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Windows 2000


Great Reads

by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Hans Dietrich
XQueue implements a shared-memory first-in first-out (FIFO) queue, based on memory-mapped files, that works on all versions of Windows.
by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that can be used on the Send To menu.

Latest Articles

by Steffen Ploetz
Another fully functional ownerdraw menu with minimal effort - this time based on Win32, with icons instead of bitmaps, with accelerators and tested for ReactOS and WinNT 4.0 to Windows 10
by Emre Guldogan
A System for Simulation and Analysis of Logic Circuits
by libbyliugang
A splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position
by Alexandru Matei
Shows an alternative to GetCharABCWidths and GetCharABCWidthsFloat

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Windows 2000 

5 Jun 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
17 Jan 2005 by Hans Dietrich
XQueue implements a shared-memory first-in first-out (FIFO) queue, based on memory-mapped files, that works on all versions of Windows.
10 Mar 2002 by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
26 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that can be used on the Send To menu.
30 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on using owner-drawn menus in a context menu shell extensions, and on making a context menu extension that responds to a right-click in a directory background.
10 Nov 2002 by Alexey
The ALXGrid Control Library is a set of classes for management of data as a table.
4 Sep 2002 by Stephane Rodriguez.
This article demonstrates how to automate IE's Save As functionality
25 Nov 2004 by Thorsten Ottosen
Are you tired of filling data manually into STL containers? With the Initialization Library it gets a lot easier.
5 Apr 2001 by Joseph M. Newcomer
How do you capture the bitmap of a window? This little download shows how, and places the bitmap on the clipboard.
19 Mar 2007 by Adam Nelson
Surveys other phonetic matching techniques, and presents additional resources on the subject.
26 Dec 2001 by Chris Maunder
Some classes and utility functions for general computational geometry
29 Nov 2004 by peterchen
Do your users a favor - add snapping edges to MDI child windows (or anywhere else).
1 May 2003 by Doug Schmidt
A VBScript utility that continually monitors a VSS database and sends emails when certain patterns are detected. Can be run as an NT service.
24 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that provides custom drag and drop functionality.
9 Jun 2002 by Chen Hao
How to control the dependancy on oleacc.dll in your Visual C++ .NET applications
13 Jun 2002 by Tim Smith
Color picker control for WTL applications including optional support for XP themes
5 Nov 2002 by Alexey
The alxBase classes for work with dbf files.
19 Oct 2002 by Roman Kiss
Using the WebService Probe to publish details of the "talking" between the web service and its consumer. Here is its design, implementation and usage in the WebService Analyzer Studio.
1 Jul 2009 by Muhammad Akhtar Shiekh
An article on "How to authenticate windows user using form authentication in ASP.NET?"
19 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
PSAM Control Library ported over to WPF
14 Jun 2002 by Neil Van Eps
An article on drawing Code 39 barcodes to the screen or to the clipboard
27 Aug 2002 by Nish Nishant
A wrapper class for SHFormatDrive (XP/2K only). Corrects some errors in KB article Q173688
2 Nov 2001 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a .NET Application model driven by the Web Services using the Virtual Web Service Proxy (written in C#)
14 Oct 2002 by Douglas Earl
Use .NET remoting to send the contents of your clipboard to another computer
6 Jan 2001 by Tony Truong
Taking advantage of the Winlogon Notification Package
16 Jul 2002 by soptest
How MS implements them and why they do not want you to see the source code of those functions.
24 Aug 2007 by The Ultimate Toolbox
The Ultimate Toolbox supports Office XP, Office 2003, and Classic application skins
10 Jan 2014 by Kees van Spelde
This is an alternative for "AutoShut, my first program in C#"
8 May 2005 by Brian C Hart
We build our new server and install it on the server machine.
24 Jul 2001 by Joao C. Morais
An article about COM Architecture, COM Servers, COM DLL Servers and the Registry
22 Aug 2001 by Valters Vingolds
Article describes how to obtain IHTML interfaces to prrogrammatically scroll WebBrowser control from Visual C/C++.
24 Feb 2002 by Kirill Panov
CDataGrid which was derived from CGridCtrl and used ADO for access to database.
2 Mar 2004 by gUrM33T
How to subclass an edit control in MFC so that it accepts numeric values only
8 Apr 2002 by Jens Scheidtmann
Have you ever searched for a nice way to select a subrange from an interval? This may be the solution for you.
27 Mar 2001 by Joseph M. Newcomer
GDI objects selected in a DC can't be deleted - even when you call DeleteObject. This handy class makes these potential leaks a thing of the past.
4 Jul 2005 by DeltaEngine
Normal maps are used for realtime 3D rendering (mostly in games) to improve the visual quality, but compressing them makes the 3D content look ugly, this tool helps to fix that problem.
17 Aug 2009 by vic_ch2000
A nullable datetime column in .NET DataGrid with DateTimePicker.
8 Oct 2009 by Syed Hasan Hyder
This article focuses on internal supply chain management systems visibility via chart reports, and provides assessment apparatus to manage and monitor activities spawned during business processes, hence paves the way for timely and precise business decisions.
10 Dec 2001 by Yuriy Zaporozhets
Very primitive function that creates region from *.bmp files
7 Jan 2001 by Marc Richarme
Yet another fully stacked control for displaying scrolling credits...
17 Sep 2002 by Jason Henderson
Get organized and find a reason to use Active Desktop at the same time.
23 Jul 2004 by Luuk Weltevreden
This article shows a set of templates created around the Microsoft Cabinet library. With these templates, you can extract cabinet files and cabinets stored in the resource section of a module. It can be easily extended to allow extraction through other means.
18 Jul 2003 by Ernest Laurentin
Introduction to Microsoft Script Hosting and Adding Macro Scripting language support to existing MFC Application
30 Jul 2002 by Vagif Abilov
Guidelines to migrate ATL-based Windows service application to Visual C++.NET
9 Nov 2005 by Koushik Biswas
An article on synchronization of a GET REQUEST/ PUT RESPONSE MQ C# program and a PUT REQUEST/ GET RESPONSE MQ C# program.
20 Nov 2002 by Obliterator
Uses the poorly documented SHChangeNotifyRegister function to receive notification upon shell events
4 Jun 2001 by Leon Finker
Describes how to add various Microsoft Management Console UI items using ATL
17 Jul 2001 by John Roark
A Simple Skinning Library
22 Mar 2005 by Muhammad Sheraz Siddiqi
This article describes how to make an offline browser using Visual C++/Win32 APIs.
16 Jul 2007 by PrafullaT
This is a toolbar for the Internet Explorer which shows information from RSS taken from the Internet.
16 Sep 2007 by Rajasekharan Vengalil
How to switch the thread that a routine is running on.
6 Oct 2008 by Modesty Zhang
Port Cairngorm 2.2.1 to Silverlight 2 Beta 2. Includes all source code and a sample application.
31 Jan 2001 by Less Wright
This article will show you how to make use of WTL’s DDX/DDV implementation using a real world example.
21 Jan 2002 by Carlos Antollini
A set of classes that make it easy to work with Network Management.
13 Jul 2002 by Marc Clifton
This is the second part of a multipart article on unifying web and window form application development. This part demonstrates synchronous and asynchronous event handling of GUI control events, abstracting the implementation of web/window forms to be technology independant.
12 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
Tutorial on creating your own collection classes that are enumerable and sortable. Explains in detail the usage of the IEnumerable, IEnumerator, IComparable and IComparer interfaces
28 Sep 2002 by Matthijs Hollemans
A shell extension to allow you to select files based on a wildcard search
31 Oct 2002 by Justin Hallet
An example approach to solving the single instance application problem with command line argument passing.
5 Oct 2003 by Lynn McGuire
Folder Tab control for Windows MFC (like MS Excel).
21 Oct 2003 by Duncan Edwards Jones
Part 2 in the series showing how to write a debugger in VB
15 Jul 2000 by Dave Lorde
Simple customised Window captions, including multi-line captions
28 Apr 2001 by Dan Madden
An article showing you how to process (Outlook®) E-mail messages automatically by using an MFC dialog or NT service.
11 Aug 2000 by Brian C Hart
We look at connection points and set up the server's end of one. We'll also finish implementing our SayHello() method.
30 Sep 2000 by Sherwood Hu
A class to manage the thread pool
20 Feb 2002 by Jens Nilsson
An article on the framework for implementing snapping windows.
16 Jul 2002 by Bartosz Bien
Command routing and UI updates for inactive views in a split frame.
18 Sep 2003 by Zac Howland
An article on using component categories to create pluggable components
5 Oct 2007 by The Ultimate Toolbox
A selection of frequently asked questions submitted by users of the Ultimate Grid
12 Mar 2003 by Alexander Wiseman
A class to wrap the use of CDatabase and CRecordset into one object to communicate with databases
1 Sep 2009 by PARK Youngho
A tool that enumerates all fonts installed on Windows, and shows you the preview so as to help you code conveniently.
24 Oct 2001 by Chong Hin Ooi
How to draw OpenGL to a window you created in a dialog box with the resource editor without manually using CreateWindow.
4 Apr 2002 by Daniel Bowen
Issues and solutions when creating a new MDI child in a WTL application when the last active child was maximized
20 May 2002 by Andrew Peace
(Yet) another screen saver for the Code Project competition, with code in C# and (coming soon) some details about how certain aspects of the code involved work.
30 Sep 2002 by HAMZADAYI
Custom CRulerWnd control
16 Oct 2002 by Marc Clifton
Implements an instrumented event manager which can be used to invoke event sinks both synchronously and asynchronously. The event sink can be declared using either the System.EventHandler delegate or by reflection.
3 Mar 2004 by wilsone8
Shows how to create a ToolTip provider that supports Balloon Tooltips, including issues related to creating extender properties and using the NativeWindow class.
3 Jun 2000 by Chris Maunder, Fred Ackers
A new class that adds hyperlink support to the MFC Grid Control
18 Oct 2000 by Mr Matt Ellis, Esq
A set of routines that show how easy it is to minimise your windows to the system tray
31 Oct 2001 by Farooque Khan
Demonstrates usage of NetShare APIs.
27 Jun 2001 by Rashid Thadha
An outlook control and framework that can be used in your WTL Application
13 Sep 2000 by Vlad Kirienko
A log file class for multi-threaded applications
23 Oct 2000 by Gert Boddaert
An introduction to using spin locks for synchronization.
3 Apr 2001 by Michael Dunn
This article shows how to add your own pages to Control Panel applets by writing a property sheet handler.
26 Jun 2001 by Mike Melnikov
A template class that enable you to make tensors with any dimensionality. Process convolution of any tensors and so on.
26 Nov 2001 by Davide Calabro
A collection of usefull icons contained into a DLL
8 Apr 2002 by Len Holgate
There's no standard way to save complex COM+ application configuration in a form that can be placed under version control. This article presents 2 scripts that take advantage of the COM+ Catalog accessibility via script to provide functionality that should really come as standard.
4 Feb 2002 by Joseph M. Newcomer
A control for generating colour gradients
9 Oct 2008 by Paul Vickery
CEdit-derived Hyperlink control, so user can edit hyperlinks
11 Jul 2002 by Pavel Kobyakov
A DevStudio add-in described provides two interesting IDE integration features: adding a new tab to VC WorkspaceView window and running an arbitrary process under IDE with output sent to "Build" tab of VC Output window.
18 Apr 2001 by Erik Thompson
Create an ATL Server to generate random tips using a Server Response File
11 Aug 2000 by Brian C Hart
Here we add a method to our DCOM-remoted object, and start on implementing its functionality.
27 Aug 2001 by George Anescu
A context menu handler shell extension for extracting icons from .exe and .dll files
3 Oct 2001 by Antoine Megens
Yet Another Simple Help Dialog
22 Oct 2001 by Roman Kiss
This article describes how to design, build and install .Net Application into the COM+ Catalog without using the ServicedComponent class in your application. The solution shows retrieving the assembly and class attributes (included custom) from the assembly file and their storing into the COM+ Catal
28 Jul 2003 by Katasonov
Easiest way to add XML persistence to an existing IDispatch based ATL COM object.
30 Sep 2002 by Ernest Laurentin
Shows how to use Microsoft Script Hosting inside existing ATL/WTL Application
19 Feb 2013 by Khorshed Alam, Dhaka
Standardization database object name with SQL Server Policy Based Management.
26 Oct 2000 by Massimo Colurcio
Explore the structure of tables (and views)
5 Aug 2000 by Konstantin Boukreev
Describes an ActiveX Control to use OLE Automation to set an object's properties.
1 Jan 2002 by Alexander Berthold
A library allowing you to conveniently build a custom tokenizer and analyzer supporting precedence priorized rules
28 Aug 2001 by Uwe Keim
Tiny little Perl library to retrieve an arbitrary URL as a string
6 Feb 2001 by Nic Oughton
Using the high level API to send and receive SOAP messages in MFC
3 Jul 2002 by roboo
An OLE-DB DLL that you can use in ANSI-C
5 Mar 2002 by Phil J Pearson
Shows how to integrate simple and easy Undo/Redo (by Keith Rule) into an application using the MFC Grid control (by Chris Maunder).
27 Jun 2002 by Paul J. Weiss
C++ implementation of the Doomsday Rule to determine the weekday
11 Feb 2003 by gosh
Serialize information stored as XML
12 Nov 2002 by Alex Vinokur
The C++-program simulates a Turing Machine (TM). TM is defined by input files: metafile, states file, alphabet file, transition file, input word(s) file(s).
16 Oct 2007 by Adam Page
Setting up an SMS gateway to conduct an SMS survey and storing the survey results in an MS Access database, from which you can generate/print out reports.
16 Apr 2001 by Igor Sukhov
The ATL and MFC versions of the class that implements a dialog for selecting users(computers) within the Windows Network.
29 Jul 2000 by Chris Maunder
Some pics from PDC 2000.
28 May 2001 by Ben Burnett
An article on the CodeMax editing control.
31 Jan 2001 by Christian S Andersen
A small utility for looking up an object based on a CLSID or progid
27 Dec 2000 by Michael Pelts
Three simple macros that aid in navigating in and between your source code files.
22 Apr 2002 by Craig Henderson
Identifying the minimum difference between two data sets.
15 Jul 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
That article present a way to retrieve the GET-POST data from a form into an ISAPI extension.
10 Jun 2002 by Manish Hatwalne
An article explaining how to create a utility to manage Internet Explorer skin
19 Aug 2002 by Soliant
Use Managed C++ as your code-behind file for ASP.NET web pages
1 Jul 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
This article describes a simple function which calculates the execution time of your asp scripts
24 Aug 2002 by Simon.W
Fixed a bug about Thread pool class submited by Sherwood Hu
9 Sep 2002 by Truong Pham Dang Khoa
A multilanguage control.
