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Great Reads

by Stoyan Damov
Internet File System from scratch - making web services and peer-to-peer technology work together to build a virtual file system
by Nish Nishant
Demonstrates the usage of splitters, treeviews, listviews, panels, toolbars
by Dan Peverill
A managed DirectX class library that can be used as a foundation for basic 2D games. Demo included.
by almere109
DirectX.Capture class examples showing how to grab a frame from video and how to make a VU meter for audio

Latest Articles

by Shivprasad koirala
6 steps to enable transactions in WCF
by Shivprasad koirala
This article explains plug and play architecture using policy application blocks.
by Randy Kroeger
This article provides an example on how you can change application configuration settings within an existing ClickOnce publish, update the manifest files, followed by using the Mage utility for updating the manifest using the existing cert file.
by User 257328
Demonstrates how to call ASP.NET webservices from the client within other languages and platforms

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.NET 1.0 

28 Sep 2002 by Stoyan Damov
Internet File System from scratch - making web services and peer-to-peer technology work together to build a virtual file system
3 Jul 2002 by Nish Nishant
Demonstrates the usage of splitters, treeviews, listviews, panels, toolbars
9 Nov 2003 by Dan Peverill
A managed DirectX class library that can be used as a foundation for basic 2D games. Demo included.
8 May 2009 by almere109
DirectX.Capture class examples showing how to grab a frame from video and how to make a VU meter for audio
6 Dec 2002 by hzhou
A C# implementation of bucket elimination algorithm for inference in belief networks.
19 Oct 2002 by Roman Kiss
Using the WebService Probe to publish details of the "talking" between the web service and its consumer. Here is its design, implementation and usage in the WebService Analyzer Studio.
1 Jul 2009 by Muhammad Akhtar Shiekh
An article on "How to authenticate windows user using form authentication in ASP.NET?"
2 Nov 2001 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a .NET Application model driven by the Web Services using the Virtual Web Service Proxy (written in C#)
14 Oct 2002 by Douglas Earl
Use .NET remoting to send the contents of your clipboard to another computer
30 Oct 2001 by Nish Nishant
Shows how you can pass data to your worker threads
8 Jul 2002 by Bo Norgaard
A class for holding a list of IP numbers, which you can check new IP numbers against.
31 Oct 2001 by Nish Nishant
Introduction to using the Monitor class for accessing shared resources from multiple threads
11 Jan 2008 by eransha
The article briefly discusses deadlocks behavior, and presents an easy way to detect them.
20 Jun 2004 by Sergei_VP
.NET wrapper of the system Header control.
30 May 2003 by Simon Gregory
Describes an approach for delivery of Soap Messages serialised using ASP.NET Web Client Services over TCP/IP
3 Apr 2005 by ibrahimuludag
An article describing how to create a server control that preserves the scroll position in longer pages.
17 Oct 2005 by Bill Pierce
Creating an ASP.NET server control wrapper for the Google Maps API.
13 Jul 2002 by Marc Clifton
This is the second part of a multipart article on unifying web and window form application development. This part demonstrates synchronous and asynchronous event handling of GUI control events, abstracting the implementation of web/window forms to be technology independant.
12 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
Tutorial on creating your own collection classes that are enumerable and sortable. Explains in detail the usage of the IEnumerable, IEnumerator, IComparable and IComparer interfaces
23 Sep 2003 by Al Alberto
An account of my experience in learning to develop in the .NET environment
5 Sep 2008 by IncureForce
How to disable FlashPlayer (AxShockwaveFlash) right-click ContextMenu
20 May 2002 by Andrew Peace
(Yet) another screen saver for the Code Project competition, with code in C# and (coming soon) some details about how certain aspects of the code involved work.
16 Oct 2002 by Marc Clifton
Implements an instrumented event manager which can be used to invoke event sinks both synchronously and asynchronously. The event sink can be declared using either the System.EventHandler delegate or by reflection.
19 Mar 2002 by Alex Mikunov
.NET Extensions that provide an infrastructure for enforcing database-like data integrity constraints
16 Oct 2002 by Rüpel
Getting the current Status of a UT2003 Gameserver via UDP Queries
18 Apr 2001 by Erik Thompson
Create an ATL Server to generate random tips using a Server Response File
22 Oct 2001 by Roman Kiss
This article describes how to design, build and install .Net Application into the COM+ Catalog without using the ServicedComponent class in your application. The solution shows retrieving the assembly and class attributes (included custom) from the assembly file and their storing into the COM+ Catal
30 Dec 2007 by AGD-H
Knit is a Visual Studio add-in tool that allows a developer to apply multi-step patterns to solution and assembly meta-data.
24 Dec 2008 by Flamewave4
A phone number structure that can be used for parsing, validating, and normalizing phone numbers.
11 Sep 2000 by Chris Maunder
Matt Pietrek gives us his view on the world.
18 Jun 2001 by Chris Maunder
Live from steamy Atlanta, GA.
19 Aug 2002 by Soliant
Use Managed C++ as your code-behind file for ASP.NET web pages
1 May 2012 by Jean-Francois Lanouette
This is an alternative for "Simple & Advanced Pivots with C# and ASP.NET"
31 Dec 2018 by Randy Kroeger
This article provides an example on how you can change application configuration settings within an existing ClickOnce publish, update the manifest files, followed by using the Mage utility for updating the manifest using the existing cert file.
27 Apr 2002 by Michael Mumcuoglu
ApplicationData is a generic utility library class for managing an application's data
25 Nov 2002 by Gevik Babakhani
A wizard application for creating ImageLists
11 Dec 2007 by Andrew Friedl
Using the KudzuASp Template Engine for Classic ASP
17 Dec 2007 by mfmaneef
Explains how to send bulk records to a database using OPENXML.
7 Dec 2007 by vadimas
Troubles putting JavaScript code inline with VB.NET or C# code
31 Dec 2007 by jkunken
In this article, we will describe how information generated on data acquisition devices connected to servers running Windows Server 2003 can be efficiently integrated into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 using Windows PowerShell.
22 May 2003 by Microsoft (VSIP)
Learn more about some of the tools integrated into Visual Studio .NET and its newest release, Visual Studio .NET 2003.
30 Sep 2003 by Redgate Software
ANTS Profiler allows you to identify slow lines of code in .NET applications within 5 minutes of installation, allowing you to get on with what you do best – writing code.
2 Nov 2003 by John Juback
ComponentOne DataObjects for .NET (C1DataObjects) is based on Microsoft ADO.NET technology and enhances it in many significant ways to streamline database application development.
30 Nov 2003 by Infragistics Inc
Windows Forms TRACKER reference application and eBook by noted author and INETA speaker Jason Beres
19 Jan 2004 by Matt Rhoades - Relational Solutions
Visual Integration Studio is a powerful data integration, ETL (extraction, transformation and load) and process automation tool.
1 Mar 2004 by PortSight
Free .NET Component for managing users and controlling access to your applications. 
21 Dec 2004 by Infragistics Inc
The Expense reference application demonstrates rich client features in a thin-client application using Infragistics NetAdvantage toolset, web services, client side java scripting, XML data binding and other real world code samples.
25 Mar 2004 by Redgate Software
No professional athlete would stop short for five seconds before scoring a touchdown, sinking a basket, or blasting a goal. Similarly, no statistical-based sports simulation game should require users to stare anxiously at a computer screen as they wait for game results to load.
2 Apr 2004 by Business Objects
Simplify your workload. Spend less time reporting, and more time on core application development.
19 Apr 2004 by Redgate Software
ANTS Profiler used to optimize code, lower hardware costs and improve application performance.
19 May 2004 by Redgate Software
This article demonstrates how ANTS Profiler and ANTS Load, two developer tools from Red Gate Software, can be used to successfully optimize the performance of a .NET application.
12 Nov 2004 by Redgate Software
An e-commerce Christmas Carol
25 Nov 2004 by Redgate Software
ANTS Profiler allows you to identify slow lines of code in .NET applications within 5 minutes of installation, allowing you to get on with what you do best - writing code.
4 Jan 2005 by Donald King
.NET Development Component for adding maps to your Windows desktop or ASP.NET web applications.
4 May 2006 by Simon Galbraith
The architect of ANTS Profiler talks about his work.
16 Jun 2007 by NineRays, Mark Sochan
Most .NET software projects can easily be tampered, exposing your software to security risks and theft of intellectual property. This article shows different techniques used to protect .NET code and determine the best protection for you. 9rays.Net offers you Spices.Obfuscator to these ends.
16 Jul 2007 by NineRays
The advertorial is mainly about protecting intellectual property and the essential points to remember in order to do so. It mainly emphasizes on the benefits of obfuscation and how it can help in disabling easy reverse engineering in .NET codes.
7 Dec 2007 by tobinharris
In this article, Tobin Harris introduces a new Ajax library for ASP.NET and explains its benefits over Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax. He demonstrates an easier approach to .NET Ajax applications, even for those without serious JavaScript skills.
22 Dec 2007 by Miles Gibson
Iron Speed Designer builds database, forms, and reporting applications for .NET – without hand-coding. Quickly create feature-complete custom applications that integrate Web pages, controls, data access, validation and security. Accelerate development and eliminate infrastructure programming.
7 Jan 2008 by Visual Numerics, Inc.
This document focuses on the combination of VSTO 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition.
28 Jun 2005 by Daniel Cazzulino [XML MVP]
An in-depth exploration of the features and the power of .NET Component Model architecture, its integration with the IDE at design-time and the possiblities it opens through extensions at run-time.
7 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
A .NET port of my MFC CFrameWnd derived InputBox class, written using MC++
19 Aug 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A utility that can be used to spy the properties of any Windows forms control in the system
29 Jul 2002 by Nish Nishant
A ListBox derived class that supports internal ordering and re-ordering of items
25 May 2006 by Mr.Smarty
The article explains how to create an OSD window with animation/semi-transparent effects, in C#, using the NativeWindow class.
2 Jan 2005 by Jon Sagara
This article provides an easy method to lookup a U.S. City/State by ZIP Code, or one or more ZIP Codes by City/State. It also describes a method to calculate the distance between two ZIP Codes and find all other ZIP Codes within a radius of X miles of a specified ZIP Code.
1 Dec 2002 by Igor Ladnik
Usage of state machine and comprehensive XML description of control helps its user to considerably simplify control handling code.
11 Sep 2015 by Johnny J.
A ToggleSwitch that presents on/off values in a more interesting way than a standard CheckBox
24 Oct 2007 by Adam Crawford
A tracelistener class that allows you to view the results of the trace in your Windows UI test harness
6 Jul 2004 by Johnvey Hwang
Open source Gmail API in C#
2 Nov 2003 by Igor Ladnik
The article presents the design of a WebService consisting of a general part and add-ins to process user's requests of different types. Such architecture simplifies dedicated add-ins allowing them to share general part facilities.
27 Dec 2003 by Heath Stewart
Learn to embed .NET user controls in Java applications, applets, and beans using COM to bridge the gap between the two frameworks.
6 Jan 2008 by SteveLi-Cellbi
A simple way to obtain document text from *.doc file.
1 Dec 2001 by Nish Nishant
Basic introduction to using OLE DB to insert, update and read records from a database
10 Apr 2003 by Robert Hinrichs
Managed MessageBeep() and Beep() classes in C#
10 Sep 2018 by Evaldas Jocys
JavaScript class library which partly replicates Microsoft .NET Framework structure and functionality.
1 Jul 2003 by Roman Kiss
The Watchdog Management gives your architecture an event driven mechanism to control your business processing within the specified time. Using the Remoting Watchdogs allow to distribute an exception or acknowledge result asynchronously in the remoting manner.
8 Feb 2004 by Weiye Chen
This article describes on how to create bitmap regions for WinForms and buttons.
16 Apr 2002 by Gerd Klevesaat
Steps to localize the names and descriptions displayed in the property grid
20 Nov 2002 by Wiley Technology Publishing
Chapter 8: Creating Front Ends with the WebBrowser Component
6 Oct 2005 by Nicholas Butler
A tool to check links across merged help (CHM) files.
31 Aug 2011 by George Mamaladze
This class allows you to tap keyboard and mouse and/or to detect their activity even when an application runs in the background or does not have any user interface at all.
30 Apr 2003 by Jabes
ControlInspector hooks on to all events on a given control, user-control or form and shows when they are fired, along with any eventargs. It even handles custom events and custom event args using dynamically generated assemblies.
31 Dec 2005 by Brian C Hart
Use compiler COM support (even in non-COM applications) to get a Win32 error code or HRESULT's message in one line of code.
1 Dec 2005 by Jochen Kalmbach [MVP VC++]
With this utility you can simply find memory leaks (CRT and COM) in your program (with almost no time-cost during runtime). Each leak is written to a file with the callstack of the allocation.
1 May 2003 by Simon Gregory
Describes an approach for delivery of Soap Messages serialised using ASP.NET Web Client Services over MSMQ and MQ
23 Feb 2006 by Scott McMaster
This article presents the WebCacheTool, a command-line utility to make it easier and faster to list, view, and delete files residing in the Internet Explorer browser cache.
27 Aug 2002 by Enrico Elizar Samuel
Online tool to analyze XPath query
4 Jan 2004 by Davide Icardi
With this tool the developer can define the application prerequisites and install the correct version of these components in the correct order based on the user operating system type and language, allow the user to download these components from the web or install these components directly.
9 Jan 2002 by James T. Johnson
In this article I use interfaces and reflection to extend a programs functionality.
6 Oct 2005 by Mathew Hall
A fully customizable Windows XP style Explorer Bar that supports Windows XP themes and animated expand/collapse with transparency.
29 Mar 2007 by Willem Fourie
This tool extends the Microsoft XSD tool to provide quality and robust auto-generated code that is easy to use.
11 Apr 2003 by Roman Kiss
This is a MMC Snap-in to manage a remoting host process and its configuration file. Like the COM+ catalog, the Remoting Management Console will create and administrate the host process to publish your remoting objects.
24 Jul 2001 by Aravind C
Discusses how existing COM components can be used from managed code.
28 Dec 2007 by Umut ŞİMŞEK
This article demonstrates an example of uses of Windows services
20 Nov 2006 by Maruis Marais
With this article, I am evolving a domain problem towards the best possible solution.
16 Jan 2006 by Thomas Freudenberg
The Windows API provides a function RegNotifyChangeKeyValue, which is not covered by the Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey class. This solution imports that function and encapsulates it in a convenient manner.
