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Visual Studio .NET 2003


Great Reads

by Martin Welker
To get qualified access to paper based information, sometimes more than plain OCR is needed. This article shows why, and offers a solution to increase OCR quality by semi-automatic table extraction.
by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that can be used on the Send To menu.
by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on using owner-drawn menus in a context menu shell extensions, and on making a context menu extension that responds to a right-click in a directory background.
by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB

Latest Articles

by Chris Stefano
A custom tool for Visual Studio .NET which runs an XSL transformation to generate code
by Eric P Schneider
Basic demo on how to serialize and deserialize custom collections
by Emre Guldogan
A System for Simulation and Analysis of Logic Circuits
by Predrag Dukanac
A printing utility for .NET

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Visual Studio .NET 2003 

30 Apr 2005 by Martin Welker
To get qualified access to paper based information, sometimes more than plain OCR is needed. This article shows why, and offers a solution to increase OCR quality by semi-automatic table extraction.
26 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that can be used on the Send To menu.
30 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on using owner-drawn menus in a context menu shell extensions, and on making a context menu extension that responds to a right-click in a directory background.
13 Sep 2005 by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB
1 Feb 2017 by Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
How to build my own 3D graphics engine from ZERO step by step
24 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that provides custom drag and drop functionality.
22 Jan 2004 by Wytek Szymanski
An article about a bi-directional communication using a single open connection.
4 Jul 2005 by DeltaEngine
Normal maps are used for realtime 3D rendering (mostly in games) to improve the visual quality, but compressing them makes the 3D content look ugly, this tool helps to fix that problem.
28 Jun 2005 by Greg Rezansoff
This brief article describes how to use managed Direct3D to render texture bitmaps with alpha channels and transparency key colours onto vertices in C# with the aid of a MatrixStack.
23 Jul 2004 by Luuk Weltevreden
This article shows a set of templates created around the Microsoft Cabinet library. With these templates, you can extract cabinet files and cabinets stored in the resource section of a module. It can be easily extended to allow extraction through other means.
11 Jan 2008 by eransha
The article briefly discusses deadlocks behavior, and presents an easy way to detect them.
22 Jun 2009 by Victor A. Milokum, Apriorit Inc
In this article, we will try to make our algorithms work faster using the methods of low-level optimization of memory allocation in C++.
9 Nov 2005 by Koushik Biswas
An article on synchronization of a GET REQUEST/ PUT RESPONSE MQ C# program and a PUT REQUEST/ GET RESPONSE MQ C# program.
31 Mar 2006 by Dan Radu
The DACBuilder application provides auto-generation features from multiple database systems in multiple programming languages.
15 Mar 2005 by Chester Ragel
Finding MCMS user by role.
17 Oct 2005 by Bill Pierce
Creating an ASP.NET server control wrapper for the Google Maps API.
16 Sep 2007 by Rajasekharan Vengalil
How to switch the thread that a routine is running on.
7 Jan 2008 by S.SRIVATHSAN
Implementation Nhibernate concept in VB.NET
29 Aug 2009 by _Khallaf
How To Do Precise 2-Way Rijndael CryptoStream Communication
14 Jan 2008 by Andy Lang
With this tool, you can statistic a C# solution or project code count.
30 Apr 2007 by Frank Rem
PDFKit.NET 2.0 is a 100% .NET (verifiable) component for creating and manipulating PDF documents. In this article I will focus on its digital signature capabilities. Digital signatures can be used to authenticate the source of a PDF document, and to provide the integrity of a PDF document.
20 Oct 2005 by Marco Roello
The screensaver plays from 1 to 16 video (or media files) simultaneously.
5 Feb 2007 by Pman75
A 2 tier menu generator that can be navigated forwards and/or backwards.
2 May 2007 by Srinivas-Miriyala
This tool move the previously-published infopath form templates to a new location.
13 Jun 2007 by Tohar
Solve the problem of failing to update a WebService after upgrading to NET 2.0 using VS2005 (using JBOSS).
17 Mar 2005 by JetBrains s.r.o.
ReSharper is a VS.NET add-in with features such as intelligent coding assistance, on-the-fly error highlighting and quick error correction, unmatched support for code refactoring, and a whole lot more.
2 Nov 2005 by Gabriel Torok
Using Dotfuscator to protect your .NET source code from decompilers.
30 Mar 2006 by Whole Tomato Software
Read on to learn the real reason my co-workers virtually dragged me to our purchasing agent to get my very own license for Visual Assist X!
2 May 2006 by Petr Palas
This article compares various approaches to storing, editing, and displaying structured content on the web. It shows the advantages and disadvantages of using XML and relational SQL databases.
4 May 2006 by Simon Galbraith
The architect of ANTS Profiler talks about his work.
2 Oct 2006 by Redgate Software
This article describes how you can use ANTS Profiler to eliminate performance hotspots and memory leaks from your .NET applications.
10 Oct 2006 by Whole Tomato Software
A review of the code refactoring tools in Visual Assist X - by John Krajewski, Senior AI Programmer, Pandemic Studios.
29 Jun 2007 by SlickEdit Inc.
Using SlickEdit 2007 For Windows Development
1 Oct 2007 by RescoDeveloper.Net
The article describes the suite of Visual Studio controls, tools and samples designed for mobile business application development, targeting Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.
27 Feb 2009 by Redgate Software
Adam Marciniec experienced a substantial slow down in his code, so he went hunting for the bottleneck with ANTS Profiler. With it, he found the specific method responsible for the performance issue. Find out how he fixed the problem and boosted the performance of his application.
28 Jun 2005 by Daniel Cazzulino [XML MVP]
An in-depth exploration of the features and the power of .NET Component Model architecture, its integration with the IDE at design-time and the possiblities it opens through extensions at run-time.
28 Sep 2005 by Dan Farino
How to track down and patch an annoyance in Windows Explorer's code.
16 Dec 2005 by Aleksei Trunov
An article on generalized functors implementation in C++. Generalized functor requirements, existing implementation problems and disadvantages are considered. Several new ideas and problem solutions together with the compete implementation are suggested.
13 Jan 2004 by Sergiy Lavrynenko of Foss Software, Inc.
MFC extension library enabling software to be provided with a professional UI
26 Nov 2003 by Daniel Zaharia
The article demonstrates how to edit and persist collections with CollectionEditor.
21 Apr 2004 by Armen Hakobyan
Using SQL-DMO to shrink SQL Server transaction logs.
20 Apr 2005 by mark novak
A psychological journey into a project crafted from start to finish.
24 Nov 2014 by SIDDHARTH_JAIN
Optical Flow or Motion Estimation Using the Watson-Ahumada (WA) Algorithm
18 May 2007 by Pascal Ganaye
This second article about evaluation in .NET introduces a parser which pre-compiles the expressions
27 Aug 2007 by Drew_Benton
This is a complete beginners guide to codecaves that covers the main topics of: what a codecave is, what a codecave can be used for, and how to use a codecave.
17 Nov 2005 by Heath Stewart
Shell extensions to distinguish between .NET assemblies and Win32 applications and libraries.
19 Mar 2006 by Eyal Post
Using the IFilter interface to extract text from various document types.
25 May 2006 by Mr.Smarty
The article explains how to create an OSD window with animation/semi-transparent effects, in C#, using the NativeWindow class.
27 Aug 2005 by Hongwei Shen
A C# .NET implemntation of HTML text compare and merge engine based on a similar algorithm as the Unix diff.
10 Jan 2005 by Anna-Jayne Metcalfe
An application/add-in to organise and renumber resource symbol IDs
2 May 2005 by Uwe Keim
An article demonstrating how to receive events from a late-bound COM server using Microsoft Word as an example COM server.
2 Jan 2005 by Jon Sagara
This article provides an easy method to lookup a U.S. City/State by ZIP Code, or one or more ZIP Codes by City/State. It also describes a method to calculate the distance between two ZIP Codes and find all other ZIP Codes within a radius of X miles of a specified ZIP Code.
29 Apr 2004 by Rob Caldecott
Extension to WTL CDialogResize template to support persistent dialog size
7 Apr 2005 by Yves Tkaczyk
CTreePropSheetEx is an extension of CTreePropSheet offering new features such as resizing, skipping empty pages, and new property frames such as Office 2003 option sheet.
12 Sep 2005 by Thanh Dao
This code implements the Longest Common Sub-strings with Maximal Consecutive problem.
21 Jan 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Create and Verify RSA Digital Signatures with Appendix Using Crypto++
17 Sep 2005 by Mathew Hall
A fully customisable ListView style control based on Java's JTable.
15 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that operates on multiple files at once.
6 Jul 2004 by Johnvey Hwang
Open source Gmail API in C#
27 Aug 2003 by Don Kackman
Using the XP Theme API safely on any OS from C#
28 May 2007 by Sau Fan Lee
ASCII Art generator in ASP.NET.
15 Dec 2009 by Nikhil Soman
Easy to use profiler for time and impact analysis of C/C++ code which uses the Visual Studio C/C++ compiler (/Gh and /GH flags) and the DIA SDK to gather profiling data.
29 Jan 2004 by Daniel Zaharia
The article presents a way to enhance the use of the PropertyGid control with dynamic properties and globalization
31 Oct 2007 by Hatem Mostafa
This article demonstrates N-gram construction and Fast Text Pattern Extraction using a modified LZW algorithm.
20 Nov 2016 by Thierry Parent
A C#, C++, Delphi, ActiveX , Javascript , NodeJs and Java trace framework and a trace viewer: Tail, OutputDebugString, event log, and with Log4J, Log4Net, and Microsoft Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF) support. This also comes with full support for Pocket PC, Silverlight, and Android.
14 Mar 2005 by Mark Belles
Screen capturing that features multiple monitor support, including methods for capturing windows and window icons. Includes Spy++ style window finder!
5 Dec 2005 by Oscar Londono
This control provides a method to save and load HTML files directly, avoiding the use of RTF codes.
22 Jan 2013 by radumi
An article about how to keep AJAX simple as it is and get the most out of it.
11 Jul 2005 by Chester Ragel
A tool which can be used to do common tasks which Microsoft Content Management Server API provides.
6 Oct 2005 by Nicholas Butler
A tool to check links across merged help (CHM) files.
12 Jun 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
A Compact Product Key System Based on AES and Crypto++
10 Aug 2005 by Tonster101
An article on converting EDIFACT messages to XML, and converted the XML into anything XSLT can perform
18 Aug 2006 by Lim Bio Liong
Learn the fundamental principles of COM custom marshaling by code examples.
31 Aug 2011 by George Mamaladze
This class allows you to tap keyboard and mouse and/or to detect their activity even when an application runs in the background or does not have any user interface at all.
31 Dec 2005 by Brian C Hart
Use compiler COM support (even in non-COM applications) to get a Win32 error code or HRESULT's message in one line of code.
14 Nov 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
Compel threads to execute out of context code using inline assembly.
8 Jan 2004 by Tim Deveaux
This article discusses the use of Asynchronous Procedure Calls for Kernel/User mode communication.
3 Jun 2007 by Guillaume Leparmentier
Understand and use color models in .NET
23 Feb 2004 by Matthew Hazlett
A class to help you access the images in an ICO file (VB & C#)
26 Nov 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
A Survey of Virus Survival Techniques Applied to Protection Schemes
23 Feb 2006 by Scott McMaster
This article presents the WebCacheTool, a command-line utility to make it easier and faster to list, view, and delete files residing in the Internet Explorer browser cache.
16 Aug 2005 by Omar Al Zabir
Comprehensive guide to development of .NET 2.0 Smart Clients working with existing Service Oriented Architecture based XML web services, fully utilizing the Enterprise Library
4 Jan 2004 by Davide Icardi
With this tool the developer can define the application prerequisites and install the correct version of these components in the correct order based on the user operating system type and language, allow the user to download these components from the web or install these components directly.
24 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that adds pages to the properties dialog of files.
6 Oct 2005 by Mathew Hall
A fully customizable Windows XP style Explorer Bar that supports Windows XP themes and animated expand/collapse with transparency.
27 Nov 2004 by Richard Schneider
Allows an application to queue work that is performed concurrently to the main thread while maintaining exception processing.
9 Nov 2008 by Joshua Tully
A look into what goes into the area of preventing reverse engineering, and gives developers some functions and ideas about preventing reversing engineering of their programs.
14 Nov 2004 by Lars-Inge Tønnessen
An article on how to control MSFT Excel 2003 from J# .NET
18 Sep 2005 by Victor Derks
Discussion of a small C++ framework to create Windows shell extensions (IShellFolderImpl).
31 Dec 2005 by Michael Dunn
Using the new WTL classes that implement advanced dialog UI elements
20 Nov 2006 by Maruis Marais
With this article, I am evolving a domain problem towards the best possible solution.
9 Jun 2017 by Reza Shademani
The main goal of this article is to explain the practical details of low level network security programming.
16 Jan 2006 by Thomas Freudenberg
The Windows API provides a function RegNotifyChangeKeyValue, which is not covered by the Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey class. This solution imports that function and encapsulates it in a convenient manner.
13 Sep 2006 by Nish Nishant
Shows how to use CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTOR and CFSTR_FILECONTENTS to perform drag/drop with virtual files
3 Jul 2005 by Igor Tolmachev
Simple C# library for opening and displaying Adobe Photoshop images.
10 Aug 2007 by JO Hyeong-Ryeol
A C++ class which helps you to interact with a HTTP web server.
16 Mar 2005 by Max Santos
This article presentes a way of creating and managing multiple sites on the Windows XP IIS.
19 Sep 2005 by Neil Yao
A reusable WTL base class to add buttons on the caption bar.
30 Jun 2008 by Liping Dai
An editor to view, analyse and modify ASN.1 DER encoded data
31 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on adding columns to Explorer's details view via a column handler shell extension.
23 Dec 2004 by Narb M
An article on adding alphablended images to an imagelist control and using them on components.
20 Nov 2006 by Robert Rohde
An extended picturebox, animated picturebox, and an animated progressbar in one component.
16 Jun 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on using drag and drop in your WTL application.
3 Aug 2003 by Reto Ravasio
A component that makes a Winform application single instance.
27 Oct 2004 by Jon Davis
Create a FrontPage-Style table picker in C# using simple GDI+ rendering techniques.
5 Dec 2003 by Bruno Podetti
An easy use of owner drawn menu with variable styles like new Office products with titles, shading and icons.
30 Jan 2008 by sytelus
This article shows you how you can let your users type mathematical equations in popular TeX format and render them as GIF images in your web and desktop applications with just 10 minutes of coding effort.
2 May 2004 by Neil Baliga
An extension assembly that allows configuring the "advanced" service configuration options for recovery actions.
6 Feb 2006 by lxwde
Clone/Serialize/Copy & Paste a Windows Forms control through serializing its properties.