17 Dec 2007 by alex turner
Excel 2007 does not seem to support DBF files, here is a VBScript workaround.
19 Nov 2011 by User008
Drag 'n Drop asynchronous files from an external server or device
12 Apr 2017 by PJ Arends
This is an alternative for "An AutoRepeat Button Class"
8 Jun 2001 by George Anescu
An article presenting a new block ciphering method called XOR256
28 Aug 2001 by Adrian Bacaianu
This article shows how to make one ATL COM component with crypt/decrypt functions and how to use it in ASP programs. It shows also how to register a component in MTS.
7 Nov 2001 by Migs
VB engine for the Sonork Instant Messenger
1 May 2002 by James Lee
Now you can use MaskBlt on Windows 9X
18 Sep 2001 by Braulio Dez
How to detect when the control looses its focus - the easy way.
23 Dec 2001 by Lim Bio Liong
Visual Studio add-in that allows you to list down all the exported symbols inside an Import or Static Library. This add-in also allows you to save the exported symbols listing and to include a library file into your current Project. This add-in also includes a facility to scan through library files.
11 Jun 2002 by Paul Vickery
Utility to make selected windows remain on-top of others
22 Oct 2002 by Peter Moss
Meeting Bingo is a simple DHTML application that lets you play bingo while wasting away countless hours in those marketing presentations. It features DHTML, JScript and the MSXML DOM.
7 Nov 2002 by Rob Caldecott
Use this class in your WTL apps to retrieve a list of installed printers
15 Oct 2002 by Andreas Saurwein
Helper class to set the owner of an NT security descriptor
17 Apr 2002 by Rick York
This application will display a random fortune in the font and colors of your choice.
10 Aug 2000 by jerry0davis
How to display the "Find" window in a CWebBrowser control.
8 Jan 2002 by Vitaly Belman
The add-in enables you to use FreeVCS, the free Version Source Control, in Visual C++
7 Feb 2001 by Steve Maier
Creating a SOAP client using C++ instead of VB
12 Aug 2001 by Kyle Morris
How to create a wrapping and/or multiline label in AWT
29 Apr 2002 by Steve Schaneville
This is a logging class that outputs to a file or log window, provides filtering of messages without re-compile, and allows double-clicking on log message to jump straight to code location.
31 Mar 2001 by Tili
This class creates from 1-9 segments of a single file which can be then desgmented.Useful for moving larger file on floppies.
3 Oct 2001 by Niraj Kedar
The Recycle program has been designed to automate the release of system memory.
31 Mar 2001 by Sardaukar
Visual Studio Add-In that displays the latest service pack installed
6 Nov 2001 by Frank Melber
IPCTrace - An inter-process tracing utility
29 Jan 2002 by SimonS
Here's some simple JScript that returns the value part of a name-value querystring pair from inside an HTML page.
7 May 2002 by Alboaie Sînicã
Adding more privacy to users of existing messengers (yahoo only at this stage)
13 May 2002 by shailesh litake
office style control
14 Jul 2002 by Mingming Lu
With this control, you can easily build up your own Poker games.
20 May 2002 by Jason Henderson
Draw and animate ASCII characters to a window using this COM object.
17 Jul 2002 by Dave Matrix
How to draw/redraw a rectangle along the window rect, when the window is activated or deactivated.
25 Nov 2002 by Gevik Babakhani
A wizard application for creating ImageLists
26 Jul 2002 by Petr Stejskal
How to build a separate executable for each language version.
9 Jun 2002 by Black Horus
A shell extension to delete temporary files (e.g visual c++ intermediate files).
13 Jun 2002 by Wictor Wilén
How to use the IDirectoryObject interface instead of using the IADs(IDispatch) objects
5 Sep 2002 by Dirk Vandenheuvel
An easy way to store and retrieve binary data in an ISAP DLL and display them on a web page
8 Nov 2002 by Chris Maunder
Microsoft's Visual C++ .NET Product Manager talks about the changes in store for the next version of Visual Studio .NET
26 Sep 2008 by Max Paulousky
This article describes MS TFS Proxy efficiency testing depending on the internet channel rate between TFS and TFS Proxy, TFS commands, and TFS Proxy cache state. Also, this article describes the advantages of using the MS TFS Proxy on slow Internet channels.
24 Dec 2008 by Romy Sreedharan
InfoPath cannot execute any view-related object model calls. The view is not ready.
24 Jun 2009 by Kuldip Rindani
Monitoring group of Linked SQL Servers from a SQL Server
5 Mar 2012 by Fred_Informatix
This is an alternative for "Simple Tri-State TreeView"
12 Apr 2001 by Morten Abrahamsen
CBSTRStream is a simple BSTR stream implemenation with some useful data type conversion functions.
30 Nov 2001 by Peter M. Jones
29 Jan 2001 by Red Pilgrim
An add-in that helps you hide 'inactive' pieces of your code in include files
6 Sep 2000 by Milan Gardian
Notes on updating your WTL installation
9 Mar 2000 by grebulon
Add auto-save feature to Visual Studio 6.0.
13 Nov 2000 by Mukesh Gupta
Converts a lump of binary/text data to hex format.
11 Jul 2001 by Alex Griffing
An article, code, and a sample project showing how to use computers to help break cryptograms.
16 Jul 2001 by Fabian von Romberg
Dereferincing and resolving Variants and IDispatch
3 Apr 2001 by Maxime Labelle
A wizard to help getting started with PropertySheet Shell Extensions
8 Oct 2001 by Ivan Tsygulev
extending existing property browser with OLE DB common dialogs
16 Apr 2002 by Alex Kwok
Three controls let you create your own colro dialog
15 Jul 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
This article presents a way to send cookies to client browser from an ISAPI extension.
30 Jul 2002 by davyuan
This tool parses a SOAP request and calls the COM+ component to stress test it.
25 Sep 2002 by voodoopriestess
Allows users to send bug reports to manufacturers without having to manually create bug reports. Requires only four lines of code to be added to your application and works with all versions of Microsoft Windows. No MFC.
22 Nov 2002 by Old Timer
A class used to manipulate and convert decimal and fractional data.
20 Oct 2005 by Marco Roello
The screensaver plays from 1 to 16 video (or media files) simultaneously.
20 Oct 2007 by Ivan0001
Automatically create recent menu items, it's very easy and useful. You just need to define file to save, and menu button (class will automatically create all items).
5 Apr 2008 by gyllbert
Authentication to a phpbb based forum using C#.
23 Jul 2008 by Mark Trudgeon
Allows consumer web parts to have multiple providers in ASP.NET, WSS 3.0, and MOSS 2007.
29 Apr 2009 by Raspberry Man
How to make custom datasource for CrystalReports engine using push model and .NET
31 Dec 2009 by Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
Allow users to make virtual directories and use them via a similar interface as DirectoryInfo.
12 Jan 2010 by shijo joseph
This article demonstrates a tool which can auto-generate playlists for iTunes.
21 Nov 2002 by Uri Mishol
IncrediBuild, integrated with Microsoft Visual C++, silently distributes compilation tasks across workstations in the network, cutting build times down by 90% and more.
22 May 2003 by Microsoft (VSIP)
Learn more about some of the tools integrated into Visual Studio .NET and its newest release, Visual Studio .NET 2003.
4 Aug 2003 by Kirk Stowell
Xtreme Toolkit Professional Edition gives your application a rock solid presentation that includes Office 2003 style themes, Office style menu and toolbar customization, Visual Studio .NET style tear off tabs and auto hide panes.
30 Sep 2003 by Redgate Software
ANTS Profiler allows you to identify slow lines of code in .NET applications within 5 minutes of installation, allowing you to get on with what you do best – writing code.
24 Mar 2004 by Joe Lima and Port80
This paper outlines a common sense, cost-effective approach to lowering total cost of ownership and improving Web site and Web application performance.
15 Feb 2006 by Rob Howard / CodeSmith
In less than 15 minutes you can have a complete Data Access Layer (DAL) using Microsoft's Enterprise Library
7 Jan 2008 by Visual Numerics, Inc.
This document focuses on the combination of VSTO 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition.
6 Dec 2008 by John Underhill
A tooltip replacement class
2 Nov 2006 by Dan Farino
A tool and code for accessing the console session of a logged-on user who has locked the workstation.
21 Dec 2007 by Roberto Sonnino
A text editor with interactive 3D, speech, and ink using WPF 3.5.
9 Dec 2012 by hector [.j.] rivas
Yet another Direct3D framework, this time for MFC apps, with a step by step tutorial
5 Jun 2007 by Alain Rist
Enable Aero glass with your native (WTL) applications and keep backwards compatibility
10 Jan 2013 by Jerry.Wang
This wrapping class will try to use the latest version of MSXML in the machine, and it is easy because of using auto_ptr.
22 Apr 2003 by Hans Dietrich
XEventLog shows how to integrate minimalist NT event logging into your application
7 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
A .NET port of my MFC CFrameWnd derived InputBox class, written using MC++
13 Jan 2004 by Sergiy Lavrynenko of Foss Software, Inc.
MFC extension library enabling software to be provided with a professional UI
21 Apr 2004 by Armen Hakobyan
Using SQL-DMO to shrink SQL Server transaction logs.
20 Apr 2005 by mark novak
A psychological journey into a project crafted from start to finish.
19 Aug 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A utility that can be used to spy the properties of any Windows forms control in the system
31 Dec 2003 by Michael Geddes
How Comet can help you create and use COM servers in 'real' C++, extending or replacing ATL.
27 Aug 2007 by Drew_Benton
This is a complete beginners guide to codecaves that covers the main topics of: what a codecave is, what a codecave can be used for, and how to use a codecave.
6 Aug 2004 by Toby Opferman
Learn the basics of the kernel debugger.
24 Feb 2004 by Rob Manderson
Part two of the logging service - the viewer
17 Nov 2005 by Heath Stewart
Shell extensions to distinguish between .NET assemblies and Win32 applications and libraries.
12 Sep 2003 by Jonathan de Halleux
A helper framework for generation of SQL queries in C++ and Lua
25 Aug 2007 by The Ultimate Toolbox
Ultimate TCP-IP is now Open Source
20 Mar 2004 by Toby Opferman
Introduction to the heap.
4 Nov 2002 by Rob Caldecott
A small template allowing you to easily add system tray icon support to your WTL application
19 Jul 2018 by Ajcek84
WinForms library containing the IncipitViewer control for drawing musical notes
7 Jul 2003 by John Osborn
Version 3 of the BHO Popup Blocker written in ATL
28 Jan 2002 by Matt Gullett
A custom CWnd derived control which simulates the functionality of the MS Outlook mini calendar control.
18 Jun 2002 by Sven Wiegand
A class that enables you to easily retrieve a file's version information.
25 May 2006 by Mr.Smarty
The article explains how to create an OSD window with animation/semi-transparent effects, in C#, using the NativeWindow class.
9 Dec 2007 by jsunstrom
A class library to aid in writing WMI applications.
26 Oct 2002 by Paolo Messina, George
How to make owner-draw buttons handle default state
26 Aug 2003 by PJ Arends
A class that draws an image with various options - transparently, disabled or grayscale, centered on or stretched to fit a given rectangle.
2 Jan 2005 by Jon Sagara
This article provides an easy method to lookup a U.S. City/State by ZIP Code, or one or more ZIP Codes by City/State. It also describes a method to calculate the distance between two ZIP Codes and find all other ZIP Codes within a radius of X miles of a specified ZIP Code.
29 Apr 2004 by Rob Caldecott
Extension to WTL CDialogResize template to support persistent dialog size
7 Apr 2005 by Yves Tkaczyk
CTreePropSheetEx is an extension of CTreePropSheet offering new features such as resizing, skipping empty pages, and new property frames such as Office 2003 option sheet.
21 Jun 2004 by Mustafa Demirhan
A set of classes used to send keystrokes to a selected window
3 Jul 2002 by Steven Szelei
Shows how to run a console application without showing the window.
25 Jun 2008 by Lukas Neumann
An example of undocumented integration into the user interface of Microsoft Office applications.
7 Aug 2002 by Shog9
Although sometimes useful, message boxes used to display information are often just annoying. This article describes a non-modal replacement.
9 Nov 2002 by Nic Wilson
An article on the Digital Display Control
20 Oct 2009 by Jeffrey Walton
Sign and verify messages using Crypto++, Java, and C#.
6 Dec 2002 by Alvaro Mendez
Class with static functions and nested classes to make working with CWnd-derived objects easier
11 Nov 2003 by Nitron
This article presents an in-depth analysis of std::deque and offers guidance as to when to prefer using it as opposed to std::vector, by taking into consideration memory allocation and container performance.
15 Apr 2003 by tbw
Formula-editor for editing and exporting mathematical content
14 Jun 2001 by Joseph M. Newcomer
An introduction to using Semaphores
26 Oct 2002 by Jim Hawkins
Simple Class to add Snap-to-Grid capability to a Windows drawing program.
5 Aug 2000 by Konstantin Boukreev
An example of using the WTL library and RichEdit control
21 Jan 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Create and Verify RSA Digital Signatures with Appendix Using Crypto++
19 Aug 2003 by Greg Ellis
Shows how to customize the Microsoft WebBrowser control in a dialog based app to allow custom context menus, message boxes, windows, modal dialogs and C++ function calls from JavaScript to your application using window.external.
17 Sep 2005 by Mathew Hall
A fully customisable ListView style control based on Java's JTable.
25 Jun 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
This article presents a utility that lets you retrieve raw information from web servers using HTTP's GET and POST commands.
15 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that operates on multiple files at once.
2 Nov 2003 by Igor Ladnik
The article presents the design of a WebService consisting of a general part and add-ins to process user's requests of different types. Such architecture simplifies dedicated add-ins allowing them to share general part facilities.
27 Aug 2003 by Don Kackman
Using the XP Theme API safely on any OS from C#
27 Dec 2003 by Heath Stewart
Learn to embed .NET user controls in Java applications, applets, and beans using COM to bridge the gap between the two frameworks.
11 Aug 2008 by Darren Sessions
The Style Toolkit allows you to modernize the look of your programs using gradients, transparency, PNG images, and more.
24 Feb 2006 by oshah
A discussion on deployment in Visual C++ 2005, and an amended version of the vcredist_x86.exe that includes MSI 3.1.
28 May 2007 by Sau Fan Lee
ASCII Art generator in ASP.NET.
