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tumbledDown2earth 29-Jul-13 3:34am View
If you still want to serialize and send the type, just create a container class tohold the real object and the Header information and then serialize the container class instead
tumbledDown2earth 29-Jul-13 3:33am View
Why do you want the object name and the class type? The whole idea of using json is making it loosely typed... There are classes like 'JObject' in for this purpose.
tumbledDown2earth 18-Jun-13 0:06am View
why doesn't cp have a tweet button? I would have re-tweeted this :D
tumbledDown2earth 18-Jun-13 0:06am View
why doesn't cp have a tweet button? I would have re-tweeted this :D
tumbledDown2earth 18-Jun-13 0:06am View
why doesn't cp have a tweet button? I would have re-tweeted this :D
tumbledDown2earth 18-Jun-13 0:01am View
y doesnt cp have a tweet button (i would have re-tweeted this) :D
tumbledDown2earth 17-Jun-13 3:18am View
Which is the account you are running the application as ?
tumbledDown2earth 17-Jun-13 3:06am View
Agreed ... However, I see most legacy or semi legacy applications dont use this idea ... Makes me ponder of the near history of SW development (may be moving a server was never foreseen) :) --my5
tumbledDown2earth 17-Jun-13 2:35am View
More depends on how your applcation has maintained timezone of the clients. if every account has a timezone setting and you convert datetimes from user to server timezones before insert and reverse while get, then you could think of redesigning that part
tumbledDown2earth 17-Jun-13 2:32am View
When your server moves, the first thing would be to set existing datatime values in the database to the new timezone.
tumbledDown2earth 17-Jun-13 2:16am View
What is the timezone of your database? Is it the same as server? how do you insert time in the database (server specific / database specific) ?
tumbledDown2earth 13-Jun-13 1:06am View
Please check that the event is set or not, before your backgroundworker thread hits this code
tumbledDown2earth 11-Jun-13 4:34am View
You need to explain your question better
tumbledDown2earth 11-Jun-13 4:30am View
vshost gets killed when you close visual studio. Otherwise it does not interfere with any non-debugging process and remains idle
tumbledDown2earth 7-Jun-13 5:55am View
You have to explain your problem better
tumbledDown2earth 6-Jun-13 5:03am View
did you check if your server accepts post/put requests from. Also check you are authorised or not
tumbledDown2earth 6-Jun-13 2:31am View
Great answer.. my 5
tumbledDown2earth 6-Jun-13 2:30am View
Please post your new parameter question as a new question
tumbledDown2earth 31-May-13 0:32am View
Gawd ... you people really have no work :))
tumbledDown2earth 30-May-13 6:36am View
what do you mean by duplicate records? any sample xml?
tumbledDown2earth 30-May-13 3:08am View
HttpClient c = new HttpClient();
c.BaseAddress = new Uri("");
c.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"));
HttpRequestMessage req = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Post, "relativeAddress");
req.Content = new StringContent("{\"name\":\"John Doe\",\"age\":33}", Encoding.UTF8, "application/json");
tumbledDown2earth 29-May-13 12:22pm View
httpclient1.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Content-Type", "application/json;");

