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Mike Hankey 3 days ago View    
I'm impressed
Mike Hankey 5 days ago View    
If you would have googled the :nth-child or nth-of-type you would have found that they select siblings of a common parent. Your code did not have a common parent so the [href*="blog"] selected all the hrefs with blog as an attribute and ignored the nth part.

My way gave the code a common parent by removing s, the div may not be necessary, you can try it on the site link that I gave you.

If the code has to be exactly as you have it, good luck!
Mike Hankey 25-Nov-23 16:18pm View    
The code looks like it ought to work, what is it doing that is wrong?
Mike Hankey 24-Nov-23 12:17pm View    
Yes here
Mike Hankey 24-Nov-23 11:39am View    
(?: [\w ]+ )