20 Jan 2008 by Sushant Joshi
This article describes how to generate Excel at client side and embedd "Pivot Tables" and "Charts" into the Excel.
10 Nov 2008 by Dariush Tasdighi
How to create and use a dragable container at runtime.
18 Jan 2005 by Igor Vigdorchik
CHyperLink derived class that displays a bitmap next to the link and allows a different color when hover.
14 Nov 2005 by Jochen Kalmbach [MVP VC++]
This article describes the (documented) way to walk a callstack for any thread (own, other and remote). It has an abstraction layer, so the calling app does not need to know the internals.
19 Nov 2006 by Andrew Kirillov
The articles describes a C# library for neural network computations, and their application for several problem solving.
1 Jul 2003 by SteveKing
Several tools packed into one addin for Visual Studio .NET
26 Jan 2004 by Alex Kolesnichenko
Tutorial article about how to build components with rich functionality using attributed ATL.
25 Oct 2004 by mjtsai
WDM Driver programming introduction with three Pseudo Drivers.
14 Nov 2003 by Antti Keskinen
An article on making the MFC framework do the work for you when creating views based on CView or its derivatives.
2 Jun 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing an extension to customize the icons displayed for a file type.
20 Jun 2004 by compiler
This article introduces a simple approach to in-memory transactions that can be used to implement Undo and Redo. The technique uses SEH and Virtual Memory and requires only STL and Win32.
27 Oct 2006 by Dan Radu
This article explains how to use Office 2003 WordML features to display data stored in .NET datasets.
1 Mar 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
A smart wrapper around CodeDom that speeds up code generation.
4 Aug 2004 by Pablo Aliskevicius
After you design your dialogs in Visual Studio, use the WTL Class Wizard to turn them into WTL classes and not just from Visual Studio 6!
8 Aug 2004 by Christoph Ruegg
How to share resources and implement a rich message/data passing architecture between threads and processes (SOA)
16 Nov 2003 by George Yohng
Guarantees pixel-to-pixel matching appearance of resource-based dialogs for different font DPIs
29 Oct 2013 by Dezhi Zhao
This article shows a fast solution to Einstein's Riddle by using brutal search.
28 Apr 2005 by Thomas Kurek
Unsatisfied with the accuracy of code online that assumes the Earth is a sphere, I have implemented the oblate spheroid model used in GPS.
29 Oct 2007 by pj4533
Using OpenGL to map the virtual memory address space.
1 Mar 2006 by lxwde
Crafting a C# Forms Editor by implementing a RectTracker and a transparent control.
6 Oct 2003 by Dan Farino
This is a SQL Server 2000 Extended Stored Procedure writted in Managed C++. It allows you to use regular expressions in T-SQL.
18 Apr 2007 by Leslie Sanford
A toolkit for creating MIDI applications with C#.
10 Oct 2004 by Dave Handley
Using composites to implement a modular arithmetic calculator with the Boost Spirit parser framework.
26 Apr 2013 by Sebastien Lebreton
Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Reflector or JustDecompile. Reflexil is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. Reflexil also supports "on-the-fly" C#/VB.NET code injection.
26 Sep 2005 by BrainJar
The game of Reversi in C#.
27 Jan 2004 by Lewis Moten
VMS is a windows service developed in .Net that monitors a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) database. Customized alerts may be sent based on the defined filters.
11 Apr 2005 by Uwe Keim
Introduced a class that simplifies Windows Impersonation in C#.
13 Jan 2006 by Michael Dunn
A guide to creating property sheets and wizards in WTL
5 Jul 2006 by Johan Rosengren
A flowchart editor with linked objects, based on CDiagramEditor.
26 May 2004 by mohammed barqawi
A VS.NET add-in to know the content of the any dataset during debugging.
22 Aug 2006 by Danilo Corallo
Extend a PropertyGrid with an Item collection; easy customization of properties with custom editor, custom converter and databinding.
8 Jun 2005 by Obaid ur Rehman
Yet another analog clock control in C#, but this one is different.
31 Aug 2003 by Leslie Sanford
Skip Lists, their Algorithms, and a SkipList class in C#.
20 Oct 2005 by Sheng Jiang 蒋晟
An article on finding out an active IE or Explorer window or creating one and controlling it.
1 Sep 2005 by otigli
An article about how to enhance current image characteristics
14 Nov 2006 by Dan Moulding
A memory leak detector for Visual C++ packaged in an easy to use library!
13 Apr 2005 by rainman_63
Demonstrates a method to draw UPC-A barcodes using C#.
1 Nov 2005 by Oscar Londono
This article shows how you can insert images, controls and ActiveX objects into a .NET RichTextBox control by using the OLE way. There are several samples about how it could be done, but all of them are in C++ and I needed it for managed code (C#).
4 Aug 2013 by Davide Icardi
SourceGrid is a free open source grid control. Supports virtual grid, custom cells and editors, advanced formatting options and many others features
22 Mar 2004 by Rob Manderson
Browse your images with a file open dialog and see what you've selected
1 Jun 2003 by Bjornar Henden
A WTL Grid mostly aimed for use against databases.
22 Aug 2004 by jqd2001
Implementing Tab Control for Web.
21 Mar 2007 by leppie
An ASP.NET PropertyGrid
3 Jan 2006 by Mike Dimmick
Using the operating system's time zone APIs to convert times from Universal time (UTC) to a specified time zone.
26 Sep 2004 by Scott McMaster
This article demonstrates the best technique for databinding the ListBox and ComboBox controls in .NET Windows Forms
26 Nov 2003 by HanreG
Shows how to change settings for a windows service during installation.
15 Mar 2005 by Mark Belles
An extensible dependency based plugin framework for .NET applications.
19 Feb 2005 by Ashkbiz Danehkar
A Spy tool program like MS Spy++ that lets you capture window controls and modify their properties. Useful for learning window handles and their properties.
2 Sep 2010 by dmihailescu
What is the start-up and system performance overhead for .Net, Mono, Java versus C++ and Forms, WPF, Swing versus MFC
25 Oct 2011 by Jarl Lindrud
A server/client IPC framework, using the C++ preprocessor as an IDL compiler.
13 Jul 2006 by Jaroslaw Kowalski
Introduction to managing diagnostic traces with NLog.
12 Jan 2004 by Paul Selormey
A set of C# classes providing basic matrix operations
17 Nov 2006 by Patrick Bounaix
Generate .resx files from an Excel spreadsheet; fully customizable.
22 Aug 2004 by Shams Mukhtar
This article will enhance your vision on the usage of Robustness Analysis in conjunction with Model View Controller, using UML with application in ASP.NET. This article is a sequel to my articles on Architecture and Design with ASP.NET.
15 Feb 2006 by Yuval Naveh
.NET/C# visual effects framework for changing the user's locus of attention to an area on the screen.
30 Dec 2007 by Snews
A control that mimics the look-n-feel of iTunes and the iPod manager.
28 Jul 2008 by BoneSoft
A gravity simulation particle system
5 Sep 2006 by Dave Calkins
A custom control which provides a multi-column list of items with multi-line rows.
23 Aug 2006 by Daniel Admassu
The Project is an optical character recongnition application using artificial neural networks.
19 Nov 2003 by Jim Rogers
Compile .NET code programmatically, in memory, then use the resulting assembly to instantiate an object of a class, access its properties and methods, and call a static function.
4 Dec 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
Create Semi-Anonymous Installation Fingerprints Using Truncated Hashing and Crypto++
20 Dec 2005 by Thanh Dao
Tool for searching web service(s) and viewing their WSDL information
13 Jan 2016 by Sebastien Lorion
A reader that provides fast, non-cached, forward-only access to CSV data.
6 Jan 2004 by rugha
This article explains how to add custom templates for both aspx and code behind files in VS.NET's "add new item" menu
28 Oct 2004 by Scott McMaster
This article presents the TabOrderManager, which is a class that automatically adjusts the tab order on a Windows form based on different high-level schemes.
27 Jan 2005 by Justin Williams
Leveraging the Common Gateway Interface in C#.
30 May 2006 by Corneliu Tusnea
A powerful window/object editor to be used at runtime that allows viewing/changing of properties and fields, method invocations, and object hierarchy navigation.
23 Mar 2012 by Elmue
How to implement creation and extraction of Microsoft CAB files
17 Jul 2003 by Jamie Cansdale
Making Reflector into a Visual Studio.NET Add-In
22 Mar 2005 by Frank W. Wu
Insert the WebBrowser control into a dialog box, and add print preview functionality to it by implementing the IOleCommandTarget interface.
2 Oct 2005 by Chayan
Using the MapPoint web service API and C# to calculate the route/driving directions between two places (e.g. cities) and generate a map showing the same.
21 Mar 2008 by Thomas Hruska
Learn how UAC operates behind the scenes. Use the Elevate package to start multiple elevated processes but only display one UAC elevation dialog from a non-elevated process.
7 Mar 2005 by Vic Mackey
An extended stored procedure for SQL Server that implements an optimized MD5 hash algorithm. Very small DLL (barely 7 KB).
11 Mar 2005 by Mark Belles
An extensible dependency based plugin framework for .NET Applications.
5 Dec 2009 by Noel Dillabough
A (hopefully) complete extended MAPI wrapper for WinXP, WinCE, and .NET
24 Jun 2011 by Rob Groves
A C++ wrapper around the SQLite embedded database library.
6 Oct 2004 by Jacob Slusser
A component to customize the MDI area of a Form with color, images, border styles, and more.
26 Oct 2007 by Martin Welker
Coming with Microsoft Office 2003, the MODI library offers you an easy but effective way to integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality into your own applications.
17 Dec 2007 by Dennis Austin
A revision of a Task Scheduler class library by David Hall
10 Jun 2005 by Alex Hazanov
A wrapper for the XML DOM for C++.
27 Aug 2003 by Don Kackman
Class wrappers around the Win32 multi-monitor API
11 Nov 2003 by Sumeet Kumar
This article explains how it is possible to seamlessly set breakpoints, step into, set watches and examine local variables for .NET framework classes as well as any other managed assemblies.
30 Aug 2006 by Giannakakis Kostas
A multilingual dictionary engine with regular expressions support and Web browser integration.
21 Oct 2003 by Ramesh Shrivastav
An article to display tooltips over listview items and subitems.
28 Aug 2013 by Software Developer's Journal
Neural networks are typically associated with specialised applications, developed only by select groups of experts. This misconception has had a highly negative effect on its popularity. Hopefully, the FANN library will help fill this gap.
21 Feb 2018 by Marius Daniel Ciorecan
A library that provides an easy to use class (CDecompressLibrary) that will detect and decompress into memory buffers an archive file (zip, gz, tar.gz).
18 Oct 2018 by Emre Guldogan
A System for Simulation and Analysis of Logic Circuits
26 Jun 2005 by Nish Nishant
A tool with full source code that enumerates tray icons and allows you to reposition them as well as send mouse messages.
23 Jan 2005 by Mauricio Ritter
This is a tool created to compile all C# or VB.NET projects in a specified folder. It'll recurse into the subdirectories looking for projects to compile. It has a lot of options like those for changing the project's target folder and logging. Hope you find it handy!
10 Jul 2014 by Yang Kok Wah
A chat program that supports Unicode input and picture transfer.
6 Jun 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
Validate Product Keys using RSA Signing Functions and Crypto++
18 Jun 2007 by Jim Xochellis
This article is discussing the performance problems found in the most notable find_first_of implementations and suggests useful improvements and workarounds.
2 Aug 2017 by Andrew Rissing
GenericParser is a C# implementation of a parser for delimited and fixed width format files.
27 Jun 2004 by Phil Haack
Flexible and easy to use configuration section handler with change monitoring
22 Aug 2006 by Patrik Bohman
A customizable month calendar with support for date formatting.
15 Oct 2006 by Andrew Kirillov
The articles describes a C# library for evolution computations and their application for several problems solving.
7 Mar 2004 by John Indigo
Screen Designer Classes for MFC applications
4 Jan 2005 by DGoins
This article explains a brief introduction to SOA and a Subscriber-Publisher model, along with how to implement one using WSE SOAP Receiver and WSE SOAP Sender classes inside a Windows .NET application.
1 Jan 2005 by Ian Nowland
A Visual Studio .NET 2003 add-in that reflows (rewraps) text in comments to make them easier to read.
25 Jan 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
NPerf is a framework for benchmarking classes and methods, that tastes like NUnit.
23 Apr 2007 by Herbrandson
A simple solution to keeping multiple projects version numbers in sync
17 Feb 2004 by Andy Brummer
Covers how to write a Pluggable Asyncrhonous Protocol using C# and provides a useful protocol to enable local execution of ASP.NET sites.
30 Dec 2007 by Scott Dorman
Explains how to properly implement the IDisposable interface, the Dispose Pattern, and deterministic finalization.
16 Dec 2009 by David Nash
A simple Windows Framework that beginners and intermediate programmers can use as an alternative to MFC. It makes learning to program for Windows easier.
14 Jul 2015 by Arthur V. Ratz
This article demostrates the C++ code that implements AI binary distribution evolutionary algorithm for finding the "nearest" neighbor values of the given value of x in the array of N elements.
5 Mar 2005 by doxys
C++ documentation tool inspired by MS documentation style
6 Jun 2005 by Arshynkin Maksym
This article describes GridCtrl that consists of common controls such as EditBox, ComboBox and Button. The GridCtrl helps you create, exchange and manage layouts.
17 Mar 2010 by Victor A. Milokum, Apriorit Inc
This article includes a description of a simple unhooker that restores original SST hooked by unknown rootkits, which hide some services and processes.
20 Sep 2007 by s.kushal
RichTextBox user control for ASP.NET 1.1
3 Jul 2008 by RescoDeveloper.Net
This article describes how to use the built-in camera and microphone of a mobile device in business applications targeting .NET Compact Framework.
15 Mar 2006 by Michael Dunn
A step-by-step tutorial on writing shell extensions
19 Jan 2013 by Chris Richner
RSS 2.0 framework implements the RSS 2.0 specification in strongly typed classes. The framework enables you to create and consume valid RSS 2.0 feeds in your code in just a few minutes.
5 Aug 2004 by Jasmin Muharemovic
An article about optimization and performance testing of MS SQL Server 2000 stored procedures used for paging of large resultsets in ASP.NET
26 Apr 2006 by P.Adityanand
A fully managed .NET implementation of Win32 IOCP's waitable event queuing mechanism.
29 Jul 2004 by brian598
Describes a library that can be used to retrieve Audio CD information from the CDDB compatible freedb database.
5 Aug 2004 by r@hu!
Calling C# assembly functions having same name differing only by case, in VB.NET.
9 Oct 2006 by Andrew Kirillov
A C# video surveillance application, which allows monitoring several IP cameras simultaneously.