changed "ContentType" => "Content-Type"
tumbledDown2earth 29-May-13 8:03am View
To start with make a data server which should manage authentication and connect from user to user... then there are a million more things you can do
tumbledDown2earth 29-May-13 7:41am View
Did you gove the table a name "Wizard"? It is not reflecting in the code above
tumbledDown2earth 29-May-13 7:35am View
Can you post the json string of your sample object. Might help to resolve
tumbledDown2earth 28-May-13 8:09am View
Please check the value that you are inserting, and the size of database columns. There may be possibility that your one of the column datatype is allowing less then what you are inserting, I will suggest you to use SQL Profiler
tumbledDown2earth 28-May-13 7:18am View
How did you generate your proxy classes? Did you try to call the WCF service from a dummy method and see if it works?
tumbledDown2earth 26-May-13 4:34am View
you forgot your poser switch :P
tumbledDown2earth 23-May-13 0:27am View
In WPF you have have 'forms' but its perfectly possible to put grid/stackpanel/etc in other parent controls.... If you have some code that is failing (or not building) please add to your question here
tumbledDown2earth 23-May-13 0:26am View
Sounds like your app-pool user doesnt have write permission on the server.
tumbledDown2earth 23-May-13 0:22am View
Did you implement the webhttpbinding properly? A sample is here .. Please validate your implementation and post back
tumbledDown2earth 15-May-13 0:41am View
Hmm escaping '"' character can help. But let me try, Can you share a sample json like yours?
tumbledDown2earth 10-May-13 4:49am View
I presume you have leaking memory in your code... Please profile your application to see the memory footprint when it crashes
tumbledDown2earth 10-May-13 3:43am View
If you are using Json.Net you can deserialize the string to JObject and then have to manually build a datatable
tumbledDown2earth 10-May-13 3:14am View
Post your code if you can .. both main methods should have same signature
tumbledDown2earth 8-May-13 10:46am View
And do you have "ReportsController" ?
tumbledDown2earth 8-May-13 10:45am View
Try: http://localhost:1017/api/Reports/2/1 instead of http://localhost:1017//api/Reports/2/1 ..

replacing the '//' with '/'
tumbledDown2earth 7-May-13 6:57am View
Please share the l4n configurations
tumbledDown2earth 3-May-13 3:31am View
You can add a Version tag or check by the last updated datetimeutc value.
tumbledDown2earth 30-Apr-13 7:56am View
Start here:
tumbledDown2earth 30-Apr-13 2:01am View
Why cant you consider fetching the password from some other source (per user) like some storage. Alternatively you can also work on a federated authentication model where each user gets a callback before sending an email with their credentials
tumbledDown2earth 28-Apr-13 11:16am View
Did you check for exceptions from your service? You can try putting the code in a try-catch block and log exceptions if any. Your observation seems to suggest that some of the requests either dont reach or are not successfully processed
tumbledDown2earth 28-Apr-13 11:09am View
Check gvrow.RowIndex. Its value looks like is less than GridView1.DataKeys.Count. This is causing the problem
tumbledDown2earth 25-Apr-13 7:37am View
Did you check this:

tumbledDown2earth 25-Apr-13 5:12am View
thanks for thanks :)
tumbledDown2earth 22-Apr-13 23:15pm View
So how many rows are in the StopsInfo table then? Is the table indexed? Can you check the query in management studio and check how much time it takes
tumbledDown2earth 22-Apr-13 12:42pm View
Can you debug a little and find the performance cone ... Try to identity while stepping through your code that which statement takes roughly the longest time ...

Your code can definitely be optimized, but its not the reason so such a delayed loading. I suspect your DA code has a long connection duration. Check/profile the connection.Open() statement and see
tumbledDown2earth 21-Apr-13 2:15am View
Either the same app or some service process might be blocking your file for editing/deleting
tumbledDown2earth 20-Apr-13 4:39am View
did you check you web.config ?
tumbledDown2earth 20-Apr-13 3:01am View
Have you enabled https on your webserver (iis) ?
tumbledDown2earth 20-Apr-13 2:48am View
would make sense with more detail ... my first q: wpf or winform or something else?
tumbledDown2earth 20-Apr-13 2:47am View
It is difficult(read as immpossible) for most (if not all) experts to answer questions without understanding the point in the crispest detail. And unfortunately without sample code to reproduce your issue (or at least the basic try that you have done) your question is not good enough
tumbledDown2earth 19-Apr-13 9:59am View
which json library are you using ?
tumbledDown2earth 19-Apr-13 9:50am View
Works perfect for me. I added this service reference and generated the proxies successfully. I think you should try again. Sometimes the connection breaks inn between leading to such errors
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 23:50pm View
Make sure where you are hosting your application, there itextsharp.dll is present in the bin directory
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 12:22pm View
Let me rephrase ... Are you looking for the syntax to see that 2 dates' difference is 6 months or more?
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 12:15pm View
try this :

if (comboBox1.SelectedValue != null && comboBox1.Text != "")

If you are still getting the same exception follow the advice by Sergey to get some logs
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 12:13pm View
Wait ... my psychic gut feeling is itching to ask you this ..