1 Jul 2003 by Davide Calabro
A GDI+ cylinder progress control
30 May 2007 by TJoe
Add support for event suppression and event propagation
29 Jan 2003 by Joel Holdsworth
A pair of classes for rendering and editing colourful washes
22 Dec 2005 by Michael Dunn
Using dialogs and controls in WTL.
22 Dec 2005 by Michael Dunn
WTL programming for MFC developers - frame windows.
29 Sep 2010 by Mathias Tunared
A Combobox in which the user can resize the drop window. Can be standard style or flat style.
1 Mar 2004 by Emilio Garavaglia
C++ classes and wrappers to write W32 apps without MFC, ATL or other (part 1?)
11 Jan 2010 by Roy, Philippe
An article introducing an Artificial Intelligence technique that understands and manipulates concepts from text.
13 Feb 2012 by Gary R. Wheeler
The SimpleBrowser class makes using the WebBrowser control easier in your MFC applications.
10 Apr 2003 by Robert Hinrichs
Managed MessageBeep() and Beep() classes in C#
7 Sep 2011 by Frédéric Pailloux
Nice 7/16/Matric Segment LCD Control derived from CStatic and using GDI+ library
11 Oct 2003 by .dan.g.
A self-contained, user-extensible, application-wide skinning architecture for Windows controls.
24 Oct 2006 by Zhefu Zhang
An ultimate tool that lets you RunAs... (With support for non-Pwd, WTS, fake privilege, fake user groups, etc...)
9 Sep 2006 by circumpunct
A quick and dirty use of an XML file to save program settings between application execution sessions.
1 Nov 2004 by Achilleas Margaritis
Description of the library AGM::LibReflection.
24 Jul 2001 by Joao C. Morais
An article about COM Architecture, and deployment of COM Clients and COM Servers
19 Oct 2003 by Hans Dietrich
Add basic exception handling and crash reporting to your application
20 Nov 2016 by Thierry Parent
A C#, C++, Delphi, ActiveX , Javascript , NodeJs and Java trace framework and a trace viewer: Tail, OutputDebugString, event log, and with Log4J, Log4Net, and Microsoft Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF) support. This also comes with full support for Pocket PC, Silverlight, and Android.
3 Apr 2001 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial for programmers new to COM that explains the internals of COM servers, and how to write your own interfaces in C++
26 May 2002 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
Examining the assembly listing generated by the C++ compiler
6 Jan 2004 by Rob Manderson
A service, and client code, to manage and create logfiles
28 Sep 2003 by Levent Saltuklaroglu
Controlling LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) and VFDs (Vacuum Fluorescent Displays) with Parallel Port
14 Mar 2005 by Mark Belles
Screen capturing that features multiple monitor support, including methods for capturing windows and window icons. Includes Spy++ style window finder!
7 Oct 2002 by Magomed Abdurakhmanov
Simple class to store application settings in registry
27 Dec 2005 by Ashkbiz Danehkar
This article demonstrates five steps to inject your code in a portable executable (EXE, DLL, OCX,...) file without recompiling source code.
31 Aug 2007 by Jon Rista
Maximize your understanding of the .NET 2.0 configuration framework, avoid common pitfalls, and gain insight into the details of how configuration works in various scenarios and environments.
12 Mar 2007 by cristitomi
An introductory article in numerical methods for the beginner.
18 Nov 2001 by Sidney Chong
Two ways to programmatically determine the version of Internet Explorer installed on a local machine
11 Apr 2007 by livibetter
This program implements a simple way to see a Mandelbrot set
11 Jul 2003 by Kochise
A bitmapped progress bar in a status bar with optional completion status message
1 Jul 2003 by Roman Kiss
The Watchdog Management gives your architecture an event driven mechanism to control your business processing within the specified time. Using the Remoting Watchdogs allow to distribute an exception or acknowledge result asynchronously in the remoting manner.
8 Feb 2004 by Weiye Chen
This article describes on how to create bitmap regions for WinForms and buttons.
25 Mar 2007 by Ernest Laurentin
An Introduction to ScriptRunner. A scripting tool for user interface Unit Testing.
30 Jul 2002 by Michael Mac
This article shows how to create a Chat for Local Area Networks which uses the WebBrowser control to display the messages.
13 Aug 2002 by Shog9, Nish Nishant
This message box delays its dismissal by disabling the OK button for a delay interval. It also has an optional auto-close feature. There are two versions, one uses a WH_CBT hook and some basic window tricks like sub-classing to achieve its goal. The other one is more MFC-ied.
25 Aug 2007 by The Ultimate Toolbox
The Ultimate Toolbox is now Open Source
10 Aug 2005 by Tonster101
An article on converting EDIFACT messages to XML, and converted the XML into anything XSLT can perform
14 May 2002 by Nick Hodapp
Mimicking and extending the shell’s folder-tree control functionality
5 Dec 2006 by Mike O'Neill
A convolutional neural network achieves 99.26% accuracy on a modified NIST database of hand-written digits.
31 Aug 2011 by George Mamaladze
This class allows you to tap keyboard and mouse and/or to detect their activity even when an application runs in the background or does not have any user interface at all.
9 Jun 2003 by Pierre Alliez
This article explains how to generate resolution independent versions of 3D meshes rendered by OpenGL/MFC programs, i.e. how to export the rendering results to vectorial formats such as encapsulated postscript (EPS) and Windows enhanced metafile (EMF) formats. The main goal consists of being able to
18 Feb 2009 by Alain Rist
OOo::DocWindow and WTL::COOoCtrl classes to work on any Microsoft-Office document, and Open Office SDK integration in Visual Studio/VCExpress 2005/2008
15 Apr 2002 by Vishal Kochhar
An indepth discussion of how VC++ implements exception handling. Source code includes exception handling library for VC++.
4 Mar 2005 by Eugene Pustovoyt
A class that allows you to display your data for a control as tooltip
16 May 2002 by Nish Nishant
Shows how you can have status bars in your dialog based apps
19 Oct 2003 by Hans Dietrich
Add basic exception handling and crash reporting to your application
10 Mar 2003 by Alex Evans
Maybe not exciting, but definitely handy.
11 Feb 2009 by Febin Joy
Drag and drop a file to a Windows folder from your application without using Shell Extensions.
1 Jun 2002 by Michael Dunn
An index of all the articles in the Idiot's Guide
14 Nov 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
Compel threads to execute out of context code using inline assembly.
8 Jan 2004 by Tim Deveaux
This article discusses the use of Asynchronous Procedure Calls for Kernel/User mode communication.
15 Aug 2000 by Cristi Posea
DevStudio-like docking window
1 Dec 2005 by Jochen Kalmbach [MVP VC++]
With this utility you can simply find memory leaks (CRT and COM) in your program (with almost no time-cost during runtime). Each leak is written to a file with the callstack of the allocation.
23 Feb 2004 by Matthew Hazlett
A class to help you access the images in an ICO file (VB & C#)
1 May 2003 by Simon Gregory
Describes an approach for delivery of Soap Messages serialised using ASP.NET Web Client Services over MSMQ and MQ
19 Aug 2003 by Ryan Binns
An implementation of synchronous .NET style delegates in non - .NET VC++ 6.
15 Nov 2001 by Pedro Jorquera
An article on creation of multiple views dynamically without document/view architecture
12 Aug 2002 by Victor Vogelpoel
A speedy algorithm to convert Excel numbers to DMY and vice versa
30 Dec 2008 by Sarath C
Dynamically Add/Edit Environment variables of Remote process
19 May 2002 by Dana Holt
This class makes it easier to use the shell function SHBrowseForFolder
27 Aug 2002 by Enrico Elizar Samuel
Online tool to analyze XPath query
14 Jan 2002 by Patrick Hoffmann
This class makes it very easy and unified to process the argument list of your main(). It provides many features to support options with parameters, optional parameters and automatic output of error messages and a short manual. It uses STL and is unicode compliant.
22 Dec 2005 by Michael Dunn
An introduction to WTL programming for MFC developers.
4 Jan 2004 by Davide Icardi
With this tool the developer can define the application prerequisites and install the correct version of these components in the correct order based on the user operating system type and language, allow the user to download these components from the web or install these components directly.
24 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that adds pages to the properties dialog of files.
22 Feb 2010 by Pero Matić
How to automatically enforce and switch between secure (HTTPS/SSL) and non-secure (HTTP/non-SSL) web pages without hard-coding absolute URLs, using SEO friendly redirects.
6 Oct 2005 by Mathew Hall
A fully customizable Windows XP style Explorer Bar that supports Windows XP themes and animated expand/collapse with transparency.
18 Mar 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This is a simple program to explain how 3D stereoscopic systems work, also with some fun!
4 Mar 2004 by David Crow
A brief discussion on how to use a few of the functions in the IP Helper suite
11 Jul 2002 by Paolo Vernazza
A control that allows to use an autocomplection feature in RichEdit controls as the one in Visual Studio
29 Mar 2007 by Willem Fourie
This tool extends the Microsoft XSD tool to provide quality and robust auto-generated code that is easy to use.
22 Oct 2001 by Tim Chew
Take different actions depending on whether a debugger is attached to your process.
25 Mar 2001 by Mehdi Mousavi
A Microsoft scandisk like control (in terms of its UI) that lets you put a series of blocks on screen.
18 Sep 2005 by Victor Derks
Discussion of a small C++ framework to create Windows shell extensions (IShellFolderImpl).
11 Apr 2003 by Roman Kiss
This is a MMC Snap-in to manage a remoting host process and its configuration file. Like the COM+ catalog, the Remoting Management Console will create and administrate the host process to publish your remoting objects.
10 Jan 2004 by Hartmut Kaiser
Describes a free and fully Standard conformant C++ preprocessor library
31 Dec 2005 by Michael Dunn
Using the new WTL classes that implement advanced dialog UI elements
24 Jul 2001 by Aravind C
Discusses how existing COM components can be used from managed code.
23 Jun 2006 by Johan Rosengren
A feature rich vector editor skeleton.
2 May 2002 by Nish Nishant
A basic introduction to using IJW instead of P/Invoke in Managed C++. This is also the first CP article on IJW.
23 Apr 2002 by Eugene Khodakovsky
A class to dynamically manipulate databases data using ATL/OLE DB technology
31 Jul 2001 by Ibrar Ahmad
A console based telnet application.
17 Jul 2001 by Tim Deveaux
Some full screen blitting leads to yet another look at Windows painting messages.
18 Jun 2003 by Yovav
Routines for displaying image files (.BMP .DIB .EMF .GIF .ICO .JPG .WMF)
9 Jun 2017 by Reza Shademani
The main goal of this article is to explain the practical details of low level network security programming.
9 Dec 2001 by Michael Dunn
A detailed tutorial on writing your own Explorer namespace extensions.
13 Sep 2006 by Nish Nishant
Shows how to use CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTOR and CFSTR_FILECONTENTS to perform drag/drop with virtual files
31 Jul 2000 by Andrew Peace
An article showing the basics of the linked list, and how the CList class operates
27 Sep 2000 by Konstantin Vasserman
Exploring the options of removing HTML tags from the text in ASP.
22 Dec 2008 by Yasin HINISLIOGLU
This article explains garbage collection and memory management using C language
10 Jan 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on hosting ActiveX controls in WTL dialogs.
10 Aug 2007 by JO Hyeong-Ryeol
A C++ class which helps you to interact with a HTTP web server.
21 Nov 2004 by bektek
This simple class shows how to iterate file names by using STL iterator interface.
11 May 2003 by Massimiliano Conte
How to implement a scrollable child dialog
22 Oct 2004 by weiqj
An innovative alternative to XAML and XUL
23 Apr 2007 by Riaan Hanekom
Implementations of generic data structures and algorithms in .NET 2.0.
10 Sep 2002 by Roman Kiss
Using the remoting probe to publish details of the "talking" between the remoting object and its consumer. Here is its design, implementation and usage in the Remoting Analyzer Studio.
20 Jul 2001 by Michael Dunn
How to use WTL's built-in support for resizable dialogs
17 Nov 2002 by Bill Sayles
A utility to easily refresh embedded graphic resources in a .NET assembly.
19 Sep 2005 by Neil Yao
A reusable WTL base class to add buttons on the caption bar.
18 Sep 2003 by Zac Howland
An article on using component categories to create pluggable components
25 Apr 2017 by Rene Bustos
I will show you how to get a response from a Web Service developed over .NET (version does not matter)
30 Jun 2008 by Liping Dai
An editor to view, analyse and modify ASN.1 DER encoded data
19 Mar 2007 by Hans Dietrich
XSudokuWnd is an MFC control that implements a solver for the popular Sudoku puzzle, based on D.E. Knuth's Dancing Links algorithm. Example projects show how to use XSudokuWnd in dialog and SDI applications.
31 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on adding columns to Explorer's details view via a column handler shell extension.
27 Jul 2002 by .dan.g.
A dynamic window attribute viewer to replace Spy++
12 Jun 2012 by JoseMenendez
A serious project on an Office-like Ribbon control
27 Feb 2003 by Jeffrey S. Gangel
Reads properties - such as EXIF - from graphic files.
5 Feb 2005 by Toby Opferman
This article will go into the basics of creating a simple driver.
19 Oct 2003 by Hans Dietrich
Add basic exception handling and crash reporting to your application
25 Aug 2007 by The Ultimate Toolbox
The Ultimate Toolbox GUI classes offer a wide range of MFC control extensions.
30 Apr 2003 by Amit Dey
This article shows how to program an Outlook2000/2K+ COM addin using a pure ATL COM object.
16 Jun 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on using drag and drop in your WTL application.
19 Feb 2002 by Diego Andrade
This program shows how a CN machine works
3 Aug 2003 by Reto Ravasio
A component that makes a Winform application single instance.
5 Dec 2003 by Bruno Podetti
An easy use of owner drawn menu with variable styles like new Office products with titles, shading and icons.
30 Apr 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
A simple program to find real size or distance of objects in your digital camera photos
13 Jul 2010 by Cedric Moonen
A flexible charting control to display 2D data
27 Mar 2005 by Chunhua Liu
Integrate the latest MSDN with VC6 and Hook functions of COM.
4 May 2003 by Peter Mares
A CStatic derived Progress bar control that can indicate "busy states" effectively and double up as a good looking progress bar
7 Apr 2002 by Christian Graus
An Asteroid's clone which needs some work but will illustrate some points about writing games.
6 Jan 2005 by Lim Bio Liong
Learn the fundamental principles of the COM Single-Threaded Apartment Model by code examples.
12 Oct 2002 by Michael Dunn, Nish Nishant
A guide to the string wrapper classes provided by Visual C++ and class libraries
18 Jan 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on using WTL splitter windows and pane containers.
2 May 2004 by Neil Baliga
An extension assembly that allows configuring the "advanced" service configuration options for recovery actions.