9 Dec 2002 by Stoyan Damov
A Draft Implementation of an Idea for .NET Dynamic Software Load Balancing
10 Sep 2002 by Roman Kiss
Using the remoting probe to publish details of the "talking" between the remoting object and its consumer. Here is its design, implementation and usage in the Remoting Analyzer Studio.
17 Nov 2002 by Bill Sayles
A utility to easily refresh embedded graphic resources in a .NET assembly.
27 Feb 2003 by Jeffrey S. Gangel
Reads properties - such as EXIF - from graphic files.
23 Dec 2004 by Narb M
An article on adding alphablended images to an imagelist control and using them on components.
26 Oct 2001 by Sandy Place
Sometimes, it is nice to prototype up a simple database application. This code may help, by providing the automatic transactional model of COM+ in a non-COM+ environment. This example uses "Interception" to provide automatic transactioning support for non-COM+ classes.
27 Oct 2004 by Jon Davis
Create a FrontPage-Style table picker in C# using simple GDI+ rendering techniques.
2 May 2004 by Neil Baliga
An extension assembly that allows configuring the "advanced" service configuration options for recovery actions.
18 Feb 2014 by Jim Hollenhorst
For learning, building, and debugging .NET Framework regular expressions
1 Feb 2003 by Igor Ladnik
A Windows application that does not export any program interface, may be converted to automation server with COM object(s) injected into the application process.
22 Apr 2003 by Oleksandr Kucherenko
Contains several ComboBoxes which uses Windows themes and contains ComboBoxes with CheckBoxed lists and TreeViews
26 Aug 2002 by Stephane Rodriguez.
Automatically build Html thumbnails of HTML pages
1 Jul 2003 by SteveKing
Several tools packed into one addin for Visual Studio .NET
2 Oct 2009 by Abhishek Sur
The article will guide you with samples to create and embed Microsoft Map in your website within minutes. The intention is to give basic knowledge on how JavaScript library could be used to embed Custom Map.
12 Jul 2002 by Kevin McFarlane
A C# library that implements Design by Contract
12 Apr 2002 by Joel Matthias
A wrapper class for notification icons (tray icons) with support for balloon tips.
18 May 2003 by LongRange.Shooter
Uses the Internet Explorer / MSHTML hosting interfaces to embed and manipulate the WebBrowser control.
1 Mar 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
A smart wrapper around CodeDom that speeds up code generation.
26 Sep 2009 by Uwe Keim
A small class to perform basic XCOPY like operations from within C#
25 Sep 2002 by Joel Neubeck
This article describes the process of overlaying a Watermark image on top of a photograph using GDI+ and C# for .NET.
27 Nov 2006 by SimmoTech
Provides code and techniques to enable developers to optimize serialization of DataSets/DataTables.
13 Dec 2006 by Richard Northedge
Shows how to generate parse trees for English language sentences, using a C# port of OpenNLP, a statistical natural language parsing library.
11 Nov 2003 by Richard Deeming
Classes to enumerate network shares on local and remote machines, and convert local file paths to UNC paths.
12 Feb 2002 by Kashif Manzoor
The article discusses interpreters, compilers, the JVM and the CLR
6 Oct 2003 by Dan Farino
This is a SQL Server 2000 Extended Stored Procedure writted in Managed C++. It allows you to use regular expressions in T-SQL.
18 Apr 2007 by Leslie Sanford
A toolkit for creating MIDI applications with C#.
18 Apr 2003 by Sameers Javed
Start using IL Assembly Language to debug your code at low level and understand how .NET deals with your high level code
26 Apr 2013 by Sebastien Lebreton
Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Reflector or JustDecompile. Reflexil is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. Reflexil also supports "on-the-fly" C#/VB.NET code injection.
26 Sep 2005 by BrainJar
The game of Reversi in C#.
14 May 2002 by Tom Archer
This article will examine the String class, some of its simple methods, and its range of formatting specifiers.
18 Dec 2002 by nimbus3d
A slide form class from which to derive your forms from
2 Nov 2010 by Daniel Ranger
Native C++ implementation of the .NET Asynchronous Design Pattern using Windows I/O Completion Ports
17 Nov 2007 by Sebastien Ros
A tutorial on how to realize an expression evaluator in CSharp with ANTLR
7 May 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A Visual Studio .NET addin that allows non-admin accounts to debug CLR applications running under different logon credentials.
13 Jul 2003 by Peter Rilling
Introduction to the BalloonWindow class which allows .NET applications to implement balloon windows similar to what is available in Windows XP. Complete customization allows both the appearence and shape to be configured as well as projecting an alpha-blended shadow.
29 Sep 2002 by Phil Wright
Docking Windows mimicking VS.NET feature
13 Jan 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article demonstrates directly reading another processes memory in C# using P/Invoke and Win32 Api's.
22 Dec 2002 by Marc Clifton
This program explores how trees are made using a simple fractal algorithm.
1 Apr 2003 by Natty Gur
This article discusses the problems and the available solutions for maintenance and utilization of ASP.NET session state of the .NET session object.
18 Sep 2003 by Emmanuel Kartmann
This article provides a C# wrapper class (GnuPGWrapper) that will enable use of GnuPG (the OpenPGP Internet encryption standard) within a .NET application.
21 Jan 2002 by Richard Birkby
Demonstrates an OO implementation of 4 SoundEx variants in .NET
13 Feb 2002 by Chris Maunder
The definitive set of 'What's the deal with MFC' answers from Microsoft's Nick Hodapp.
3 Dec 2001 by Chris Sells
An exploratory story of delegates and events for C# programmers told in the style of a bedtime story
29 Mar 2008 by Brian Low
A .NET class library for capturing video and audio to AVI files.
14 Nov 2006 by Dan Moulding
A memory leak detector for Visual C++ packaged in an easy to use library!
15 Nov 2010 by 10Tec, Sergey Gorbenko
Tool for creating MS Visual Studio documentation files - XML Summaries, HxS/MSHC help solutions and manuals.
5 Aug 2004 by Corinna John
An article about hiding bytes in the Program Change events of a MIDI file
12 Feb 2008 by Stefano Basili
CM_ConfigBuilder generates and compiles the required files to manage your application's settings/preferences and to store/retrieve them in XML format.
22 Jul 2002 by NETMaster
DirectShow for DVD and file playback, capture and sample grabber
4 Aug 2013 by Davide Icardi
SourceGrid is a free open source grid control. Supports virtual grid, custom cells and editors, advanced formatting options and many others features
30 Mar 2003 by John O'Byrne
The TaskbarNotifier class allows to display an MSN Messenger-like animated popup with a skinned background
3 Mar 2003 by Jerry Dennany
This article explains extending TraceListeners using Reflection.
26 Sep 2004 by Scott McMaster
This article demonstrates the best technique for databinding the ListBox and ComboBox controls in .NET Windows Forms
16 Oct 2002 by Thomas Caudal
Shows how to receive shell notifications for specified directories
3 Dec 2008 by Saleena, Thangavel Murugesan
Enables the user to select multiple options in a drop down
12 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
Customizing the NoSpamEmailHyperlink to cause maximum damage to the spam harvesters.
27 Sep 2004 by sirgilligan
An article on scanf functionality for C# implemented using Regex
13 Jul 2006 by Jaroslaw Kowalski
Introduction to managing diagnostic traces with NLog.
27 Oct 2003 by Jack Hui
It is an SMPP implementation of v3.3 and v3.4 ( partial support). You can use it to connect to SMSC and send/receive SMS.
15 Oct 2001 by Chris Maunder
An introduction to cross-language inheritence in .NET.
15 Feb 2006 by Yuval Naveh
.NET/C# visual effects framework for changing the user's locus of attention to an area on the screen.
12 Nov 2012 by Corinna John
Edit AVI files in .NET.
28 Jul 2008 by BoneSoft
A gravity simulation particle system
28 Jan 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article shows the insides of the freecell and hearts games, it uses the a library of reading and writing another process memory.
26 Mar 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article is about the AutoComplete features enabled by windows and how to use them with C#. AutoComplete is the ability to expand strings written in an edit box. The article will develop a class for using this functionality in you applications.
21 Jan 2007 by Julijan Sribar
How to switch language on the form instantly.
26 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
Demonstrates the use of the reader/writer classes as well as the file/directory info classes
8 Sep 2014 by Pragmateek
"MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C#” - book review
14 Nov 2003 by Yiyi Sun
Desktop Widgets are small applications that provide frequently used functions such as an alarm clock, a text box linked to Google etc. They can also decorate the desktop. This article will describe a way to create desktop widgets on PCs using embedded IE browser.
22 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
A look at ASP.NET custom control properties and rendering to HTML.
10 Jun 2002 by Pavel Zolnikov
This tool extends explorer with functionality of a command prompt. Implemented as a band object completely in C#. Demonstrates COM Interop and P/Invoke, windows hooking and API interception. Finally you can run all these .Net SDK tools and ‘Hello World!’ programs without leaving explorer shell.
8 Feb 2004 by Corneliu Tusnea
Nice class that makes your top-level forms stick when moved or resized. Makes it easy to arrange the windows on the desktop.
17 Dec 2007 by Dennis Austin
A revision of a Task Scheduler class library by David Hall
13 Feb 2007 by Hamed Mosavi
CBarChart is a simple MFC control derived from CWnd. It can load data from a table or a stored procedure using ODBC.
4 Aug 2002 by Nish Nishant
A fully owner drawn ComboBox derived class for enumerating and choosing fonts
21 Oct 2003 by Ramesh Shrivastav
An article to display tooltips over listview items and subitems.
22 Apr 2002 by Anthony Baraff
C# enumeration with most standard Windows message ID constants
18 Oct 2018 by Emre Guldogan
A System for Simulation and Analysis of Logic Circuits
23 Nov 2005 by Heath Stewart
Use XML Digital Signatures for a request- and signing-based licensing mechanism for your applications.
3 Jul 2002 by Daniel Andersson
Writing generic code with templates and the C++ standard library.
27 Jun 2004 by Phil Haack
Flexible and easy to use configuration section handler with change monitoring
15 Oct 2006 by Andrew Kirillov
The articles describes a C# library for evolution computations and their application for several problems solving.
14 Apr 2006 by LogicNP
A UITypeEditor for easy editing of flag enum properties in the property browser.
31 Mar 2002 by Christian Graus
The third in a series of articles which will build an image processing library in C# and GDI+
25 Apr 2004 by Breman Sinaga
A design patterns approach for designing and explaining a Storage Explorer application. The application is used to explore file composition in a computer storage.
25 Jan 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
NPerf is a framework for benchmarking classes and methods, that tastes like NUnit.
23 Apr 2007 by Herbrandson
A simple solution to keeping multiple projects version numbers in sync
23 Jul 2002 by Carlos Antollini
A list of ODBC DSN Connection Strings.
30 Dec 2007 by Scott Dorman
Explains how to properly implement the IDisposable interface, the Dispose Pattern, and deterministic finalization.
23 Jun 2003 by Eric Marchesin
Understand graphs and A* path-finding algorithm with C#
12 Oct 2018 by Tom Clement
A magical edit menu that works with no connections to the rest of your project
1 Jul 2002 by Nish Nishant
Basic demonstration of the TcpListener/TcpClient classes.
6 Jan 2003 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design and implementation of the Remoting over Internet using the Advanced Web Services Enhancements - DIME technology. This solution allows to flow the binary formatted Remoting Messages through the Web Server included uploading and downloading any types of the attachments.
20 Sep 2007 by s.kushal
RichTextBox user control for ASP.NET 1.1
21 Nov 2000 by Eric Gunnerson (msft)
Erik Gunnerson writes about Attributes in C#
19 Jan 2013 by Chris Richner
RSS 2.0 framework implements the RSS 2.0 specification in strongly typed classes. The framework enables you to create and consume valid RSS 2.0 feeds in your code in just a few minutes.
5 Aug 2004 by Jasmin Muharemovic
An article about optimization and performance testing of MS SQL Server 2000 stored procedures used for paging of large resultsets in ASP.NET
31 Aug 2003 by Mike Mayer
This article shows how to launch a process (such as a bat file, perl script, console program) and have its standard output displayed on a windows form.
6 Aug 2005 by Rolando Cruz
A custom CWnd derived control which simulates the functionality of MS Outlook Calendar control.
25 Apr 2004 by cppmanuf
VSEDebug is a VS.NET debugger add-in that adds the ability to debug complex types in simpler form.
5 Aug 2004 by r@hu!
Calling C# assembly functions having same name differing only by case, in VB.NET.
6 Sep 2006 by Geert van Horrik
This updater makes it possible to update your application easily with data in XML format. This way, you don't have to write your own updater.
9 Oct 2006 by Andrew Kirillov
A C# video surveillance application, which allows monitoring several IP cameras simultaneously.
31 Oct 2009 by Abhishek Sur
This article will enable you to add custom search rules to your application using Bing Search API with much more
26 Aug 2003 by Furty
A Mozilla-style collapsing splitter control in C#
20 Feb 2005 by Alvaro Mendez
A class library for reading/writing XML files, config files, INI files, or the Registry using one simple interface.
8 Sep 2010 by Shivprasad koirala
.NET 4.0 MEF FAQ (Socket, Plug and extension)
30 Mar 2003 by Paul Riley
Demistifying the mysterious ASP.NET validator controls, allowing fast and painless validation of Web Forms.
6 Mar 2003 by Richard Birkby
This article shows how to write a column handler shell extension for Explorer's 'Detail' view using C#
25 Mar 2004 by John Sasak
Step by step guide for .NET programming with a Post-Relational Database
14 Jun 2003 by Simon Wilson
Stored Procedure Invocation Code Generator for VB, C# and JScript.NET
19 Sep 2004 by meebey
IRC library for .NET
12 Aug 2004 by Nish Nishant
Looks at how deterministic destruction is possible with C++/CLI
15 Jun 2002 by Erik Brown
This chapter covers List Control handling in C#
12 Mar 2002 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
Demonstrates different ways to move MFC based controls to .NET Windows Forms
7 Jun 2003 by gek_at
SharpPrivacy is an OpenPGP implementation in C#. It can be used to encrypt and sign data, created OpenPGP compatible keys, and a lot more. This article explains how to use the library in your own .NET application or webpage to encrypt, sign, decrypt or verify OpenPGP messages.
20 Sep 2004 by Horia Tudosie
A technique and a control for displaying vertical labels in web pages.
30 Sep 2003 by jcmag
Favalias application enables you to manage your favorites web sites in an XML file and to launch your favorites application using aliases. You can also make your own addins (in any .NET language) to call your own code.
