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by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
by Shao Voon Wong
Tracing GDI Leaks with Windows Debugger
by Hans Dietrich
XBreadCrumbBar is a windowless non-MFC class that allows you to display a breadcrumb trail as HTML text, with support for web links and APP: links.
by Keith Rule
Create visually complex, yet programmatically simple, non-rectangular GUIs

Latest Articles

by Shao Voon Wong
Tracing GDI Leaks with Windows Debugger
by Andy De Filippo
Render Rich Text with GDI+ by tapping into the power of API hooking
by AdventureDriver
Creating a optionally sheared mirrored image from a source image in a collage
by David O'Neil
Everybody Loves the Mandelbrot Set! Here's a browser for it!

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10 Mar 2002 by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
25 Apr 2023 by Shao Voon Wong
Tracing GDI Leaks with Windows Debugger
7 Aug 2007 by Hans Dietrich
XBreadCrumbBar is a windowless non-MFC class that allows you to display a breadcrumb trail as HTML text, with support for web links and APP: links.
6 Feb 2000 by Keith Rule
Create visually complex, yet programmatically simple, non-rectangular GUIs
29 Dec 2006 by Michael Dunn
How to use power status notifications to make your applications conserve power when necessary.
29 Jun 2009 by Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7
27 Mar 2001 by Joseph M. Newcomer
GDI objects selected in a DC can't be deleted - even when you call DeleteObject. This handy class makes these potential leaks a thing of the past.
8 Oct 2009 by Syed Hasan Hyder
This article focuses on internal supply chain management systems visibility via chart reports, and provides assessment apparatus to manage and monitor activities spawned during business processes, hence paves the way for timely and precise business decisions.
25 Jan 2013 by FatCatProgrammer
StarReport: WPF-less GDI+.NET report component.
10 Dec 2001 by Yuriy Zaporozhets
Very primitive function that creates region from *.bmp files
17 Jan 2021 by David O'Neil
Everybody Loves the Mandelbrot Set! Here's a browser for it!
15 Jul 2000 by Dave Lorde
Simple customised Window captions, including multi-line captions
18 Jun 2012 by Mark Kruger
API which shows a Selection Overlay and notifies the caller when it's resizing and notifies the final rectangle.
25 Jan 2015 by syed shanu
XBAR and Range Chart using C#
15 Aug 2013 by Chris Boss
OpenGL based 3D learning software
25 Jan 2016 by Samuel Teixeira
Why simple if we can be complex?
1 Mar 2017 by trident99
GtProject is intended to provide the user a Microsoft Project equivalent control to use for scheduling tasks.
20 May 2002 by Jason Henderson
Draw and animate ASCII characters to a window using this COM object.
7 Jan 2008 by Visual Numerics, Inc.
This document focuses on the combination of VSTO 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition.
12 Oct 2016 by gricardi
As users are migrating from traditional desktops to mobile devices, transitioning your Windows application to the web is the next step to increasing your exposure. Thinfinity VirtualUI delivers your Windows applications to users on any device, anywhere.
3 Mar 2020 by LeisureBamboo
Randomly read any embedded_mono_matrix in TTF file, export it to bitmap files (in package)
9 Sep 2011 by Paul M Watt
With respect to Image Composition, your imagination is your only limit.
3 Nov 2008 by IndioX86
An article explaining several Win32 reverse engineering techniques applied to Live Messenger research and plug-in development.
21 Jul 2011 by Paul M Watt
Guide to creating and using Memory Device Contexts (DC) in Win32.
11 Sep 2015 by Johnny J.
A ToggleSwitch that presents on/off values in a more interesting way than a standard CheckBox
22 Dec 2014 by Gerald Degeneve
Draw or render a Windows Form directly over the Wallpaper, behind the Desktop Icons in Windows 8+10
17 Sep 2005 by Mathew Hall
A fully customisable ListView style control based on Java's JTable.
28 Aug 2009 by Alex Blekhman
A simple Calendar utility that demonstrates basic Shell extensibility techniques: desk band, tray notification icon, locales.