28 Mar 2005 by Danny Blanchard
This is part 1 of the 2 articles containing controls that look and operate like color picker controls used in Adobe photoshop.
12 Nov 2003 by Ramon de Klein
A high-performance, complete and compact serial library for C++
20 Feb 2005 by Alvaro Mendez
A class library for reading/writing XML files, config files, INI files, or the Registry using one simple interface.
13 Mar 2008 by Mathieu Jacques
Design and code for an extensible, maintainable, robust, and easy to use math parser.
8 Sep 2010 by Shivprasad koirala
.NET 4.0 MEF FAQ (Socket, Plug and extension)
14 Jun 2003 by Simon Wilson
Stored Procedure Invocation Code Generator for VB, C# and JScript.NET
10 May 2005 by Dennis C. Dietrich
This article is an introduction on how to create your own effect plug-ins for Paint.NET 2.1 in C#.
22 Sep 2005 by Thomas Serface
A CFileFind with include/exclude filters.
19 Jul 2004 by Danil Shopyrin
This paper addresses the problem of merging object-oriented and automaton-based programming technologies.
21 Dec 2004 by Hossein Khosravi
A 2D graph component with zoom capability.
21 Nov 2005 by Friedrich Brunzema
This article describes how to use the "Select Users or Groups" system dialog.
23 Jan 2005 by Sean Michael Murphy
A library you can use to encode "hidden" data in existing files.
4 Jul 2006 by Zuoliu Ding
Discussing the implementation of the Begin/End pattern (.NET 1) and the event-driven model (.NET 2).
27 Feb 2005 by Declan Brennan
Allow your DataGrid to edit pictures and a whole range of other data types.
6 Apr 2003 by Nish Nishant
Explains the pseudo modality of CDialog based modal dialogs and a problem with the CDialog::EndDialog implementation
13 Jul 2007 by Guillaume Leparmentier
How to use, and understand, visual styles for custom controls drawn with a C# wrapper (uxtheme.dll)
20 Sep 2004 by Horia Tudosie
A technique and a control for displaying vertical labels in web pages.
30 Sep 2003 by jcmag
Favalias application enables you to manage your favorites web sites in an XML file and to launch your favorites application using aliases. You can also make your own addins (in any .NET language) to call your own code.
28 Feb 2005 by z.i.
Pluggable text macros.
21 Aug 2007 by Nagasai Mattegunta
An article on how to create a Bar Chart Winforms User control
24 Oct 2003 by miahrugger
This article explains how to send a raw Ethernet packet using C# and a NDIS Protocol Driver.
14 Jul 2004 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation and usage of the WSE Custom Transport over MSMQ.
29 Jun 2004 by craigd
Simple, free, easy to install Search page in C#.
29 Nov 2006 by Anup. V
High speed graphs and charts that are also very easy to configure and use. As easy as inserting a simple chart in MS Excel!
21 Oct 2007 by cristitomi
An introduction to STL deque.
27 Aug 2007 by Sergey Solozhentsev
Add-in for Microsoft VC++.NET 2003 that helps to insert message handlers for WTL.
14 Mar 2004 by dacris
This utility converts projects and solutions from VS.NET 7.0 to VS.NET 7.1 and vice versa.
11 Nov 2005 by twostepted
Using PIinvoke and marshaling techniques to call the winspool library's AddForm
11 Jan 2005 by Josh Smith
An article which shows how to enumerate over XML data in a foreach loop as if the data were in a collection.
19 Apr 2005 by Itay Sagui
Introduction to the basic idea of the particle systems, and how to create basic effects such as explosions and water fountains.
30 May 2005 by Martin Friedrich
An example-driven guide on how to write WMI consumers in C++.
1 Dec 2010 by Scott Rippey
A string template method that allows you to fill a string with data. Easy to use, fast, extensible, and extremely powerful! Uses Reflection, Conditional Formatting, iterating through Arrays, and more!
17 May 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that shows pop-up info for files.
27 Apr 2003 by LokiSD
Adds support for setting the background color in the RichTextBox more directly than volking's article.
7 Feb 2011 by Matt Sollars
An article on automatically switching between HTTP and HTTPS protocols without hard-coding absolute URLs
5 Oct 2005 by Ivar Lumi
An advanced MIME parser/creator/editor application.
16 Aug 2005 by Omar Al Zabir
RSS Feed aggregator and blogging Smart Client which uses Enterprise Library, Updater Application Block, lots of XML hacks and desktop tricks. A comprehensive guide to real life hurdles of Smart Client development.
11 Apr 2008 by Carlos Jiménez de Parga
A wrapper class library for the DirectMusic MIDI.
7 Sep 2005 by Asim Goheer
EXIFextractor library to extract EXIF information.
5 Sep 2017 by Brian Aberle
XMLFoundation is the fastest XML Parser available. It is also a framework foundation for an application that uses XML to enable Object-XML mappings and Application Layer binding to XML Data objects.
7 Nov 2005 by Christian Graus
The second in a series of articles which will build an image processing library in C# and GDI+.
14 Aug 2004 by Mohamed Hendawi
Get a list of running Visual Studio instances, and a reference to the automation server.
6 Apr 2005 by Stefan Prodan
Deploy MS SQL Server databases using System.Configuration.Install and a VS.NET Setup Project.
5 Apr 2007 by Martin Welker
How to perform scanning, rearranging, OCR and Outlook export of documents for a paperless future - or at least a tidy desktop.
19 Dec 2004 by Paul Yi Tung, Ooi
Provide a way to override the creation parameters for any window with a service application.
9 May 2006 by Paul Tallett
This article describes how to implement file interaction with Windows Explorer
25 Apr 2004 by SteveKing
A CEdit control with a spell checker and thesaurus.
27 Nov 2003 by nickadams
How to redirect an arbitrary console's input/output in a simple, graceful way
4 Nov 2004 by Philipp Sumi
A simple, user-friendly and flexible framework that takes care of all your email template files - once and for all.
14 Nov 2005 by shellraker
A Windows FTP client written without CInternetSession or CFtpConnection classes. Demonstrates manual manipulation of Winsock sockets, FTP principles, and GUI concepts such as List controls with in-place label-editing and column sorting, progress indicators, and reading and writing to the Registry.
29 Nov 2007 by Windmiller
This graphical application will play and display frequencies and mix them together so that you can analyze what's really going on with sounds that we call intone. Handling a basic DFT version that will prove to us which frequencies are involved. It was originally made in plain C.
25 Oct 2003 by Jeff Varszegi
A Comprehensive Logging Package for .NET
9 Jan 2005 by Michael Kennedy
A class library for using *global* system hooks in .NET.
19 Oct 2004 by mav.northwind
An extended ListView to allow for in-place editing of subitems using arbitrary controls as editors
26 Oct 2006 by Leslie Sanford
Using code generation with the .NET state machine toolkit.
10 Jun 2004 by Michael Wolski
This article describes the development of C# code that allows you to send consumer IR codes from your mobile device using the audio port.
8 Mar 2006 by Perry Marchant
An article on accessing a VB.NET library from a MFC/ATL COM client.
15 Dec 2004 by Al Gardner
A Wizard control designed for design time development.
15 Apr 2006 by Raj Lal
A dynamic web application needs an admin section for CRUD actions on the records/tables in the database. Wouldn't it be nice to have a database admin, which can be plugged to any web application? Just give your SQL connection string and it dynamically manages all table operations in just five pages.
16 Apr 2004 by Sami Vaaraniemi
An article on how to implement globalization support for ASP.NET pages through attributes and reflection
29 Jan 2004 by Luuk Weltevreden
This article shows a workaround to the graphics bug that a checkbox or radio button is displayed with a black background on themed dialogs.
30 Jun 2005 by leseul
An article on implementing Boyer-Moore algorithm for Unicode strings in C#.
29 Feb 2004 by Peter Tewkesbury
Allows the reading of CHM files on a Pocket PC2003.
17 Dec 2004 by Roman Kiss
The article describes a design and implementation of the logical connectivity driven by the config Knowledge Base and the WSE2 Messaging.
16 Aug 2003 by Ian Giffen
The first in a series of articles, this one covering DragDrop
3 Feb 2005 by Igor Ladnik
A way to remotely set permissions on folders in the Exchange Server using an Exchange SDK-based COM in-proc wrapped into a .NET class and exposed to a client with Remoting technique.
12 May 2005 by Alexander Kent
A simple key logging implementation using Visual C# .NET.
8 Mar 2006 by Chris Rogers
In this document, I will explain how to use proxy classes and attributes to intercept method calls to set and get statements, and perform basic validation and change tracking.
5 Jun 2005 by smiling4ever
To make a dictionary that will work with Google Suggest like Dictionary.
21 Mar 2007 by mileni
Ever wanted to hide, protect properties at design or runtime using other property value? Here is the answer!!!
1 Sep 2007 by TimMadeThat
Step by Step instructions on how to Drag & Drop with the library in ASP.NET.
13 Jul 2006 by Greg Ellis
This article shows you how to create a skinnable scrollbar as a user control, and use it in a Panel to replace the ugly Windows scrollbar.
8 Dec 2013 by Julijan Sribar
A Visual Studio add-in and command-line utility that automates versioning of .NET and VC++ projects
30 Jun 2004 by Shams Mukhtar
Development of a framework for master-pages using ASP.NET and C#.
9 Aug 2005 by Nicholas Butler
Move your window buttons into your preferred order. WinXP or later only.
19 Mar 2011 by Paul Sanders (the other one)
This article provides a way to use RSA public key encryption in scripts running on a Web server hosted by a shared hosting company. It also demonstrates how to use RSA in .NET to solve the 'real world' problem of signing license codes so that they cannot be forged.
30 Dec 2004 by Hamilton Verissimo
Introduces the benefits of using an inversion of control approach to design a system.
8 Sep 2003 by Allen Anderson
Guide to creating a CAO object through an SAO class factory
26 Aug 2004 by Alexander Yumashev
The code shows how to save (and restore) an instance of your own class to clipboard.
28 Jan 2007 by wumpus1
A simple, string-oriented class for symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, and hashing.
2 Aug 2003 by Chris Maunder
A class for adding icons to the system tray
20 Feb 2006 by Josh Smith
A utility class which makes it easier to create recursive methods that operate on the TreeView control
21 Feb 2005 by Daniel Turini
Design guidelines for exception handling in .NET which will help you to create more robust software
16 Dec 2008 by Petro Protsyk
Scripting language for .NET Framework 2.0. Supports native .NET Types, Dynamic casting, Meta programming.
11 May 2004 by Jonathan Hodgson
This article presents VB.NET code to create thumbnail images from a directory of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents using the .NET Framework.
18 Apr 2005 by earmitage
An article on enumerating SQL Server instances in C# using ODBC thus removing any dependancy on SQLDMO. Based on the C++ article by Santosh Rao.
17 Oct 2005 by Andre Trollip
An article on implementing your own simple caching.
25 Apr 2008 by Carlos Saraiva Jr.
This application deletes links from the Recent Projects list on the Start page of Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008
15 Feb 2004 by Mark Belles
Demonstrates how to enumerate and host Windows Control Panel Applets using C# and unmanaged C++.
8 Mar 2006 by Doug Healy
Allows user defined sizing of DataGrid column header height to support multi-line header text.
11 Feb 2006 by PJ Arends
Presents a header file that allows a single source file that uses STL to be built in either ANSI or Unicode, without any changes or lots of #ifdefs.
22 Oct 2010 by Mustafa Chelik
Play XM music files in pure C++ using unpacked BASSMOD.dll from file and memory
14 Feb 2004 by Werdna
Simple graphics calculator.
28 Jun 2014 by Tom Clement
A splash screen with some neat predictive progress bar features
6 May 2004 by Eddie Velasquez
A Visual Studio .NET addin that provides a mechanism for inserting commonly used code snippets.
7 Feb 2004 by Alexander Kent
An article demonstrating the usage of Platform Invoke Services in Visual C# to interoperate with Windows Media Player.
11 Aug 2004 by Klaus Weisser
A class library for reading compiled HTML help (chm) files and a sample viewer application using this library.
14 Jan 2004 by Alastair Stell
Add style to DataGrid columns, custom columns.
19 Mar 2006 by railerb
C# .NET assembly that executes numeric, date, string, boolean, comparison, etc. expressions.
20 Sep 2005 by nschan
An article on adding scrolling to a CWnd or CDialog using a C++ helper class.
16 Aug 2007 by Libor Tinka
This article discusses a little weakness in GDI+ filters and shows a class for top-quality image resizing.
2 Dec 2005 by Alex Orovetskiy
This application allows you to get more information about the processes running in your system.
27 Oct 2006 by Satishkumar.B
This article talks about building an application to translate .NET resource files like .resx and .js using Google Translate, for internationalization testing.
14 Sep 2003 by Ramesh Shrivastav
An article describing the various forms of Balloon Tips
19 Sep 2012 by ljw1004
Adding zip/unzip easily, no LIBS or DLLs, with an elegant and powerful API
19 Sep 2005 by Omar Al Zabir
Make version independent COM wrapper using late bound calls yet providing strongly type and disposable interfaces. A version independent managed Outlook Automation Library.
22 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
Fighting back against the e-mail harvesters.
4 Aug 2005 by Doga Arinir
Using Microsoft's tracing infrastructure for ODBC.
2 Mar 2004 by Allen Anderson
A fully featured completely managed C# ListView.
19 Jan 2006 by Till Krullmann
A WTL extension which introduces layout maps to automatically update the layout in resizable dialogs.
20 Mar 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Detect Hardware Faults and Unauthorized In-Memory Patches with Hashing using Crypto++
8 May 2005 by J W Payne
A Visual Studio add-in to help navigate around large projects.
13 Jul 2005 by Daniel Bowen
An extensible framework for creating customized tabs in ATL/WTL, with a VS.NET-like tab control implementation, tabbed frames, tabbed MDI, and more.
2 Jun 2004 by Jonas Follesø
An article on Pocket PC game development.
30 Sep 2004 by Sriram Chitturi
This article presents the design and a readily usable component for scheduling events which are consumed inside a server or service application.
24 Nov 2005 by Kevin Moore
Modified Microsoft Setup program to install required IE6, MSI 2.0 and .NET.
28 Sep 2003 by Marc Clifton
Extend Unit Testing So That Entire Processes Can Be Tested
5 Aug 2003 by Bill Dean
An article description of a C# class that implements the standard POP3 commands.
24 Sep 2004 by Declan Brennan
Article to accompany source for controls to edit a wide range of data types and/or complex DataSets
11 Dec 2007 by aleksisa
An article on creating a Web service method to get NT service information
16 Aug 2004 by S Sansanwal
This article would describe how to read column values based on column names, using SQLDataReader.
11 Aug 2005 by OmegaMan
Local web service calls third party web service which returns XML data and serialization fails, the article shows how to obtain the actual SOAP message.