20 Jul 2002 by Len Holgate
When you're developing a TCP/IP server application, it's easy to test it poorly. In this article, we develop a test framework that does most of the hard work for you.
2 Jun 2001 by Chris Maunder
Tom Archer gives us his view on the world.
14 Mar 2004 by dacris
This utility converts projects and solutions from VS.NET 7.0 to VS.NET 7.1 and vice versa.
29 Sep 2002 by Marc Clifton
View and edit your XML database schema and data
10 Oct 2001 by Mark Tutt
Presenting a high performance SQL engine ported to C# from Java
23 Feb 2004 by Pete2004
The purpose of this document is to provide a practical guide to using Microsoft’s .NET DataTables, DataSets and DataGrid
22 Nov 2003 by Tim Dawson
An article on writing advanced collection-based Windows Forms Controls and the best way to give them advanced design-time support. Includes full C# source code for a sample toolbar-like control.
6 Jul 2003 by Dan_P
A web application to connect and disconnect from a dial up Internet session
8 Aug 2003 by Nish Nishant
An introduction to managed exception handling in MC++ programs
27 Jan 2004 by Alastair Dallas
Methods for updating the system time based on an Internet reference.
27 Apr 2003 by LokiSD
Adds support for setting the background color in the RichTextBox more directly than volking's article.
30 Jun 2003 by Al Alberto
An account of my experience in learning to develop in the .NET environment.
3 Nov 2009 by Syed Hasan Hyder
This article focuses on internal supply chain management systems visibility via chart reports, and provides assessment apparatus to manage and monitor activities spawned during business processes, hence paves the way for timely and precise business decisions.
7 Sep 2005 by Asim Goheer
EXIFextractor library to extract EXIF information.
7 Nov 2005 by Christian Graus
The second in a series of articles which will build an image processing library in C# and GDI+.
17 Jul 2002 by Ranjeet Chakraborty
This article is my attempt at developing an extremely simple Whiteboard application in C#/ WinForms and sockets for messaging, to be used simultaneously by 2 users.
14 Aug 2004 by Mohamed Hendawi
Get a list of running Visual Studio instances, and a reference to the automation server.
5 Nov 2002 by GriffonRL
Class to parse command line arguments and store/retrieve them.
24 Feb 2017 by Ebenezar John Paul
An Ideal Code Review Checklist that applies for most programming languages
26 Jul 2009 by Heath Stewart
Provides insight and tips on using role-based (groups) Forms Authentication in ASP.NET, which has only partial support for roles.
24 Nov 2002 by Chris Beckett
How to extend the standard menus to support icons using IExtender in C#
14 Jun 2004 by John Sasak
Step by step introduction to a new generation database for .NET
26 Aug 2003 by Patrik Reali
Accessing an EJB from .NET Using IIOP.NET: an Example
1 Aug 2002 by Vagif Abilov
Presentation of various ways to customize built-in .NET trace facilities
21 Mar 2003 by mikas
Assigning disabled image to ImageButton Control
6 Aug 2002 by Enrico Elizar Samuel
Demonstrates capabilities of ADO.NET to deal with XML, by creating a guestbook.
11 Aug 2005 by Andrew Kirillov
Some ideas about optical character recognition using neural networks.
12 May 2002 by NETMaster
Using TWAIN API to scan images
20 Mar 2002 by Christian Graus
The first in a series of articles which will build an image processing library in C# and GDI+
25 Oct 2003 by Jeff Varszegi
A Comprehensive Logging Package for .NET
9 Jan 2005 by Michael Kennedy
A class library for using *global* system hooks in .NET.
19 Oct 2004 by mav.northwind
An extended ListView to allow for in-place editing of subitems using arbitrary controls as editors
4 Mar 2009 by Shivprasad koirala
The two interceptors: HttpModule and HttpHandlers
17 Mar 2003 by Peter Provost
An article presenting benefits and techniques for using test-driven development in .NET.
25 Mar 2015 by Chivate Atul
Tracing dead-locks in multi-threaded applications.
15 Dec 2004 by Al Gardner
A Wizard control designed for design time development.
31 Jan 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article introduces shell programming using C#. It includes developing several utility classes for working with the shell and a class that wraps the extensible Browse for Folder dialog.
16 Apr 2004 by Sami Vaaraniemi
An article on how to implement globalization support for ASP.NET pages through attributes and reflection
12 Feb 2003 by R. Reyes
A .Net class that converts an IP Address to the Country Code where the computer is physically located.
2 Mar 2003 by Arik Poznanski
This article is about Application Desktop Toolbars, which are applications that can align to the screen much like the taskbar. The article will develop a base class for developing such apps.
2 Jul 2002 by Paul Ingles
Article showing how to read file and folder icons from C#, and then building a management class to maintain file icons in up to two ImageList objects.
31 Dec 2007 by VCSKicks
Using matrix multiplication to rotate 3D points around an axis.
13 Jul 2006 by Greg Ellis
This article shows you how to create a skinnable scrollbar as a user control, and use it in a Panel to replace the ugly Windows scrollbar.
8 Dec 2013 by Julijan Sribar
A Visual Studio add-in and command-line utility that automates versioning of .NET and VC++ projects
5 Mar 2003 by Mark Mullin
How to recover and repackage information on the World Wide Web.
25 Dec 2002 by Christian Graus
In the fifth installment, we build a framework for generating filters that work by changing a pixel's location, rather than colour.
26 Aug 2004 by Alexander Yumashev
The code shows how to save (and restore) an instance of your own class to clipboard.
28 Jan 2007 by wumpus1
A simple, string-oriented class for symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, and hashing.
16 Dec 2008 by Petro Protsyk
Scripting language for .NET Framework 2.0. Supports native .NET Types, Dynamic casting, Meta programming.
11 May 2004 by Jonathan Hodgson
This article presents VB.NET code to create thumbnail images from a directory of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents using the .NET Framework.
17 Oct 2005 by Andre Trollip
An article on implementing your own simple caching.
21 Oct 2003 by SKI_BUM
Learn how easy it is to create Dynamic/Transparent proxies in .NET using DynamicProxy.NET
14 Feb 2004 by Werdna
Simple graphics calculator.
19 Jun 2002 by Waheed Khan
Online spell checking using C# and regular expressions.
1 Jun 2013 by KK Kod
Document describes about One way web Method creation and consumption in Traditional Web Service.
6 May 2004 by Eddie Velasquez
A Visual Studio .NET addin that provides a mechanism for inserting commonly used code snippets.
29 Apr 2002 by Pavel Zolnikov
Walks you through the implementation of an Explorer bar with the help of BandObject base class. Describes implementation details of the BandObject class.
4 Oct 2002 by Shaun Wilde
An article on how to actually support data binding in your WebControl such that you can manipulate them in the Properties window.
6 Jan 2004 by Wesner Moise
Detailed looked at the implementation of strings in .NET
23 Jun 2003 by Kant
Simple tool for storing and retrieving the quotes and using them in the signatures.
14 Jul 2003 by Khendys Gordon
This article describes how to programmatically insert text and images into a RichTextBox at runtime.
13 Mar 2003 by Marc Clifton
The third installment of this series discusses the design and implementation of the Data Hub.
22 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
Fighting back against the e-mail harvesters.
2 Mar 2004 by Allen Anderson
A fully featured completely managed C# ListView.
19 May 2002 by NETMaster
How to use Windows Image Acquisition on Windows XP. Useful for integrating scanners, digital cameras, webcams and still-video.
23 Mar 2004 by Joe Pardue
An article on Compositing, ColorMatrix, and ImageAttributes
24 Nov 2005 by Kevin Moore
Modified Microsoft Setup program to install required IE6, MSI 2.0 and .NET.
5 Aug 2003 by Bill Dean
An article description of a C# class that implements the standard POP3 commands.
17 Apr 2003 by Nemanja Trifunovic
Some code to help you combine MC++ and STL
11 Dec 2007 by aleksisa
An article on creating a Web service method to get NT service information
3 Sep 2003 by Jean-Michel Cupidon
This ASP.NET application allows the sharing of Internet Explorer Favorites URLs over an intranet or the Internet.
16 Aug 2004 by S Sansanwal
This article would describe how to read column values based on column names, using SQLDataReader.
29 May 2002 by Mauricio Ritter
This is a simple implementation of Pentominos, a puzzle game. The source code is written in C# and uses a lot of concepts about drawing and matrix handling. Hope you enjoy it !
28 Sep 2002 by Chew Keong TAN
Implementation of a BigInteger Class in C#
19 Dec 2002 by Tony Allowatt
A set of classes to simplify using custom properties in the .NET PropertyGrid control.
19 May 2004 by Corinna John
An article about hiding bytes in the bitmap frames of uncompressed AVI files.
11 May 2003 by Michael Bebenita
An end-to-end example of a bottom up LALR(1) compiler for a fictitious language targeting the Common Language Runtime
2 Mar 2004 by piers7
Describes using reflection to automatically populate member parameters from the Form and Querystring.
9 Feb 2004 by BrainJar
Using CAPTCHA images to prevent automated form submission
12 Jan 2004 by yetanotherchris
Do it yourself intellisense/autocompletion.
13 Jan 2004 by Idael Cardoso
C# code to handle CDROM drives and read CD tracks
11 Sep 2003 by Thomas Zumbrunn
How to share a user control across multiple websites.
26 Mar 2012 by Taylor Wood
A Window Hider program that demonstrates many C# features
11 Dec 2002 by Emanuele Ruffaldi
Fast matrix expressions evaluation, based on dynamic code generation and partial evaluation
10 Feb 2003 by Diego Mijelshon
Sorting arrays of objects on arbitrary fields
26 Sep 2004 by Chester Ragel
Label which can display text in any orientation and shape.
14 Oct 2003 by Marc Clifton
An editor capable of producing common XSD documents
2 Aug 2003 by James T. Johnson
A walkthrough in the creation of a trivial IExtenderProvider component
9 Sep 2004 by Rob van der Veer
This control allows you to select a template for each different row in your Repeater, based on the content of that row.
12 Nov 2001 by Richard Birkby
Delaying which DLL export to call until runtime is not possible with C#. This article shows you how to make it possible.
12 Dec 2002 by Paul Watson
A simple app which generates INSERT and UPDATE SQL Stored Procedure code
1 Mar 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
Refactors the Xsd.exe classes. Shipped with a full .NET wrapper of DocBook.
28 Nov 2004 by Nish Nishant
Tries to explain the syntax, usage and behavior of interior pointers in C++/CLI
6 Aug 2003 by Dana Epp
An article demonstrating a better Password Dialog box in C#
21 Nov 2012 by richnewman
An article clarifying the various ways of comparing two values for equality in .NET
29 Apr 2003 by Marc Clifton
Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about AOP/AOSD
30 Dec 2004 by Keith Rule
Alternate Antialiasing in GDI+
28 Nov 2012 by Meysam Mahfouzi
This article shows you how to design events for your classes.
12 Dec 2004 by Eddie Velasquez
Add column sorting to the ListView control the easy way.
12 Jan 2010 by Arik Poznanski
This article continues shell programming using C#. It includes Launching applications, doing Shell file operations (Copy, Move, Delete) with the proper shell response, adding files to Recent Documents list and doing some printer operations.
29 Jan 2009 by Nitesh Maharaj
How to create simple and advanced pivot tables in C# and ASP.NET
21 Oct 2003 by Paul Welter
The NetSpell project is a spell checking engine written entirely in managed C# .NET code.
25 Sep 2007 by Andrew D. Weiss
Using a BackgroundWorker Thread to improve responsiveness in your UI, support cancel and display progress.
31 Jan 2003 by Marc Schneider
Shows how to change the visual style of the application form with an animation.
28 Jan 2003 by Doug Doedens
Demonstrates the implementation of XSLT Intellisense in Visual Studio .NET using macros
25 Feb 2002 by Sasha Djurovic
Basic sprite animation, clipping, z-ordering in C# using GDI+
13 Dec 2005 by pseudonym67
A Fuzzy Logic Library in C#
14 Oct 2003 by Marc Clifton
Using an XML Schema Definition (XSD) document, this utility dynamically generates a data entry form to create and edit XML data.
16 Oct 2008 by Günther M. FOIDL
Shadow copied applications aren't locked by the loader, so they can be updated/substituted at runtime.
27 Aug 2001 by Valer BOCAN
Implementation of the Simple Network Time Protocol (RFC 2030) in C#
11 Aug 2004 by Vladimir Smirnov
This article describes how to group radio-buttons when using them in DataGrid, DataList, Repeater etc.
24 Sep 2002 by Joel Neubeck
This article describes the various techniques used to resize a photographic image with GDI+ and C#+ for .NET.
1 Jul 2003 by Patrik Reali
This article demonstrates the use of IIOP.NET
19 Aug 2002 by gybrush
Some basic combinatorial algoritms for use in the NET framework
17 May 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
An add-in that allows HTML element text to be pasted exactly as it is in the clipboard, disallowing VS.NET to add any extra attributes.
25 Oct 2001 by Nish Nishant
An introduction to Windows Forms using Managed C++
11 Mar 2003 by Leon Finker
An example of using LDAP/OpenLDAP with .Net
23 Feb 2004 by kig
An article on how to implement and use variant. Variant is useful for creating heterogeneous containers and much more.
6 Sep 2007 by /randz
A library used to encapsulate web request parameters to keep them from prying eyes and to prevent injection of unwanted data.
16 May 2006 by DaberElay
Passing large amounts of data through web services can become a huge bottle-neck in a WAN application architecture (i.e., server is on the web), and in any case, a real load on the network traffic. This is one solution for downsizing the network costs.
8 Dec 2004 by Tom John
Provide drag and drop functionalitly to TreeView controls.
31 Aug 2003 by Adrian Tosca
An animated counter control with different themes
22 Nov 2005 by CastorTiu
How to use Oracle advance queue from a .NET enviroment.
29 Sep 2003 by Ivar Lumi
An SMTP and POP3 mail server written using the .NET Framework and C#.
21 Apr 2003 by Eric Marchesin
Here is an advanced ArrayList which uses IComparable or IComparer interface to sort its objects and which provides some other useful functions such as duplicates limitation.
9 Mar 2004 by Vladimir Afanasyev
Device configuration using C# (Part 2) . How to enumerate devices.
8 Jul 2004 by Simon Steed (SimonAntony)
This article explains how using caching within your Windows Forms application can speed up data access for frequently used data and avoid performance bottlenecks over the network.
7 Sep 2004 by Rogério Paulo
An example framework for toolbar handling, written in C#.