14 Sep 2009 by Michael Dunn
An intro to using Taskbar progress bars and overlay icons with your Windows 7 applications
5 Oct 2012 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
PDF MERGER and PROTECTOR is the best pdf merger software which is fast and powerful way to join(Merge) PDF files with password protection as well as you can apply stamper with either any type of image or text. Using this utility you don’t required installation of Adobe Acrobat. Looks Exciting ???
25 Jun 2012 by codiemorgan
Basics for setting up a 2D Game using GDI+, Renderloop, and Threading. And a few tips.
12 Jun 2014 by Michael Haephrati
How Target Eye's screen capturing mechanism works
31 Dec 2005 by Michael Dunn
Using the new WTL classes that implement advanced dialog UI elements
25 Mar 2002 by Keith Rule
A simple animation example which is used to show CMemDC in several modes
5 Oct 2009 by Jeff J Anderson
An alpha channel composited form for image based Window frames
16 Nov 2004 by peterchen
Using boost, we can write "almost perfect" wrappers for GDI and other resource handles, in a few lines of code.
14 Oct 2022 by Andy De Filippo
Render Rich Text with GDI+ by tapping into the power of API hooking
6 Nov 2007 by .Suchit
Generating smooth lines with antialiasing; sample code for animation is included
2 Jun 2006 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing an extension to customize the icons displayed for a file type.
15 Dec 2011 by shynet
Stream a live camera video stream or single images between applications using the TCP protocol.
14 Aug 2014 by Jamie Nordmeyer
A class to make working with LOGFONTs easier
7 Oct 2018 by Mojtaba Hosseini
A graphical binary tree. Features: add, remove, or search for a node. Recursive algorithm has been used
1 Sep 2005 by otigli
An article about how to enhance current image characteristics
21 Feb 2011 by Michael Dunn
A tutorial that shows how to get started using the Ribbon in your applications
18 Jun 2016 by Patrik Mlekuž
Image Control for viewing most common image formats with advanced features included (Import Image, Preview, Resize, Position, Pan, Zoom, Export Image, Extract Resource Icon).
15 Aug 2020 by Mohammad Dehghan
Creating special 'Graphics' objects to draw anywhere on your window, including non-client area
9 Mar 2008 by Nibu babu thomas
Lists out the details of running processes in a system, loaded drivers, loaded dlls, version of each dll and process, process times, command line, owner, priority, GDI resource usage, privileges, loaded symbols, window heirarchy, autostart app finding and more.
9 Feb 2010 by D.K.Wang
This article tries to find a way to show standard controls, ActiveX controls, translucent controls on layered windows. Native MFC source code provided.
18 Mar 2011 by darkoman
This article is about the 3D software rendering engine.
20 Jun 2013 by Smart K8
A set of handy extension methods to help you with quick Image modifications
17 Apr 2000 by Anton Stuck
A class that provides some simple, yet spectacular window animation effects. Try the demo!
27 Aug 2003 by Don Kackman
Class wrappers around the Win32 multi-monitor API
24 Dec 2008 by jackyxinli
An article to show how to play audio file with DirectSound and display its spectrum in real time accurately
25 Mar 2007 by Chrisi476
This article describes ColorTextBox, a customizable User Control which was written completely from scratch and is intended to fill the gap between the TextBox and RichTextBox controls found in the .NET 2.0 library.
11 Feb 2009 by darkoman
An article on a free C++ bitmap manipulation class
6 Nov 2007 by Hans Dietrich
XHtmlDraw allows you to display a single line HTML text as easily as using DrawText(), including web links and APP: links, no MFC
12 Apr 2016 by Shao Voon Wong
How to use a font without installing it first on user systems
1 Aug 2013 by tumbledDown2earth
Method for edge detection in color images, using 1-Dimensional liner image or scan line, sampled at 1 pixel intervals, at any arbitary angle
4 Apr 2002 by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how Windows generates WM_PAINT messages, manages the update region for a window, and how to use all common type DCs.
27 Jan 2008 by Jeff Morton
Audio event processing with visual display
26 May 2010 by Sonic Guan
A convenient and high-powered GUI engine with plenty of tricks
29 Jan 2006 by lgaudouen
A ListBox which could display and allow selection of fonts, with special features.
