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My application is hosted on 5-6 servers, I need to develop a window service which will run on my machine and will give me a alert if CPU utilization gets more than some set limit for more than 30 min.

I got a sample code through which I can get the result but for this I need to host this service on each machine which I dont want.

public int getCPUCounter()

       PerformanceCounter cpuCounter = new PerformanceCounter();
       cpuCounter.CategoryName = "Processor";
       cpuCounter.CounterName = "% Processor Time";
       cpuCounter.InstanceName = "_Total";

       // will always start at 0
       dynamic firstValue = cpuCounter.NextValue();
       // now matches task manager reading
       dynamic secondValue = cpuCounter.NextValue();

       return secondValue;


Thanks in advance
Updated 17-Feb-15 22:12pm
StM0n 18-Feb-15 4:48am    
Mhm... have you tried WMI, like
suhel_khan 19-Feb-15 1:12am    
I tried this but no luck

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