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i have create a custom textbox using "Windows Forms Control Library". And i want to use that textbox in wpf. How do I add reference to that dll and use that dll in xaml code?
Updated 29-Apr-23 5:50am

Just look in the solution explorer and open your project. Right click "References" and select "Add Reference".
Follow the dialogs to select the DLL file, add it and close the dialog.
Your controls should then appear in the toolbox.
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TAUSEEF KALDANE 11-Apr-14 4:37am    
but how do i use that control in wpf?
Dan Desjardins 20-Nov-21 23:22pm    
We should ban the word "just." There is no "References" anywhere to be found in my solution explorer.
OriginalGriff 21-Nov-21 2:00am    
That is ... unlikely.
Are you sure you are looking at the Solution Explorer pane of Visual Studio, and the Project branch?
Member 15525329 6-Feb-22 9:29am    
My Visual Studio dont have Reference Panel too in WPF Projects, only in WinForms Projects
OriginalGriff 6-Feb-22 9:59am    
Do you seriously think that 8 years ago I could clearly see your screen?
These days it's under Dependencies, right click to add reference, or go to Project > Add Project Reference.
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BeholdTheLight 22-May-23 15:29pm    
Thank you, it worked. It is quite strange to call it Project Reference, because it is not a project but a compiled library. Anyway, it worked, thank you!

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