4 Jun 2010 by Syeda Anila Nusrat
Create a Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer classes, and Stored Procedure scripts from a database table.
26 Jan 2003 by Giovanni Montrone
This article discusses the problems with the .NET ListView and offers a solution to fix those problems.
16 Feb 2010 by dawright, ProtoBytes
A heurisitc graphing tool to help discover 'Big O Notation' function thru infinite asymptotic's and instrumentation.
28 Nov 2002 by Ben Peterson
An application to examine .NET assemblies both directly and with reflection
10 Aug 2008 by Sacha Barber
This article will be all about how to thread different types of UIs.
20 Jun 2003 by Roman Kiss
New version of the MSMQ Custom Channel for the event driven distributed architecture.
23 Sep 2003 by firat kocak
Packet capture and analyzer program. With this program you can capture, display, analyze, save packets or load a saved packet file. It works like Etheral does.
22 Feb 2004 by Alvaro Mendez
The classes presented in this article provide benefits for the most popular types of data that may be entered.
10 Dec 2001 by Roman Kiss
This article describes how to design, implement (C#) and configure the Custom Remoting Channel using MSMQ.
10 Apr 2002 by Zombies with Coffee, LLC
This extension allows toolbar buttons to call functions automatically
4 Apr 2009 by Jörg Bausch
FindWindow is a tool for searching windows/controls
29 Jun 2003 by Bruno Capuano
Connect to a web service through a Proxy Server
23 Mar 2009 by Karthikeyan Govindan
Describing complete class of delegate and asynchronous processing
28 Oct 2001 by Richard Birkby
Demonstrates building a Windows Explorer shell extension using C# and COM Interop.
15 Jun 2003 by Mikael Wiberg
A TreeView control that implements multiple selection in different ways
1 Sep 2002 by dake / calodox
A console window class useful for debugging, reporting events during runtime and saving logs on disk.
9 Jun 2013 by Stan Bice
Imagine connecting church worship attenders with real-time content.
21 Dec 2010 by Massimiliano Peluso "WeDev Limited"
This article describes in depth everything that happens beween the request/response in a web application.
27 Aug 2003 by Ianier Munoz
This article describes a sample application that uses the waveout API in C#.
3 Jan 2003 by Paul Riley
Everything you ever wanted to know about ASP.NET Cookies but were too afraid to ask.
25 Nov 2004 by Jan Seda (
.NET Strong Name technology explained
8 Jul 2001 by VISCOM .NET Team
How to access OPC (OLE for Process Control) from .NET with advanced COM interop
31 May 2003 by Natty Gur
A way to Cache and Share data between processes
2 Jul 2003 by Wesner Moise
This article enhances console support in .NET such as clearing, colored text, and more; enables console support in Windows apps as well as DOS apps; and also eases testing and debugging of .NET applications.
31 Aug 2003 by Adam Nelson
Provides an overview and discussion of the author's BitmapManipulator C# class, including examples of each feature, as well as numerous .NET/GDI+ caveats.
7 May 2004 by ro_angel_bv
A program that analyzes a transport stream.
25 Oct 2002 by Furty
A simple explorer-like FolderTreeView control for C#
18 Jul 2007 by Dan Fontanesi
Learn OOD in .NET by examining a Blackjack game
21 Aug 2003 by Palladino
Approximately 35 controls for Windows Forms. Some ideas for visual composition and classes of general use.
30 Nov 2003 by v3ct0r m4yh3m
Create an ambient environment with DirectSound.
21 Oct 2009 by Anoop Pillai
This article is a continuation of the previous article, and in this article, we will discuss (1) Applying the Strategy pattern to solve design problems related with 'Team' and 'TeamStrategy', and (2) Applying the Decorator pattern to solve design problems related with the 'Player'.
6 Jun 2005 by Gabe Anguiano
How to do a TreeView rearrange.
22 Apr 2013 by Fco. Javier Marin
Disassemble and patch .NET assemblies using the Mono.Cecil library.
18 Aug 2004 by Sprotty
An introduction to XML Data Binding, and a review of a number of leading products.
27 Nov 2001 by John McTainsh
An article on using sockets to communicate in a non-blocking manner. The sample works through building a simple chat client and server.
1 Feb 2004 by jconwell
This article describes performance strategies to use with web sites that need to be able to handle a high volume of users. This includes planning for perf tuning, tools and metrics to use in measuring performance, as well as many techniques that you can use to actually make your pages run faster.
3 Feb 2003 by Devpro AB
This article provides a generic class using which one can easily use a SystemTrayNotifyIcon class with the key functionalities of hiding, showing and animating NotifyIcon and generating events on every changed state of NotifyIcon.
6 Nov 2001 by Philip Lee
A control library containing three color picker controls written in C#
22 Aug 2003 by Chris Maunder
Accessing database information using the DataReader class from ADO.NET in C#
2 Jun 2005 by rantanplanisback
A class with event handlers for TCP, UDP or ICMP sockets; includes ping, traceroute, whois, ARP, and IPHelper functions and raw packets forging/ capturing.
19 Jun 2013 by KK Kod
Document describes about the Delegate in C# and the usage of delegate in different scenarios
23 May 2003 by Shawn Cicoria
Illustrates a simple example of using the Invoke capabilities of Winforms
12 Jun 2003 by Al Alberto
An account of my experience in learning to develop in the .NET environment.
24 Sep 2002 by sadaf alvi
In this tutorial we will see how we can create and attach attributes to various program entities, and how we can retrieve attribute information in a run-time environment.
24 Apr 2003 by Oleksandr Kucherenko
A .NET Wizard control for the VS.IDE and client apps
20 May 2003 by Motti Shaked
.NET Remoting customization – it doesn't have to be so hard!
5 Jul 2009 by Shivprasad koirala
Optimizing LINQ Queries using DataLoadOptions
16 Apr 2002 by Nish Nishant
This ports Joe Newcomer's AutoRepeat Button class to a .NET control
31 Mar 2007 by Ahmed Abd El Kader
When you need to run a different version of the .NET Framework on different Virtual Directories
29 Sep 2002 by Phil Wright
An article on tab controls
7 Feb 2005 by Karl Seguin
Mastering Page-UserControl communication.
26 May 2003 by James T. Johnson
Provides a framework for creating wizards for use in your .NET applications
30 Sep 2010 by Sunasara Imdadhusen
The ASP.NET Validation Summary control with customized CSS and Style to display a summary of all validation errors that occur in a web page.
19 Jul 2004 by GWSyZyGy
.NET + MSWord + BabelFish + Speech SDK 5.1 = FUN!
27 Aug 2001 by Morgan Skinner
This article describes how to build a Windows Forms control in C# and expose it as an ActiveX control
28 Sep 2008 by AndrewSmith
A plunge into creating a fast, full text index, with advanced searching capabilites.
21 Feb 2007 by Michal Brylka
Simply render a 3D surface on your screen without OpenGL/DirectX.
23 Feb 2004 by Pete2004
The purpose of this document is to provide a practical guide to using Microsoft’s .NET DataTables, DataSets and DataGrid
27 May 2013 by Chris Richner
Supports Explorer, SingleChecked and RecursiveChecked mode (checkboxes). Lets you specify the displayed drive types, etc...
1 Sep 2006 by T-C
A C# program to demonstrate loading and saving an object to an XML file using XML serialization encapsulated in a wrapper class.
10 Feb 2003 by leppie
A DUMeter clone, but with some better/different reporting features.
12 Nov 2001 by Nish Nishant
Shows how you can use data bound controls with OLE DB
18 Nov 2002 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
NScript is a tool like WScript except that it allows for scripts to be written in .NET languages like C# and VB.NET
3 Dec 2004 by ibrahimuludag
An article on how to create a server control that preserves the scroll position in longer pages.
24 Jun 2013 by Vasudevan Deepak Kumar
This is an alternative for "XCrypt - Encryption and decryption class wrapper".
25 Feb 2002 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A Window Forms control for displaying URLs similar to URL combo in Internet Explorer
25 Apr 2002 by Ben Houston
A C# complex number and FFT library.
17 Feb 2004 by Sams Publishing
The most common techniques in building custom controls in ASP.NET.
11 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
Adding full design time functionality to your custom control in a few easy steps.
21 Sep 2004 by Tom Guinther
An expanding/collapsing 'Task Tray' ala Windows XP and Longhorn
22 Dec 2009 by Suresh Suthar
How to execute DTS packages through VB.NET and use global variables.
16 Aug 2000 by Chris Maunder
Jeff Prosise answers your questions on .NET
11 Oct 2001 by Roman Kiss
This article describes how to subscribe the Web Service into the COM+ Event System using the C# language.
1 Apr 2009 by Andrec
Retrieve the hWnd of focused controls in other applications.
19 May 2002 by Dan Elebash
Modified version of Frank Fang's code ported to VB and made CCW.
29 Sep 2004 by Nick Parker
A method of calling .NET functions from a COM enabled non .NET environment through a COM callable wrapper
6 May 2002 by NETMaster
Compile C# code on-the-fly. Usage in a plug-in / plug-out component model.
14 Jul 2003 by Mahmoud Nasr
A simple application to show how to create a Windows service.
9 Mar 2003 by John Gunnarsson
This article shows you how to implement the Factory pattern using attributes and activation.
20 Sep 2007 by Andrew D. Weiss
An extension of the .NET Treeview control to provide multiselect capabilities
15 Sep 2004 by Xinjie ZHANG
With ADO.NET, a database can be regarded as a virtual XML document. XPath query and XSLT transformation are naturally available.
21 Mar 2006 by lilyco
Introduces an open source UDP-based data transfer library.
9 Oct 2002 by Michael Potter
An object that enforces a rule that only one instance of a program can be running at a time.
2 Nov 2003 by Chris Maunder
A brief tour of what was the biggest developer conference in years
9 Apr 2003 by Terry Denham
A multi-article contribution describing in step-by-step detail on creating your own service with integrated support for setup and custom event logs. This lesson we'll add multiple child services as well as updating the installer to install these services as well.
3 Apr 2005 by wumpus1
A native .NET class for saving URLs: text-only, HTML page, HTML archive, or HTML complete.
22 Sep 2003 by Rudi Breedenraedt
Step by Step guide to implement event handling in C#.
3 Dec 2004 by Danijel Arsenovski
Standard refactoring techniques coupled with automated refactoring tool provide excellent platform for legacy VB code upgrade. Legacy VB code suffers poor structure and bloated code due to lack of inheritance and other OO capabilities.
19 Jul 2003 by Jesus Oliva
Class library to implement packet filtering funcionality in your .NET applications
16 Jan 2003 by Sean Winstead
Details five ways to implement a class factory in C#.
9 Mar 2004 by Werdna
Shows how to use different brushes and write owner drawn listbox
8 Feb 2015 by SupperSlonic
The Web API token based authentication via OWIN OAuth2 middleware supported by Facebook, Google, Microsoft.Extracting additional user's information from social networks.
2 Aug 2004 by Robert Misiak
Another MSN Messenger-like notification window, this one does its own drawing
3 Feb 2003 by Sreenivas Vemulapalli
Explains about PropertyGrid and how to use, with detailed examples
28 Jan 2003 by Matthias Hänel
Writing a control to use MS-Word in your own Application like a windows-form.
26 Aug 2008 by Mike Mayer
Using the library presented, you can print reports from C# and other .NET languages
25 Apr 2005 by Alvaro Mendez
Use client-side JavaScript to remotely invoke methods in ASP.NET pages.
11 Nov 2003 by Al Alberto
An account of my experience in learning to develop in the .NET environment
9 Mar 2003 by Christian Ballerstaller
Thumbnail Generator application supporting a bunch of image file types (for both: source images and target thumbnails), fixed target image size as well as ratio calculation, and full internationalization.
23 Jun 2003 by Corey Frost
This article provides an alternative method of accessing string resources in a C# project by generating access classes for each resource identifier.
13 Oct 2003 by Stephen Quattlebaum
This article discusses the development of two simple classes that implement horizontal and vertical controls for Windows Forms development by encapsulating the native Win32 vertical and horizontal rule controls.
12 Oct 2003 by Paul Riley
Simple examples to demonstrate the standard NoSpamEmailHyperlink control.
22 Nov 2010 by Vitaly Tomilov
Access detailed information about the current process the easiest way.
4 Aug 2002 by Nish Nishant
An owner drawn listbox that supports multi-line word-wrapped text as well as in-place editing.
9 Jul 2009 by David Hall
A library for .NET that encapsulates the Task Scheduler COM object.
22 Nov 2010 by Vitaly Tomilov
A simplified and unified way for accessing most frequently used information about Process, System, and Environment.
10 Mar 2004 by Vladimir Afanasyev
Device configuration using C# (Part 3). Device resources - IRQ, DMA, etc.
29 Sep 2005 by JtR1977
A self drawing, round button for different styles and usages.
5 Nov 2003 by Sebastien Lorion
Argument parser utility class which makes good use of custom attributes.
26 Oct 2002 by Daniel Turini
A tool for acessing CodeProject and have instant notifications of Codeproject's posts
21 Aug 2006 by Hossein Ghahvei Araghi
This article contains the simplest solutions for: the security problem for DelegateSerializationHolder, the IO problem, and the messaging speed problem. Note: Messaging speed problem will appear when your application has worked for a long time.
14 Jan 2004 by Jeremiah Talkar
An explanation of the workings of the Global Assembly Cache
9 May 2006 by Richard Northedge
Presents a Maximum Entropy modeling library, and discusses its usage, with the aid of two examples: a simple example of predicting outcomes, and an English language tokenizer.
8 Sep 2003 by Stefan Kyntchev
FlashBack is a web application used to organize and share pictures and video clips with friends and family.
24 Apr 2008 by Vitaly Zayko
An article about using SHGetFileInfo in C# (a simple class and demo are included).
12 Apr 2004 by ro_angel_bv
Simple program that interprets a MPEG 2 file.
15 Feb 2004 by Javier Teixido
Set a password textbox for Visual Studio .NET setup project.
13 Oct 2001 by Nish Nishant
Two oft-overlooked value types that C# offers and where they can be used
24 Oct 2002 by James T. Johnson
A short article to guide you through how to use embedded resources in .NET projects using Visual Studio .NET
1 Oct 2008 by Andrew Kirillov
This article describes the implementation of parallel computations using plain C#.
3 Aug 2004 by George Mamaladze
A library to simplify access to image metadata.
30 Apr 2003 by Wytek Szymanski
This article is about installable transport connections
24 Aug 2008 by Bhupindra Singh
Type forwarding is a CLR feature that allows us to move a type from its original assembly to another assembly.
