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Comments by Andre Oosthuizen (Top 200 by date)

Andre Oosthuizen 6-Mar-23 7:07am View    
Do not ever hardcode your paths to any of your files, it is bound to error some or other time in it's life -
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Mar-23 10:03am View    
The translate to Hindi was answered a few days ago, answer accepted - How to scrap multiple webpages by translating each english page to hindi using Python[^]. Why ask the same question again?
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Mar-23 10:01am View    
With no information given, +5 for your effort, I walked away on line 1. :)
Andre Oosthuizen 2-Mar-23 1:51am View    
The error tells you where your problem lies - IEnumerable<string> roles) parameters not in the member of IAuthenticationExtension2 interface.

I will again suggest you read the link provided in the solution, follow the "next step" on each page to read-up more so you can ensure that your set-up is 100%.

The code provided above works fine, your set-up is not done correctly.
Andre Oosthuizen 1-Mar-23 3:06am View    
I cannot answer that as there are way too many variables at play. One will need to check set-up, controllers, API's, actual code etc etc.