29 Jul 2009 by SergStrashko
Introduce the algorithm and technique for pre-drawing process speed up.
24 Nov 2014 by Jeremy Falcon
A beginner's guide to talking like a computer.
9 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
Beginner article that shows how you can create horizontal, vertical and diagonal backgrounds. Also tells you what to watch out for, to avoid flickering when doing complicated drawing.
30 Aug 2011 by CaldasGSM
Non-affine transformations, four-point distortions, or whatever you want to call it.
28 Mar 2008 by João Paulo Figueira
Control your Windows Mobile device from your desktop.
19 Apr 2005 by Itay Sagui
Introduction to the basic idea of the particle systems, and how to create basic effects such as explosions and water fountains.
20 Dec 2006 by Igor Tolmachev
This article explains how to create an application that makes it snow on the desktop.
23 Aug 2016 by Alaa Ben Fatma
Inherits the awesome style of Visual Studio's TabControl for better exploiting
2 Nov 2019 by Alaa Ben Fatma
Use your skills as a designer to create gorgeous control
12 Apr 2002 by Davide Pizzolato
Quick reference to draw lines, shapes, or text on bitmaps
29 Nov 2007 by Windmiller
This graphical application will play and display frequencies and mix them together so that you can analyze what's really going on with sounds that we call intone. Handling a basic DFT version that will prove to us which frequencies are involved. It was originally made in plain C.
18 Jul 2011 by Michael Dunn
This article shows how to control various Ribbon and command properties at runtime
25 Mar 2002 by Florin Vasilescu
A simple application that retrieves the color codes from any area of your screen, with some cool options.
21 Sep 2011 by Santhosh G_
Implementation of different interpolations[Bi-Linear and Bi-Cubic] with OpenGL.
13 Feb 2010 by mariscn
Capture an HTML document as an image.
17 Aug 2009 by Michael Mangelsdorf
A DLL implemented in assembler featuring a console GUI component
20 Jun 2007 by Stefan Kuhr
Adding Aero Glass to Windows applications while keeping them backwards-compatible with legacy Windows versions
12 Apr 2007 by kenearle
Put anything you want in a ToolTip
15 Aug 2007 by Jeff Morton
Simple sound sampler with visualization
24 May 2007 by Nicolas Bonamy
A grid to display and edit properties of objects (as in Visual Studio)
1 Jan 2010 by Shakeel Iqbal
Manage your daily tasks and To-Do list using some exciting features of Windows 7.
9 Apr 2002 by Paul M Watt
Guide to understand the three different types of clipping regions, and how they relate to the Device Context
20 Mar 2002 by Paul M Watt
Beginner's guide to understanding how to paint to a window in the WIN32 SDK environment
19 May 2009 by Michael Dunn
An intro to using jump lists with your Windows 7 applications
11 Sep 2011 by Michael Dunn
This article demonstrates new button and menu features of the Ribbon
14 Jan 2005 by ejor
Get icons from Exe or DLL the PE way or how to emulate PrivateExtractIcons.
19 Aug 2008 by Jon Person, A. Philip Smith
In part three of the series, the authors of the "GIS.NET" mapping component for .NET explain how to write a geographic mapping engine which can display geographic coordinates. Source code is provided which can pan and zoom a sample geographic object (the state of Nebraska), in C# and VB.NET.
14 Apr 2014 by auralius manurung
An article on designing your own robot simulator
3 Mar 2000 by Chris Becke
Notes on TrackMouseEvent, and SetCapture on Win32
1 Apr 2019 by veen_rp
Smooth a 2D polyline through interpolation (Catmull-Rom) or approximation (Chaikin)
8 Oct 2009 by Anthony Mushrow
Create and edit 2D maps using tiles
6 Dec 2004 by Mike O'Neill
How to use custom draw to change the appearance of a Track Bar control and CSliderCtrl.
11 Jun 2004 by valdok
Regions encapsulation in light-weight C++ objects.
28 Jul 2001 by Ales Krajnc
An include file that allows you to specify colors by name instead of RGB value