15 Sep 2002 by Matthew So (Hong Kong)
Examples on multi-threaded TCP Server with doomed connections reclaiming task, Thread Pooling, Multi-thread Servicing Queue
4 Jul 2003 by Erick Sgarbi
VS.NET addin that creates a strongly typed collection from a class.
6 Mar 2003 by Russell Morris
A TabControl-like options dialog based on a TreeView
27 May 2002 by Nish Nishant
Shows how you can load an assembly at run time, instantiate a class in that assembly and call methods on the class
26 Aug 2002 by Paul Li
An article on creating a simple Window Explorer using C# with out Interop.
17 Nov 2003 by Pham Minh Tri
A standard DateTimePicker control that enables users to enter null value. The fact that it's not intensively modified ensures that it has no potential errors.
7 Jun 2007 by Moim Hossain
Downloading updates from Windows Forms application in an intranet scenario
12 Oct 2003 by Cohen Shwartz Oren
How to write WMI providers in C#
2 Aug 2004 by Elvin Cheng
It allows calls to server events from client script code without causing the page to post back and refresh.
12 Apr 2003 by Marc Clifton
Illustrates in a step-by-step manner the design and implementation of an Outlook style icon bar.
29 Sep 2002 by Phil Wright
Menus that mimic VS.NET/OfficeXP
26 Dec 2002 by Bill Ferreira
Developing secure architectures, with example using .NET
28 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
Explains the usage of WebRequest, WebResponse and related classes.
17 Jan 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
This library converts simple HTML documents to PDF.
24 Dec 2007 by jpmik
Description of the binary format used to store internet explorer favorites, includes Favorites-to-XBEL example project.
3 Apr 2004 by Corinna John
An article about spreading hidden data over many images.
2 Mar 2004 by Natty Gur
A look at COM+ and .NET
5 Oct 2004 by blackinkbottle
How to perform simple web image annotation using ASP.NET.
11 Apr 2002 by Lyle Brown
A class for creating Network Monitoring Programs
3 Nov 2003 by Christian Liensberger, Martin Geier
Developing an object-oriented application based on an SQL storage using OPF.Net.
14 Apr 2004 by Muffadal Jaorawala
This article shows how to save a master-details form using XML.
1 Apr 2002 by Jibin Pan
This article shows how to create a remote server and MDI window Remote Client using remote objects
23 Jun 2002 by Richard Birkby
Demonstrates the use of Windows Forms, GDI+ from CIL
27 Nov 2000 by Wrox
An introduction to ASP.NET
22 Nov 2015 by saleemy2ks
This Article discusses on Memory allocation in .Net and how JIT compiler optimizes non-volatile code. It also talk about Value Type, Reference type, Stack, Heap, Boxing, Unboxing, Ref, Out and Volatile.
6 Jun 2003 by Reto Ravasio
Attaching a description to each entry in an enum.
2 Mar 2003 by Iulian Iuga
A tree control that can be used in every website based on ASP.NET.
25 Mar 2003 by kais
A C# client library for access Hotmail using the undocumented HTTPMail protocol.
25 Mar 2009 by Victor Tan
Using Winpcap functions in the .NET Framework
23 Feb 2003 by John O'Byrne
Have you ever wanted to display an image list which looks like the MSN Messenger emoticon chooser...
30 Oct 2004 by Emanuele Ruffaldi
This article presents a technique to access parts of a ZIP archive stored on a Web Server.
31 Jul 2003 by Leon Finker
SSL/TLS Client/Server classes for .NET that uses Windows SSPI for SSL/TLS protocol
3 Apr 2003 by Jim Hollenhorst
It's easy to create shortcuts using the Windows Script Host Object Model
20 Apr 2002 by Shawn Wildermuth
A C# class (and library if needed) to do runtime evaluations of C# expressions
20 Dec 2002 by Derek Lakin
Extended System.Windows.Forms.Panel classes for a collapsible panel and a panel bar to contain them, in a Windows XP style.
13 Jan 2006 by Eric Astor
An article on a new library, allowing easy, language-independent access to runtime compilation.
21 Aug 2003 by Barry Lapthorn
In this article we shall produce a simple genetic algorithm in C#
19 Sep 2002 by Iulian Serban
This is a Visual Studio .NET like ToolBox control with animation and drag and drop support.
3 Feb 2002 by Senkwe Chanda
This article shows how to create an OwnerDrawn combobox
6 May 2009 by Tomislav Markovski
Custom DropDown and MultiselectDropDown controls with data binding support
18 Jul 2009 by Hakger
How to do a deep copy of objects using System.Reflection.
12 Aug 2004 by RodgerB
Just like MessageBox.Show but with an added timeout parameter
15 Aug 2004 by Elvin Cheng
Solve the ViewState problems using the industry well-known pattern - Provider Model design pattern.
15 Oct 2001 by Wrox
An introduction to using Windows Forms in your C# applications.
29 Nov 2016 by Shashangka Shekhar
In this article, we will learn about .NET Core Features & short overview on .NET Framework (existing). We will discuss about what changes were made/added in new environment of .NET Core.
29 Aug 2002 by Christian Tratz
A C# implementation of the popular water surface effect.
9 May 2002 by Anthony Baraff
C# Wrapper for the Microsoft Rebar Control
25 Mar 2002 by Kannan Kalyanaraman
The article explains how to make use of COM objects from .NET
6 Apr 2006 by Eric Woodruff
An ASP.NET page class that has the ability to e-mail its rendered content.
12 Jan 2004 by Niels Penneman
An article on writing a program to process .MD5 file verification databases
12 Feb 2010 by Fernando Escolar
nxAjax is a .NET-based easy to use AJAX framework.
26 Nov 2014 by Pascal Ganaye
In this article, I try to highlight some issues in the .NET Framework generic list and how to circumvent them
23 Feb 2004 by Pete2004
The purpose of this document is to provide a practical guide to using Microsoft’s .NET DataTables, DataSets and DataGrid
20 Mar 2002 by xicoloko
Persistance to business objects through attributes and reflection
5 Dec 2005 by nashcontrol
ADSDetector information with code examples.
16 Aug 2003 by Andrew Peace
A C# program which takes a HTML file as input and outputs a new file with a table of contents embedded.
24 Aug 2002 by Frans Bouma
An article which describes how to use the data-access tier, generated by the free, open source data-access tier generator for .NET: LLBLGen. The sourcecode for LLBLGen v1.2 in C# is included, plus the generated data-access tier used in this article (C# and T-SQL) and the creation script for the data
20 Sep 2002 by Edwin Evans
A simple macro to collapse all the project nodes in the Solution Explorer
8 May 2007 by Charith M
By using this article, you can easily configure multiple output log files from log4net
1 Sep 2004 by Paul Talbot
Internet Explorer is a complex beast, I have managed to untangle the context menu to easily allow custom menus to appear when you right click
18 Jun 2008 by Romain TAILLANDIER
This article shows how to use XmlSerializer to serialize types that usually cannot be XML Serialized
27 Sep 2003 by Gareth Edwards
This article describes how to pass the equivalent of an array, into a stored procedure, showing a number of different data types. This technique doesn't have the size limitations that a number of other techniques suffer from.
19 Apr 2009 by Qaiser_Iftikhar
VB.NET/C# and JavaScript communication, how to.
15 Feb 2005 by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Some things in .NET are missing "practical" short cuts. This article demonstrates how to obtain the row in a DataTable that the currently selected row in a DataGrid is linked to.
30 Dec 2004 by mav.northwind
How to use arbitrary controls in ListView cells.
17 Jun 2003 by Aisha Ikram
Learn C# in less than an hour. Discover the C# language constructs and features in a brief yet comprehensive way using code examples. This article is especially good if you know C++ and feel lazy about learning C#!
28 May 2007 by Argiris Kirtzidis
How to apply AJAX technologies to your web pages without replacing ASP.NET controls and/or writing JavaScript code.
4 Apr 2002 by Nish Nishant
Introduces .NET remoting and the use of asynchronous callbacks using simple code snippets
16 Aug 2005 by clementsm
Assembly written in VB.NET that accesses Exchange 2000 Webstore data, using WEBDAV.
28 Feb 2003 by Steaven Woyan
A class for sending emails with attachments in C#.
12 May 2002 by Nish Nishant
Introduction to unsafe code
23 May 2005 by Ronit H
A webbrowser example of how to open new web windows in new tabs.
18 Nov 2003 by Emanuele Ruffaldi
A library to access MATLAB from .NET and a comparision of three possible methods to implement it.
20 Oct 2004 by
Here's the code to implement a basic graphic user interface to paint, and then edit, lines on a PictureBox.
27 Jan 2003 by Nick Pirocanac
Handling events and View State inside a Web Custom Control using Composition Rendering.
23 Feb 2004 by Pete2004
The purpose of this document is to provide a practical guide to using Microsoft’s .NET DataTables, DataSets and DataGrid
6 Feb 2003 by slolife
.NET class to create and maintain vCalendar information
24 Jun 2003 by shivpal
This article explains how to use ASP.NET runtime in Windows Desktop applications
6 Mar 2003 by X-caiver
An article on a VB.NET ripple image control
25 Oct 2002 by Jie Tang
PocketUML is a portable UML add-in for Visual Studio.NET
6 Nov 2003 by Jon Shadforth
The easy way to embed a managed resource for use with a component's toolbox bitmap.
26 May 2012 by Hoang Khanh Nguyen
A .NET wrapper for NT Registry and a .NET NT RegEdit demo
25 Oct 2006 by Phil Crosby
A simple, easy-to-use, resumable .NET file downloader.
28 Apr 2003 by Tom Mulligan
An enhanced ListView with sorting/shading and a filterbar to filter items.
18 Jan 2004 by Niels Penneman
ImageCombo control for .NET.
27 Aug 2003 by KennS
Describes a means to build XML data files using XML Schema and xsd.exe to facilitate easy XML Serialization
9 Apr 2003 by Terry Denham
A multi-article contribution describing in step-by-step detail on creating your own service with integrated support for setup and custom event logs.
12 Oct 2002 by Erik Westermann
Sample chapter from Learn XML In A Weekend by Erik Westermann
10 Oct 2001 by Ajit Mungale
This article helps you to get an idea about calling API functions in C#.
27 Oct 2004 by Tom John
Utilising serialization to persist TreeView control hierarchy.
17 Jun 2003 by Axel Charpentier
This article shows an implementation of the main TCP/UDP functions of the IP Helper API that is used to get info about active connections including the process attached to a connection
5 May 2003 by Marc Clifton
Exploring the issues of menu management as specified externally via an XML file, in the context of status bars, toolbars, and events.
9 Jan 2002 by Gary Brewer
A simple client/server implementation of multicasting in C# .NET Framework
30 Jun 2003 by Wesner Moise
Provides a class library containing Win32 API function calls, constants, and structures.
28 Apr 2002 by Mazdak
How to change the background color of cells in a DataGrid depending on their value
5 Nov 2003 by Sebastien Lorion
Moves files or directories using regular expression patterns.
21 Nov 2008 by Moorthi N
Create a remote process using WMI in C#
15 Jul 2008 by Jan Schreuder
A simple class to help you get started with the OleDb Jet Engine to import text files
19 Dec 2007 by Suriel Bendahan
Add a security level to your Web Services using the ASP.NET Forms Authentication.
17 Jun 2004 by Aamir Butt
An article on how to put and get information to an OLE Structured Document.
4 Jan 2013 by Pawel idzikowski
How to effectively build modular .NET applications of any size using messages, commands and components of MCM-Framework.Net?
12 Oct 2003 by Hans-Jürgen Schmidt
The DataPlotter is a .NET control for graphical display of 2D data. For both the X and Y axis a linear or logarithmic (any base) scaling can be selected.
19 Oct 2004 by madmik3
UploadFile hides some of the things you might need to get your Windows client simulating forms with file input fields. UploadFileEx gives you more control where you need it!
31 Aug 2002 by Maciej Pirog
A .NET component that creates pie and bar charts in the system tray
4 Sep 2002 by Sreenivas Vemulapalli
Advanced Shape Control
22 Jun 2004 by Nish Nishant
Takes a look at new features like explicit overriding, renamed overriding, multiple overriding and sealing a method
8 Jul 2003 by Detlef Neunherz
A control that combines two scrollbars for choosing two related values
21 Apr 2002 by Nathan Ridley
An ASP class (Classic ASP) that generates a dynamic html tree list control that looks the same as a windows explorer tree but allows multiple columns of data per tree node
25 May 2002 by Nish Nishant
A basic introduction to serialization using Managed C++
22 Apr 2009 by BhadeliaImran
Maintaining ViewState while working with Dynamic Control
13 Jun 2002 by John Lyon-Smith
A simple application that demonstrates key ASP.NET features.
31 Aug 2002 by Ryan LaNeve
An ImageMap control for use in Windows Forms applications
29 Sep 2004 by Andrea Bioli
A very simple library that you can use to implement not-so-simple constructs of Aspect Oriented Programming
12 Jul 2006 by Corinna John
Define regions inside an image to keep smooth colours free from hidden data.
30 Jul 2003 by Vincent Leong77
Boosting you application performance to the optimum by using hardware acceleration.
2 Jun 2006 by Jun Du
An article on how to use unmanaged C++ classes exported from pre-built libraries (DLLs) with no source code.
3 Jan 2003 by blong
How to build a chart control with full design-time support.
16 Nov 2003 by Alexander Kent
An article on axWebBrowser/MSHTML automation using Visual C#.
9 Oct 2003 by * Sandeep Alur
This article introduces the concept behind Principal and Indentity objects in .NET and proposes a security model adopting these objects in a .NET application.
30 May 2003 by Jeffrey Sax
Highly optimized classes for looking up the country code corresponding to an IP address
30 May 2003 by Sriram Chitturi
A tutorial describing how to query Windows Active Directory to retrieve different objects using classes defined under .NET DirectoryServices namespace and LDAP queries
20 May 2002 by Nick Parker
Through the .NET Framework you can easily get the current user name to authenticate.
18 Aug 2003 by Mike Puddephat
A set of ASP.NET custom controls that allow forums to be quickly added to a website.
20 May 2009 by Jeroen De Dauw
A multithreaded file downloader with progress details, speed info and more
7 May 2003 by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
Overcome the problem of image quality deterioration on resizing by converting to PNG format.
17 May 2003 by Manoj G
This article talks about basics of event logging followed by the implementation details of how we can log messages effectively by using a custom log-file, event sources and event categories. Finally, it mentions the usefullness of troubleshooting links in error messages.
