    
Fair point, I can assure you its not spam. I suppose I am trying not too give too much away as I don't want other people stealing my idea
frostcox 12-Jul-20 16:22pm View    
HI, we used wix for a couple of years, we ended up moving away from it due to how difficult it was to customise. We then just purchased a perpetual licence for Install Shield for 50 bucks and it is 100 times easier to use and saved us countless hours.
frostcox 1-Dec-18 16:38pm View    
Hey, this is from a long time ago but from what I remember the solution was to enable anonymous authentication in the web application and the client application can connect without any issues.
frostcox 13-Feb-18 17:40pm View    
Hi Richard, appologies I realised after that i had not provided enough information. Thanks very much for reminding me. I have updated the question.

frostcox 3-Nov-16 7:06am View    
Hey thanks for your response, I have never done anything like that before, I am fairly comfortable with javascript/jquery, what I would expect is that each node would be accessible by using a css selector either by id or class name byt this does not seem to be the case as arbor js renders the nodes on a canvas so the html would need to be inserted when the canvas is being drawn?