29 Jun 2003 by Jonathan de Halleux
IoBind proposes a new approach to object serialization.
23 Mar 2006 by DaveeCom
CAlarmClock is a C++ class that can generate repeating asynchronous alarms
11 May 2003 by Michael Bebenita
An end-to-end example of a bottom up LALR(1) compiler for a fictitious language targeting the Common Language Runtime
25 Oct 2005 by Rob Philpott
A reusable component for performing DNS queries.
6 Jan 2006 by Yingle Jia
This article describes a C#-style delegate class completely written in standard C++.
26 Oct 2006 by Sacha Barber
An article which describes how to obtain a list of network computer names using C# and the NetServerEnum function from the Netapi32.dll.
6 Jul 2006 by Dan Letecky
Building an application that searches your Office documents in tenths of a second.
5 Apr 2004 by Paul Tingey
A simple custom attribute to order properties in the PropertyGrid.
13 Jan 2004 by Idael Cardoso
C# code to handle CDROM drives and read CD tracks
11 Sep 2003 by Thomas Zumbrunn
How to share a user control across multiple websites.
23 Dec 2015 by Simone Serponi
An easy to use library to quickly setup and run OpenGL applications.
30 Sep 2006 by Thomas Freudenberg, Jörgen Sigvardsson
A small application which emulates the behavior of the mouse in KDE
17 Dec 2003 by Daniel Strigl
Learn how to make your Pocket PC speak with your mobile phone.
23 Aug 2003 by Todd Sprang
This article details how to build a Snap-In-Capable application, similar to the way that MMC works.
14 May 2011 by Mostafa Kaisoun
This is a trial to print Invoice with VB.NET
14 Jan 2005 by ejor
Get icons from Exe or DLL the PE way or how to emulate PrivateExtractIcons.
26 Sep 2004 by Chester Ragel
Label which can display text in any orientation and shape.
19 Aug 2008 by Jon Person, A. Philip Smith
In part three of the series, the authors of the "GIS.NET" mapping component for .NET explain how to write a geographic mapping engine which can display geographic coordinates. Source code is provided which can pan and zoom a sample geographic object (the state of Nebraska), in C# and VB.NET.
22 Mar 2005 by James Nies
Reflecting on Properties is nice, but often it can be too slow. This article describes an alternative method for dynamic property access.
2 Mar 2016 by Ranjan.D
SMS Client - Server Software is used for sending, reading, deleting messages. It uses GSM modem for sending SMS. It listens for incoming messages to arrive, processes the read message and takes action accordingly. This SMS software requires GSMComm Library which you can also download.
14 Oct 2003 by Marc Clifton
An editor capable of producing common XSD documents
10 Nov 2005 by Cohen Shwartz Oren
How to plan, up front, for service packs, upgrades and hot fixes as they come along.
14 Feb 2005 by Eugene Pustovoyt
Extended MessageBox class
24 Jan 2007 by Stephane Rodriguez.
Undocumented binary file formats coming in the Office 2007 timeframe
12 Apr 2007 by Konrad Windszus
An article about the MPEG audio frame header.
18 Apr 2005 by Paolo Gios
A .NET library for generating impressive PDF reports.
2 Aug 2003 by James T. Johnson
A walkthrough in the creation of a trivial IExtenderProvider component
9 Sep 2004 by Rob van der Veer
This control allows you to select a template for each different row in your Repeater, based on the content of that row.
13 Dec 2003 by Tomas Petricek
Describes how to draw snowflakes using fractals and contains a nice snow screensaver.
1 Mar 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
Refactors the Xsd.exe classes. Shipped with a full .NET wrapper of DocBook.
21 Oct 2003 by Kodanda Pani
This article describes how to call a COBOL program residing on an AS400 machine from a .NET application.
21 Oct 2006 by CodeChimp
Using Custom Attributes and Reflection techniques in VB.NET to read query string parameters.
29 Dec 2004 by Samiullah Khan
This article describes the process of storing the audio data of a movie file (.mpeg, .mpg, .avi and .dat) on the hard disk in a WAV file using DirectShow filters.
30 Dec 2003 by Igor Katrayev
WTL class that tabs and splits child views in your SDI application
10 Sep 2004 by mysorian
A step-by-step approach to creating a report from scratch using the SQl Server 2000 Reporting Services.
11 Aug 2004 by Francesco Smelzo
Utility for automating code writing for VB.NET control's developers
7 Aug 2003 by Jonathan de Halleux
Add the Lua scripting engine to your .NET applications.
29 May 2007 by Stefan Troschuetz
Presents a fully managed class library providing various random number generators and distributions
21 Nov 2012 by richnewman
An article clarifying the various ways of comparing two values for equality in .NET
11 Sep 2008 by commenter2
A really simple to deploy ASP.NET Pager control.
1 Mar 2006 by Leslie Sanford
A .NET class encapsulating the Win32 multimedia timer.
14 Jan 2004 by Konrad Windszus
A tool for localizing/translating Resource Scripts
30 Dec 2004 by Keith Rule
Alternate Antialiasing in GDI+
15 Nov 2007 by Jeffrey Walton
Dynamically Detect Code Alterations and Repair In-Memory Executable Files Using Hashing and Crypto++
12 Dec 2004 by Eddie Velasquez
Add column sorting to the ListView control the easy way.
16 Sep 2005 by Andy Brummer
A timer that easily supports absolute schedules like run at 4:00 AM every day or at 5:00 PM on Fridays..
11 Nov 2007 by Alain Rist
Featuring cell menu, in-place editor, single control and split dialogs, Vista shell and Mobile file controls and selection dialogs
15 Dec 2003 by Nicolas Bonamy
Some dialog boxes separators that replace group boxes
26 Feb 2007 by Chris Maunder
A smooth progress control with text
25 Sep 2007 by Andrew D. Weiss
Using a BackgroundWorker Thread to improve responsiveness in your UI, support cancel and display progress.
8 Aug 2006 by Bill Seddon
Ruler control in C#
31 Dec 2003 by ashvin
Hooking to debug shared memory.
13 Feb 2021 by Chris Stefano
A custom tool for Visual Studio .NET which runs an XSL transformation to generate code
14 Oct 2003 by Marc Clifton
Using an XML Schema Definition (XSD) document, this utility dynamically generates a data entry form to create and edit XML data.
29 Dec 2006 by ArchieCoder
Network Development Kit is a set of simple classes for a client-server architecture.
19 May 2004 by Rob Manderson, Vadim Tabakman
Capturing HTML documents as images
11 Aug 2004 by Vladimir Smirnov
This article describes how to group radio-buttons when using them in DataGrid, DataList, Repeater etc.
11 May 2005 by rainman_63
Demonstrates creating EAN-13 Barcodes with C#.
24 Jan 2003 by Nish Nishant
Gives you copy/paste-able functions to retrieve the localized folder names, and to set/get user-defined folder names for dekstop folders
10 Feb 2005 by Russ Osterlund
This article examines the JIT thunk layers that your code executes when a method is run for the first time.
17 May 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
An add-in that allows HTML element text to be pasted exactly as it is in the clipboard, disallowing VS.NET to add any extra attributes.
23 Feb 2004 by kig
An article on how to implement and use variant. Variant is useful for creating heterogeneous containers and much more.
5 Apr 2005 by Stas Kondratiev
Demonstrates how you can improve the standard DebugBreak and ASSERTs to make them work always.
13 May 2004 by Rob Kayman
Monitors Windows Services for changes in state using well known design patterns.
4 Mar 2004 by Michael Micco
Implementation of a list accessible by key with HashTable-like performance
4 Nov 2005 by Glaxalg
This article explains how to set a proxy using PAC files.
23 Mar 2009 by M@dHatter
An httpmodule designed to create one image out of many for faster loading and fewer web server HTTP requests. Module creates auto generated CSS image maps of positions for displaying on a webpage using background positioning. The module also handles creating mouse over image effects.
16 May 2006 by DaberElay
Passing large amounts of data through web services can become a huge bottle-neck in a WAN application architecture (i.e., server is on the web), and in any case, a real load on the network traffic. This is one solution for downsizing the network costs.
8 Dec 2004 by Tom John
Provide drag and drop functionalitly to TreeView controls.
24 Apr 2004 by Rob Manderson
Using IHTMLEditDesigner to modify IE's editing behaviour
22 Nov 2005 by CastorTiu
How to use Oracle advance queue from a .NET enviroment.
29 Sep 2003 by Ivar Lumi
An SMTP and POP3 mail server written using the .NET Framework and C#.
3 May 2007 by ChrisP1118
Explains how to implement any type of global system hook in C# by using an unmanaged C++ DLL and Windows messages.
8 Jul 2004 by Simon Steed (SimonAntony)
This article explains how using caching within your Windows Forms application can speed up data access for frequently used data and avoid performance bottlenecks over the network.
10 Oct 2006 by carloqueirolo
A versatile and multi-purpose button and button-bar with full Office 2003 colors and style.
3 Jul 2003 by John Renaud
A simple tool written in C# is presented that uses undocumented Fusion classes to view the contents of the Fusion assembly caches (Gac, Zap & Download) and the Fusion application history.
4 Jun 2010 by Syeda Anila Nusrat
Create a Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer classes, and Stored Procedure scripts from a database table.
27 Jul 2005 by Matthias Hertel
With this add-in, you get new tools and commands that boost your productivity while developing and some helpful reports specially for web projects. Version 2.1.
3 Jan 2004 by Don Kackman
A command line ulitity that updates the version and GUID of VS.NET deployment project files.
20 Jun 2003 by Roman Kiss
New version of the MSMQ Custom Channel for the event driven distributed architecture.
12 Sep 2004 by Rui A. Rebelo
A function which returns the similarity between two strings (how much they're equal).
25 Mar 2006 by .dan.g.
A support tool to allow those performing builds to independently determine exactly what source files have been changed and by whom
21 Mar 2005 by Nicholas Butler
"Print" your PrintDocument to common graphics file formats.
6 Aug 2014 by Oleg Shilo
An article on a "scripting engine" for the C# language
25 Feb 2006 by Darren Pruitt
A design for an event driven rules engine.
11 Jan 2005 by niugang
Standard Regular Expression Searcher add-in for VS.NET 2003.
7 Jul 2005 by Tomas Petricek
ASP.NET control that allows you to use multi-column layout (known from CSS3) on your web page...
11 Mar 2008 by Rocom
A more easy to generate toolbar images.
21 Jun 2007 by MattsterP
This article describes how to build an AI Chatterbot using a popular, Regular Expression-based open source Chatterbot engine: Verbots
14 Nov 2008 by Slava Khristich
Index large XML file for fast access. Use IO and XMLReader for parsing with Regex.
23 Sep 2014 by Niladri_Biswas
VJHandShaker1.0 is an attempt to make an easy Java (Core) interface from VB.
25 Nov 2004 by Jan Seda (
.NET Strong Name technology explained
18 Apr 2005 by Amalorpavanathan Yagulasamy(AMAL)
This article explains about advantages, differences and new features of VB.NET and C#.
2 Jan 2004 by jconwell
This isn't an example on how to create a splash screen for your app. This article explains a clean way to encapsulate splash screen functionality into an inherited ApplicationContext class. This article also shows in detail what happens behind the scenes when a WinForm app starts.
14 Mar 2005 by Ashley van Gerven
Handy C# utility to perform custom HTTP requests and view the raw HTTP response.
31 Oct 2012 by Francesco Aruta
A toolbar editor for Visual Studio. It can modify, add and create buttons, images and all that is needed for a toolbar.
17 Jan 2006 by Nitron
This article presents a stopwatch class with microsecond-precision for C# that offers split-time and a System.TimeSpan interface.
18 Jul 2007 by Dan Fontanesi
Learn OOD in .NET by examining a Blackjack game
19 May 2005 by pseudonym67
A Draughts Game that learns
17 Aug 2004 by wumpus1
A flexible framework for user-friendly .NET exception handling, and automatically notifying developers of problems before users do
29 Sep 2005 by Nigel Shaw
Creating child controls, rendering, wiring up events, and managing viewstate when building an advanced custom server control that embeds other server controls (composite control).
16 Mar 2005 by Dan Farino
An Extended Stored Procedure to use regular expressions in T-SQL.
2 Nov 2015 by icemanind
Easily create Business and Data Layers!
23 Feb 2005 by Leslie Sanford
An article describing the basic principles of persistent data structures.
14 Jun 2004 by Elias Bachaalany
A C++ port and enhancement of C#'s / VB's SendKeys function.
6 Jun 2005 by Gabe Anguiano
How to do a TreeView rearrange.
10 Jun 2004 by Michael Potter
A reusable difference engine written in C#.
25 Jan 2005 by Omar Al Zabir
Distributed Command Pattern is a pattern for connected systems which implements command pattern. It frees designers from thinking about the communication and helps them concentrate on implementing commands as if it is a regular desktop application. The framework takes care of the communication.
4 Nov 2004 by big71
A C# class to make your ASP.NET pages XHTML valid.
18 Aug 2004 by Sprotty
An introduction to XML Data Binding, and a review of a number of leading products.
15 Mar 2005 by Dan Bloomquist
Geometric Algebra applied to OpenGL
13 Jul 2006 by AmitDey
Instant messaging / chat using Remoting, for LAN.
18 Aug 2006 by _oti
Automated generation of PostgreSQL data transfer classes.
9 May 2009 by Shivprasad koirala
Eight basic steps by which we can enable Windows authentication security on BasicHttpBinding.
21 Jul 2005 by nschan
A framework for adding undo/redo support to a Windows Forms application is presented.
22 Dec 2004 by Dennis C. Dietrich
Within the last month, two fellow programmers asked how to implement a timeout after a certain interval of inactivity. This article features four and a half ways of doing this.
30 Sep 2005 by HeldinBayoumy
An article showing how to send data from a Flash Movie to the hosting C# application, using FSCommand.
9 Jan 2013 by Albara Hakami
A Windows Forms application to share a whiteboard with many clients with only one drawer, in a gamy way.
25 Jun 2004 by Marc Clifton
Use a specialized ApplicationContext to swap top level forms.
22 Aug 2003 by Chris Maunder
Accessing database information using the DataReader class from ADO.NET in C#
29 Jan 2006 by Mauricio Ritter
This article shows how to create a custom pipeline component in BizTalk Server 2004. The component receives a zipped message, uncompresses it, and returns the .zip file contents to the BizTalk Server.
27 Mar 2009 by Pete Everett
A set of classes to parse and manipulate LDAP distinguished names
7 Feb 2005 by Ronit H
This article discusses three types of drop down properties.
4 Aug 2004 by PEK
This article explains how to work with virtual lists, a very fast list that is useful to show a large number of items.
