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Comments by Ramug10 (Top 115 by date)

Ramug10 18-Jun-14 2:53am View    
what is your problem you want to get joining date from two dropdowns? in your code you wrote like 'dropdownlist1.text' instead you can write 'dropdownlist1.selecteditem.text'
Ramug10 11-Jun-14 8:51am View    
what is tdright class what css styles it has check it
Ramug10 10-Jun-14 7:09am View    
5th step you must check whether ds contains tables or not.
Ramug10 10-Jun-14 6:57am View    
Application Pool in IIS, you can easily find when you open IIS first node to root.
Ramug10 10-Jun-14 6:45am View    
Right click on your pool --> Advanced Settings-->.Net CLR version v2.0