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Posted 26 Feb 2008


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Create a Convenient Toolbar Assistant Using WTL

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11 Mar 2008GPL33 min read
A more easy to generate toolbar images.



In the many development processes, to create the toolbar image of the application is a very headache thing. After the use of many tools in this area, still have not found a more suitable. So I began to develop my own tool - "ToolBar Assistant".

I use the latest version of WTL 8.0. Integrated development environment is Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003. I just had a simple test in Windows XP with SP2.

The following features are available in current version:
· Support all formates that supported in CXimage (bmp, jpeg, ico, gif, png, targa, tga, tif, etc.).
· Adjust the order of images.
· Unified image file size, color depth, format, etc..
· A number of effects can be used (color adjustment, brightness adjustment, gray, color inversion, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, rotate, etc.).
· Support unlimited Undo and Redo.
· Support for multi-frame images.
· Support convert images to a specified format.
· convert color-model (1bit ... 256 colors ... 16 bit ... 24 bit ... 32 bit).
· Automatically named output images files by Command ID specified.
· Merge and Generate toolbar image as a specified format.
· Support transparent and background color.
· Support a wide range of interpolation functions to resample.
· Support theme in Windows XP or Vista.

New Feature at Ver1.01
1. Save workspace as a .taw file with undo and redo buffers.
2. Import from an entire toolbar bitmap with transparent background.
3. Extract images from a toolbar bitmap.
4. ShiftRGB and Colorlize Effect with more easy UI.
5. Suport mass images.
6. Improved drawing-speed.

How it works

Just three steps to create a toolbar image.
Step 1: Add images used for buttons

Step 2: Do some order and appearance adjustment

appearance adjustment
Step 3: Save


Latest news

New version will come soon.More easy, more enjoy!
1. Drag/drop from explorer.

2. Generate source code for the creation of the toolbar in C++ automatically to the clipboard or file.

3. Import toolbar images generated by Visual C++ or another applications, transparent background also supported.


I wish to thank:
· Davide Pizzolato for CxImage.
· Microsoft for the great WTL.
· And all the authors of the controls used in this project.


1.0 - (2008/02/26).
First public release.

1.01 - (2008/03/10)
[+] Save workspace as a .taw file with undo and redo buffers.
[+] Import from an entire toolbar bitmap with transparent background.
[+] Extract images from a toolbar bitmap.
[+] ShiftRGB and Colorlize Effect with more easy UI.
[-] Fix bugs reported in mails.
[F] Re-Construct the architecture.
[F] Optimize the speed of PNG export.
[+] Remember last effect's configuration.

About my friends and me

Since 1998, I have been engulfed by software. I chance in the growing maturity of software development:) More than thirty projects completed successfully by my comrade and me.

Now I am engaged in network technology. Let no distance between people in the world is my dream. We have been continuous efforts, because we believe that the world can be vivid.

Our information can be found at:


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The GNU General Public License (GPLv3)


About the Author

Team Leader GreatStar Software Technology Development CO., Ltd
China China
Upcoming product - Roya LiveWorld
Integrate video, audio and data with powerful collaborative communication technologies.
Hope that we can let people around the world to communicate more convenient!

The wise choice of the 10 reasons
1, single server to support users far more than the general similar products
2, years of accumulation of professional video technology development, so that the effect of more realistic video
3, even if the dial-up Internet access, can also be smooth, clear, quality sound effects
4, adapt to the various complex network environment
5, the powerful, friendly interface, easy to operate
6, better stability and better, higher security
7, Universal Network File Sharing Technology (Global original) can be simple and efficient sharing of arbitrary files
8, close to the ordinary user's design
9, the hardware and software requirements are very low, server can even run in the virtual machine.
10, more personalized service

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