2 Jun 2005 by rantanplanisback
A class with event handlers for TCP, UDP or ICMP sockets; includes ping, traceroute, whois, ARP, and IPHelper functions and raw packets forging/ capturing.
6 Aug 2009 by Jarl Lindrud
User-friendly remote method invocation in C++.
5 Oct 2005 by Piers Lawson
How to get the basics of the Enterprise Library's Logging and Instrumentation Application Block working with your application.
12 Dec 2004 by Manish K. Agarwal
An article demonstrating how to run a single instance of an application and activate previous one if already running.
10 Dec 2003 by kig
An article on how to implement compile time lists of types, typelist. Typelists are useful for generic and meta programming.
29 Sep 2004 by Kyung DuckHyun
When processing is taking a long time, this control is very useful for informing the user.
14 Aug 2012 by Duong Ba Hong Minh
A good way to setup and install a multi-tree level structure by using a MS SQL Server database.
31 Oct 2005 by David Hay
Create an installer that allows the user to choose whether to create shortcuts on the desktop or in the quick launch bar.
1 Jun 2007 by JaeWook Choi
An article on the implementation of a fast C++ delegate with many advanced features.
16 Sep 2005 by Matteo Mike Peluso
How to programmatically add references to Visual Studio .NET.
15 Jul 2009 by Jeffrey Walton, Jordan Walters
A UTF-16 class derived from CStdioFile for reading and writing Unicode files
29 Jun 2007 by umeca74
Offers adjustable keyboard shortcuts for your menu commands with this drop-in class.
8 May 2016 by Dan Letecky
A good-looking ASP.NET control that shows events visually arranged in a day calendar. Includes design-time support and data binding.
3 Jan 2005 by Phillip H. Blanton
At ComponentScience where I work, we heartily embrace the use of regions to logically separate our code into meaningful blocks. After doing it manually for a couple of years, I decided to write myself a little macro to make my life easier.
4 Apr 2005 by Elias Bachaalany
An article showing how you can programmatically check if your code is running inside a virtual machine (such as VPC or VMWare).
19 Jul 2004 by GWSyZyGy
.NET + MSWord + BabelFish + Speech SDK 5.1 = FUN!
7 Feb 2006 by Peter Gummer
Extensible C# (XC#) can be used for Design by Contract (DbC) in C#. This article compares XC# with Eiffel as a DbC tool.
21 Feb 2007 by Michal Brylka
Simply render a 3D surface on your screen without OpenGL/DirectX.
26 Jul 2005 by Emil Åström
This article describes how new project item code templates work in Visual Studio .NET 2003 (and 2005) and presents a component that makes it easy to write new templates.
7 Sep 2005 by oshah
The final article in the access control series presents a guide to the access control editor and its associated ISecurityInformation interface.
28 Mar 2005 by Philipp Sumi
A flexible cross-browser ToolBar component with rich designer support. Supports arbitrary toolbar items, JavaScript rollover images, disabled items, and provides convenient postback event handling.
29 Jun 2006 by _oti
An article and source code regarding the implmentation of B-Trees in C++.
2 Jul 2014 by Yang Kok Wah
Implementing the all time favourite game as .NET custom controls, complete with animation and sound for full gaming experience
4 Feb 2005 by Michael Chao
An article about manipulating XML source data.
27 May 2013 by Chris Richner
Supports Explorer, SingleChecked and RecursiveChecked mode (checkboxes). Lets you specify the displayed drive types, etc...
30 Dec 2005 by Rei Miyasaka
A portable and flexible HTTP web server library written in 100% managed C#.
18 Sep 2005 by Igor Stjepanovic
In this project I demonstrate how to write a simple 3D rendering application in a relatively small amount of code.
1 Sep 2006 by T-C
A C# program to demonstrate loading and saving an object to an XML file using XML serialization encapsulated in a wrapper class.
8 Sep 2007 by Claudio Di Flumeri, Massimiliano Silvestro
MTGCCombobox: a .NET Combobox that is flat, multicolumn and with Autocomplete feature
27 May 2004 by Yingle Jia
This article introduces ACF, a C++ framework which brings the .NET framework to standard C++.
11 Jun 2003 by Chris Maunder
A class that turns rectangular buttons into round buttons.
19 Feb 2007 by Ivo Beltchev
Smart string formatting and other string utilities
19 Feb 2006 by Michael-K[anzieper]
The article describes an application built to visualise testing processes for the unit test framework of CppUnitLite.
3 Dec 2004 by ibrahimuludag
An article on how to create a server control that preserves the scroll position in longer pages.
13 Jan 2006 by DameonBlack
Creating a transparent Splash Screen - like the one used by Adobe.
31 Jul 2006 by Mark Focas
A simple class library that enables the creation of Word 2007 documents, packaged in the Word 2007 specifications, without requiring a copy of Word 2007 to be installed
9 May 2007 by Peter Weissbrod
This is the second part in a two-piece article focused on optimizing the efficiency of your NHibernate ORM layer.
10 Dec 2007 by Mohammed Abd Alla
This is a simple class that can view scroll and zoom pictures
12 Aug 2004 by bryce
An article on how to make a message only window.
21 Sep 2004 by Tom Guinther
An expanding/collapsing 'Task Tray' ala Windows XP and Longhorn
18 Jan 2004 by Rajib Bahar
An article on HOW-TO grab MySQL schema in C#. This program utilizes ODBC API.
22 Dec 2009 by Suresh Suthar
How to execute DTS packages through VB.NET and use global variables.
12 Aug 2005 by Gilad Novik
Internet classes for WTL developers.
20 Apr 2009 by tystent
Here's how to print your custom user control on a full page.
1 Nov 2006 by Dahan Abdo
Build an HTTP based chat room without the need for a Java Applet or an ActiveX control.
1 Jul 2016 by Yang Kok Wah
Use of GDI+ Matrix class to perform image transformation.
18 Jun 2004 by S. Senthil Kumar
This article informs you how to use Win32 Journal hooks to write a simple Macro Recorder/Player.
24 Feb 2006 by Massimo Beatini
Sometimes the search engine integrated with Explorer doesn't work fine, especially when I try to find text contained into files, so I decided to build my own search program.
31 Oct 2006 by Vahe Karamian
This article is the first part of a series of articles which will discuss embedded systems and their applications. It will use the BASIC Stamp II microcontroller for the creation of a simple robot.
31 Jan 2007 by Fadi Abdelqader
Four examples to create your Conferencing System in .NET using H.323 and TAPI 3
20 Sep 2007 by Andrew D. Weiss
An extension of the .NET Treeview control to provide multiselect capabilities
15 Sep 2004 by Xinjie ZHANG
With ADO.NET, a database can be regarded as a virtual XML document. XPath query and XSLT transformation are naturally available.
26 Jan 2005 by Hamilton Verissimo
Demonstrates the usage of inversion of control and the Castle on Rails framework to build web solutions.
11 Dec 2006 by Shunix
This article is intended to show an opportunity for customizing the list view control (report view, single-line mode) using the custom scrollbar control.
3 Apr 2005 by wumpus1
A native .NET class for saving URLs: text-only, HTML page, HTML archive, or HTML complete.
28 Oct 2005 by Chris Kolkman
A VB 6 Winsock clone for VB.NET.
21 Sep 2005 by JimAlsup
An colorful owner drawn CTreeCtrl derived class loosly modeled after Skype's main window.
9 Mar 2004 by Marc Clifton
Generate controls, set property values, and wire up event handlers at runtime from an XML definition.
8 Dec 2012 by otom
A non-MFC class to encapsulate the FTP protocol.
27 Feb 2005 by Mark Belles
Using Visual Studio for Applications to add scripting capabilities to your .NET apps.
18 Feb 2005 by Dariush Tasdighi
With this library, you can easily create some RSS 2.0 files for your site and/or use some RSS 2.0 files from other sites into your site.
22 Dec 2005 by Michael Vanhoutte
MemoryMappedCache is a small project can be used to host a proactive loaded cache using a Windows Service.
20 Mar 2005 by Stefan Repas
Learn how to create and integrate customized resource-only DLLs into your .NET application for Windows event logging.
24 Mar 2005 by Ralph Wetzel
A WTL wrapper around the "XP style Explorer Bar (Win32/MFC)" control of Ingo A. Kubbilun.
16 Nov 2007 by Corinna John
Transporting piggyback data in FTP transfers
17 Aug 2007 by Scott Dorman
A simple to use resumable file downloader class that provides progress feedback for .NET 2.0 or .NET 1.1
1 Jul 2003 by cider1
A set of source code and project browsers to compliment Visual Studio.
27 Oct 2005 by Adrian_Moore
Introduction to Peer Name Resolution and Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer technology.
9 Mar 2004 by Werdna
Shows how to use different brushes and write owner drawn listbox
20 Dec 2005 by Johann Anhofer
Extend the VS6 IDE with .NET addins.
26 Sep 2004 by Anders Sandberg
Set of control derived classes for colorful presentation.
31 Oct 2009 by Anthony Queen
Smoothly panning and zooming very large images can be a challenge. Here’s a control, with source code, that demonstrates one way of overcoming this challenge, as well as a few "Extra" image processing features.
26 Apr 2005 by Sijin
A look at what goes into creating a message box, and in the process, create a customizable message box that supports custom buttons, icons, fonts ,"Don't ask me again" functionality, timeouts, localization and lots more.
23 Jun 2003 by Bob Bradley
A transparent/translucent textbox for .NET
19 Jul 2003 by Nikolay Denisov
The article gives a sample of how to implement Internet Explorer-style sizable re-bar and menu bar controls.
2 Oct 2007 by Jesse Chunn
Enable resizing of controls on a form at runtime with this class and two lines of code.
8 Aug 2005 by Paolo Gios
A .NET library for generating Word documents (.DOC) using the RTF (Rich Text Format) specification.
19 Jul 2007 by einaros
An article which discusses the need for synchronization in multi-threaded applications, and features a generic framework for making calls across threads: ThreadSynch.
6 Jun 2005 by Frank McCown
This article illustrates how .NET remoting is used in a GUI environment. It illustrates how a server can reflect what is happening to a remote object that it controls. The use of synchronous and asynchronous calls is also examined along with code design improvements.
21 Jun 2006 by Richard Parsons
A RichTextBox with a richtext toolbar.
25 May 2007 by Ivo Beltchev
A powerful and extensible way of creating plugin-based applications
16 Jun 2005 by Jan van den Baard
Syntax coloring, multi-level undo/redo editor control.
6 May 2013 by Curtis Schlak.
A foray into the world of creating composite custom controls with design-time support.
16 Feb 2007 by DrGary83
Using static and streaming sound buffers in Managed DirectX.
13 Aug 2005 by Fran Pregernik
This article demonstrates how to make dynamic assemblies with API functions using DllImport attribute and using custom paths instead of hard coded ones.
15 Feb 2005 by Chris Grimes
Keeps CRT locale status in synch with Windows thread locale.
4 Mar 2004 by Redth
Give your application Plug-in functionlity!
7 Jul 2005 by smn-12
This is an extended, owner drawn ComboBox which has an added support to display images in the combobox dropdown as well as the edit (text) box.
31 Jan 2007 by wumpus1
A CAPTCHA control implemented as a simple, visual drag-and-drop Server Control for ASP.NET.
29 Sep 2005 by JtR1977
A self drawing, round button for different styles and usages.
28 Mar 2005 by Stanciu Vlad
How to obtain a motion blur effect.
21 Aug 2006 by Hossein Ghahvei Araghi
This article contains the simplest solutions for: the security problem for DelegateSerializationHolder, the IO problem, and the messaging speed problem. Note: Messaging speed problem will appear when your application has worked for a long time.
28 Oct 2005 by Thanh Dao
Text statistical-based measuring of similarity between two documents in a corpora.
17 Jul 2006 by Jonas Beckeman
Sprite engine for D3D and GDI+ (with several game examples).
6 Sep 2004 by Joe Woodbury
A class to facilitate loading JPG and PNG files from resources using GDI+
22 Aug 2005 by Patrice Borne
This article demonstrates how to implement a paging DataGrid with an Oracle database. It also demonstrates how to limit the volume of data to exchange between the Web Server and the browser by retrieving only the rows necessary and updating changes in bulk.
14 Jul 2014 by Misha1964
Learn how to validate complex web forms using business rules engine
17 Jan 2005 by Gunnar Bolle
Multi-purpose scientific charting control.
23 Jul 2014 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Ever wished you could truly embed SQL functionality in your C# code without using strings or late binding? Imagine being able to write complex Where clauses purely in C#.
24 Oct 2004 by SimmoTech
A solution to XmlSerializing inherited types not known until runtime.
21 Sep 2005 by Ralph Hare
Adding mouse gesture recognition to Internet Explorer.
3 Aug 2004 by George Mamaladze
A library to simplify access to image metadata.
16 Nov 2004 by Lim Bio Liong
Introduces .NET remoting via a simple but potentially useful example.
2 Feb 2007 by Renato Tegon Forti
Calling Lua functions : using C++ language.
4 Jul 2003 by Erick Sgarbi
VS.NET addin that creates a strongly typed collection from a class.
28 Jun 2004 by Christian Graus
A discussion of the HSL color space, including code for a color picker and image filters
25 May 2005 by Nicholas Butler
The only progress bar you will ever need
2 Dec 2003 by kig
An article on how to implement a generic functor template, function. Functors are useful for callback procedures and STL alogorithms.
7 Oct 2003 by Kris Vandermotten
Allow your programs to reason with incomplete data.
18 Nov 2008 by Warren Stevens
CStatic enhancement that adds a trailing horizontal line, and supports WinXP themes.
17 Aug 2015 by Marcos Meli
An easy to use .NET library to read/write strong typed data from files with fixed length or delimited records (CSV). Also has support to import/export data from different data storages (Excel, Acces, SqlServer, MySql)
7 Jun 2007 by Moim Hossain
Downloading updates from Windows Forms application in an intranet scenario
2 Aug 2004 by Elvin Cheng
It allows calls to server events from client script code without causing the page to post back and refresh.
23 Mar 2017 by Yang Kok Wah
Implementing shape control that supports transparency, custom design-time editors and simple animation
27 Apr 2005 by Philipp Sumi
User-friendly but powerful template engine which provides clean and painless separation of content and MasterPages (templates).
4 Apr 2006 by Salvatore Vetro
The art of swap from a database to another changing a flag
1 Jan 2005 by mav.northwind
An extended RichTextBox that allows to enter links not starting with one of the standard protocols.
23 Jan 2005 by Michea77
This article shows how to implement an Explorer like treeview drag and drop in C#.
28 Dec 2003 by Gavi Narra
A simple implementation of Jawbreaker
5 May 2006 by brian dunnington
Provides ComboBox functionality for your ASP.NET web pages, just like the ComboBox so common in WinForms. Now with auto-fill support as well.
