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Team Leader: "OK team, we all just read The Code Project Visionary. Since I am an expert now, and the consultant agrees with what I say, we are going to do DevOps. DevOps is clearly the one ring to rule them all. We need to ignore everything else as it is all noise and substandard practices and process. Here is our vision -

1) Right now we have these dev teams and ops teams and they just don't work together. DevOps will fix it.

2) Our end game solution is that we are going to have dev teams, ops teams, and DevOps teams. Great work all!!"

Comment from the back: "Hey, what about security?!"

Team Leader: "OK team, we just learned that security is important today. Since I'm an expert now, and the consultant agrees with what I say, we are going to do DevSecOps. Security is the most important thing so we have to optimize everything around security and elevate it. Because that's what DevSecOps is all about. Security.

We are going to have dev teams, ops teams, DevOps teams, and Security teams from now on... but we are totally pushing the envelope here!"

Quality Manager: "Wait, what about quality? Quality is most important! "

Team Leader: "OK team, .....DevSecQuaOps..., ah screw this, I'm going into sales!"

I am a self taught addict which had no idea how to start up a pc running Windows '95 back in 1995. The thrill of learning how to accomplish this was out-worldly. Now, today, I still don't know anything about nothing but the thrill on any accomplishment achieved is still out-worldly!
31 Dec 2023 CodeProject MVP 2024
31 Dec 2022 CodeProject MVP 2023
31 Dec 2020 CodeProject MVP 2021



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