3 Mar 2004 by Marc Clifton
An Introduction To The Concept Of Unit Test Patterns
29 May 2013 by Jain, Ajay
The article presents some .NET techniques for using Reflection optimally and efficiently.
12 Feb 2008 by Guilherme Labigalini
Sample application that manages multiple segmented downloads and supports HTTP, FTP and YouTube video downloads
1 Feb 2003 by Igor Ladnik
A Windows application that does not export any program interface, may be converted to automation server with COM object(s) injected into the application process.
22 Apr 2003 by Oleksandr Kucherenko
Contains several ComboBoxes which uses Windows themes and contains ComboBoxes with CheckBoxed lists and TreeViews
9 Mar 2006 by Zvika Ferentz
Sometimes, it's not enough to have only a single console window for your applcation... let's provide more!!
3 Nov 2003 by Roger Allen
CRgn objects need translating, to work correctly in print preview.
26 Aug 2002 by Stephane Rodriguez.
Automatically build Html thumbnails of HTML pages
23 Apr 2001 by Zoltan Csizmadia
Trace macros that provide messages with source code link, run-time callstack information, and function prototype information with parameter values
4 Aug 2009 by ckorda
A replacement for MFC's CDragListBox that supports multiple selection and dragging between lists
14 Nov 2005 by Jochen Kalmbach [MVP VC++]
This article describes the (documented) way to walk a callstack for any thread (own, other and remote). It has an abstraction layer, so the calling app does not need to know the internals.
26 May 2003 by .dan.g.
A new and unique approach to the perennial problem of how to change the default appearance of Windows menus
1 Jul 2003 by SteveKing
Several tools packed into one addin for Visual Studio .NET
19 Jun 2002 by Carlos Antollini
Simple database catalog access using a set of ADOX classes
28 Mar 2004 by Toby Opferman
Introduction to the most important ally in the fight against bugs, the stack.
25 Oct 2004 by mjtsai
WDM Driver programming introduction with three Pseudo Drivers.
10 Sep 2006 by Hamed Mosavi
Some description about TAPI + a sample incomplete answering machine
2 Jun 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing an extension to customize the icons displayed for a file type.
26 Oct 2002 by Zeeshan Amjad
Creating user interface elements with ATL
5 Mar 2003 by shankarp
A simple program that uses the LCS algorithm to compare two files.
20 Jun 2004 by compiler
This article introduces a simple approach to in-memory transactions that can be used to implement Undo and Redo. The technique uses SEH and Virtual Memory and requires only STL and Win32.
18 May 2003 by LongRange.Shooter
Uses the Internet Explorer / MSHTML hosting interfaces to embed and manipulate the WebBrowser control.
11 Dec 2004 by Ramanan.T
This is a simple tool to walk MIB tree. It also demonstrates receiving traps along with client side SNMP requests.
17 Apr 2008 by Xavier John
A game written using Visual C++ and DirectX.
21 Jun 2006 by spinoza
This article presents all you need to implement your own secure protocol using variable keysize RSA encryption/decryption, digital signing, multi precision library, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, Rijndael, and more. Everything is converged into a secure IOCP client/server chat server.
1 May 2006 by Franc Morales
Step-by-step creation of a custom Tree control from a CStatic control, implementing basic functionality, eye-candy (font, bitmap background, etc.), scrolling (bars and wheel), multiline (wrapping) text, and audio context menu.
29 Mar 2007 by Ashkbiz Danehkar
An introduction to injection the code into Import Table of Portable Executable file format, which is called API redirection technique.
7 Jul 2009 by Hedley Muscroft
A Vista TaskDialog wrapper class (for Vista) and Emulator (for pre-Vista Windows)
8 Feb 2012 by Jpmon1
A robust text editor that supports plug-ins, code parsing, projects, and more.
13 Jun 2004 by David Wulff
bttlxeForum is a freely available feature rich database-driven Internet forum solution written entirely in Active Server Pages.
6 Mar 2002 by Andy Pennell
This article describes how minidumps work, how to make your application create them when it crashes, and how to read them back with Visual Studio .NET.
8 Oct 2007 by GauranG Shah
Simple Tool Tip class that will help to show the Balloon and Simple tool tip for controls and the in System Tray window.
25 Sep 2002 by Joel Neubeck
This article describes the process of overlaying a Watermark image on top of a photograph using GDI+ and C# for .NET.
3 Aug 2006 by Jeff Glatt
Specifically shows how to embed a browser OLE object in your own window, and more generally demonstrates how to manipulate and create COM/OLE objects, in plain C (ie, no MFC, WTL, ATL, .NET, C#, nor even C++). The latter is applicable to many other uses, such as creating your own script engine.
13 Dec 2006 by Richard Northedge
Shows how to generate parse trees for English language sentences, using a C# port of OpenNLP, a statistical natural language parsing library.
11 Nov 2003 by Richard Deeming
Classes to enumerate network shares on local and remote machines, and convert local file paths to UNC paths.
29 Oct 2013 by Dezhi Zhao
This article shows a fast solution to Einstein's Riddle by using brutal search.
19 Mar 2007 by Adam Nelson
Presents a SQL Server Extended Stored Procedure wrapper around the author's C++ implementation, and discusses use of Double Metaphone with relational databases in general.
28 Aug 2001 by Fayez Al-Mutairi
An advanced COM component that provides file upload capabilities for your ASP pages.
19 Feb 2002 by lucy
How to add your own text to the status bar control using MFC
17 Jul 2002 by Pablo Software Solutions
This is an attempt to create a control which looks like the credits of the Star Wars movies.
17 Apr 2001 by Naveen K Kohli
Utility to extract system information
2 Apr 2002 by Bobi B.
xgui is a user-controls library, including several user-interface controls inspired by the great Adobe Photoshop
16 May 2006 by Doga Arinir
CDirectXDialog is a base class for dialog classes in which you want to use DirectX.
7 Sep 2006 by Riaan Hanekom
A (very) simple XSLT test utility.
2 May 2001 by Bart Gysens
This handy utility adds an extra button near the minimize/maximize/close buttons of existing windows that allows you to minimise your applications to the system tray.
1 Mar 2006 by lxwde
Crafting a C# Forms Editor by implementing a RectTracker and a transparent control.
2 Apr 2009 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This application shows a simple algorithm for drawing random flowers and trees. The logic is based on fractal sets.
10 Jul 2006 by Franc Morales
Step-by-step development of a stacked-windows control.
24 May 2005 by PEK
CTextFileDocument lets you write and read text files with different encodings (ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode 16 little/big endian are supported).
6 Oct 2003 by Dan Farino
This is a SQL Server 2000 Extended Stored Procedure writted in Managed C++. It allows you to use regular expressions in T-SQL.
15 Jul 2009 by Chris Maunder
A simple utility to change a file - or multiple files - "Modified" time.
17 Feb 2005 by Armen Hakobyan
The CFolderDialog class allows you to add a folder-selection dialog box to your applications.
10 Oct 2004 by Dave Handley
Using composites to implement a modular arithmetic calculator with the Boost Spirit parser framework.
19 Sep 2002 by Matthew R. Miller
An article on an easy and neat way to include options, preferences, or settings into your applications
21 Dec 2004 by JChampion
How to program an Excel XLL add-in in C.
30 Nov 2006 by siva pinnaka
This article explains how to migrate data between different SQL Server environments.
21 Nov 2002 by Philipos Sakellaropoulos
An article on writing thumbnail shell extensions for your MFC document types
26 Sep 2001 by Paolo Messina
Two animation provider classes to add animation effects to any CWaitingTreeCtrl-derived class
25 Jan 2003 by A. Riazi
Use WiNRADiO card to add radio support to your desktop computer
12 Mar 2001 by Christian Graus
A Static derived class which provides a check box to enable/disable items inside it
10 Aug 2003 by khoi pham
A simple HTA desktop application that allows you to query XML documents using XPath.
2 Nov 2010 by Daniel Ranger
Native C++ implementation of the .NET Asynchronous Design Pattern using Windows I/O Completion Ports
18 Dec 2002 by Dan_P
Web based WinAmp server
6 Aug 2002 by -Kirill-
Enhancing window fade-in to render common controls correctly and to allow the window to remain transparent after the fade-in
29 Jun 2002 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A desk band ticker that scrolls the latest messages posted in the Lounge and other forums
26 Jun 2001 by Serge Weinstock
A fully featured owner-draw button class
7 May 2003 by Eric Sanchez
This article explains how to subclass controls so that they act and look the way you desire. It uses a listbox as an example.
15 Jun 2003 by Mike Melnikov
Google-like Toolbar with customization from xml file and update from web features
6 May 2002 by Tom Archer
In this first article of a four-part series on learning everything you ever wanted to know about programming the Windows Clipboard, you'll discover the basic steps of using the Clipboard API to transfer simple (ANSI) text to and from the Clipboard.
22 Dec 2005 by meggash m
This article illustrates an undocumented feature of the Portable Executable format, which makes Win32-hooking based upon IAT-patching fail.
14 Aug 2008 by Christoph Husse
Now supports an unmanaged API, kernel mode hooking, and extending unmanaged APIs with pure managed handlers since Windows 2000 SP4.
22 Dec 2005 by Michael Dunn
The basics of using toolbars and status bars in WTL applications.
1 May 2003 by John Osborn
Popup Blocker is a Browser Helper Object (BHO) that eliminates all popup and popunder windows, including those opened automatically by script.
13 Jan 2006 by Michael Dunn
A guide to creating property sheets and wizards in WTL
24 Nov 2002 by Wouter Dhondt
Explanation of the debugger pseudoregisters like @ERR, @TIB
5 Jul 2006 by Johan Rosengren
A flowchart editor with linked objects, based on CDiagramEditor.
29 Jan 2006 by Toby Opferman
Introduction to the Windows display driver model.
7 May 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A Visual Studio .NET addin that allows non-admin accounts to debug CLR applications running under different logon credentials.
29 Jul 2008 by Uros Calakovic
The article shows some samples of setting up permanent event subscriptions using MOF and receiving WMI events at all times.
25 Jun 2005 by .rich.w
An easy updating method with a small foot print.
24 Jun 2005 by Lowell Heddings
A direct port of the Code Project Search Bar, but for Firefox instead of IE.
16 May 2013 by Joffrey Brouillet
This is an alternative for "A set of ADO classes - version 2.20"
13 Jul 2003 by Peter Rilling
Introduction to the BalloonWindow class which allows .NET applications to implement balloon windows similar to what is available in Windows XP. Complete customization allows both the appearence and shape to be configured as well as projecting an alpha-blended shadow.
26 May 2004 by mohammed barqawi
A VS.NET add-in to know the content of the any dataset during debugging.
27 Mar 2006 by Pablo Yabo
This article was done to provide an example of IStoreNamespace / IStoreFolder.
20 Jul 2006 by Hans Dietrich
XAnalogClock displays a nice-looking skinnable analog clock in a small memory footprint.
18 Sep 2006 by P.Adityanand
Understand the internal working of anonymous methods in C# 2.0.
10 Mar 2007 by PJ Arends
A little utility program that allows you to view the contents of memory bitmaps and device contexts while you are stepping through your drawing code.
13 Nov 2003 by Abin
A comprehensive INI file handling class.
6 Aug 2008 by SHRIDHAR TL
Compose mail messages and send them through your mail account provider.
1 Apr 2003 by Natty Gur
This article discusses the problems and the available solutions for maintenance and utilization of ASP.NET session state of the .NET session object.
20 Oct 2005 by Sheng Jiang 蒋晟
An article on finding out an active IE or Explorer window or creating one and controlling it.
18 Sep 2003 by Emmanuel Kartmann
This article provides a C# wrapper class (GnuPGWrapper) that will enable use of GnuPG (the OpenPGP Internet encryption standard) within a .NET application.
7 Oct 2003 by Yuantu Huang
Example to shutdown all computers on the LAN automatically.
4 Jan 2009 by Simon.W
Inject a File Switch Tabbar to Source Insight, which like uEdit or Visual Studio
28 Feb 2004 by Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to constructing C++ DLLs that include C++ functions and C++ classes, and then calling the DLL functions and classes from VC++ and VB programs.
23 Nov 2002 by PJ Arends
Shows how to do multiple file selection in a file dialog without having to worry about the size of the buffers
23 Apr 2009 by Vincenzo Rossi
An enhanced PrintPreviewDialog with better look, localization, auto page numbers, and additional text.
29 Mar 2008 by Brian Low
A .NET class library for capturing video and audio to AVI files.
14 Nov 2006 by Dan Moulding
A memory leak detector for Visual C++ packaged in an easy to use library!
25 Mar 2002 by Ivo Ivanov
An article on how to get notification from the OS when a process starts
24 Aug 2004 by Dmytro Ivanchykhin
Utility that allows sedning of window messages to a selected window from both MessageSender and target window thread context
25 Jan 2005 by Anup. V
An article on loading a DLL explicitly using LoadLibrary and using the classes exported by the DLL.
15 Nov 2010 by 10Tec, Sergey Gorbenko
Tool for creating MS Visual Studio documentation files - XML Summaries, HxS/MSHC help solutions and manuals.
20 May 2002 by Nish Nishant
A simple class to install, uninstall, start, stop, pause, continue Win32 services
23 Feb 2003 by Chris Losinger
Another non-rectangular button class
23 Feb 2007 by Vincent-Philippe Lauzon
TypeBuilderLib allows you to create dynamic types on the fly, which can increase the productivity of developers and the performance of applications.
12 Feb 2008 by Stefano Basili
CM_ConfigBuilder generates and compiles the required files to manage your application's settings/preferences and to store/retrieve them in XML format.
6 Nov 2003 by Peter Mares
A CWnd-derived control that can attach itself to any window, without the programmer making provisions for it
4 Oct 2002 by Michael Dunn
A guide to the multitude of string types used in Windows.
22 Jul 2002 by NETMaster
DirectShow for DVD and file playback, capture and sample grabber
4 Aug 2013 by Davide Icardi
SourceGrid is a free open source grid control. Supports virtual grid, custom cells and editors, advanced formatting options and many others features
22 Mar 2004 by Rob Manderson
Browse your images with a file open dialog and see what you've selected
1 Jun 2003 by Bjornar Henden
A WTL Grid mostly aimed for use against databases.
25 Oct 2004 by Karl Josefsson
Learn how to add buttons and how to interact with Outlook.