11 Nov 2004 by gtamir
How to install a service using a script instead of a Windows Installer MSI package.
13 Apr 2005 by Javier Lozano
Use existing functionality in ASP.NET to extend the framework's web controls.
7 Sep 2005 by Jason Henderson
A free tool to queue up and automatically change wallpaper images.
26 Apr 2006 by P.Adityanand
Lock-Free Object Pool, Lock-Free Queue, and Thread Pool for Managed IOCP.
7 Mar 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
Add functionality to a project using existing compiled machine code.
9 Jan 2005 by Kim Sheffield
The RDL Project is an open source (GPL) implementation of the RDL for the .NET environment created by fyiReporting Software. RDL is an XML based language created by Microsoft with the goal of promoting interoperability of reporting products. Project RDL is a compact implementation of RDL.
6 Aug 2004 by Maurizio Pisano
An article on using the non documented MessageBoxTimeout API.
17 Jan 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
This library converts simple HTML documents to PDF.
25 Apr 2005 by wumpus1
A simple API for controlling a BetaBrite LED sign via RS-232 serial commands.
5 Oct 2004 by blackinkbottle
How to perform simple web image annotation using ASP.NET.
2 May 2005 by Franck Desbrosses
An add-in for Visual Studio to generate properties automatically.
15 Dec 2005 by manicguitarist
An article on how to build add-ins for Visual Studio.
3 Nov 2003 by Christian Liensberger, Martin Geier
Developing an object-oriented application based on an SQL storage using OPF.Net.
18 Jun 2005 by Simon McEnlly
An article on editing an assembly's manifest and some other IL attributes.
26 Oct 2014 by mdshohelrana
CRUD with SPA, ASP.NET Web API and Angular.js
20 Jun 2004 by Tom Gaskins
Overview of using the OpenGIS Web Mapping Service to retrieve maps from the web
29 Jan 2009 by Anna-Jayne Metcalfe, -+- Beth Mackenzie -+-
Utility to run PC-Lint on Visual C++ solutions and projects, generating XML and HTML reports of the results.
2 Aug 2005 by Ulrich Proeller
A factory, which dynamically creates helper classes to hook on events of any signature.
3 Oct 2004 by fgshen
Triangulate a polygon by cutting ears in C#
30 Oct 2004 by Emanuele Ruffaldi
This article presents a technique to access parts of a ZIP archive stored on a Web Server.
12 Nov 2004 by Neil Baliga
Handle System Events to protect your application data.
31 Mar 2005 by Brad Vrudney
WebModal is an easy to use, ASP.NET server control which encapsulates the complexities of opening and passing information to/from a modal window.
15 Aug 2005 by Warren Stevens
An easy way to bind C++ enums to strings, combo-boxes, list-boxes, arbitrary data structures.
28 May 2009 by rajantawate1(http//
C# Helper class to convert image to byte array and byte array to image
15 Aug 2004 by Elvin Cheng
Solve the ViewState problems using the industry well-known pattern - Provider Model design pattern.
26 Oct 2004 by sylvain2222
Printing a Form in a report fashion
17 Aug 2007 by Drew_Benton
This article explores a more complete method of injecting a DLL into another process using the CreateRemoteThread approach.
17 Oct 2004 by Rob Manderson
How to use mailslots to communicate between processes
27 Jan 2005 by BlackDice
A handy bug-tracking tool for software development companies.
9 May 2005 by Dor Alon
An article on developing hook based key loggers and hook safe software.
1 Mar 2005 by TimStall
This article explains some theory behind testing/not testing private methods, and then provides and walks through a downloadable code sample to demonstrate these testing techniques.
6 Apr 2006 by Eric Woodruff
An ASP.NET page class that has the ability to e-mail its rendered content.
8 Jul 2007 by tonyt
This short class demonstrates how to activate an MDI child form without the fireworks that you see if you just set the ActiveMdiChild property of the MDI parent form.
15 Feb 2005 by Rüdiger Klaehn
An attempt to simplify multi threaded Windows Forms applications.
27 Oct 2004 by iTreeSoft
Describes how to use an external HTML page as a non-rectangular skin of a dialog.
12 Jan 2004 by Niels Penneman
An article on writing a program to process .MD5 file verification databases
10 Mar 2005 by Jim Wiese (aka Spunk)
Execute an assembly on a remote machine without any special hooks - works on existing assemblies!
25 Aug 2004 by Karl Seguin
Creating multilingual websites - Part 2
4 Sep 2005 by Marc Clifton
Tricks, pitfalls, and work arounds to .NET's data binding.
22 Jul 2005 by gokselm
Provides samples for XML and SOAP serialization using C#
2 Feb 2007 by Luc Pattyn
A simple app demonstrates unexpected behavior of .NET timers and Thread.Sleep(); native multimedia timers come to the rescue.
4 Sep 2007 by Mike65536
Yield Return Iterator for Native C++ Using Fibers
22 Jul 2003 by Ngan Pham
A design time control that makes it easier to add/remove images to an ImageList on a Form
8 May 2007 by Charith M
By using this article, you can easily configure multiple output log files from log4net
5 Mar 2005 by Alexandru Ghiondea
Presents an application used to process files within a file structure using event handling and plug-ins.
1 Sep 2004 by Paul Talbot
Internet Explorer is a complex beast, I have managed to untangle the context menu to easily allow custom menus to appear when you right click
4 Jan 2007 by Ralph Willgoss
The aim of this article is to give developers a complete set of steps that will allow them to setup their own isolated development environment for developing websites with ASP.NET, Subversion, and Windows XP.
17 Mar 2008 by Daniele Mancini
This program can create and recognize mouse gestures.
15 Feb 2005 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Some things in .NET are missing "practical" short cuts. This article demonstrates how to obtain the row in a DataTable that the currently selected row in a DataGrid is linked to.
14 Sep 2005 by Neil Yao
A reusable WTL base class to support AppBar
25 Apr 2006 by Robert Rohde
An Outlook bar like control with generic contents and animation effects.
22 May 2007 by Michael B. Hansen
A fast combobox that correctly displays all the logical drives with the appropriate icons, volume names, and drive letters.
30 Dec 2004 by mav.northwind
How to use arbitrary controls in ListView cells.
29 Aug 2003 by Marc Clifton
A discussion of the Dispose method, how to use it, when to use it, and problems using it.
3 Mar 2005 by Brian Delahunty
The second article in a series of articles about Mono. This article explains how to host and serve ASP.NET Web Applications and Web Services on Linux using XSP and Apache with the help of Mono.
28 May 2007 by Argiris Kirtzidis
How to apply AJAX technologies to your web pages without replacing ASP.NET controls and/or writing JavaScript code.
28 Jun 2005 by Anthony Baraff
Exploring the fastest way to read structures from a binary file in C#.
28 Feb 2004 by Paul Ingles
Article discussing new version of ASP.NET Credit Card Validator, including both server and client-side checks and VS.NET designer support.
21 Sep 2003 by Erhan Hosca
Utility to read ID3 tags from MP3 files using Windows Shell functions.
30 Mar 2005 by Jean-Claude Lanz
Simple component to center any MessageBox, Form or CommonDialog on applications.
11 Apr 2005 by Alex James
A simple and reliable way to build context into a multi stage process in ASP.NET.
18 Aug 2008 by Herbert Sauro
A simple Binary Search Tree written in C# that can be used to store and retrieve large amounts of data quickly.
10 Feb 2005 by Hardy Erlinger, ASommer
Introducing a workable approach to converting Windows Forms to ASP.NET Web Forms.
25 Dec 2006 by Danilo Mendez
SmartCode is a template based code generator.This tutorial describes the process of building a templates to SmartCode
27 Oct 2007 by cristitomi
An introduction to the STL list.
23 May 2005 by Ronit H
A webbrowser example of how to open new web windows in new tabs.
31 Jan 2005 by Tomas Brennan
How to hack the combo box to give it a horizontal scroll bar, thus giving a polished look with ease + simplicity.
20 Oct 2004 by
Here's the code to implement a basic graphic user interface to paint, and then edit, lines on a PictureBox.
10 Oct 2005 by Michael.Piccolo
How to add DataGrid columns dynamically with ITemplate, XML and templated controls.
10 Jul 2008 by Joseph M. Newcomer
How threads can be used in a console app
22 Aug 2003 by pj4533
A user control for displaying .WAV files using C#
13 Aug 2005 by kubben
Using Word Automation for converting files to XML, RTF, TXT, HTML, etc. formats.
8 Nov 2004 by sergiols
A POP3 Monitor application.
21 Apr 2006 by Swift coder
How to simplify the ASP.NET DataGrid by eliminating code-behind.
10 Jul 2006 by moah
How to control a base firewall included in Windows XP SP2 using COM.
18 Jan 2004 by Niels Penneman
ImageCombo control for .NET.
21 Nov 2004 by Lim Bio Liong
Introduces .NET remoting via a simple but potentially useful example.
23 Jul 2010 by ndatech
A Framework to build graphical printing reports with absolute layout based on Mike Mayer's ReportPrinting core library.
27 Aug 2003 by KennS
Describes a means to build XML data files using XML Schema and xsd.exe to facilitate easy XML Serialization
10 May 2005 by rocky_pulley
A Code 39 barcode control with printing and saving support.
2 Apr 2005 by Tom McCartan
An introduction to Microsoft Information Bridge 1.5.
25 Feb 2006 by Ahmad_Hashem
A simulation of the famous MineSweeper game by Microsoft.
9 Aug 2005 by Another Old Guy
This article shows a NET implementation of a typical TCP demon.
27 Oct 2004 by Tom John
Utilising serialization to persist TreeView control hierarchy.
6 Oct 2004 by Nemanja Trifunovic
Issues with two-phase name lookup explained
5 May 2003 by Marc Clifton
Exploring the issues of menu management as specified externally via an XML file, in the context of status bars, toolbars, and events.
5 May 2011 by Garth J Lancaster, Jeffrey Walton
Avoid common pitfalls when using Crypto++ and VC++.
14 Sep 2006 by Abu Mami
The Easy Installer program
5 Nov 2003 by Sebastien Lorion
Moves files or directories using regular expression patterns.
19 Nov 2005 by ShahabFatemi
How to add other controls to DataGrid?
14 Jan 2007 by Hadi Eskandari
A component to download files over the network with support for proxies, SSL and resume.
17 Jun 2004 by Aamir Butt
An article on how to put and get information to an OLE Structured Document.
4 Jan 2013 by Pawel idzikowski
How to effectively build modular .NET applications of any size using messages, commands and components of MCM-Framework.Net?
15 May 2006 by Robert Rohde
A component to make Windows Forms controls more dynamic by adding animation capabilities.
20 Jan 2006 by Adi Eduard
An article on how to use the setup and deployment project in .NET and adjust it to your own needs.
18 Sep 2008 by Joshua Tully
A brief introduction into Windows anti-debugging techniques.
11 Mar 2007 by Veera V Satya N Kanithi
How to Create a Nested DataGrid in ASP.NET Using C#
26 May 2005 by Claudio Grazioli
An article about developing a nullable DateTimePicker control.
4 Dec 2006 by Ben Strackany
A machineKey generator allowing static keys in ASP.NET 1.1 or 2.0 applications.
29 Jan 2006 by Shiby
This article describes getting a custom horizontal scroll bar in a combobox or a listbox with functionality as expected on pressing of up or down arrow keys.
10 Jan 2006 by Chakrabarty Rajib
A simple way to call a managed method from the unmanaged world.
8 Jul 2003 by Detlef Neunherz
A control that combines two scrollbars for choosing two related values
19 Nov 2003 by Phil Bolduc
Server Enumerator in .NET style
29 Sep 2004 by Andrea Bioli
A very simple library that you can use to implement not-so-simple constructs of Aspect Oriented Programming
24 Nov 2004 by Armoghan Asif
An article on how to capture activities on screen as a movie file using Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9.
22 Apr 2004 by jconwell
A blog reader, integrated into Visual Studio. Shows a list of blogs, blog entries, and which entries you haven’t read yet
5 Dec 2004 by Kirby Turner
The article talks about using the System.Web.Caching.Cache object in WinForms applications.
2 Aug 2003 by Chris Maunder
A simple application that places a date in the system tray
29 Jun 2006 by Nader Elshehabi
The ultimate printing component. Use it to print ListBoxes, ListViews, TreeViews, DataGridViews, Forms, TabPages, or even your own UserControls.
12 Jul 2006 by Corinna John
Define regions inside an image to keep smooth colours free from hidden data.
16 Nov 2003 by Alexander Kent
An article on axWebBrowser/MSHTML automation using Visual C#.
8 Aug 2003 by Nathan Evans
There is an undocumented DLL library included with VS.NET called HTMLLITE...
2 Feb 2004 by Eduard Liebenberger
This article is about using simple databinding on XML documents by using strongly typed XML documents generated at runtime, taking advantage of System.Reflection.Emit and MSIL.
6 Jun 2008 by peterchen
Improving Josh Beach's Visual Studio Project List editor
23 Dec 2007 by Daniel Cohen Gindi
I have created classes to wrap the SQLite3 library, to remove many headaches...
23 Oct 2006 by Igor Tkachev
Run-time data accessor generation
30 May 2003 by Sriram Chitturi
A tutorial describing how to query Windows Active Directory to retrieve different objects using classes defined under .NET DirectoryServices namespace and LDAP queries
3 Jan 2005 by Hatem Mostafa
An article on fast Huffman coding technique.
2 May 2007 by Alex C. Duma
A simple class that allows customizing system's MessageBox window buttons
29 Mar 2007 by Leslie Sanford
An introduction to the .NET State Machine Toolkit.
14 Oct 2012 by Pascal Ganaye
An expression evaluator written in VB.NET.
1 Mar 2004 by Anthony Bouch
An application configuration editor using the PropertyGrid control.
4 Apr 2007 by Perry Marchant
An article on decoding Ogg Vorbis audio files in .NET.
27 Jun 2005 by oshah
This second part of the Access Control series will program with the basic Access Control structures.
5 Jan 2005 by Teo Lachev
Introducing Microsoft Reporting Services.
24 Apr 2004 by Rob Manderson
How to implement snap-to-grid and draw the grid in MSHTML based applications.
9 Nov 2005 by Adrian_Moore
An introduction to Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer Graphing technology.
22 Dec 2004 by MinaFawzi
This article descibes ways to creating a non rectangular form using GDI+.
10 Feb 2005 by Hatem Mostafa
This article describes how Proxy Server deals with PORT and PASV FTP commands
22 Nov 2004 by Dave Handley
A library of template classes that enables the rapid production of client-side database code.
14 Aug 2005 by MichaelElliott
Demonstrates how to create strong types in C# by using the Xsd.exe utility and XML.
1 Jul 2004 by craigd
How-to build an ASP.NET search engine link-spider using C#.
