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Comments by Matthew Dennis (Top 133 by date)

Matthew Dennis 30-Jun-22 21:33pm View    
CodeProject.AI Server is a 64 bit application.
Could you provide details of your system?

Do you have both 32 and 64 bit dotnet installed on your system, and which is first in your path?
Matthew Dennis 30-Nov-21 11:01am View    
Since you are posting solutions, my one liner
Console.WriteLine(string.Join("\n", Enumerable.Range(-7, 15)
    .Select(x => Math.Abs(x))
    .Select(x => new string('-', x) + new string('*',  15 - 2 * x ))));
Matthew Dennis 30-Nov-21 10:55am View    
I was able to do it in 1 line of code. Actually 3 lines with formatting, but one statement. :)
I'll send you the code as to not do his homework for him.
Matthew Dennis 15-Mar-21 11:25am View    
No, its just so easy to do it right with the packages.
Matthew Dennis 4-Feb-21 11:37am View    
CALL change_table('{foo:"true", dan:"3", 44:"bill"}');