22 Dec 2004 by MinaFawzi
This article descibes ways to creating a non rectangular form using GDI+.
1 Jul 2004 by craigd
How-to build an ASP.NET search engine link-spider using C#.
12 Mar 2003 by Christian Graus
Getting started with the new Microsoft Graphics Libraries
26 Aug 2003 by Matthew Adams
A progress dialog for asynchronous workers
28 Apr 2004 by Heath Stewart
Discusses the implementation of custom format providers for existing types and custom formatting for user-defined types.
17 Feb 2004 by yetanotherchris
An easy to use RSS feed reader
14 Apr 2002 by Christian Graus
The fourth installment covers how to write a filter that resizes an image, and uses bilinear filtering
29 Feb 2004 by Jevgenij Pankov
An extender provider component that provides Image and Font properties to a MenuItem class.
25 Jun 2004 by Corinna John
Hiding data of any kind in indexed Bitmaps like PNG and GIF.
8 Aug 2002 by Cho, Kyung-min
If you deal with same size objects in server coding, VMemPool shows a good way for beginners.
28 Sep 2003 by Michal Altair Valášek
Web Services themselves are not offering authentication and security services. The WS-Security standards can solve this issue.
21 Sep 2003 by Rakesh Rajan
An article with code on how to create the Alpha effect (fading in and out effect). Starts with the application of alpha on images, and ends with the creation of alpha animation. This is NOT about the Per Pixel Alpha Blend used in Windows.
9 Sep 2003 by Al Alberto
An account of my experience in learning to develop in the .NET environment
26 May 2008 by Zijian
vCard reader coded in C#, with lightweight approach
23 Dec 2004 by Eric Newton
In this article, we talk about the lack of Cookie security built-into the ASP.NET framework, and a decent workaround to provide integrated tamper proof security for cookie data.
7 Aug 2002 by Nnamdi Onyeyiri
This is my imitation sonork chat listbox, it supports most of the features of the real thing.
11 Mar 2003 by George Anescu
Presenting a small C# application which provides Grep-like functionality under .NET.
7 Jul 2008 by Zeeshan Ejaz Bhatti
A class to read and write PNM files from System.Drawing.Image class
17 Jan 2018 by honey the codewitch
Dependency free, fast, lightweight JSON parsing and light query
12 Sep 2001 by Jared Bienz
How to create Type-Safe collections without using CollectionBase
22 Aug 2000 by Chris Maunder
Lon Fisher answers your questions on .NET
9 Aug 2003 by Jason Henderson
Some HTML and JavaScript that helps you write and preview CP articles.
9 Feb 2004 by Desmond McCarter
A POP3 client in C# .NET for reading and processing emails (including attachments).
25 Dec 2003 by DotNetThis
Well documented code showing how to do crypto in C# and the .NET framework.
10 Aug 2003 by Christian Merritt
An article demonstrating how to play chosen and user-defined sounds in the .NET framework
7 May 2005 by Beau Skinner
Automatic build version awareness, incrementing, and archiving.
9 Jan 2005 by wumpus1
A single page ASP.NET file management utility.
2 May 2005 by Bill Pierce
A custom AJAX - ASP.NET control.
13 Jul 2003 by John Fisher
Take control of the OLE objects embedded inside a .NET RichTextBox
3 Sep 2002 by Shaun Wilde
A CheckBox column that is can be used and bound in a DataGrid
5 Sep 2001 by Wrox
An explanation and demonstration of the concepts behind GDI+.
21 Feb 2004 by Smitha Nishant
An overview of caching in ASP.NET.
14 Mar 2002 by BLaZiNiX
A C# class that exposes the INI file handling functions from Kernal32.dll
15 Nov 2003 by Prakash Kumar Singh
This article explains and demonstrates various ways to implement localization in your .NET application.
8 Mar 2004 by Vladimir Afanasyev
Device configuration using C# (Part 1)
8 Mar 2003 by Dan Logan
The first article in a multi-part series, describing how to incorporate resources into your .NET application development.
27 Oct 2002 by Stoyan Damov
A (managed C++) library for object pooling in .NET
31 Aug 2003 by Thomas Caudal
A custom control that ties a ListView and a TreeView together
2 May 2005 by Bill Pierce
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML with ASP.NET integration.
4 Oct 2003 by Simon Segal
How to use SQLXML 3.0 Managed Classes and the SQLXML modes.
5 Oct 2003 by Wouter van Vugt
Access Hotmail using C#, the extended version.
18 Dec 2007 by Ilíon
This article describes a class which may be used to convert any Windows.Forms.Form into a docked Application Desktop Toolbar. That is, by use of the AppBar.ApplicationDesktopToolbar class, one's Toolbar applet may be either floating or docked to an edge of the Desktop.
30 Aug 2002 by Paul Ingles
Article outlining how to create a credit card validator control fully derived from BaseValidator.
2 Mar 2002 by Serge Weinstock
Implementation of Delphi's ActionList for Windows.Forms
31 May 2003 by Georgi Atanasov
This article describes how to extend the default header control in a ListView in details mode.
27 Aug 2003 by Okeno Palmer
Create an ASP.NET application that uses the Amazon Web Service to search the Amazon catalogs.
31 Mar 2003 by Rui Miguel Barbosa
Create a code39 barcode using a webservice in C#
30 Mar 2004 by Member 987427
A non-well-formed HTML parser for .NET
31 May 2011 by Evren Daglioglu
A chat server/client solution for local networks, terminal server/terminal client environments
5 Apr 2007 by Colin Angus Mackay
A step by step example of how to build up an algorithm by writing the unit tests first
27 Nov 2002 by Christian Graus
This tool uses ADO.NET to offer browsing of databases and tables, editing values and an SQL window to test queries.
27 Dec 2003 by Simon Segal
How to decrypt data for Crystal Reports using formulae to automate your managed code with User Function Libraries.
19 Feb 2004 by David Hall
A collection of .NET classes written in Managed C++ that faciliate the manipulation of NT security rights
19 Sep 2002 by Paul Li
Implementing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) in your application.
27 Nov 2003 by Konstantin Vasserman
An article on blending of images using raster operations as well as simulating blending modes like those found in Photoshop.
15 Mar 2003 by Jim Hollenhorst
The Savior class makes it simple to save and restore application settings using the registry or a binary file.
1 May 2003 by Ray Hayes
A utility class allowing automatic command line switches and parsing.
7 May 2002 by Alex Kwok
A .NET FTP component
26 Sep 2004 by Alberto Venditti
A simple utility to quickly resize images
29 Jan 2003 by Sameers Javed
Using VB.NET and Java Script to Create ASP.NET Rich Edit Server Side Control.
24 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
Declaring and using managed .NET arrays with MC++
26 Apr 2010 by John Espiritu
Apply Mac OS window theme to your application.
15 Nov 2010 by Ludvik Jerabek
Read and write to INI files in VB.NET and VBScript
4 Apr 2006 by Eric Woodruff
A class implementing IHttpHandler for use in custom controls, to send embedded resources such as scripts, images, and style sheets to the client.
24 Mar 2008 by Joe20033
An article on how to add a color picker ComboBox to DataGridView
12 Jun 2002 by Nish Nishant
Introduces and walks you through the use of delegates in .NET. Compares and contrasts the different approaches that MC++ and C# adopt in the use of delegates. With examples in both languages
12 Dec 2004 by yetanotherchris
Provides enhanced functionality for the Windows inbuilt web browser (ActiveX) control.
15 Jan 2002 by Chris Maunder
An introduction to writing User Controls in ASP .NET
28 Apr 2005 by Klaus Salchner (Canada)
Any time you developed a web form or Windows form using the Visual Studio .NET designer or used the view state architecture of ASP.NET you have relied on the help of a type converter. As the name already states, type converters are used to convert from one type to another.
9 May 2004 by Idael Cardoso
In this article, I describe a translation of most of the WMF SDK interfaces, data structures, constants, and functions into C#.
8 Dec 2008 by Joseph Armbruster
How to embed the Google Earth scene in a C# application.
21 Dec 2007 by ENO
“Circular Buffers” is an application developed in VB.NET (VS 2003).
9 Feb 2004 by Marcie Jones
How to add a separator row to set off groups of similar data in an ASP.NET Datagrid
7 Jul 2002 by Nish Nishant
An attempt to get a beginner started on Managed C++
1 Jul 2003 by Stephan Meyn
This article describes how to develop a refactoring addin for Visual Studio.NET
17 Sep 2002 by Jamie Nordmeyer
A single control to validate a .NET Web Form.
19 Jun 2005 by Luciano Bargmann
The search list is a composition of SortedLists that will let you find your data in no time. This is indicated when you need filtered full scans in large lists.
2 Aug 2004 by Mubbasher Adeel
Building COM Objects in C#.
31 Jan 2002 by omkamal
How to serialize custom created class objects using C#
10 Oct 2001 by Zeeshan Amjad
A simple tutorial that shows how to write unsafe code using C#
8 Apr 2002 by Zombies with Coffee, LLC
Adding an extended property to Menus in order to provide automatic statusbar messages as the user chooses different menu options
27 Mar 2003 by Dan Glass
FTP client library for C#, including asynchronous operations.
8 Dec 2007 by R2B2
An application to create skins for DotNetNuke portals with a browser preview
22 Oct 2005 by rwestgraham
Configure your upgrade setups to uninstall a previously installed application using VS.NET and Windows installer technologies.
14 Dec 2003 by benjaminwootton
This article describes how to build and use static proxy classes to access a web service
30 Mar 2007 by AdamNajmanowicz
The article describes the retrieval of one's public IP address and geo location and possibly assigning it to one's Skype profile.
25 Aug 2004 by staceyw
C# implementation of a Dijkstra counting Semaphore.
24 Jan 2003 by Smitha Nishant
An article on how to develop an MDI application using C# and the .NET Framework.
11 Nov 2004 by Saurabhdotnet
In this article, you will get a walkthrough of creating an Application Event Handler Component (AEHC) for any WinForms application in .NET.
31 Jul 2002 by Nish Nishant
A ListBox derived class that shows tool-tips for items that won't fit within the width of the list box
27 Nov 2000 by Wrox
An introduction to Namespaces and the Base Classes
5 Aug 2004 by Jonathan Kade
The first phase of a RIFF/Wave editing "swiss army knife", in which we'll learn how to extract all the data present in common Wave files and store it in an XML document.
13 Jan 2003 by Jon Rista
Learn how to properly integrate your custom .NET control into the Visual Studio .NET design environment with TypeConverters and UITypeEditors. The article includes two useful controls, a container ListView, and a complete, feature-loaded TreeListView.
14 Nov 2004 by Julijan Sribar
A simple divider with text.
13 Feb 2009 by Robin_Roy
Encryption and decryption of Query Strings.
27 Sep 2004 by Eduard Liebenberger
Simplifying the creation of a user interface for business objects while providing a consistent mechanism for handling IsDirty and IsValid in the UI.
29 Apr 2003 by Christian Merritt
An article demonstrating how to use Windows impersonation in your C# code
4 Apr 2010 by Uwe Keim
An article describing a simple class that makes working with URL parameters a little bit easier
22 Jun 2002 by Kumar Gaurav Khanna
Explains how to communicate asynchronously with .NET webservices
8 Mar 2003 by James Mimeault
Demonstrates the use of CopyMemory in .NET to initialize classes
5 Jan 2003 by Alexander Arlievsky
This article demonstrates usage of .NET events in the stateless remoting server, thus allowing to use .NET event mechanism in highly available and scalable distributed applications.
22 Dec 2004 by Gary J. Kuehn
This article discusses the various threading paradigms available under the .NET CLR, using C#.
24 Sep 2003 by Valeria Bogdevich
.NET button that supports images and XP style on Windows XP and other versions of Windows
4 Oct 2003 by J. Dunlap
Discusses and demonstrates flood fill algorithms in C# with GDI+.
26 May 2003 by Roy Osherove
Use Activator and IConfigurationSectionHandler in perfect harmony to add plugin abilities to your application
8 Jan 2004 by Chris Maunder
A simpler and more flexible method of registering client-side Javascript within ASP.NET pages and controls.
8 Jan 2007 by Anoop Pillai
This article is expected to (1) Introduce patterns to you in a simple, human readable way (2) Train you how to really identify and apply patterns (3) Demonstrate step by step methods to solve a design problem using patterns
22 Dec 2003 by Jonathan de Halleux
Spart is the C# sister of Spirit. It lets you quickly create code parsers directly in your application.
17 Oct 2005 by Bill Pierce
An ASP.NET server control wrapper for the Google Maps API.
15 Feb 2002 by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design and implementation (C#) of the Remoting over Internet using the Web Service as a gateway into the Remoting infrastructure.
3 Apr 2004 by Corinna John
An article about hiding each byte of a message bit-by-bit in eight pixels.
27 Oct 2003 by mkruppa
Class to wake up a remote machine by sending a Wake-On-Lan packet.
31 Oct 2002 by ian mariano
A narrative article demonstrating creation of a .NET distributed web application through hand-coding using best practices.
22 Jun 2003 by Al Alberto
An account of my experience in learning to develop in the .NET environment.
19 Sep 2002 by Peter Provost
A tutorial showing how to create page templates that use object-oriented inheritance.
28 Jan 2003 by Steve Maier
This "Space Invaders" - like game was ported to C# using the new DirectX9 to demonstrate the ease of managed DirectX.
10 Apr 2002 by Nish Nishant
Beginner's Tutorial on adding tray icons and setting context menus
8 Apr 2004 by Idael Cardoso
Managed C++ Windows Media Audio (WMA) compressor.
30 Mar 2002 by NETMaster
Usage of the simple MAPI API.
30 Jan 2003 by matthias s.
This Article shows how to display a splash screen during your application initialization.
7 Apr 2003 by Zainaustria
Formula parser for C#
13 Feb 2002 by Kashif Manzoor
The article introduces Microsoft's .NET framework and compares it to Sun's J2EE
31 Aug 2002 by Igor Ladnik
A control contains a set of [animated] pictures acting as multi-state buttons
18 May 2005 by Eric Marcon
How to simply display a control inside the StatusBar of your program.
28 Sep 2004 by gtamir
How to instrument your services to monitor performance using Performance Counters.
26 Mar 2003 by Detlef Grohs
An article attempting to demonstrate how to get an application to behave as a Single Instance in .NET.
