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Comments by thomasriley (Top 21 by date)

thomasriley 16-Jan-13 8:23am View    
Few tweaks as for one I'm in VB.NET but thanks phil.o that seemed to have worked!
thomasriley 9-Jan-13 10:14am View    
Your query now seems right as the SelectedText option will output as a string. What do you mean by:
"debugging the string + cmbPartNo.SelectedText + through this statement"?
thomasriley 9-Jan-13 10:10am View    
On which event does the query run? When you click a button or on Form_Load?
thomasriley 9-Jan-13 8:54am View    
Can you paste your code here?
thomasriley 9-Jan-13 8:52am View    
replace the last else with - OrElse