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Iam using Visual Studio 2010. I completed a small project. When I try to check from my same network computers nothing is displaying...

Me & My user is using Windows-7. So how to identify the error?

Any right directions will be helpful...

Maciej Los 17-Nov-13 6:55am    
Not enough information. Please, be more specific and provide more details. remember, we can't read in your mind and we don't see your screen.
What kind of error do you have? What the application do?
Paramu1973 17-Nov-13 6:58am    
Problem with signature
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Maciej Los 17-Nov-13 7:00am    
Do you really think we can help you with this part of information?
Albert Holguin 17-Nov-13 18:12pm    
I know English may not be your first language, but try rephrasing your question. As you can clearly see, none of us understand what you're saying.
Stefan_Lang 18-Nov-13 5:48am    
"try to check from my same network computers"
Are you saying that your program is supposed to send messages to other computers in your network? If so, please tell us so, and tell us what it should send, and show us the program code that you use to send the data/dialog/message.

If it s not that, then tell us what the program is supposed to do.

In any case, tell us what you expected to see.

1 solution

We really can't help based on that information - you haven't told us anything!

Is there an error message?
Is anything happening at all?
Locking up?

"nothing is displaying..." is not a helpful message, and doesn't actually tell us much.

So - the first thing you need to do is start to gather some information.
Add logging statements to your start up code, which appends strings to a file saying how far it has got: If necessary, open the file, append the line, close the file - do not hold it open or you may not get any messages.

Looking at them after a failed run should give you an idea how far it has got - you ar looking for a message you expect, followed by an absence of a message you should have got. Then fine tune the log message placement until you have a manageable amount of code which contains the problem. Then you (or us) have something to work from...
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