21 Oct 2009 by Anoop Pillai
This article will explain the actual concepts and implementation of Backward Propagation Neural Networks very easily - see project code and samples, like a simple pattern detector, a hand writing detection pad, an xml based neural network processing language etc in the source zip.
6 Aug 2003 by Gary Brewer
IPv6 programming in the C# .NET 1.1 environment
3 Aug 2004 by LZF
C# implementation of data binding TreeView.
9 Feb 2002 by James T. Johnson
Shows how to use existing attributes and how to create and use your own attributes
28 Mar 2004 by JasonSmith
An implementation of "Sets" for .NET
2 Apr 2007 by P.J. van de Sande
Save bandwidth and get QoS with bandwidth throttling.
21 May 2003 by leppie
Seemless NFA to DFA transfers with GraphViz graphing integration
2 Mar 2004 by Natty Gur
A look at COM+ and .NET
3 Feb 2003 by King Rufus
Dropdown Control that mimics the Microsoft Word Table Selector dropdown.
29 Oct 2002 by Deyan Petrov
Data Access Component - thin wrapper of ADO.NET eliminating the need for the transactional support provided by COM+, supplying a uniform interface to different data sources thus allowing for easy switching to another data source eventually
6 Apr 2003 by Stephen Quattlebaum
Presents the EchoStream class and demonstrates its use.
30 Oct 2001 by Imtiaz Alam
This article provides a step by step explanation on how to access COM+ applications using C#.
9 Jul 2002 by Philip Fitzsimons
How to change the colour/color of text in a console app
22 Oct 2002 by Alexander Werner
Handles DDE_EXECUTE messages
4 Aug 2004 by George Mamaladze
A C# implementation of Reversi (Othello) Game for PocketPC and Windows.
5 Dec 2004 by Miljenko Cvjetko
Inheritable (super class) UserForm that enables runtime moving of controls (editing).
27 Dec 2002 by Marc Clifton
Use reflection and proxy delegates to interface between two separate assemblies.
29 Nov 2003 by Sriram Chitturi
The article discusses a strategy to securely configure and administer a set of connection strings which can be maintained environment wise. It also talks about distributing this information securely in a huge environment to be used by authorized clients only.
5 Aug 2004 by Daniel P. Lotz
Here is a little article for doing preprocessing before the page is postback-ed to the server in ASP.NET
1 Oct 2004 by David Salter
A simple application for validating XML files from within Windows Explorer.
29 Mar 2007 by AlwiNus
A Margin structure that can be used in a variety of situations, like layout, drawing and printing. Now comes with a custom TypeConverter and a usage sample.
20 May 2001 by Joey Runyans
This atricle looks at some problems and solutions for using multiple views on a single data set in the C# and .NET framework.
3 Jun 2002 by Bo Hunter
Get HostName, Logged On User, SytemRoot, Uptime, and a few more with only a few lines of code.
31 Aug 2003 by Ianier Munoz
An article on low-level audio capture and playback using the waveIn/waveOut APIs through P/Invoke in C#.
21 Aug 2004 by azamsharp
Transferring page values to another page.
25 Aug 2004 by Karl Seguin
Extend the existing globalization capabilities of .NET to create flexible and powerful multilgual web sites. First, create a custom ResourceManager, and then create custom localized-capable server controls to easily deploy multilingual functionality.
23 Mar 2003 by Giles
An article on using .NET to create COM+ distributed components acting with a transaction across multiple databases.
30 Mar 2004 by Neil Baliga
AppDomains allow sharing of the .NET runtime to save on memory usage.
17 Feb 2006 by Syed Umar Anis
Demonstrates how to serialize and de-serialize the contents of System.Windows.Forms.TreeView control from an XML file using forward only, non-cached XmlTextReader and XmlTextWriter.
3 Oct 2005 by Susan Hernandez
Covering the basics of VSS automation using the SourceSafe API (SourceSafeTypeLib) and the SS.exe command line utility. The sample shows rolling back an entire project hierarchy.
22 Jul 2004 by pseudonym67
A Connect Four Game that learns from experience.
4 Apr 2007 by Anoop Pillai
This article is expected to (0) Introduce Brainnet, a declarative neural network library we developed (1) Demonstrate some practical uses neural network programming (2) Give you a fair idea regarding neurons, neural networks and their applications (3) Introduce BrainNet library - an open source
18 Mar 2004 by jconwell
Write and execute C# or VB.NET as if they were scripting languages (using the CodeDom)
18 Feb 2003 by Mads Nissen
When creating controls on the fly on your ASP.NET pages viewstate is a bit hard to track. Learn how it works and how to help your application remembers where to put what.
27 Jan 2005 by Mike Ellison
An example of persisting and parsing a custom collection in an ASP.NET server control.
29 Dec 2007 by Omar Al Zabir
An extender that allows content to be dragged and dropped within columns and across columns. Allows column-wise content flow and reorganization.
10 Dec 2002 by Liong Ng
This article describes the steps to develop simple chat applications using .NET remoting and the Observer pattern.
10 Nov 2002 by leppie
nBASS provides .NET users with sound functionality
24 May 2007 by kubben
Using Visual Studio to debug JavaScript in IE can really speed up your JavaScript development and save you some headaches
20 Jan 2003 by Patrick Long
Use C# Comment tags to produce great documentation and code
17 Jun 2003 by Al Alberto
An account of my experience in learning to develop in the .NET environment.
23 Jun 2021 by Shivprasad koirala
6 steps to enable transactions in WCF
24 May 2006 by craigd
Adding advanced search-engine features (and persistent catalog) to Searcharoo project
4 Mar 2008 by Michał Kosmala
Article describes how to create ActiveX in .NET and how to use it on an HTML page step by step.
21 Feb 2005 by Michael Groeger
An introduction to monitoring performance of applications.
16 Oct 2006 by Sean Goodpasture
An article describing a way to find the differences between two database instances
14 Feb 2005 by Dewey Vozel
Class that wraps CreateProcessWithLogonW as well as a simple control that makes use of the RunAs class.
17 Dec 2007 by zam664
How to print Microsoft Access Reports from a C# application
11 Jun 2012 by FatCatProgrammer
A Semaphore that does not use the kernel by default
13 Jul 2004 by Idael Cardoso
A C# MP3 compressor using "lame_enc.dll" from the LAME project.
17 Oct 2005 by Bill Pierce
Advanced usage of an ASP.NET server control wrapper for the Google Maps API.
25 Jan 2003 by Heath Stewart
Combine the ADO.NET techniques you know - and perhaps some you don't know - with the power and flexibility of Microsoft Index Server and ASP.NET to create easy - yet powerful - custom search pages for your Web site.
19 Mar 2007 by Adam Nelson
Presents a C# implementation of Double Metaphone, for use with any of the .NET languages.
13 Jun 2002 by Alexander Yakovlev
A control that exposes a custom object collection as a property that may be edited by the VS.NET Forms Designer and supports localization
19 Jun 2004 by Mikhail Cholokhov
Implementation of a LCD User Control in .NET using C#.
12 Jul 2004 by Corinna John
Hiding all kinds of data in the pixels of bitmaps.
17 Oct 2002 by Thierry Bouquain
This piece of code is the implementation of a simple flags editor. It can be used to edit flags in a property grid.
30 Mar 2006 by AdamSlosarski
An article on a performance testing tool to test an application against its performance
22 Apr 2003 by Pierre Arnaud
This sample code computes the width of the string, as drawn by Graphics.DrawString
1 Dec 2003 by Timothy J. Krell
Serial Communications The .NET Way
14 Sep 2006 by PSK_
A simple DataGrid Row Tooltip for beginners.
31 Jan 2003 by Shock The Dark Mage
Step-by-step tutorial on Managed DirectX, Part 2 - Sprite animation and Audio playback.
22 Jan 2004 by Mike Donovan
This article shows how to compress an image using the MPEG1 format
14 Oct 2002 by Uwe Keim
Simple C# Console Application that uses a local MS-Access Database to store modification Dates of Files and uploads modified Files to a FTP Server
1 Oct 2001 by S.Thangaraju
An article on TCP client server programming
14 Sep 2008 by Steven A. Lowe
Dashboards are immensely useful not only for business data but also for business applications, but only if they display metrics that can be used to "drive" (or "steer") in real-time.
8 Dec 2002 by Dan Fontanesi
Serialization is a powerful feature of .NET. Here I use it to add functionality to the ListView control.
29 May 2002 by Jerome Lacaille
An FTP component and sample FTP client, in C#.
6 May 2004 by Stevan Rodrigues
Site Search Engine searches an entire page and also dynamic pages for matching keyword(s) or a phrase and will count how many times the keyword(s) or phrase are found on the page, and displays the results with the highest matches first.
30 Jul 2005 by Klaus Salchner (Canada)
Indexing Server, SQL Server, Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server, Exchange Server and Windows Desktop Search provide full-text search capabilities. Each utilizes the so called IFilter components to index the content and then allows clients to search the index.
6 Dec 2002 by James T. Johnson
Rotates an image without having to worry about cropping the edges.
20 May 2008 by Umut ŞİMŞEK
Explains windows services basics and deployment with details.
19 Aug 2003 by Teo
How to implement the optimistic concurrency control without the DataSet
30 Jun 2003 by Valeria Bogdevich
This project is supposed to be a part of messaging-enabled server-client applications. Users in local network will be able to send messages without Internet access and without mail client installed and configured through server.
1 Apr 2003 by Softomatix
How to get list of groups user is member of using DirectoryServices in an Active Directory tree.
13 Sep 2001 by Ravindra Sadaphule
This is a a web based SMTP client program that can be used to send an email through a SMTP server.
27 Aug 2002 by Enrico Elizar Samuel
Create a multiple-choice quiz using XML DOM and XPath
13 Jun 2004 by The Silence
All what you need to know about sockets.
6 Aug 2003 by Teo
Group control with MS Messenger Style
17 Sep 2003 by khoi pham
IE ComboBox WebControl
13 May 2002 by Nish Nishant
An introduction to drag and drop in .NET
18 Mar 2003 by Marc Clifton
When to use .NET's ThreadPool class, and when to use something different.
9 May 2010 by Shahriar Iqbal Chowdhury/Galib
Step approach for developing a Facebook connect application with ASP.NET
11 Jul 2002 by blong
User Drawn Control for .NET Winforms using GDI+
30 May 2001 by Christian Graus
Using GDI+ to draw solid/gradient filled and textured shapes
17 May 2001 by Bogdan CRIVAT
Demonstrates how to use ATL Server to build SOAP servers/clients over various transport channels
3 Jun 2004 by Rui Lopes
Demonstrates how to create per pixel alpha blending Windows
25 Feb 2004 by I G 198
A component that allows to save and restore layout of any Form without coding.
23 Apr 2014 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A viewer application for EMF format spool files
13 Sep 2004 by Eric-Paul
ImageConverter allows images to be resized and written to a selected image format.
6 Apr 2006 by Eric Woodruff
Detecting changes in data controls in ASP.NET Web Forms.
21 Feb 2002 by Simon Galbraith
An introduction to testing XML web services
2 Feb 2003 by kero
Convert a delegate to a function pointer to implement callback function, for mixed Managed C++ and unmanaged C++ coding, and for DLL call.
3 Jun 2002 by James T. Johnson
Builds on part 1, showing how to use custom/multiple formats
26 Sep 2010 by TheUberOverLord
Monitors All Skype4COM and API Messages for Skype Includes Command Input. Shows What Goes On Behind The Scenes with Skype Message Processing using the API and Skype4COM Library. Includes Microsoft ClickOnce Deployment Technology As Well As ClickOnce Automatic Updates Examples. A Must Have Tool!
23 May 2002 by Chris Maunder, Nish Nishant
This article presents a port of the MFC Trick button to .NET using Managed C++ and Windows Forms
27 Jun 2009 by Qaiser_Iftikhar
An article to demonstrate how to calculate system idle time without installing any system wide keybaord/mouse hooks.
7 Feb 2006 by Rafael Mizrahi
The Java Messaging System (JMS) API defines a powerful message queuing technology. Learn how to access it from your C# applications here.
27 Apr 2002 by Nish Nishant
An introduction to using the clipboard
12 Aug 2004 by Bob Carboni
How to create and draw transparent bitmap buttons in .NET Forms.
5 Jan 2005 by mav.northwind
Common task of letting the user select a file or folder wrapped in an IExtenderProvider implementation.
14 Dec 2003 by Coskun Oba
An article on finding IP address information
7 Sep 2004 by Mankayarkarasi
Enhanced List Box Control
6 May 2003 by neilck
Provides and demonstrates a hexadecimal string encoding/decoding class
11 Jan 2005 by hurddar
An approach to proactive IIS 6.0 server management and ASP.NET performance tuning and testing. We will look at editing the Metabase for expanding the use of GZip, at threading, at compression, at security, IIS 6.0 object cache, and a host of other topics.
10 Oct 2001 by Zeeshan Amjad
A simple tutorial on Multithreaded Programming using C#
21 Jul 2005 by Jakob Farian Krarup
A utility class to ease adding CSS classes and confirmation dialogs to the ASP.NET DataGrid component.
9 Mar 2002 by Softomatix
A tutorial on how to programatically include an ASP.NET UserControl in a web page.
26 Oct 2004 by Ryan Seghers
A C# Library for tokenizing, argument parsing, and file finding.
6 Apr 2009 by saiful_vonair
This library provides the Vista logo API implementation for TC8, 9, and 30. It also describe about TC1 and TC32.
12 Dec 2007 by Sunil Scaria
Service for sending SMS through GSM modem
18 Jan 2003 by Matt Watson
An article on creating a program to check your IMAP mail. The program will minimize in the system tray and will show the number of new messages.
10 Nov 2005 by Colin Angus Mackay
This article provides an introduction to passing values between two forms in an application. The examples are written in C# and VB.NET and are targeted at .NET 1.1.
20 May 2002 by Russell Mangel
This is the first in a series of articles demonstrating how to create an
14 May 2003 by omri
Tutorial on the usage of Windows.Forms.DataGrid
21 Apr 2003 by Marcin Cuprjak
A completely new way of making a mathematical expression evaluator.
10 Oct 2003 by Chris Richner
Internet Explorer advanced settings tree view clone. Supports checkbox and radio button nodes.
13 Nov 2001 by Wrox
This chapter explains what is involved in working with data in the .NET framework.
2 Oct 2004 by Alberto Venditti
A proposed class to simulate the ADODB.Recordset behavior in .NET.
18 Aug 2005 by lotuspro
A simple way to generate and manipulate URLs.
31 Aug 2004 by Stephan Meyn
Describes how to extend the original refactor add-in with additional features.