6 Mar 2003 by Sven Wiegand
This framework introduces a property sheet, based on the original Windows property sheet (derived from CPropertySheet) which uses a tree control to browse the pages instead of a tab control
11 Jul 2002 by John O'Byrne
A MSN IM-style popup notification dialog
14 Dec 2002 by .dan.g.
Provides built-in graying, rotating, shearing, resizing, blurring, sharpening, flipping, negating and color replacement to CBitmap as well as support for user-defined processing plug-ins
23 Nov 2007 by Phillip Piper
The ListViewPrinter class takes an existing ListView and effortlessly turns it into a pretty report.
3 Jan 2006 by Mike Dimmick
Using the operating system's time zone APIs to convert times from Universal time (UTC) to a specified time zone.
14 Feb 2003 by Michael Dunn
How to manage submenus in a context menu extension
26 Nov 2003 by HanreG
Shows how to change settings for a windows service during installation.
30 Mar 2011 by DreamCatcher2k10
Provides another, simple way to get a tri-state TreeView, ensuring compatibility to all Windows UIs / styles
26 Apr 2003 by Puffel
Sends local computer's network information to a remote computer via email.
16 Oct 2002 by Thomas Caudal
Shows how to receive shell notifications for specified directories
9 Sep 2002 by moliate
A simple class encapsulating tlhelp32 and PSAPI
10 Apr 2002 by Albert Pascual
How to get the clients IP address using TcpClient in Managed C++
3 Jun 2001 by Christian Graus
Using GDI+ to create a paint program with soft brushes and loading/saving images
12 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
Customizing the NoSpamEmailHyperlink to cause maximum damage to the spam harvesters.
7 Jun 2000 by Franky Braem
An ATL-control for redirecting stdout/stdin
15 Mar 2005 by Mark Belles
An extensible dependency based plugin framework for .NET applications.
19 Feb 2005 by Ashkbiz Danehkar
A Spy tool program like MS Spy++ that lets you capture window controls and modify their properties. Useful for learning window handles and their properties.
27 Jun 2003 by Michael Dunn
A list of frequently-asked questions taken from the C++ forum.
16 Dec 2003 by Johann Nadalutti
A 3DSMax like Rollup control
5 Jan 2003 by Wouter Dhondt
Finding crash information using the MAP file: how to create and read the file
25 Oct 2011 by Jarl Lindrud
A server/client IPC framework, using the C++ preprocessor as an IDL compiler.
24 Feb 2004 by Rob Manderson
Disabling mouse input to a splitter window
13 Jul 2003 by Jean-Michel LE FOL
Owner drawn menu with the Office XP visual style
27 Oct 2003 by Jack Hui
It is an SMPP implementation of v3.3 and v3.4 ( partial support). You can use it to connect to SMSC and send/receive SMS.
5 May 2003 by Carlos Buelna
Creates C code templates for PIC microcontrollers. The default templates are for use with the Hi-Tech (tm) PICC compiler.
17 Nov 2006 by Patrick Bounaix
Generate .resx files from an Excel spreadsheet; fully customizable.
9 Jun 2002 by Ed Gadziemski
The basics of using WTL's CSplitterWindow and CPaneContainer controls to create a multipane application
12 Jul 2002 by Davide Calabro
A simple digital clock and date class derived from the MFC CStatic class
15 Jul 2011 by Justin Hallet
Wrapping a screensaver inside a WMP visualization plug-in.
22 Aug 2004 by Shams Mukhtar
This article will enhance your vision on the usage of Robustness Analysis in conjunction with Model View Controller, using UML with application in ASP.NET. This article is a sequel to my articles on Architecture and Design with ASP.NET.
15 Feb 2006 by Yuval Naveh
.NET/C# visual effects framework for changing the user's locus of attention to an area on the screen.
2 Dec 2002 by Ivo Ivanov
The article demonstrates how to build a user mode Win32 API spying system
25 Feb 2002 by Nish Nishant
An introduction to WinSock programming. A simple TCP server is explained.
27 Feb 2008 by Hans Dietrich
XListBox is an owner-draw listbox that provides printf-style formatting and selection of text and background colors
17 Feb 2002 by John Aspras
Ever seen 3D Studio 2.5 Slidable DialogBar? Want to know how they did it?
20 Apr 2006 by Bruno van Dooren
An article about developing a driver for the WDF Kernel Mode Driver Foundation.
14 Dec 2003 by Yossi Patt
A fully-editable Tree Editor
4 Dec 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
Create Semi-Anonymous Installation Fingerprints Using Truncated Hashing and Crypto++
9 Mar 2008 by Nibu babu thomas
Lists out the details of running processes in a system, loaded drivers, loaded dlls, version of each dll and process, process times, command line, owner, priority, GDI resource usage, privileges, loaded symbols, window heirarchy, autostart app finding and more.
15 Apr 2003 by .dan.g.
A utility providing enhanced Windows message debugging.
26 Jun 2001 by Chris Maunder
A collection of amusing comments found inside production code
27 Dec 1999 by Michael Dunn
This article presents two methods of using the URLDownloadToFile function in IE3+ to download files.
18 May 2003 by Daniel Lohmann
A tutorial that shows how to integrate mc.exe in the build environment of Visual Studio and use it for event logging and string resources.
28 Jan 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article shows the insides of the freecell and hearts games, it uses the a library of reading and writing another process memory.
26 Mar 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article is about the AutoComplete features enabled by windows and how to use them with C#. AutoComplete is the ability to expand strings written in an edit box. The article will develop a class for using this functionality in you applications.
2 Oct 2009 by Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to constructing C++ DLLs that include C++ functions and C++ classes, and then calling the DLL functions and classes from VC++ and VB programs.
14 Apr 2005 by Martin Wickett
An article that describes a possible approach to extending Microsoft's Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Client to use seamless windows.
4 Oct 2001 by Mehdi Mousavi
Discusses ISAPI extensions in detail and shows how to implement an extension to validate a given credit card#.
8 Sep 2014 by Pragmateek
"MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C#” - book review
17 Aug 2007 by Paul B.
Instead of copying and pasting the same if(InvokeRequired) logic in every multithreaded function, use attributes to make code cleaner, its centralize logic and make it self documenting.
16 May 2000 by Alberto Bar-Noy
How to make the CListCtrl's header Multiline
6 May 2002 by Dave Loeser
An article on on how to load DLLs which export views into a SDI Application
21 Apr 2002 by Paresh Solanki
This article describes, in simple terms, how to translate three dimensional co-ordinates into the two dimensional co-ordinates to be displayed on a screen
2 Jan 2003 by Jon
Time multiple parts of your code and display accumulated results
22 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
A look at ASP.NET custom control properties and rendering to HTML.
4 Mar 2002 by Bjoern Graf
A WTL Rolldown control as seen in 3DSMax
7 Dec 2011 by Joe O'Leary
A Drop-In replacement for CString that builds on the Standard C++ Library's basic_string template
9 Jan 2007 by Ashish Derhgawen
A quick article on setting up a simple, real-time laser gesture recognition application and using it to control Windows Media Player.
18 Apr 2007 by Juan Pablo G.C.
GNU code of RibbonPanel, free software for personal and nonlucrative use, for rest please contact me
23 Nov 2007 by Tim_Mackey
How to send large files across web services in small chunks using MTOM (WSE 3)
27 Nov 2008 by Uwe Eichkorn
Outlook 2007 styled expandable and collapsible panels and panel collections for grouping collections of controls.
24 Sep 2003 by Liviu Birjega
Using GDI+ and MFC to create a thumbnail image viewer and some processing functions
12 Sep 2002 by Andrei Litvin
Classes used to save data in Excel 2.1 Workbook format
22 Apr 2003 by k4_pacific
Locating your dangling pointer with overloaded new and delete operators
17 Jul 2003 by Jamie Cansdale
Making Reflector into a Visual Studio.NET Add-In
10 Nov 2002 by Christian S Andersen
An activeX control that mimics the behaviour of Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP Appointment list view
16 Sep 2005 by Rogério Paulo
A C++ library for developing SNMP managers (clients) on Windows.
27 Aug 2002 by Joshua Jensen
Class and application to recursively or non-recursively match files or directories based on a wildcard pattern.
26 Mar 2003 by Joe Nellis
Five classes for computing discrete probabilities
4 Sep 2006 by Vadim Motorine
How to build a simple, robust and easily expandable server for multiple clients
22 Mar 2005 by Frank W. Wu
Insert the WebBrowser control into a dialog box, and add print preview functionality to it by implementing the IOleCommandTarget interface.
2 Oct 2005 by Chayan
Using the MapPoint web service API and C# to calculate the route/driving directions between two places (e.g. cities) and generate a map showing the same.
29 Jan 2009 by hector [.j.] rivas
Part II of the step by step MFC + D3D tutorial, with a custom Direct3D framework.
28 Jun 2008 by Derek Bartram
A Code Project orientated Kevin Bacon game utilising the CodeProject.dll
21 Nov 2007 by Hadi Eskandari
A library to work with "Persian Calendar", "Hijri Calendar", and "Gregorian Calendar" with WinForms GUI controls designed for Persian (Farsi) or Arabic language applications in mind, but usable in any Windows application that makes use of calendars and dates.
7 Mar 2005 by Vic Mackey
An extended stored procedure for SQL Server that implements an optimized MD5 hash algorithm. Very small DLL (barely 7 KB).
10 Jun 2002 by Pavel Zolnikov
This tool extends explorer with functionality of a command prompt. Implemented as a band object completely in C#. Demonstrates COM Interop and P/Invoke, windows hooking and API interception. Finally you can run all these .Net SDK tools and ‘Hello World!’ programs without leaving explorer shell.
11 Mar 2005 by Mark Belles
An extensible dependency based plugin framework for .NET Applications.
8 Feb 2004 by Corneliu Tusnea
Nice class that makes your top-level forms stick when moved or resized. Makes it easy to arrange the windows on the desktop.
7 Apr 2007 by keesp
A COM Newbie's Journey Through DLL Hell
24 Jun 2011 by Rob Groves
A C++ wrapper around the SQLite embedded database library.
6 Oct 2004 by Jacob Slusser
A component to customize the MDI area of a Form with color, images, border styles, and more.
22 Jun 2003 by Marc Clifton
Exploring the issues of runtime form and control generation as specified by XML files.
6 Sep 2005 by Carlos Antollini
Simple database access using an ADO class.
13 Feb 2007 by Hamed Mosavi
CBarChart is a simple MFC control derived from CWnd. It can load data from a table or a stored procedure using ODBC.
10 Jun 2005 by Alex Hazanov
A wrapper for the XML DOM for C++.
21 Sep 2005 by Naren Neelamegam
Freehand draw - make a button with irregular shape. A step by step beginner's guide.
27 Aug 2003 by Don Kackman
Class wrappers around the Win32 multi-monitor API
14 Jan 2003 by voodoopriestess
A class to detect ALL the features of the CPU / CPUs in the local system. Now at version 1.2
19 Oct 2003 by Hans Dietrich
Add basic exception handling and crash reporting to your application
11 Nov 2003 by Sumeet Kumar
This article explains how it is possible to seamlessly set breakpoints, step into, set watches and examine local variables for .NET framework classes as well as any other managed assemblies.
4 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
How to handle the extra application buttons on keyboards and mice
22 Apr 2002 by Matt Gullett
Date recurrence patterns engine with a UI similar to MS Outlook
24 Dec 2008 by jackyxinli
An article to show how to play audio file with DirectSound and display its spectrum in real time accurately
31 Oct 2002 by Chad Busche
How to implement an Explorer Desktop Band that uses the Microsoft’s Performance Data Helper interface to display current performance data about activity such as memory, disk, and processor usage.
7 Jan 2014 by Petr Alexeev
Version Helper API for .NET – checking version of Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 without Environment.OSVersion or application manifest
17 Apr 2006 by Werner Willemsens
This article shows how to use DCOM on Windows CE 5.0. We will add full DCOM rich error information, and implement a DCOM interface between a Windows XP .NET 2.0 client and Windows CE DCOM server. With this code, it is possible to code .NET remoting alike functionality through DCOM interop.
21 Oct 2003 by Ramesh Shrivastav
An article to display tooltips over listview items and subitems.
2 Apr 2002 by The Aircom team
This control lets you edit RGB or HSL components of a color, like in Paint Shop Pro.
3 Oct 2006 by P.Adityanand
A C# 2.0 library for executing parts of a method code asynchronously using Anonymous Methods and ManagedIOCP.
2 Sep 2001 by Daniel Zuppinger
A class derived from CSplitterWnd which makes splitting and switching of views simple.
14 Oct 2005 by Doga Arinir
A CTreeCtrl derived class which is both: a normal CTreeCtrl or a fully custom drawn vertical tree control
22 Feb 2007 by
GridView with a single ModalPopupExtender/Panel for row editing.
22 Apr 2002 by Anthony Baraff
C# enumeration with most standard Windows message ID constants
3 Jan 2003 by George Anescu
Presenting the C++ implementation of some known and efficient Message-Digest algorithms (MD, RIPEMD, SHA) and a full FileDigest program that is applying the mentioned algorithms.
17 Mar 2007 by Eugene Ciloci
A library to parse and evaluate Excel-style formulas and recalculate in natural order
18 Oct 2018 by Emre Guldogan
A System for Simulation and Analysis of Logic Circuits
25 May 2004 by Abin
A file/folder browsing control that integrates an editbox and a button with built-in images
24 May 2006 by Franc Morales
Step-by-step development of an editable ListBox.
26 Jun 2006 by Prasad Khandekar
A panel control with caption support, which can also dock child controls properly.
23 Nov 2005 by Heath Stewart
Use XML Digital Signatures for a request- and signing-based licensing mechanism for your applications.
18 Dec 2007 by Chesnokov Yuriy
This article describes an object tracking approach by estimating a time averaged background scene for tracking static and moving objects in real-time on down-scaled image data.
27 Oct 2003 by Jim Xochellis
This article describes how we can customize the contextual menus of the WebBrowser control, by implementing the IDocHostUIHandler.
31 Mar 2004 by .dan.g.
A one-click process to building the source files in the active project into a self contained zip file, using this simple-to-use Visual Studio Add-In
3 Jul 2002 by Daniel Andersson
Writing generic code with templates and the C++ standard library.
22 Jan 2004 by Mishra Vikas
An application to view Registry entries.
24 Feb 2003 by David Excoffier
A class and an easy way to dynamically add items stored in a file to a menu
22 Aug 2006 by Patrik Bohman
A customizable month calendar with support for date formatting.
21 Aug 2006 by Steven Roebert
A file browser written in C#, very much like Windows Explorer.
5 Jan 2000 by Mike Nordell
Explains how reparse points are used to create filesystem links
4 Apr 2002 by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how Windows generates WM_PAINT messages, manages the update region for a window, and how to use all common type DCs.
