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Posted 8 Aug 2005


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A WTL DocView framework

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10 Jan 2006CPOL1 min read
Implemetation of a simple DocView framework like MFC.

Sample Image - DocView_framework.jpg


This article explains the implementation of a simple Doc View framework in a WTL (version 7.5) MDI application. The sample project included with this article is a wizard-generated MDI application enhanced with my framework classes. I enhanced code from Gabriel Kniznik with a little bit closer to the MFC DocView approach, and there exists only one kind of document template - MDI Document template. This framework was written in a week, so I apologize for mistakes and unfinished solutions :).

In this article is also participating Rodrigo Pinho Pereira de Souza, who made great enhancements to this framework (see the History section).


In the demo project, you can see how to integrate the framework to your own project. You have to make changes to CMainFrame, CChildFrame, CYourView, and create a new class CYourDoc. Do not forget to change the IDR_CHILDFRAME string to the form for MFC -> \nDocument\nDVF\n\n\nDVFSimple.Document\nDVF Document.

Below is a simplified class diagram of the framework:

Framework class diagram - simplified


  • 11 Jan 2006
  • Changes made by Rodrigo Pinho Pereira de Souza:

    • Automatic handling of ID_FILE_NEW
    • Automatic handling of ID_FILE_SAVE
    • Automatic handling of ID_FILE_SAVEAS
    • Implemented Serialization mechanism
    • Changed all declarations of std::vector to the ATL CSimpleArray
    • Created a CFormView class

    Demo application split to VC++ 6.0 and VS.NET 2003.

  • 8 Aug 2005 - Initial version.

Terms of Use

The sample application available with this article is free for any purpose. THIS SOFTWARE IS DISTRIBUTED AS-IS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Jozef Bozek
CEO bring-it-together s.r.o.
Slovakia Slovakia
Jozef Božek is currently a software engineer at bring-it-together s.r.o. in area of large scale infomation systems and mobile applications development.
He has been developing in C++ nearly full time since 2000, in Java since 2004 and in Objective-C since 2009. He is programming using Java EE SDK, iOS SDK, COM/DCOM, MFC, ATL, STL and so on Smile | :)

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