17 Nov 2007 by Alex Mueller
Three implementations of Model-View-Presenter in ASP.NET 2.0.
4 Dec 2004 by Robert Rohde
Describes an easy way to change the initial view state of the listview in the Open/SaveFileDialog.
21 Sep 2005 by Cristi Potlog
This article introduces a sample wizard control for Windows Forms.
20 Dec 2004 by wumpus1
A flexible framework for user-friendly ASP.NET exception handling, and automatically notifying developers of problems before users do.
6 Sep 2004 by roel_v2
Step-by-step instructions on how to add OLE automation to an already existing application. In addition, it illustrates how to do things without using the code as provided by the application wizard.
19 Apr 2015 by Dan Letecky
Parsing PDF files in .NET using PDFBox and IKVM.NET (managed code).
7 Jun 2018 by Predrag Dukanac
A printing utility for .NET
26 Aug 2003 by Matthew Adams
A progress dialog for asynchronous workers
28 Apr 2004 by Heath Stewart
Discusses the implementation of custom format providers for existing types and custom formatting for user-defined types.
24 Nov 2005 by James Curran
An article on locating MS SQL Server instances on the local network, and retrieving information about them.
27 Feb 2004 by Rob Manderson
Using the WNetEnumResource API from C#
25 Oct 2006 by Leslie Sanford
A detailed look at using the more advanced features of the .NET state machine toolkit.
19 Jan 2005 by Dominique Bijnens
Class for capturing keyboard events.
29 Feb 2004 by Jevgenij Pankov
An extender provider component that provides Image and Font properties to a MenuItem class.
11 Apr 2005 by Noman Nadeem
Allow users to select multiple records from your DataGrid. "CheckAll / UnCheck All" functionality on client side.
26 Jan 2003 by Nish Nishant
Shows how to globally change the icons for folders and drives. Also shows some nifty tricks you might find handy in your applications.
3 Jul 2005 by bollwerkj
An article on how to use MC++ to automate Excel; create an Excel application, add a Workbook, and add a bar chart and line chart.
7 Aug 2005 by Michael-K[anzieper]
The way of construction and use of the logical layer for the description of wizards is described.
5 Mar 2010 by goblins
I think there are people who learned a bit of C# but don't know about COM. I hope my tiny wrapper class library is helpful for such people to use IUrlhistory interface without difficulty.
30 Nov 2008 by Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This is a very simple 2D desktop game developed in Visual Studio
15 Jul 2006 by Robert Rohde
Shows a way to extend the ColorEditor class to set alpha values on Colors within the Visual Studio editor, by revealing its internals.
26 May 2008 by Zijian
vCard reader coded in C#, with lightweight approach
25 May 2006 by icestatue
An article on how to build login password filters on WinXP.
27 Dec 2004 by Tomas Petricek
ASP.NET and WinForms control for editing any enumeration data type.
31 Jan 2005 by Alex Mol
Sharp Layout manager for ATL/WTL.
5 May 2005 by Michael Groeger
Visual Studio .NET already brings us a lot of wizards, to help us create skeleton classes and projects. Developers can extend these templates and even change the existing ones.
13 Jun 2006 by Dan Radu
The XML2JSON web service allows conversion of any kind of XML in to JSON format.
4 Nov 2004 by Tom Guinther
Defining a Forms Region using an Extender Provider.
7 Jul 2008 by Zeeshan Ejaz Bhatti
A class to read and write PNM files from System.Drawing.Image class
11 Jul 2005 by SathishVJ
Touches a file with specified date/time so that its access, creation or modified date is changed.
8 Feb 2006 by Adrian_Moore
Understanding Peer Group Identities and Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer technology.
6 Aug 2005 by sjhorn
This article is an extension/alternative to the strnghrs IImgCtx article.
28 Dec 2006 by John Kopplin
This article demonstrates how to write a multithreaded Windows program in C++ using only the Win32 API.
20 Jan 2015 by Marcos Meli
A progress bar like the WinXP progress bar control, but completely customizable.
23 Apr 2007 by Aditya P Gupta
This article explains how to use .NET and Lotus Notes Interop to integrate Lotus Notes capabilites into applications
31 Oct 2006 by Omer van Kloeten
A library of CodeDom templates of commonly used coding practices in .NET.
10 Aug 2003 by Christian Merritt
An article demonstrating how to play chosen and user-defined sounds in the .NET framework
10 Nov 2005 by Xia Xiongjun
This is an article on how to restore your window to the saved position. All you need to do is just derive your own window class from the provided class. You can also extend the window position management function for some other correlative utilities.
7 May 2005 by Beau Skinner
Automatic build version awareness, incrementing, and archiving.
2 May 2005 by Bill Pierce
A custom AJAX - ASP.NET control.
24 Jul 2006 by ihaml
A generic class to import Adobe's Photoshop (.psd) images.
13 Jul 2003 by John Fisher
Take control of the OLE objects embedded inside a .NET RichTextBox
27 Apr 2004 by Vladimir L.
A control to split text into fixed width columns
24 Jun 2008 by Chris Kolkman
A fairly simple to use Winsock component, allowing simple networked applications. Built modeling the VB6 component of the same name, with enhancements.
9 Oct 2004 by Dave Handley
Basic introduction to producing parsers with the boost::spirit library.
6 Oct 2006 by Michael C. Robert
Demonstrates how to use WTL and C++ to access an Excel spreadsheet using Visual Studio .NET 2003.
21 Feb 2004 by Smitha Nishant
An overview of caching in ASP.NET.
14 Jan 2004 by Fact Pandit
ODBC Manager class that retrieves System and User DSNs and driver list.
14 Jun 2014 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A set of classes for creating structured documents
10 Mar 2005 by Patric_J
If a list view is frequently updated it is often difficult for users to notice all updates. This ListView control will solve this problem by displaying changes to list view items with different colors depending on how it’s been changed, and let the item slowly fade to its original color.
9 Sep 2004 by Mathias S.
Controller that allows you to view very large files
4 Nov 2005 by Thad Van den Bosch
How to encrypt and decrypt files using Rijndael.
2 Dec 2003 by Cory Nelson
An advanced article on allocating and using memory in another process using the Win32 API.
13 Jun 2006 by sandeep Kumtakar
This article will help you know how to use PJL commands to fetch information from a printer without using the Windows Spooler. Well, this was tested on printers which are connected to LANs and not to personal computers using a parallel port.
20 Oct 2005 by kevnord
This control acts as the middle man between a paged DataSet and your Repeater.
2 May 2005 by Bill Pierce
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML with ASP.NET integration.
9 Oct 2006 by Michel Helms
This easy-to-get tutorial explains in detail everything you need to know about audio-CDs and how to rip the tracks.
31 Oct 2004 by Rüdiger Klaehn
Provides a generic set collection.
18 Dec 2007 by Ilíon
This article describes a class which may be used to convert any Windows.Forms.Form into a docked Application Desktop Toolbar. That is, by use of the AppBar.ApplicationDesktopToolbar class, one's Toolbar applet may be either floating or docked to an edge of the Desktop.
27 Nov 2007 by Philip Liebscher
An examination of dynamic object instantiation and runtime machines to boost performance.
5 Dec 2005 by Andrei Bozantan
A control which displays hierarchical data using the ASP.NET DataGrid or GridView control.
25 May 2005 by Jan van den Baard
C++ class library.
18 Sep 2007 by Dennis Fazekas
Creation of a custom configuration section similar to AppSettings. Stores settings for both Development and Production environments, and returns the appropriate settings based on the machine’s configuration in which the application is being executed.
14 Sep 2004 by RoyClem
A C# implementation of a Red-Black Tree.
12 Sep 2005 by Huseyin Altindag
ADO.NET for beginners.
19 Oct 2005 by Aju.George
Another Visual Studio like ToolBox control.
21 Aug 2005 by Arik Poznanski
This article will develop a Sudoku game based on a web service, while presenting useful development techniques of Smart Client applications.
3 Oct 2003 by Nish Nishant
This free program can be used to stress test SMTP servers. It also aids anti-Spam tool developers as a useful mail-bombardment tool.
1 May 2005 by Ricardo Fig
In this article, I will explain how to do remoting in VB.NET using Framework 1.1.
26 Feb 2004 by Yves Tkaczyk
Upgrading CPropertySheet tab control to display high color icons.
31 Jan 2006 by nschan
A custom control for adding flat-style menu bars, navigation bars, or popup menus to your WinForms application
2 Mar 2006 by Linus Flüeler
An article on classes for finite state machines, events and threads.
2 Mar 2007 by Markvp
An article on using ModAssert, an advanced assertion framework of 24 assertions that can use Rich Booleans.
12 Apr 2004 by Domenic
An Icon Extractor coded in VB.NET
22 Feb 2007 by Gopalakrishna Palem
Explains methods for recording DirectX and OpenGL rendered animations programmatically.
8 Dec 2005 by Noor Abuhamdeh
A balloon tooltip control implementing the IExtender interface.
1 Dec 2005 by Wouter Devinck
An article on creating a flat combobox using VB.NET.
1 Feb 2006 by Gil.Schmidt
An icon handling class for icon extraction from files and registry
31 May 2011 by Evren Daglioglu
A chat server/client solution for local networks, terminal server/terminal client environments
5 Apr 2007 by Colin Angus Mackay
A step by step example of how to build up an algorithm by writing the unit tests first
26 Nov 2008 by Matjaz-xyz
A simple and useful viewer of multipage TIF/TIFF images
16 May 2004 by angus_grant
Article outlining methods for communicating between VB6, VB.NET, and C# apps using Window Messaging.
7 Mar 2005 by Nikolai Serdiuk
This article describes a solution for how to select web application cultures manually.
29 May 2003 by zebbedi
How to implement Outlook event sinks to alert your application when new mail has been received.
31 May 2006 by Shaun Harrington
A context menu handler that makes it easier to work with paths, command windows, and program arguments from within Explorer.
28 Jul 2005 by M_Rizwan
Monitoring COM+ running applications.
21 Feb 2005 by Alon_Catz
This article presents an alternative solution to paging large datasets using Open Source Sql.Net library.
9 Aug 2003 by doxys
A self explaning example on how to build a fully compliant STL container
18 Oct 2007 by Ruslan Sudentas
How to integrate TortoiseSVN – a Subversion Source Control system with Visual Studio .NET
25 Oct 2006 by Igor Tkachev
A wrapper for the System.Reflection.Emit namespace
8 Jul 2005 by Stevan Rodrigues
Generates three tier code for ASP.NET.
20 Sep 2005 by
A brief tutorial about XML and a class called XmlHelper to simplify XML data manipulation.
20 Sep 2006 by H. S. Masud
Microsoft Visual Source Safe client which can notify of check-ins.
11 Jan 2005 by Sreejumon
Modify PropertyGrid control Items collection, at runtime.
27 Nov 2003 by Konstantin Vasserman
An article on blending of images using raster operations as well as simulating blending modes like those found in Photoshop.
10 Jan 2006 by Jozef Bozek
Implemetation of a simple DocView framework like MFC.
13 Feb 2007 by Vlad Hrybok
This article describes how to run DotNetNuke content management system on UltiDev Cassini web server, which unlike IIS can run on Windows XP Home and can be redistributed along with the DotNetNuke applications.
16 Nov 2005 by Sergei_VP
Masked numeric edit ActiveX control.
26 Sep 2004 by Alberto Venditti
A simple utility to quickly resize images
22 Sep 2003 by Marc Clifton
This article illustrates how a unit test automation framework is implemented and continues the case study developed in Part I.
17 Feb 2004 by GenghisDon
An article about image capture.
12 Jan 2005 by Datac0re
Have you ever had a field that was required, but only if another field was a certain value? Then, this validator is for you!
4 Apr 2006 by Eric Woodruff
A class implementing IHttpHandler for use in custom controls, to send embedded resources such as scripts, images, and style sheets to the client.
17 Dec 2012 by Hatem Mostafa
Fast LZW implementation using Binary Tree as a dictionary
12 Dec 2004 by yetanotherchris
Provides enhanced functionality for the Windows inbuilt web browser (ActiveX) control.
28 Apr 2005 by Klaus Salchner (Canada)
Any time you developed a web form or Windows form using the Visual Studio .NET designer or used the view state architecture of ASP.NET you have relied on the help of a type converter. As the name already states, type converters are used to convert from one type to another.
9 May 2004 by Idael Cardoso
In this article, I describe a translation of most of the WMF SDK interfaces, data structures, constants, and functions into C#.
21 Jan 2005 by Mark J Biddlecom
Describes the use and architecture of an animated, circularly arranged pop-up menu control written in C#.
13 Dec 2005 by Paul Galvin
XML documents can represent Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This article provides a working example of a relatively low-tech C# program generating a properly formatted XML document that Microsoft Excel loads and views as one would expect.
24 Dec 2003 by Surain Shen
A solution that uses "pull model" to keep assemblies of an application up to date.
7 Oct 2004 by Dave Handley
Using multi-pass techniques to generate outlines in OpenGL.
26 Jul 2005 by Noogen
.NET 1.1 - AutoComplete ComboBox, bindable CheckBox and DateTimePicker, ReadOnly simulator, extending the DataGrid for designer support of DataGridComboBoxColumn and more...
19 Jun 2005 by Luciano Bargmann
The search list is a composition of SortedLists that will let you find your data in no time. This is indicated when you need filtered full scans in large lists.
5 Aug 2005 by Thanh Dao
An improvement on capturing similarity between strings. The algorithm was developed in C#.
16 Aug 2004 by Jim D'Agostino
Tutorial on designing classes using Boost libraries
26 Sep 2006 by Peter Kohout
Genetic and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms
13 Jul 2005 by Uri Guy
This article describes the code of a RichTextBox that knows how to highlight parts of the text and provide auto-completion.
2 Aug 2004 by Mubbasher Adeel
Building COM Objects in C#.
26 Aug 2005 by Hannes Foulds
This article shows how DPAPI and Triple DES can be used to encrypt connection strings and other sensitive strings for storage in the ASP.NET web.config file.
31 Oct 2007 by Jakob Lanstorp
Using interfaces as a means to decouple classes, making your application more flexible.
22 Oct 2005 by rwestgraham
Configure your upgrade setups to uninstall a previously installed application using VS.NET and Windows installer technologies.
2 Jul 2014 by Mohammed El-Afifi
Given an existing win32 application, how to provide COM automation capability to it?
28 Jul 2005 by Chris Cole
Using CodeDOM and SQL Server to build entity and factory classes - Part 1: CodeDOM basics.
24 Nov 2004 by Jay Nelson
An article on accessing a CVS repositry using C#.
30 Mar 2007 by AdamNajmanowicz
The article describes the retrieval of one's public IP address and geo location and possibly assigning it to one's Skype profile.