Why haven't you checked "comboBox1.SelectedValue" for null in the first line (if nothing is selected this will be null and comboBox1.SelectedValue.ToString() will throw null reference exception) ?
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 11:12am View
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 11:10am View
Its really not possible unless at lest we see the code inside "comboBox1_SelectedIndexChanged" .. Please make a dummy class to reproduce the problem and paste the code in your question.

Sergey's suggesstion above could also help if you try
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 10:54am View
do you have the assembly in the application bin directory (probing path) ?
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 10:53am View
Your question is quite vague unless you discuss with some code. There could be a zillion reason what goes on from you buttonclick to the data going in the db.
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 6:36am View
there is a process id of every w3wp process. by appid d you mean process id?
tumbledDown2earth 18-Apr-13 5:47am View
neat :) ... good luck with ur project
tumbledDown2earth 17-Apr-13 7:33am View
Did you hear about the Singleton Pattern? You can find a hint here:
tumbledDown2earth 17-Apr-13 7:01am View
This looks like some encoded url which is serving as a token but does not expire
tumbledDown2earth 17-Apr-13 2:10am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Content is not clear and complete
tumbledDown2earth 16-Apr-13 8:59am View
code is not sufficient :P
tumbledDown2earth 16-Apr-13 8:38am View
tumbledDown2earth 16-Apr-13 8:24am View
Can you share a bit of code?
tumbledDown2earth 16-Apr-13 8:07am View
On which computer is it showing error? and what is the exception?
tumbledDown2earth 16-Apr-13 7:59am View
is it wpf or winform?
tumbledDown2earth 16-Apr-13 5:13am View
do you have a connection string and access rights to the godaddy db server?
tumbledDown2earth 14-Apr-13 9:40am View
Check you driver details from your manual .. may be there is a hint there
tumbledDown2earth 13-Apr-13 0:01am View
may be some code?
tumbledDown2earth 12-Apr-13 7:13am View
you can get a datafile dump from here:
tumbledDown2earth 12-Apr-13 6:52am View
Its a pretty large area to answer in a few lines ... Can you post a sample code that you have tried. Based on in one of the experts can help you maybe
tumbledDown2earth 12-Apr-13 3:42am View
refernce of the image on which it is to be drawn
tumbledDown2earth 12-Apr-13 3:29am View
Is your database on the same system or on the network? If the data is too-much over the network it might be an issue.
tumbledDown2earth 12-Apr-13 2:36am View
if its this line
---- base.Dispose( disposing ); }

then you must have not derived your class from any user defined class.
thus default base class "object" .. which does not implement IDisposable()
tumbledDown2earth 12-Apr-13 2:34am View
which line in your code above gives this error?
tumbledDown2earth 11-Apr-13 23:57pm View
You can use AddIn express. Unfortunately it is not a free library too
tumbledDown2earth 11-Apr-13 6:12am View
hook on to the closed event (wpf)
tumbledDown2earth 11-Apr-13 6:09am View
You should consider the return values from the sp. They should match
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 8:36am View
Did you do this somewhere

this.Bounds = Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds;
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 8:26am View
please vote the answer :)
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 8:24am View
please vote the answer :)
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 4:52am View
Are you using sql server? If yes, may be you can use SSIS and mergedata inside it.
This will provide you enough hints to get started:
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 4:39am View
Having an internal class with a public constructor?
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 4:26am View
are you using a https channel or http?
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 4:24am View
any chance of seeing a stacktrace?
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 3:08am View
Its similar to hosting any web app on iis. Just remember to keep nvc binaries in the application probing path. Let me know if you face any specific issues
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 3:05am View
And what have you tried so far?
tumbledDown2earth 8-Apr-13 9:44am View
is there an exception? or your operation contracts are not even hit?