7 Mar 2004 by John Indigo
Screen Designer Classes for MFC applications
5 Sep 2000 by John McTainsh
An article explaining browsing my computer and the network using a TreeCtrl
14 Apr 2006 by LogicNP
A UITypeEditor for easy editing of flag enum properties in the property browser.
15 Nov 2001 by Nish Nishant
An SMTP proxy class with ability to insert signatures to outgoing mails. Does not require MFC.
26 Jun 2008 by Boaz Davidoff
Using multi-threading techniques to create a duplex (two-way) web service that can push events/messages to the client.
4 Jan 2005 by DGoins
This article explains a brief introduction to SOA and a Subscriber-Publisher model, along with how to implement one using WSE SOAP Receiver and WSE SOAP Sender classes inside a Windows .NET application.
18 Sep 2003 by Marc Clifton
An Introduction To The Issues Of Unit Testing
17 May 2005 by Johan Rosengren
A complete mini-editor with a formatting toolbar and a ruler with editable tab-positions.
23 Jul 2002 by Carlos Antollini
A list of ODBC DSN Connection Strings.
27 Jan 2008 by Jeff Morton
Audio event processing with visual display
16 Dec 2009 by David Nash
A simple Windows Framework that beginners and intermediate programmers can use as an alternative to MFC. It makes learning to program for Windows easier.
27 Apr 2005 by Toby Opferman
Introduction to TDI Client drivers and more IRP handling.
30 Aug 2002 by Mauricio Ritter
This is a 2D racing game that uses a DirectX wrapper library. The game has single player and multiplayer support.
7 Jul 2003 by abhinaba
This article discusses how the layering feature in Windows 2000 and Windows XP can be used to make any application transparent even when its source is not available
25 Apr 2003 by SteveKing
A registry class with overloaded operators to use registry values like normal variables
6 Jan 2003 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design and implementation of the Remoting over Internet using the Advanced Web Services Enhancements - DIME technology. This solution allows to flow the binary formatted Remoting Messages through the Web Server included uploading and downloading any types of the attachments.
29 Jan 2006 by lgaudouen
A ListBox which could display and allow selection of fonts, with special features.
27 Mar 2002 by Julien Martino
An iterator to parse subtree and execute function on each item/node
6 Jun 2005 by Arshynkin Maksym
This article describes GridCtrl that consists of common controls such as EditBox, ComboBox and Button. The GridCtrl helps you create, exchange and manage layouts.
6 Aug 2002 by Todd Jeffreys
Shell Renamer is a shell extension which supports regular expression search and replace renaming and filename swapping
26 Jan 2002 by Matt Gullett
Simulates the MS Outlook date edit/picker control.
3 Feb 2003 by Paul Farry
An article about shortening the process of finding the target of a .lnk(windows shortcut) file
11 Jun 2002 by Roman Nurik
CMP3Info is a class which makes it simple for an application to gain easy access to an MP3's information (not its actual data) and its ID3 v1 tag
20 Sep 2007 by s.kushal
RichTextBox user control for ASP.NET 1.1
15 Feb 2010 by Mr.PoorEnglish
A new approach to 2D - geometric computation replaces Point, Size, and Rectangle.
2 Jul 2001 by Gilad Novik
Detect internet connection using RAS API
30 Oct 2001 by Frank Melber
Use worker threads in your application without the complicated details
15 Mar 2006 by Michael Dunn
A step-by-step tutorial on writing shell extensions
5 Aug 2004 by Jasmin Muharemovic
An article about optimization and performance testing of MS SQL Server 2000 stored procedures used for paging of large resultsets in ASP.NET
26 Apr 2006 by P.Adityanand
A fully managed .NET implementation of Win32 IOCP's waitable event queuing mechanism.
29 Jul 2004 by brian598
Describes a library that can be used to retrieve Audio CD information from the CDDB compatible freedb database.
6 Aug 2005 by Rolando Cruz
A custom CWnd derived control which simulates the functionality of MS Outlook Calendar control.
5 Jul 2005 by «_Superman_»
The article demonstrates how to implement polymorphism using the C language.
3 Oct 2003 by Jim Crafton
Writing and producing documentation (HTML Help) with DocBook
9 Oct 2002 by Vladimir L.
This article describes the problems one can meet during using Wizard 97 with MFC and the way to resolve them
3 Mar 2004 by Andrew Lawrence
How to use CDialog pointers to make a tab-controlled window
19 Jan 2002 by Konstantin Boukreev
C++ wrappers for stack trace, unhandled exception and win32 structured exceptions
31 Mar 2008 by Michael Dunn
No, that's not a typo
6 Sep 2006 by Geert van Horrik
This updater makes it possible to update your application easily with data in XML format. This way, you don't have to write your own updater.
27 Apr 2011 by Niladri_Biswas
This article will disscuss about MEF, how to start working in this, etc.
9 Apr 2002 by Paul M Watt
Guide to understand the three different types of clipping regions, and how they relate to the Device Context
3 Jul 2002 by Nish Nishant
This is further demonstration of MC++ IJW capabilities
20 Aug 2001 by dswigger
A set of classes for doing stunning visual effects, including water, plasma and fire.
25 Oct 2010 by hax_
Introduction to the open-source hxGrid library for distributed computing. Main benefits of the library: cluster uses only idle time of Windows 2000/XP/Vista workstation (no dedicated workstations required); easy to use; free.
11 May 2002 by Wes Jones
This class wraps up ReadDirectoryChangesW.
7 Jul 2001 by Daniel Lohmann
The article shows a general solution to redirect any C-style callback into a member function using adapter objects
30 Mar 2003 by Paul Riley
Demistifying the mysterious ASP.NET validator controls, allowing fast and painless validation of Web Forms.
21 Dec 2003 by Brian C Hart
At last! We finish our tutorial by writing a client with MFC, AppWizard, and ClassWizard, like back in the good ol' days (sighhh...)
29 Dec 2010 by Walter Capers
The webonization of gnuplot
25 Mar 2004 by John Sasak
Step by step guide for .NET programming with a Post-Relational Database
3 Oct 2000 by Philip Oldaker
A set of shell controls and other useful classes
10 May 2005 by Dennis C. Dietrich
This article is an introduction on how to create your own effect plug-ins for Paint.NET 2.1 in C#.
22 Sep 2005 by Thomas Serface
A CFileFind with include/exclude filters.
7 Jan 2008 by Jarl Ostensen
A finite field EC and simple ECC scheme in C++ to help understand the principles.
22 Jan 2007 by Sergey Kolomenkin
Task Manager Extension. This is a Windows Task Manager (NT/2000/XP/2003) plug-in. It adds lots of useful features to the standard Task Manager. It can show process modules, memory map, used handles, open files, file properties and a lot of other info!
15 Feb 2007 by Martin Gagne
A new kind of progress bar for .NET 2.0.
26 Nov 2014 by Jeremy Falcon
Provides a base to use when programming OpenGL-enabled applications for the real world, rather than a simple hello world.
12 Oct 2011 by Tadeusz Dracz
A library to create, modify, and extract Zip archives.
14 Nov 2006 by CastorTiu
An extended control to add extra funcionality to the standard OpenFileDialog in .NET.
21 Dec 2004 by Hossein Khosravi
A 2D graph component with zoom capability.
26 Jun 2005 by oshah
An introduction to ACL based security and the Windows Access Control model.
23 Apr 2003 by Paul Vickery
Function to move or copy items and their children in a tree control
21 Nov 2005 by Friedrich Brunzema
This article describes how to use the "Select Users or Groups" system dialog.
23 Jan 2005 by Sean Michael Murphy
A library you can use to encode "hidden" data in existing files.
2 Jan 2004 by Andrew Schetinin
This article discusses impact of the multithreaded run-time library's memory manager on scaling memory-intensive server applications to Shared Memory Multiprocessor computers.
29 Nov 2004 by Manuele Sicuteri
This article shows a way to implement a base software key that could be useful for protecting software components.
4 Jun 2002 by Mauricio Ritter
This "Space Invaders"-like game was originally writen in DirectX 6, but I've changed some things so that you can use it with the latest version of the DirecX SDK. It uses just the Windows API and DirectX library (no MFC here). Have fun!
29 Jul 2009 by SergStrashko
Introduce the algorithm and technique for pre-drawing process speed up.
4 Aug 2000 by Erwin Tratar
A framework to provide automatic layout control for dialogs and forms
6 Apr 2003 by Nish Nishant
Explains the pseudo modality of CDialog based modal dialogs and a problem with the CDialog::EndDialog implementation
6 Sep 2006 by Hans Dietrich
A custom-draw list control with support for subitem colors, bold font, progress bars, and checkboxes.
1 Jan 2002 by sramsay
Custom MFC tree control that support dynamic editable items
9 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
Beginner article that shows how you can create horizontal, vertical and diagonal backgrounds. Also tells you what to watch out for, to avoid flickering when doing complicated drawing.
13 Jul 2007 by Guillaume Leparmentier
How to use, and understand, visual styles for custom controls drawn with a C# wrapper (uxtheme.dll)
6 Mar 2003 by moliate
Abusing your compiler for extremely early binding
21 Jun 2006 by David Marcionek
This article is intended to help you get up to speed quickly with developing an ActiveX control. It will show you the basic concepts you need to know about ActiveX, such as methods, properties, and events, and how to communicate between an ActiveX control and a web page.
19 Mar 2003 by Mike Carruth
This article describes how to use the CrashRpt library to generate crash report for your application that can be debugged using WinDbg or VS.NET.
25 Oct 2007 by Hans Dietrich
A custom control based on CStatic that interprets and displays common HTML text formatting elements such as bold, italic, color, font, and size, but adds only 16 Kb to your app.
26 Oct 2002 by Jonathan de Halleux
If you want to generate an AVI video from your OpenGL application, this is the class you need.
20 Sep 2004 by Horia Tudosie
A technique and a control for displaying vertical labels in web pages.
21 Jun 2004 by Stefan Kuhr
An article on enumerating logon sessions, specifically interactive logon sessions on NT based operating systems.
4 Sep 2002 by Chris Losinger
A colorizing text edit control, with full undo/redo, clipboard support, etc.
5 Oct 2002 by Rashid Thadha
create your own toolband for Internet Explorer using WTL
30 Sep 2003 by jcmag
Favalias application enables you to manage your favorites web sites in an XML file and to launch your favorites application using aliases. You can also make your own addins (in any .NET language) to call your own code.
18 Aug 2004 by JBoschen
How to restrict a shell extension from being loaded during the development process.
10 May 2002 by Nish Nishant
An MC++ class that uses IJW to invoke the IShellLink interface
30 Jan 2003 by Kirk Stowell
Integrate your help files with MSDN
8 May 2001 by Amit Dey
This article shows how to handle custom events generated in a VB ActiveX component in a Visual C++ client.
23 Nov 2001 by Vipul Lal
A class for generating Business style reports
31 Mar 2002 by Ed Gadziemski
How to use WTL's CPropertySheet implementation as a resizable view instead of a modal or modeless dialog
24 Nov 2002 by Harold Bamford
This slider allows colors/gradients to be used to indicate good, bad, or marginal ranges
23 Sep 2003 by Ben Bryant
Link CMarkup into your VC++ app and avoid complex XML tools and dependencies
24 Oct 2003 by miahrugger
This article explains how to send a raw Ethernet packet using C# and a NDIS Protocol Driver.
20 Nov 2006 by Robert Rohde
A reusable component which extends the DataGrid and adds functionality for real time filtering.
29 Jun 2004 by craigd
Simple, free, easy to install Search page in C#.
29 Nov 2006 by Anup. V
High speed graphs and charts that are also very easy to configure and use. As easy as inserting a simple chart in MS Excel!
21 Oct 2007 by cristitomi
An introduction to STL deque.
14 Mar 2004 by dacris
This utility converts projects and solutions from VS.NET 7.0 to VS.NET 7.1 and vice versa.
1 Jul 2003 by A. Riazi
Using MATLAB Engine API to control MATLAB
21 Mar 2004 by .dan.g.
A 'drop-in' FTP solution for applications providing a full GUI, extended commandline options and no resource files. Use standalone or compiled into your own app.
27 Sep 2003 by .dan.g.
A Visual Studio addin for creating and editing ASCII diagrams in source files
19 Apr 2005 by Itay Sagui
Introduction to the basic idea of the particle systems, and how to create basic effects such as explosions and water fountains.
21 Sep 2004 by Mahmoud Komeily
This article describes how to export classes from a DLL.
23 Apr 2001 by Laurent Lardinois
A short OpenGL demo showing multitexturing effects and clever math optimizations.
29 Sep 2002 by Marc Clifton
View and edit your XML database schema and data
29 Jan 2003 by Venkat Raman
This article describes a data transfer over various IPC mechansisms
7 Sep 2003 by David Crow
How to manipulate raw resources (RT_RCDATA) using UpdateResource().
25 Jun 2008 by Derek Bartram
A WPF / C# Library for implementing Office 2007 Style Ribbon Interfaces
20 Jun 2004 by Mathieu Jacques
An article on sine waves generation using math formulas.
21 Oct 2005 by Graham Harrison
Understand delegates and encourage support for events in C# classes.
7 Aug 2004 by Toby Opferman
Learn the basics of debugging deadlocks and other issues.
17 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that shows pop-up info for files.
27 Jan 2004 by Alastair Dallas
Methods for updating the system time based on an Internet reference.
27 Apr 2003 by LokiSD
Adds support for setting the background color in the RichTextBox more directly than volking's article.
3 Nov 2009 by Syed Hasan Hyder
This article focuses on internal supply chain management systems visibility via chart reports, and provides assessment apparatus to manage and monitor activities spawned during business processes, hence paves the way for timely and precise business decisions.
6 May 2004 by John Gonzalez
A C++ class to send commands to x10's firecracker unit.
7 Feb 2011 by Matt Sollars
An article on automatically switching between HTTP and HTTPS protocols without hard-coding absolute URLs
4 Oct 2012 by Nemanja Trifunovic
A tutorial on different kinds of timers
22 Mar 2004 by Saikat Sen
This is the first part of a multipart tutorial on debugging using WinDbg.
16 Jun 2004 by valdok
The difference between DFB and DIB.
16 May 2006 by Salan Alani
A printing class for the DataGridView
11 Apr 2008 by Carlos Jiménez de Parga
A wrapper class library for the DirectMusic MIDI.
25 Apr 2003 by Daniel Kopitchinski
Reflected Messages, MFC and SDK Subclassing
13 Feb 2009 by dB.
A VMWare C# tasks library.