18 Apr 2005 by Uri Lavi
A simple database viewer to manipulate SQL Server data types (in particular: image, binary, varbinary and text).
25 Aug 2004 by staceyw
C# implementation of a Dijkstra counting Semaphore.
11 Feb 2005 by JWT
Create an add-in for VS.NET 2003 to create regions.
26 Sep 2005 by Serge Wautier
Two classes that help you to easily load (and format) messages from the String table.
17 May 2005 by Martin.Holzherr
Third article on building a language interpreter describing the generation of parse trees and syntax trees.
13 Apr 2004 by Darren Weir
Deploy your SQL Server 2000 database with scripts.
14 Jun 2004 by Ivan L
This article explores a way of implementing Named Pipes based Inter-Process Communication between .NET applications
10 Apr 2008 by Jeffrey Walton
How to Choose a Crypto++ Pseudo Random Number Generator
5 Jan 2013 by Vimalsoft(Pty) Ltd
Coding an N-Tier application in C# without using Wizards.
23 Feb 2004 by Eloff
Benchmarks on various conversion technqiues, commentary, and some custom conversion functions.
8 Nov 2004 by Binoy R
This article describes ContextMenu and event handling in Visual Basic .NET.
11 Nov 2004 by Saurabhdotnet
In this article, you will get a walkthrough of creating an Application Event Handler Component (AEHC) for any WinForms application in .NET.
11 Sep 2003 by Zhang YanFeng
This article will show you how to make MDI window of WTL into ATL control by using a real world example.
5 Aug 2004 by Jonathan Kade
The first phase of a RIFF/Wave editing "swiss army knife", in which we'll learn how to extract all the data present in common Wave files and store it in an XML document.
19 May 2004 by Nish Nishant
The CPZipStripper tool with source code
28 Oct 2004 by Alexandru Ghiondea
Describes how to upload and download pictures to and from a SQL Server database.
11 Sep 2004 by eagleboost
Demonstrates an innovative way to invoke hidden commands to show modal dialogs such as "Add To Favorite" dialog, "Import/Export Wizard" dialog in your WebBrowser-based application.
1 Jul 2005 by peterboulton
This utility uses Lim Bio Liong's excellent Spy++ style Window Finder code to build a screen capture utility (featuring text capture as well as bitmaps) and window resizer/mover. It also demonstrates stay on top and expanding/contracting (i.e. more detail / less detail) dialog boxes.
14 Jul 2003 by J Young
Article on generating missing Paint event for TreeView, ListView
20 Sep 2005 by Chris Morgan
A custom ListView that allows the column size to be locked.
9 Oct 2006 by Maxime Labelle
A source-compatible custom implementation of the upcoming Task Dialogs API found on Microsoft® Windows Vista™. This implementation makes it possible to use Task Dialogs in your applications designed to work on Windows 2000 and later.
13 Nov 2004 by MrEyes
Uses ASP .NET sessions to track and display a users navigation through your site
6 Dec 2006 by fschudel
A simple tool to find unused subs, functions and variables in your ASP code.
26 Sep 2004 by Robert Python
A simple resizable dialog which resizes in NONE, RESIZE, REPOS, RELATIVE, ZOOM, DELTA_ZOOM mode and behaves differently in different directions(left, top, right, bottom)
27 Sep 2004 by Eduard Liebenberger
Simplifying the creation of a user interface for business objects while providing a consistent mechanism for handling IsDirty and IsValid in the UI.
21 Mar 2007 by Rafael Mizrahi
An android that plays the Guitar Hero game. A DirectX DirectShow filters the video feed from the PlayStation2, detects where, when and how to play and moves the fingers accordingly.
22 Dec 2004 by Gary J. Kuehn
This article discusses the various threading paradigms available under the .NET CLR, using C#.
14 Dec 2003 by Alex Kolesnichenko
A class which makes tray icons management and animation really easy
22 Aug 2007 by Paul Roberts
An owner-drawn CTreeCtrl that has checkboxes and open/close controls aligned vertically on the right hand edge of the tree for easy viewing regardless of the horizontal scroll position.
26 Feb 2006 by Howard Richards
How to do AJAX without writing any JavaScript.
14 Dec 2005 by David Nissimoff
Covers the basics needed to get a Pocket PC and a Garmin GPS talk in their own language and to graphically display the calculated data.
26 May 2003 by Roy Osherove
Use Activator and IConfigurationSectionHandler in perfect harmony to add plugin abilities to your application
11 Nov 2012 by Joel Ivory Johnson
This article demonstrates how to use the Microsoft XNA Framework to read the state of an Xbox 360 controller
8 Jan 2007 by Anoop Pillai
This article is expected to (1) Introduce patterns to you in a simple, human readable way (2) Train you how to really identify and apply patterns (3) Demonstrate step by step methods to solve a design problem using patterns
13 Jun 2005 by Huseyin Altindag
An introduction to using the ADO.NET control.
9 May 2005 by Nicolas Wälti
A Tree like component with rich design time features.
6 Jul 2007 by Nguyen-Thanh-Tung
Use SOAP to communicate with a remote DB Server (Here I use SQL Server) on the Internet and get information or interact with the database
22 Dec 2003 by Jonathan de Halleux
Spart is the C# sister of Spirit. It lets you quickly create code parsers directly in your application.
17 Oct 2005 by Bill Pierce
An ASP.NET server control wrapper for the Google Maps API.
1 Nov 2005 by Karl Seguin
Extend the existing globalization capabilities of .NET to create flexible and powerful multilgual web sites. This third part won't focus on the fundamental but rather enhancements to what we've already covered.
28 Dec 2003 by Dirk Vandenheuvel
A generic shopping basket web control that should serve as a good starting point to roll your own, more advanced version.
14 Sep 2005 by Michael Bergman
An article on installing a menu interface for a load-on-demand DLL.
17 Feb 2005 by Oktay1
Explains use of Custom Collection Editors to create objects for a component during design time.
23 Jan 2005 by Igor Velikorossov
A .NET wrapper for IProgressDialog interface and a COM object to allow use of the standard Windows progress dialog with AVI animation and built-in time remaining calculation.
19 Dec 2005 by Eduardo Oliveira
An article on updating Windows application through the web.
8 Apr 2004 by Idael Cardoso
Managed C++ Windows Media Audio (WMA) compressor.
27 May 2004 by Roman Kiss
The DIME Bridge transferring a web service response (any serializable object) in the binary format across the Internet. It's a full transparent loosely coupled solution between the web service and its consumer - just injecting the bridge in their config files.
4 Nov 2005 by Duncan Edwards Jones
Trace.WriteLine outputs messages by OutputDebugString when no listeners are attached. This article shows how you can pick these messages up.
7 Jan 2008 by Rahman Mahmoodi
Abstract class versus Interface: Usage and Implementation.
28 Jan 2005 by Dan Letecky
An example that shows how Firebird database excels in embedding.
1 Dec 2005 by Niraj Sharma
Shows how to add 'Google Suggest' functionality to an ASP.NET application.
23 May 2007 by Frank Mayer-Potschak
Description of an interface programming tool for SAP and .NET integration.
8 Jan 2007 by Ashley van Gerven
ASP.NET pager control similar to Flickr's paging interface, but with tooltips and go-to-page popup layer allowing you to enter the required page number.
18 May 2005 by Eric Marcon
How to simply display a control inside the StatusBar of your program.
28 Sep 2004 by gtamir
How to instrument your services to monitor performance using Performance Counters.
10 Jul 2005 by Drazen Dotlic
Automate posting of formatted and colorized C# source code in four different ways.
7 Jun 2007 by hoquet
A utility program that allows you to enter SQL to select data from Oracle, the program will then create a table in SQL Server and copy the data using SQLBulkCopy.
3 May 2005 by Marc Clifton
Declarative programming of Property Events
13 May 2005 by Anand Santhanam
In this article, I would like to demonstrate how we can leverage the SQL Reporting Services feature on to a Microsoft Access database, using the Visual Studio .NET as IDE.
24 Mar 2005 by RoyClem
A primer to Microsoft's User Interface Process Application Block.
21 Oct 2009 by Anoop Pillai
This article will explain the actual concepts and implementation of Backward Propagation Neural Networks very easily - see project code and samples, like a simple pattern detector, a hand writing detection pad, an xml based neural network processing language etc in the source zip.
7 May 2007 by Jesu Benin
Guide to handle threads in .NET and WinForms.
6 Jan 2004 by Igor Katrayev
Another implementation of dockable, floating, tabbing and splitting environment.
24 Jan 2016 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A class to add to your application to generate nicely formatted prints from a DataGrid.
3 Aug 2004 by LZF
C# implementation of data binding TreeView.
22 Jul 2005 by MichaelElliott
Demonstrates how to use the Microsoft ASP.NET TreeView control from client-side script.
28 Mar 2004 by JasonSmith
An implementation of "Sets" for .NET
2 Apr 2007 by P.J. van de Sande
Save bandwidth and get QoS with bandwidth throttling.
22 Jan 2005 by Hatem Mostafa
Describes main binary tree operations
24 Jun 2005 by Garry Freemyer
Example screensaver in source code. Does a mini-preview too!
10 Jun 2004 by Daniel Zaharia
Article on a simple report builder.
13 Jul 2005 by Jonathan Lynas
A component suite to implement full owner-draw MenuItem support, including the painting of Menu Bars
9 Apr 2007 by Prathapachandran
This article gives a brief introduction about Crystal Reports and how to bind a dataset (.xsd) with a Crystal Report.
26 Sep 2007 by Karamasoft
JavaScript Tips for ASP.NET Developers
14 Mar 2005 by Chester Ragel
In MCMS 2002, releasing the ownership without changing the posting state.
9 Jun 2005 by luo31
The enhanced CHtmlView class handles the HTML element event and exchanges data in the view.
28 Sep 2005 by Alberto Venditti
A simple utility to quickly find nodes and attributes inside multiple XML files.
29 Aug 2006 by Muhammad Shahbaz Saleem
Deploying a .NET application with Crystal Reports
26 Aug 2005 by KJAM2005
a.k.a (Dr.D and his adventures in Software Design)
4 Aug 2004 by George Mamaladze
A C# implementation of Reversi (Othello) Game for PocketPC and Windows.
13 Jul 2009 by amatecki
The article describes how to use the Microsoft's UPnP Control Point API for finding and controlling UPnP devices, and includes a description of simple library to facilitate the application of Control Point API in your own programs, together with an example of MFC and WinForms applications.
15 Apr 2005 by Bashiiui
An article on the State pattern describing cell phone states behavior.
1 Jul 2003 by Detlef Grohs
An article demonstration using the XMLTextReader class to split large XML files.
29 Nov 2003 by Sriram Chitturi
The article discusses a strategy to securely configure and administer a set of connection strings which can be maintained environment wise. It also talks about distributing this information securely in a huge environment to be used by authorized clients only.
1 Oct 2004 by David Salter
A simple application for validating XML files from within Windows Explorer.
29 Mar 2007 by AlwiNus
A Margin structure that can be used in a variety of situations, like layout, drawing and printing. Now comes with a custom TypeConverter and a usage sample.
10 Mar 2007 by rmortega77
Adding designing capabilities and visual feedback by creating a container component that behaves like Qt Layouts. Automatically adjusting size and position of contained components as the container resizes.
10 Nov 2004 by Logu Krishnan
A simple application that illustrates how to use MapPoint SDK using C#, and render the Route maps and calculate the distance on a SmartPhone.
16 Apr 2004 by Tim Hagemann
An article about a ready to use trace class specialized for multithreaded programming.
28 Aug 2006 by Ashley van Gerven
A cross-browser container control for a DataGrid to freeze the header row and sync the header when the DataGrid is scrolled horizontally
21 Aug 2004 by azamsharp
Transferring page values to another page.
31 Mar 2005 by Dusty Candland
An article on reading Excel documents using C# and the MS Office 2003 Interop Assemblies.
3 Oct 2005 by Alexey A. Popov
This article demonstrates an alternative way of invoking UI event handlers from a worker thread.
23 Aug 2006 by Dimitar Madjarov
An article for local report engine incorporate in MS VS 2005 and generation of dynamic reports
25 Aug 2004 by Karl Seguin
Extend the existing globalization capabilities of .NET to create flexible and powerful multilgual web sites. First, create a custom ResourceManager, and then create custom localized-capable server controls to easily deploy multilingual functionality.
30 Mar 2004 by Neil Baliga
AppDomains allow sharing of the .NET runtime to save on memory usage.
2 Jun 2006 by Roberto Loreto
Very often, we need to intercept method calls and enable some code to run before/after a method call of an external type (.NET object). Learn how to do this.
21 Aug 2010 by qlipoth
An example of how to process an image for barcode strings
11 Oct 2005 by Andy Bantly
The Remote Desktop Viewer Lite is a system to remotely monitor desktop activity. This system is designed to view a remote desktop's activity.
3 Mar 2005 by JSimms
An article on creating a bitmap button
17 Feb 2006 by Syed Umar Anis
Demonstrates how to serialize and de-serialize the contents of System.Windows.Forms.TreeView control from an XML file using forward only, non-cached XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter.
3 Oct 2005 by Susan Hernandez
Covering the basics of VSS automation using the SourceSafe API (SourceSafeTypeLib) and the SS.exe command line utility. The sample shows rolling back an entire project hierarchy.
19 Feb 2004 by Mathias Taylor
Export Microsoft Outlook data using XML DataSets and the Outlook COM Object Library.
21 Dec 2007 by WinSpace
Use the Generics, Extension and Reflection features to implement a generic serialization class library for LINQ to SQL classes
22 Jul 2004 by pseudonym67
A Connect Four Game that learns from experience.
4 Apr 2007 by Anoop Pillai
This article is expected to (0) Introduce Brainnet, a declarative neural network library we developed (1) Demonstrate some practical uses neural network programming (2) Give you a fair idea regarding neurons, neural networks and their applications (3) Introduce BrainNet library - an open source
18 Mar 2004 by jconwell
Write and execute C# or VB.NET as if they were scripting languages (using the CodeDom)
27 Jan 2005 by Mike Ellison
An example of persisting and parsing a custom collection in an ASP.NET server control.
22 Jun 2005 by Douglas M. Weems
[Obsolete]Capture whole web pages as a single image using C#.
12 Oct 2005 by kim.david.hauser
An example that provides an Eval function for compiling/evaluating C# code at runtime.
24 May 2007 by kubben
Using Visual Studio to debug JavaScript in IE can really speed up your JavaScript development and save you some headaches
5 Dec 2004 by Tim_Mackey
This article explains how to enhance your 404 page by providing links to pages with a similar name to the requested page.
24 May 2007 by Emilio Garavaglia
Tracing in the debug window using std::ostream
23 Aug 2005 by Lisa Liel