10 Aug 2003 by Blas5
A solution to capture video and frames simultaneously
17 May 2012 by Jim Parsells
ExpTree part 2: Adding drag and drop to the ExpTree control.
6 Jun 2007 by JChampion
Looking for a way to draw 2D line graphs with C#? Here's yet another charting class library with a high degree of configurability, that is also easy to use.
12 Dec 2003 by sh856531
A simple tutorial showing how we can customise the templates used by VS when it generates source code for us.
15 Apr 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
A new highly flexible unit test framework with new fixtures
8 Mar 2003 by Ben Peterson
Svg.Net is a C# framework for creating SVG images. A GDI-SVG bridge is implemented on top of it.
22 May 2004 by Bee Master
A simple workaround to copy HTML source of selected text to clipboard from context-menu in Internet Explorer.
23 Feb 2008 by Imran A Momin
This project help you to change ur database at the runtime
24 Mar 2008 by Derek Bartram
An article presenting a library for producing communication based application utilising the MSN Messenger services and protocols.
28 May 2004 by Sarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa
An article that explains a method to add your own custom template in the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE.
15 Oct 2004 by Dwight Johnson
Install the .NET Framework and MDAC along with your .NET application in a single, smooth installation process
21 Jan 2008 by Sajid.Majeed
This article will address tools and technologies to identify bottlenecks and key consideration points for performance improvement.
24 Oct 2002 by Valer BOCAN
Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) may be improved by adding a few new instructions
20 May 2002 by James T. Johnson
A settings class that can be used to store values in an XML document
7 Jul 2004 by Werdna
StringTokenizer class that can be used for breaking up a string (or stream) into smaller strings.
19 Sep 2013 by Shivprasad koirala
Software Architecture interview questions (Service Oriented Architecture interview questions: Part 1).
15 Dec 2002 by Emanuele Ruffaldi
A symbolic expression manipulator with derivation and substitution that dynamically compiles the expressions for fast evaluation.
24 Nov 2002 by James Constable
Using an ASP.NET Web application to access your database remotely.
1 May 2003 by Dan Glass
Databinding the SqlTypes using the PropertyDescriptor class and the ITypedList Interface
15 Jun 2002 by Paul Auger
Reorder TabPages in a TabControl through drag and drop.
26 Oct 2003 by O c t a v i e
Shows a dartboard on which you can click and which returns the score thrown
16 Dec 2003 by Daniel Strigl
This article shows how to play a Media File in a C# Windows Application.
2 May 2005 by Bill Pierce
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML with ASP.NET.
20 Apr 2004 by aprenot
A generic algorithm that can be used to find the difference between objects.
1 May 2003 by zebbedi
Creating a custom wizard to generate managed C++.NET applications with a default form
20 May 2003 by Trevor Misfeldt
Article on the relative performance of various methods of iterating through large amounts of data.
6 Sep 2006 by Herre Kuijpers
This article is meant for beginner programmers who are interested in building their own custom controls. As an example a GradientPanel control is implemented.
13 Aug 2002 by Enrico Elizar Samuel
Walks you through various alternatives to data-bind list controls, with focus on using XML.
13 Jan 2005 by Deyan Petrov
Generic data access component for different datasources, sprocs/SQL, implicitly propagated transactions, explicitly managed transaction contexts etc.
22 Sep 2001 by Zeeshan Amjad
This article describes how to call unmanaged code and assembler in C# using DLLs
26 Apr 2003 by Gil Klod
A scrollable and ratio-stretch picture box control
10 Dec 2006 by Alexander Gornik
Describes a way to design a custom type in a way, so ASP.NET data binding syntax (DataBinder) will work without using reflection.
24 Jun 2003 by Daniel Ang Chee Meng
A simple tutorial for beginners on the daunting Event Delegates (C#).
28 Feb 2007 by M@dHatter
Simulates the C# StringBuilder Class in Javascript.
18 Dec 2003 by Hesham Desouky
XML based communication library to use command/object based through TCP/IP connections.
30 Dec 2004 by Jeroen-bart Engelen
A C# version of the Unix crypt() algorithm.
23 Nov 2001 by Stephanie Rodriguez
Assemblies, Threads, and AppDomains
23 Jun 2003 by Haidong Chen
How to manipulate Windows services on local or remote computers.
8 Jan 2001 by T. Kulathu Sarma
This article explains how to avoid object dependencies using the Observer Pattern with a simple example.
9 Apr 2004 by Corinna John
Another article about hiding bytes at the end of methods in a .NET Assembly.
6 May 2005 by Scott McMaster
This article presents a set data structure, the RangeSet. By storing ranges of included integers rather than the integers themselves, the RangeSet can dramatically reduce the memory overhead required by large sets.
15 Dec 2002 by Keith Jacquemin
An architecture for extending the User Interface of a program via plug-in components.
25 Jul 2003 by Al Alberto
An account of my experience in learning to develop in the .NET environment
17 Nov 2003 by Greg Osborne
This article describes the processes involved with using owner draw menu items
26 May 2009 by Kirill Osipov
Thoughts, approaches, and major pitfalls in exposing ASP.NET server control events.
15 Mar 2003 by Mauricio Ritter
This article describes the process of inserting data in a DataSet and then submitting this changes to the database. It targets the issue when having IDENTITY/AutoNumber columns in the database.
2 Sep 2003 by Ben Kloosterman
A simple Hex engine using DirectX
30 Jul 2007 by Tomzhu
A way to send strings to another application by using Windows messages instead of Remoting.
24 Feb 2004 by Patrick Spieler
This article will show you, how to implement a readonly mode for webforms.
26 Feb 2004 by Tambi Ashmoz
Voice-activated OS
21 Dec 2004 by Don Kackman
A command line tool that generates XML and/or HTML Diff reports of two Windows installer databases.
7 Feb 2008 by Laughing.John
How to easily override key processing in a form or user control
20 May 2003 by Simon Segal
How to build an Internet Exporer TreeView Web Controls node list dynamically using SQLXML and the Explicit mode
31 Mar 2003 by Dan Glass
C# WebCam Windows Service with FTP upload, Windows Service Installer, and file rotation.
7 Sep 2004 by Karl Seguin
Using Client Callbacks in ASP.NET 2.0
18 Oct 2003 by pseudonym67
A neural network library in C#.
29 Jun 2003 by Simon Segal
Implementing an Observer Pattern for an Extended ListView Event Model
7 Apr 2003 by Steven Betts
Produce controls that encapsulate client-side script that are easily reused and provide dynamic behavior without incurring the overhead of frequent calls to the server.
17 Dec 2002 by Francesco Natali
An useful simple class to read, write, delete values from registry with C#.
5 Dec 2008 by Tom Ollar, Jim Bennett
More wild ideas for an even wilder Concept IDE.
9 Sep 2004 by Nitin Kunte
An Article that shows how to use System.Management in C# to get System Information
4 May 2009 by Shivprasad koirala
4 steps to create free SSL certificate for development
15 Aug 2004 by mav.northwind
A wizard to bring easy COM class creation to C#.
13 Jul 2003 by Bill Seddon
Generating XP style webparts from a web control
27 Oct 2001 by Imtiaz Alam
A step by step introduction to writing a Web Server using C#.
16 Dec 2002 by Ianier Munoz
This article explains how to create a framework for implementing audio effects in C#.
22 Feb 2003 by Ricardo Martins
Get and put files in your web server using Web Services
11 Apr 2003 by Rui Reis
Trapping windows messages in the .NET framework - a small tutorial
5 Sep 2004 by Cr@zyIv@n
With use of the High Level Shader Language, this article will help you create almost photorealistic terrains.
16 Sep 2008 by santosh poojari
This article demonstrate the step by step procedure to create SSIS Package and Execute the same using
13 Apr 2005 by Fábio Batista
A generic and type-safe way to encapsulate ASP.NET Session and ViewState variables.
28 Feb 2008 by Muhammad Abubakar Dar
An extension to the ASP.NET DataGrid control with built-in client side sorting, column dragging, fixed header, check all, uncheck all, highlight selected row, and more...
29 Jan 2007 by Loki
You probably need to convert your old INI files into XML. Read on for a solution.
24 Sep 2003 by Salil Pitkar
Reuse code in Windows and Web forms
1 Apr 2003 by MohammadAbdulfatah
Exception correctness can be more easily attainted with the help of a couple of utility classes and C#'s "using" clause.
24 Jan 2007 by Zijian
Embed a label inside the text box for compact UI. No need to develop a derived class of TextBox
4 Oct 2003 by Erhan Hosca
Web Service that e-mails results of a SQL Query as Excel Spreadsheet attachments
3 Aug 2005 by George Mamaladze
This article answers a simple question: What to do when custom error page for error 401 in web.config is not working? How to replace the default ASP.NET "Access denied" page?
11 Oct 2004 by Rajesh Pillai
This project is meant to provide a tool similar to query analyzer which can be used to execute queries, create tables, and do all other common database activities.
9 Nov 2005 by Florence FZ Li
This article shows how to add a JavaScript tree menu to a DataGrid head text.
6 Apr 2006 by Eric Woodruff
A utility class containing some useful features for ASP.NET applications.
8 Apr 2005 by Christoph Buenger
This article explains how to show dialogs in Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center UI from an external application.
3 Nov 2001 by Nish Nishant
Shows how to use the Mutex class to limit your app to a single instance using a named mutex
17 May 2002 by Adrian Bacaianu
How to perform different computations for each row of a certain table, with each computation involving several columns.
27 Oct 2004 by pinx
Extend generated Strong Typed Datasets, add your own business-specific functionality to a real DataSet object. Binding to forms and updating to a database is all done by the .NET Framework. This is built on Shawn Wildermuth's a.k.a. ADO Guy's DataSetGenerator.
18 Jul 2003 by Roman Kuzmin
The article is about how to use command lines written in C#.
13 Mar 2006 by Alexandru Ghiondea
Describes a way of creating a web service that persists its state between sequent calls.
16 Oct 2008 by keenthinker
An object oriented class automating the creation of PDF files from any file using freeware tools.
30 Sep 2003 by David Boland
This article provides a simplified C# wrapper to the FreeImage project for graphical file format conversion.
13 Nov 2001 by Wrox
This chapter explains how to use Interop to incorporate the features from our existing unmanaged components and other classic ADO objects.
11 May 2015 by Perić Željko
This would be the alternative only to the one algorithm for edge detection described inside the main article, "Difference Edge Detection".
28 Jan 2003 by Mike McPhail
This article describes how to create an SMTP Trace Listener for use with .NET diagnostics
28 Nov 2002 by Alexander Kojevnikov
Simple class to load/unload WinWord (or any other OLE application)
30 Nov 2003 by pseudonym67
A neural network library in C#.
15 Oct 2001 by Igor Chouvalov
This sample demonstrates a basic technique of networking using the TCP/IP protocol in a managed C++ application by implementing a simple POP3 client.
3 May 2005 by Stephen Huen
Review of MCMS Connector for SharePoint Technologies.
4 May 2012 by OhioBorg
This is an alternative for "Merge DataGrid Header"
15 Dec 2007 by Marc Clifton
A workaround for a bug I discovered with the async reader in the Process class.
30 Jun 2015 by Nikhil Awatade
Algorithm for Tree view binding
25 Jun 2003 by Saumendra Poddar
Introduction to .NET web services.
10 Dec 2007 by Le Sourcier
How to use LINQ to SQL
9 Feb 2005 by Paul C Smith
Apply a translucent watermark to a JPEG image using VB.NET.
11 Apr 2004 by KingLeon
An article on how to leverage .NET to integrate Help into your applications.
8 Oct 2005 by Rei Miyasaka
Make better use of time by calculating CRCs on-the-fly.
28 Mar 2003 by Manoj G
This article talks about working with Windows registry using VB.NET.
19 Jul 2004 by Jonathan Nethercott
A component to enable performance testing and timing of code in .NET.
3 Jul 2003 by Wesner Moise
This article describes an ready-to-use enhanced Assert dialog and its implementation. The dialog offers features such as "Always Ignore" and displays the actual Assert expression that failed.
3 Sep 2002 by Rodney S. Foley
An inspired implementation of a doubly-linked list in C# for the .NET Framework.
5 Jun 2002 by Grant Richard
An article using a simple game to explore more complex constructions.
22 Apr 2004 by VadimBerman
Making use of .NET design capabilities by implementing filename type editor.
14 Sep 2004 by Nick Seng
How to display images from the web on your Windows application.
8 Nov 2006 by Gnanandam Gopalan
How to display an Excel sheet with its format and also charts in an ASPX page.
15 Mar 2002 by Nish Nishant
Shows how you can use a timer proc in your windows forms apps
20 Jul 2004 by Andrew Phillips
How to use overflow checking effectively and avoid some pitfalls.
6 Jun 2005 by eRRaTuM
A Gmail Notifier dialog control, to use with any app, just like a baloon tooltip.
21 Sep 2004 by Mind Experts
It is nice to be able to see the effects of colors and other properties in run time rather than design time.
20 Sep 2012 by Rohit Joshi
IMAPLibrary supports the basic IMAP protocol functions to fetch messages from the mailbox.
11 Sep 2002 by No Namegiven
Sample custom button control to help you write your own custom controls
1 Jul 2003 by Rama Krishna Vavilala
A browser helper object that automatically adds a different signature when you post a message to a CP forum
29 Sep 2005 by lotuspro
Taking UrlBuilder to the next level.
24 Jun 2002 by Laurent Kempé
Streaming Dynamic Images from your webcam into your web pages.
3 Jan 2002 by James T. Johnson
Class and splash screen to load custom types at runtime.
7 Aug 2008 by Jon Person
In part two of the series, the author of "GPS.NET" teaches developers how to write GPS applications suitable for the real world by mastering GPS precision concepts. Source code includes a working NMEA interpreter and sample high-precision application in C# and VB.NET.
11 Oct 2004 by Cho, Kyung-min
Easy to access and simple XML parser
18 Apr 2004 by Matthew Brealey
C# Web Service to translate text using Babelfish.
25 Apr 2002 by Pavel Sich
Shows how to create a custom control based on the DataGrid control with progress column
23 Jan 2002 by Konstantin Vasserman
This article shows you how work with uploading of the files using ASP.NET and C#.
26 Apr 2004 by Jonathan de Halleux
An utility that merges and recompiles the examples in your documentation using NDoc.
12 Apr 2003 by Matt Berther
An introduction to web services via creating a web service to retrieve the daily Dilbert image and a client to consume this service.