8 Jun 2007 by Ed.Poore
A generic class for providing thread-safe invocation of delegates. Can be used for (but not limited to) updating GUI elements from another thread.
6 Sep 2013 by ThatsAlok
A free component for HTML parsing and cleaning
27 Jul 2000 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial for programmers new to COM that explains how to reuse existing COM components, for example, components in the Windows shell.
17 Jul 2002 by Ranjeet Chakraborty
This article is my attempt at developing an extremely simple Whiteboard application in C#/ WinForms and sockets for messaging, to be used simultaneously by 2 users.
10 Nov 2014 by Tsuda Kageyu
Extract all the variations of an icon, including the ones ExtractIconEx() can't extract.
Using a VBScript class to upload files. Useful when you are not able to deploy a custom COM object.
23 Oct 2001 by Neil Yao
An XP-style ownerdrawn menu with support for background images and icon shadow
29 Sep 2018 by libbyliugang
A splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position
19 Jan 2003 by peterchen
Setting up doxygen, a free tool to document your code, in a few simple steps.
28 Apr 2002 by Nish Nishant
Explains how to register, use and unregister hotkeys
14 Jun 2003 by ljw1004
Best practices for screensaver coding/distribution.
1 Jul 2003 by Zorglab
An theme-aware colour picker MFC control that combines the functionalities of other colour pickers on CodeProject and adds some new functionality.
19 Dec 2004 by Paul Yi Tung, Ooi
Provide a way to override the creation parameters for any window with a service application.
23 May 2007 by Hans Dietrich
XEmphasisButton allows you to display buttons with bold and underlined text without requiring ownerdraw. This means that the button is perfectly compatible with XP themes, and also works on previous Windows versions.
15 Jan 2004 by Dmitriy Yakovlev
An enhanced status bar which allows you to easily add/remove almost any controls to/from its panes, on-the-fly.
30 Jan 2003 by Marc Richarme
A small class that gives splitter-windows a flat look
25 Apr 2004 by SteveKing
A CEdit control with a spell checker and thesaurus.
27 Nov 2003 by nickadams
How to redirect an arbitrary console's input/output in a simple, graceful way
7 Apr 2007 by Herre Kuijpers
A small reusable framework that implements a Rules Wizard resembling Outlook's Rules and alerts feature allowing users to configure and store their own rules.
22 Nov 2003 by Greg Ellis
This article will show you how to skin a CListCtrl including the CHeaderCtrl and the scrollbars. You will be able to totally customize the look and feel of almost all the aspects of a CListCtrl.
27 Mar 2007 by Jim Xochellis
This article is discussing the efficiency of the most popular search_n implementations. Furthermore, it is introducing a new search_n specialization for random access iterators, which outruns by far the most commonly used implementations.
8 Jan 2013 by Chris Maunder
Explains how to use comboboxes to edit cells in the MFC Grid Control
14 Jun 2004 by John Sasak
Step by step introduction to a new generation database for .NET
14 Feb 2002 by Nish Nishant
A class for reading and writing floppy disk sectors directly [Win 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP]
14 Nov 2005 by shellraker
A Windows FTP client written without CInternetSession or CFtpConnection classes. Demonstrates manual manipulation of Winsock sockets, FTP principles, and GUI concepts such as List controls with in-place label-editing and column sorting, progress indicators, and reading and writing to the Registry.
11 Mar 2003 by Brigsoft
This article describes the process of creating an application that is startup-hidden and is opened when clicking on the system tray icon. The SDI VC++ v6.0 demo project is attached. The project demonstrates the use of a hidden window, a system tray icon and a startup flipping prevention technique.
12 Apr 2002 by Davide Pizzolato
Quick reference to draw lines, shapes, or text on bitmaps
11 May 2004 by Johan Rosengren
A line-numbering edit control
1 May 2002 by Markus Loibl
Shows the usage of the freeimage-library to show and convert various file-formats
29 Nov 2007 by Windmiller
This graphical application will play and display frequencies and mix them together so that you can analyze what's really going on with sounds that we call intone. Handling a basic DFT version that will prove to us which frequencies are involved. It was originally made in plain C.
24 Aug 2000 by Yury Goltsman
The simplest way to change color, font or set blinking mode for any standard control
2 Sep 2001 by Rashid Thadha
Use the MS DataGrid control in your C++ app with ADO
20 Aug 2001 by Coleman Brumley
Use the custom draw features of a List Control to dynamically find and hightlight items.
26 May 2003 by George Anescu
Presenting some algorithms for operations with large integer numbers in a C++ class using the STL vector container
18 May 2003 by whizer
A Qt based tool designed to control Windows NT services (start, stop, pause, continue) and to show information about them.
21 Mar 2003 by mikas
Assigning disabled image to ImageButton Control
5 Sep 2000 by xicoloko, Curt Robinson
A COM object you can use to transfer files in ASP
18 Jan 2008 by Usama El-Mokadem
A tool to display and modify IP-to-Physical address translation tables used by the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
6 Aug 2002 by Enrico Elizar Samuel
Demonstrates capabilities of ADO.NET to deal with XML, by creating a guestbook.
2 Mar 2008 by liuxiao
A way of adding hyperlink in CListCtrl
3 Aug 2002 by Frank Luchs
A CSliderCtrl using 3 bitmaps for scale, knob and dot
23 Apr 2001 by Sardaukar
List view sort on header click and showing 'No items' with 'More' tooltip
7 Aug 2002 by Jean-Michel LE FOL
Another FontComboBox class. This one uses the ATL technology.
7 Mar 2004 by Yury Lukach
A fix of ATL 7 CAtlHttpClientT code
12 May 2002 by NETMaster
Using TWAIN API to scan images
20 Mar 2002 by Christian Graus
The first in a series of articles which will build an image processing library in C# and GDI+
25 Oct 2003 by Jeff Varszegi
A Comprehensive Logging Package for .NET
18 Sep 2006 by Dan Madden
A replacement for the Registry Editor by Microsoft.
9 Jan 2005 by Michael Kennedy
A class library for using *global* system hooks in .NET.
19 Oct 2004 by mav.northwind
An extended ListView to allow for in-place editing of subitems using arbitrary controls as editors
18 Apr 2004 by Marc Clifton
Demonstrates Using MyXaml With A Vector Graphics Engine to Create an Analog Clock
14 Nov 2003 by Amer Gerzic
Explains principles behind writing regular expression parsers.
5 Jan 2008 by Mike Hankey
A utility to uncover the mysteries of the Clipboard, now with a data injector that allows you to pass various data formats to the Clipboard.
22 Jun 2004 by Roger Allen
A discussion of the OS menu object from a beginner's viewpoint. I take you through the basics to a more advanced understanding of menus and how to interact with them from code.
9 May 2003 by Ernest Laurentin
Screen Event Recorder (DLL) shows how to create a DLL/Application (one that can be used with RunDll32.exe).
11 Mar 2009 by potluri_suresh
This article is for developers who are writing Windows kernel device drivers for the first time and want to experiment with a simple example with source code.
25 Mar 2015 by Chivate Atul
Tracing dead-locks in multi-threaded applications.
9 Jul 2008 by Davide Pizzolato
A skinned button class with clipping region, tooltip and mouse tracking
14 Jul 2002 by Ernest Laurentin
Introduce to MSSCRIPT.OCX and calling JScript and VBScript in your C++ Application
8 Mar 2006 by Perry Marchant
An article on accessing a VB.NET library from a MFC/ATL COM client.
25 Mar 2002 by Florin Vasilescu
A simple application that retrieves the color codes from any area of your screen, with some cool options.
31 Jan 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article introduces shell programming using C#. It includes developing several utility classes for working with the shell and a class that wraps the extensible Browse for Folder dialog.
17 Sep 2000 by Nick Hodapp
Spelunking in the Badlands of MSDEV
29 Jun 2003 by toffy
The article describes how to use the scintilla control in a MFC application to display syntax coloring information
14 Dec 2003 by Pablo Software Solutions
This control simulates clouds with scrolling text and can be used as an aboutbox.
10 Jan 2005 by Abin
A DLL injection library that works on both Win9x & NT platforms.
22 Aug 2013 by ThatsAlok
Opensource Outlook Express automation library
29 Oct 2005 by Tamir Gal
A C# implementation of the SSH2 protocol.
2 Mar 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article is about Application Desktop Toolbars, which are applications that can align to the screen much like the taskbar. The article will develop a base class for developing such apps.
16 Aug 2003 by Ian Giffen
The first in a series of articles, this one covering DragDrop
19 Dec 2004 by Sunjoy Chen
An article on a curve control.
17 Aug 2002 by Len Holgate
This article explains the potential problems with having multiple pending recvs calls on a single socket.
14 Jun 2001 by Greg Winkler
A solution that allows you to dock Cristi Posea's Docking Window class inside ActiveX controls.
8 Dec 2004 by Soenke Schau
A tool to switch the Sourcecode Control Provider which is used in a development environment.
5 Jun 2005 by smiling4ever
To make a dictionary that will work with Google Suggest like Dictionary.
23 Jan 2005 by Colin Angus Mackay
Discusses various aspects of SQL Injection attacks, what to look for in your code, and how to secure it against SQL Injection attacks.
19 Jul 2007 by David Pritchard
A class, derived from CStdioFile, which transparently reads and writes both Unicode and multibyte files. Version 1.5.
17 Dec 2001 by Brian Friesen
How to generate a CRC32 based on a file
13 Jul 2006 by Greg Ellis
This article shows you how to create a skinnable scrollbar as a user control, and use it in a Panel to replace the ugly Windows scrollbar.
6 Aug 2007 by Isil Orhanel
Palantir is an application that allows users to manage remote desktop connections in one window. It also allows users to save existing connections for later use.
7 Jul 2011 by Eugene Khodakovsky
A class for easy implementation of JavaScript calls from C++ code.
27 Dec 2004 by Irek Zielinski
HTML editing control for VC++ 6.0 equivalent to MFC7 CHtmlEditCtrlBase class.
15 Feb 2005 by Jack Handy
Matches a string against a wildcard string such as "*.*" or "bl?h.*" etc. This is good for file globbing or to match hostmasks.
14 Jun 2001 by Maarten Hoeben
An Outlook 98/2000 Style SuperGrid Report Control that tries to overcome some of the weaknesses of other implementations.
19 Mar 2004 by Toby Opferman
Learn how to debug problems in software.
30 Jun 2004 by Shams Mukhtar
Development of a framework for master-pages using ASP.NET and C#.
10 Oct 2007 by c-smile
HTML/XML scanner/tokenizer, also known as a pull parser
16 Jul 2002 by [goofy]
An article on simple loading GIF, JPEG pictures from a resource (.RC) (no MFC)
4 Nov 2000 by Igor Tkachev
Integrating MS Office in your MFC Application using ActiveX Document mode.
27 Jul 2007 by Hamed Mosavi
This article will describe steps required to power on remote machines in a local area network.
9 Mar 2012 by Uwe_Sieber
Shows the link between a drive letter, its disk number, and the disk's device instance
17 Feb 2002 by Zeeshan Amjad
This is article 2 in a series of tutorials that discuss some of the inner workings of ATL and the techniques that ATL uses.
8 Sep 2003 by Allen Anderson
Guide to creating a CAO object through an SAO class factory
19 Aug 2002 by Eric Lapouge
An article on how to access the content of the RecycleBin, track its changes and deal with its functionnalities (delete-restore)
26 Aug 2004 by Alexander Yumashev
The code shows how to save (and restore) an instance of your own class to clipboard.
17 Oct 2006 by hector [.j.] rivas
Distillate your own JavaScript flavor with prototypes.
2 Aug 2003 by Chris Maunder
A class for adding icons to the system tray
1 Oct 2002 by John O'Byrne
CSplashScreenEx allows to display a non rectangular bitmap with information about the init of your app
26 Jan 2004 by dkotchan
Some interesting customization techniques are presented for making the 'File' common dialogs read-only.
11 Jul 2002 by Damir Valiulin
Numeric spin control for working with real numbers
4 Nov 2001 by Davide Pizzolato
An owner-drawn button class that gives a professional look to your buttons.
16 Dec 2008 by Petro Protsyk
Scripting language for .NET Framework 2.0. Supports native .NET Types, Dynamic casting, Meta programming.
13 Dec 2002 by Michael Dunn
A step-by-step description of how to drag and drop files between your application and Explorer windows.
11 May 2004 by Jonathan Hodgson
This article presents VB.NET code to create thumbnail images from a directory of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents using the .NET Framework.
24 Jan 2006 by PEK
A custrom-draw virtual list control. Support for subitem editing, images, button (checkboxes, radio buttons), custom colors, and "column navigation".
18 Feb 2005 by Lim Bio Liong
Learn the fundamental principles of the COM Single-Threaded Apartment Model by code examples.
2 Jun 2010 by Hans Dietrich
XFolderDialog provides a folder selection dialog like that used in MS Word, and includes persistent list view type.
28 May 2003 by adrian cooper
A beginner's guide to adding a binary resource in visual studio and a simple class for programmatical extraction.
6 Nov 2004 by ThatsAlok
An article touching simple issues like events, methods and properties.
24 Nov 2003 by umeca74
Launch a console process from your GUI app and receive its output, even from Win9x
18 Apr 2005 by earmitage
An article on enumerating SQL Server instances in C# using ODBC thus removing any dependancy on SQLDMO. Based on the C++ article by Santosh Rao.
18 Jun 2002 by Stanley Wang
An article on inter-process communication between Java and Java, Java and C++ programs.
27 Aug 2001 by Carlos Antollini
Two classes that make easy to work with ODBC
23 Mar 2007 by Ravi Bhavnani
A framework to allow public web services to be used as objects in your application.
25 Apr 2008 by Carlos Saraiva Jr.
This application deletes links from the Recent Projects list on the Start page of Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008
15 Feb 2004 by Mark Belles
Demonstrates how to enumerate and host Windows Control Panel Applets using C# and unmanaged C++.
27 Apr 2003 by Softomatix
How to add user to file access permissions using DirectoryServices in .NET framework in Active Directory
8 Mar 2006 by Doug Healy
Allows user defined sizing of DataGrid column header height to support multi-line header text.
19 Jun 2007 by Leshchuk Aleksey
Creating the General ProfUIS Dialog and ProfUIS MessageBox
11 Feb 2006 by PJ Arends
Presents a header file that allows a single source file that uses STL to be built in either ANSI or Unicode, without any changes or lots of #ifdefs.
9 Jun 2011 by Md. Marufuzzaman
How to create your first SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package - part 1
19 Jun 2002 by Thomas Freudenberg
Get shell icons, even if they're customized
12 Oct 2002 by Ed Gadziemski, Rick Pingry
This article describes how to use an MDI client in a splitter pane of a WTL MDI application with splitter window.
