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Comments by Dinesh Mani (Top 27 by date)

Dinesh Mani 19-Apr-12 1:34am View    
Why do you want to bind the download address to a file upload control???
Dinesh Mani 28-Mar-12 3:01am View    
I assume your "View More" button is not related to the page nos. Just have the gridview properties reset to what ever page size that you need and rebind the data.

The ambiguity that I foresee here is that when the user is on page 4 with 10 records in 1 page, what should the grid display now? records 31 to 50 or 61 to 80??
Dinesh Mani 20-Mar-12 3:30am View    
Why do you want to write data into your app config???
Dinesh Mani 20-Mar-12 2:45am View    
Code for both the controls would give better insights into the problem!
Dinesh Mani 20-Mar-12 2:32am View    
Please provide more context... preceeding and succeding lines of code would help.