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Posted 12 Sep 2002


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Application for uploading modified Files to a FTP Server

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14 Oct 2002CPOL2 min read
Simple C# Console Application that uses a local MS-Access Database to store modification Dates of Files and uploads modified Files to a FTP Server


This is a (greatly enhanced) .NET version of the code in my article "Perl Script for uploading modified files to a FTP-Server". Since most of the behaviour is completely the same, please read further details of the description in the article mentioned.

The whole purpose of the application is to upload files from your local Window PC (or LAN) to a FTP server or Windows file server, uploading only files and folders that you want (by a filter) and that actually changed since last upload (by comparing timestamp and filesize).


The application has no GUI at all, meaning that it is a .NET console application.

Before you use the FTPSync application the first time, please adjust the application-configuration in the file FtpSync.exe.config. This file is a regular .NET XML-configuration file; you can edit it with any text-editor.

Usage of the Application

The application is driven by configuration files with the file extension *.ftpsyncjob. E.g. MyWebsite.ftpsyncjob. You pass a configuration file as the first parameter when starting the application. These configuration files are XML, too.

The configuration files contain all the settings that are needed to upload files and folders to a FTP server. An example configuration file Example.ftpsyncjob is included in the downloads of this article. Open it in your prefered text editor and read the comments for a full description of all options.


In ascending order:

  • 2002-09-13 Initial release
  • 2002-09-14 Added Regular Expression support (see example .ftpsyncjob file)
  • 2002-10-12 Added more options, added multi-project support, added Windows-filesystem upload method support (in contrast to FTP upload method), renamed .ftpsync.config files to .ftpsyncjob files.

To mention...

The application is written in C# and is an enhanced version of the "FTP component written with fully managed code" by Alex Kwok. I enhanced it so that creation of FTP folders is possible and that the component handles virtual FTP folders on a Windows FTP server (which don't show up using the LIST FTP command). Thanks to Alex for the component!


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Uwe Keim
Chief Technology Officer Zeta Producer Desktop CMS
Germany Germany
Uwe does programming since 1989 with experiences in Assembler, C++, MFC and lots of web- and database stuff and now uses ASP.NET and C# extensively, too. He has also teached programming to students at the local university.

In his free time, he does climbing, running and mountain biking. Recently he became a father of a cute boy.

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