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by Akhil Mittal
This article will not be very theoretical, but would be more of a tutorial to showcase the existing problems with tightly coupled applications, how to make the application loosely coupled and achieve inversion of control via dependency injection.
by Byte-Master-101
In Part 2, the Neural Network made in Part 1 is tested in an environment made in Unity so that we can see how well it performs.
by Alexander SchuIze, Felix Herbst, Paul Kirsten
Multi-User game for AIO where players build their own spider's web
by Joel Ivory Johnson
In this article I take a look at setting up a system for HoloLens development, the compatibility of the applications with other UWP platforms, and introduce Unity for making a 3D application

Latest Articles

by OwenDavies
Installing a desktop environment and setting up RDP to allow us to connect to our Virtual Machine
by DaveMathews
Using an on-device bot development framework to integrate a chatbot into unity
by Simon Jackson
Since we started supporting Android platforms fully in the XRTK, we have been through the mill working through all the possible combinations of testing, debugging and banging heads against tables to make Android platforms behave.
by Vangos
Azure + HoloLens = Mixed Reality to the Cloud!

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18 Dec 2015
Md. Marufuzzaman
This tip shows you an easy way to split Microsoft SQL Server table row data.
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5 Dec 2014
Nabeel Saleem
Some ways to fix unity webplayer issue in chrome
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6 Jun 2017
Nick Tziamihas
In this article, we show how you can execute asynchronous code on the main thread without async, by replicating Unity's coroutine framework.
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1 Mar 2015
Bankey Sharma
Some general guidelines to make application source agnostic and business adaptive
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12 Feb 2014
charles henington
This is an alternative for "Send Mail With Attachment File"
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17 Oct 2014
This article proposes solution for possible challenges which you can face by using singletons in Microsoft Unity in the case you are using child containers.
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18 Sep 2013
Using Unity container instead of SimpleIoc in MVVM Light
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25 Nov 2016
How to use dependency injection in ASP .NET MVC N-Layer Architecture?