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markkuk 3-Sep-22 6:09am View    
You need to include the Windows headers that define HWND, HDC and LPRECT so that the compiler knows those are types, not parameter names. I used the Windows C++ application template in Visual Studio for testing.
markkuk 18-May-21 5:03am View    
Which version of PHP do you have?
markkuk 11-Feb-21 10:21am View    
That's an add-on package, not part of the language specification. It's an example of "a library/framework that sets up an event loop" as I mentioned in my post. There are others, like most GUI frameworks.
markkuk 13-Nov-20 11:07am View    
Arduino for ESP32 runs on top of ESP-IDF, so you get the G++ compiler, FreeRTOS and other stuff not available with traditional AVR based Arduino boards.
markkuk 13-Nov-20 5:31am View    
You could try the official ESP32 Arduino forum: for more expertise.