2 Mar 2004 by A. Riazi
Building COM components that can be called from any IDE that supports COM with MATLAB COMBuilder toolbox.
22 Oct 2010 by Mustafa Chelik
Play XM music files in pure C++ using unpacked BASSMOD.dll from file and memory
24 Nov 2001 by Thomas Blenkers
Floating a CToolBar with a given number of rows to be displayed is tricky
19 Jun 2002 by Waheed Khan
Online spell checking using C# and regular expressions.
19 May 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
This module is designed to solve the old problem of directory replication.
5 Jun 2009 by jehrry
Overcome window flicker while dragging with CImageList
16 Apr 2001 by Tim Deveaux
This brief tutorial shows how to use a CWnd in 'full screen' mode, and provides a framework for investigating some simple Windows graphic calls.
29 Jun 2006 by Herre Kuijpers
A grid allowing grouping and arranging items, much like Outlook.
9 Feb 2005 by Mike O'Neill
COleRichEditCtrl will display RTF text as well as bitmaps, video clips, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and any other kind of OLE objects.
15 Jan 2005 by Ramanan.T
Useful tool to view functions in a library (.LIB) file and export them to a header (.H) file
5 Mar 2002 by Nish Nishant
Explains a multithreaded TCP file server, a custom TCP chat protocol and a custom TCP client
7 Feb 2004 by Alexander Kent
An article demonstrating the usage of Platform Invoke Services in Visual C# to interoperate with Windows Media Player.
29 Apr 2002 by Pavel Zolnikov
Walks you through the implementation of an Explorer bar with the help of BandObject base class. Describes implementation details of the BandObject class.
20 Sep 2005 by nschan
An article on adding scrolling to a CWnd or CDialog using a C++ helper class.
4 Oct 2002 by Shaun Wilde
An article on how to actually support data binding in your WebControl such that you can manipulate them in the Properties window.
5 Apr 2003 by Tim Kosse
CAsyncSocketEx is an MFC-less replacement for CAsyncSocket which does also offer a flexible layer system. With the layer class CAsyncProxySocketLayer, you can connect through proxy servers.
6 Jan 2004 by Wesner Moise
Detailed looked at the implementation of strings in .NET
24 May 2007 by Nicolas Bonamy
A grid to display and edit properties of objects (as in Visual Studio)
16 Aug 2007 by Libor Tinka
This article discusses a little weakness in GDI+ filters and shows a class for top-quality image resizing.
2 Aug 2003 by Nikolai Teofilov
An ATL/STL ActiveX control based on OpenGL library for 3D data visualization
21 Mar 2003 by Rob Manderson
A guide to using lex and yacc to create parsers in your projects
28 Mar 2013 by Khorshed Alam, Dhaka
How to execute multiple long running SQL Statement Asynchronously in smaller chunks
14 Mar 2004 by «_Superman_»
Displays current time in various timezones. Also demonstrates some Win32 API programming tricks.
29 Jan 2005 by IGx89
Instructions on how to implement _fseeki64 and _ftelli64.
28 May 2007 by mehrcpp
A C# (.NET 2.0) control which creates, hosts, and offers advanced customization such as dragdrop, file downloads, HTTP/S header viewing, and much more.
15 Jul 2003 by Alex Hazanov
A library that allows you to embed scripting functionality to your C++ MFC application.
19 Sep 2012 by ljw1004
Adding zip/unzip easily, no LIBS or DLLs, with an elegant and powerful API
4 Jun 2007 by Victor Ricklefs
MFC tree control showing the files in a manner similar to the left-hand side of Windows Explorer, but allowing selection of multiple files and folders for further processing in your program
22 Dec 2012 by Anders Dalvander
An introduction to context handles in RPC. A simple RPC client/server application using context handles is explained.
30 Jun 2002 by .dan.g.
A framework for overriding all aspects of a tab control's apprearance, including the borders, the background and of course the tabs themselves.
13 Mar 2003 by Marc Clifton
The third installment of this series discusses the design and implementation of the Data Hub.
22 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
Fighting back against the e-mail harvesters.
4 Aug 2005 by Doga Arinir
Using Microsoft's tracing infrastructure for ODBC.
13 Dec 2002 by PJ Arends
A control that combines an edit control for entering a file or directory name, and a browse button that brings up a dialog for choosing a file or folder.
29 Sep 2002 by Ahmed Ismaiel Zakaria
The fastest, easy way to copy files from different folders at the same time
2 Oct 2005 by Jun Du
This article discusses some advanced topics on how to embed Python modules in C/C++ applications.
2 Nov 2011 by Rene Pally
Advanced .NET Debugging Extracting Information from Memory
19 Jan 2006 by Till Krullmann
A WTL extension which introduces layout maps to automatically update the layout in resizable dialogs.
6 May 2008 by Sergey Arhipenko
How to employ Windows Workflow Foundation for testing processes. Let's design tests on a visual diagram and automate its execution!
19 Sep 2006 by Gopalakrishna Palem
Explains techniques for capturing the screen programmatically.
20 Mar 2002 by Paul M Watt
Beginner's guide to understanding how to paint to a window in the WIN32 SDK environment
19 May 2003 by Hans Dietrich
XFile extends the Win32 file functions with a non-MFC class that includes functions to implement file rollover, file shrinking, file compare, buffered writes, mapped file reads, zipping, and automatic file size limits.
20 Mar 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Detect Hardware Faults and Unauthorized In-Memory Patches with Hashing using Crypto++
8 May 2005 by J W Payne
A Visual Studio add-in to help navigate around large projects.
13 Jul 2005 by Daniel Bowen
An extensible framework for creating customized tabs in ATL/WTL, with a VS.NET-like tab control implementation, tabbed frames, tabbed MDI, and more.
29 Feb 2004 by Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to constructing C++ DLLs that include C++ functions and C++ classes, and then calling the DLL functions and classes from VC++ and VB programs.
12 Jan 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
This is a tool similar to RegSvr32, but it allows for registration of COM servers for the current user only.
2 Oct 2003 by Derek Lakin
An extended tab control that allows tab pages to be added from dialog resources
10 May 2012 by icemanind
This article takes you through a step-by-step process of creating your own virtual machine.
22 Apr 2005 by A. Riazi
A utility for bulk scanning, converting the scanned pages to PDF and burning them on CD/DVD for archiving.
21 Aug 2004 by A. Riazi, Shafiee
This article shows you a very simple way to show system dialogs like Internet Options, Add/Remove Programs, and etc.
24 Nov 2005 by Kevin Moore
Modified Microsoft Setup program to install required IE6, MSI 2.0 and .NET.
28 Sep 2003 by Marc Clifton
Extend Unit Testing So That Entire Processes Can Be Tested
16 Mar 2004 by A. Riazi
Enumerate installed devices on a local or remote computer.
13 Jun 2003 by Matt Gullett
A detailed look at the evolution of a project from concept to product. (This is the fourth installment of what should be several more articles.)
24 Jun 2003 by Davide Calabro
3 Sep 2003 by Jean-Michel Cupidon
This ASP.NET application allows the sharing of Internet Explorer Favorites URLs over an intranet or the Internet.
25 May 2006 by Syed Adnan Ahmed
Some useful SQL queries to analyze and monitor SharePoint Portal solutions usage.
16 Feb 2008 by Jonathan [Darka]
A simple C++ wrapper class for User Impersonation
3 May 2008 by Sasha Goldshtein
In this article, we will write a full-blown WMI provider in managed code and consume that provider from managed code using the WMI extensions in .NET 3.5.
26 Mar 2002 by Konrad Rotuski
This article explains how to draw images on MDI Main Frame background using window subclassing
29 May 2002 by Mauricio Ritter
This is a simple implementation of Pentominos, a puzzle game. The source code is written in C# and uses a lot of concepts about drawing and matrix handling. Hope you enjoy it !
28 Sep 2002 by Chew Keong TAN
Implementation of a BigInteger Class in C#
26 Mar 2007 by Emma Burrows
Babies and other animals love nothing better than to have a whack at the keyboard, with all sorts of unpredictable results. This application demonstrates how to trap keystrokes before they can do any damage.
19 Dec 2002 by Tony Allowatt
A set of classes to simplify using custom properties in the .NET PropertyGrid control.
13 May 2003 by SteveKing
A small utility which refreshes the icons in your IE favorites menu
30 Apr 2006 by Cradle77
An implementation of Borland's ActionList.
19 Jan 2008 by Hans Dietrich
XButtonXP is an XP theme-aware pushbutton that can optionally be used as a toggle button. It can also display an icon with or without text.
19 Sep 2005 by Kivanc Ozuolmez
A web (modal) messagebox without popup.
28 Mar 2010 by Lord TaGoH
How to use Ghostscript library to create an image (or images) from a PDF file
21 Nov 2007 by Serge Klimov
This is an implementation of docking windows for the WTL library
6 Jul 2006 by Dan Letecky
Building an application that searches your Office documents in tenths of a second.
30 Apr 2003 by Andreas Kapust
An AutoCompletion control that doesn't use IAutoComplete but still retains the same look and feel.
30 Nov 2003 by AlexeyU
Simple operations with datetime - add/diff to/from datetime, difference between datetime on WinAPI
23 Jan 2012 by Shup
An article on simple but frequently used utility functions.
5 Apr 2004 by Paul Tingey
A simple custom attribute to order properties in the PropertyGrid.
25 Aug 2004 by Omid Shahabi
A link-library and its interface class to create, load and modify DXF files.
12 Jan 2004 by yetanotherchris
Do it yourself intellisense/autocompletion.
13 Jan 2004 by Idael Cardoso
C# code to handle CDROM drives and read CD tracks
4 Jun 2002 by Zeeshan Amjad
Contininuing the ATL Under the Hood series to explain the inner workings of ATL
8 Nov 2001 by Uwe Keim
Changing the Row Height in an owner drawn List View Control
23 Dec 2015 by Simone Serponi
An easy to use library to quickly setup and run OpenGL applications.
6 Jan 2005 by Hans Dietrich
Add Winsock error lookup to your C++ or VB app with this DLL.
7 Mar 2008 by Hans Dietrich
XBrowseForFolder wraps the SHBrowseForFolder API, provides a way to specify an initial directory, and cleans up the SHBrowseForFolder dialog.
23 Aug 2003 by Todd Sprang
This article details how to build a Snap-In-Capable application, similar to the way that MMC works.
14 Jan 2005 by ejor
Get icons from Exe or DLL the PE way or how to emulate PrivateExtractIcons.
12 Jul 2007 by Vahe Karamian
This article is the third part of a series of articles which will discuss embedded systems and their applications. It will use the BASIC Stamp II microcontroller for creation of a simple robot.
5 Aug 2003 by Nikolai Teofilov
An ActiveX control for 2D data visualisation
31 Mar 2001 by Joseph M. Newcomer
There is a lot of confusion about how to set up and use global hook functions. This essay attempts to clear up some of these issues.
11 Dec 2002 by Emanuele Ruffaldi
Fast matrix expressions evaluation, based on dynamic code generation and partial evaluation
16 Oct 2008 by Paul M Watt
An interpretation of a popular falling block game implemented with DirectX that attempts to avoid any copyright infringement.
26 Sep 2004 by Chester Ragel
Label which can display text in any orientation and shape.
10 Oct 2006 by Gopalakrishna Palem
Explains methods for creating a movie (AVI/ WMV/ MOV) programmatically.
14 Dec 2009 by TheCodeKing
An easy-to-use, zero configuration solution to .NET communication across application boundaries. A simple library to use as an alternative to .NET Remoting based on low-level Windows Messaging.
2 Aug 2003 by James T. Johnson
A walkthrough in the creation of a trivial IExtenderProvider component
9 Sep 2004 by Rob van der Veer
This control allows you to select a template for each different row in your Repeater, based on the content of that row.
16 Nov 2006 by rtybase
An article describing the technique of recording sound from waveform-audio input devices and encoding it in MP3 format.
26 Sep 2001 by George Anescu
An article presenting a C++ implementation of the Blowfish encryption/decryption method
3 Sep 2003 by Bryan McPhail
This article will explain some of the software engineering issues inside the MAME source tree, and provide an overview of how the emulation actually works.
7 Mar 2004 by Viatcheslav V. Vassiliev
An article on using WMI to retrieve hardware information.
18 Jan 2017 by nilaysoft
Demonstrates how to implement a WIN32 color picker and font picker by owner drawn control
13 May 2002 by mystro_AKA_kokie
This is a demostration of a general purpose ruler control in use. It consist of 2 apps and the ActiveX control itself. Control code is included.
21 May 2003 by Jonathan de Halleux
Library for creating autonomous agents that have (fun) life-like behaviors.
25 Jun 2001 by Davide Calabro
A CFileDialog implementation using APIs.
6 Aug 2003 by Dana Epp
An article demonstrating a better Password Dialog box in C#
21 Oct 2003 by Kodanda Pani
This article describes how to call a COBOL program residing on an AS400 machine from a .NET application.
29 Dec 2004 by Samiullah Khan
This article describes the process of storing the audio data of a movie file (.mpeg, .mpg, .avi and .dat) on the hard disk in a WAV file using DirectShow filters.
30 Dec 2003 by Igor Katrayev
WTL class that tabs and splits child views in your SDI application
1 Sep 2001 by Matt Gullett
A robust mechanism for sending CString objects to windows within the current process.
5 Jun 2002 by Hans Dietrich
How to use the Thread Information Block to store descriptive information about the thread
6 May 2010 by David Cruwys
Provide a mechanism to execute a list of tasks in parallel on multiple threads and communicate back to the calling thread useful states such as exceptions, timeouts, and successful task completion.
3 Feb 2002 by Michael Dunn
An advanced utility that scans computers for missing hotfixes, and helps you download and install them.
5 Dec 2001 by Ivo Ivanov
A reusable object-oriented framework for preserving state of stateless components.
7 Aug 2003 by Jonathan de Halleux
Add the Lua scripting engine to your .NET applications.
19 Mar 2001 by Mumtaz Zaheer
This article shows how to inject your code into another applications address space and then subclass their window to force it to act as you desire.
25 Apr 2002 by Albert Pascual
Sending mail in Managed C++ using SMTP
27 Mar 2003 by Uttam Kumar Unik!
How To Use MSFlexGrid Control on an ATL Composite Control
7 Jan 2008 by alberich123
Remote control startup and shutdown of a server automatically by several clients, to have the server running only if the clients are active. Uses Wake On Lan, Windows Services, and .NET Remoting.