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Hello frends,

I am developing a search engine for searching a sentences. I have a single data table which contains over 1 millian records and it has two columns id and sentence.

Now i want to retrive these sentences by filtering the search criteria.

Till now i have develop an appliction by selecting filter result from db and bindingon grid view but it take too many seconds

I wants this process fast. Any idea about this

Thanks in advance
Richard C Bishop 22-Oct-13 12:37pm    
Can you use a stored procedure to do all the heavy lifting and then just return the dataset you want and bind that to the gridview?
ExpertITM 22-Oct-13 12:40pm    
Yes i use sp for select data and bind grid
Wombaticus 22-Oct-13 12:45pm    
I'd be tempted to build an index table - parse each sentence in turn and store each word along with its Sentence_ID in this. You'll then be able to retrieve results very quickly, as well as order them by the number of matches etc. Of course you'll need to re-index each time the sentences table is updated.
In fact... if you stored the word's posution in the sentence as well, you could even do away with your sentence table altogether :)
Paulo Augusto Kunzel 22-Oct-13 12:48pm    
There are many things to consider, like how many time the data is read, updated, deleted.
Also, is this search going to get information that starts with the same value as the sentence or can the user type "one" ad it will return sentences like "done" and "someone"?
What are you bringing from the database?
ExpertITM 22-Oct-13 12:53pm    
The sentences like paragraph, and user enter some sentance if paragraph and get filter of contain sentence.


Using JQuery with AJAX you can load data as required, alternatively you can persist data searched frequently on client side instead of requiring it again.

I am not sure if your UI permits, you can use a very nice data table implementation, found at[^] my personal favorite.

Others found at[^]

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ExpertITM 22-Oct-13 12:55pm    
I try with ajax call for retriving data by paging like when scroll down than it retrive more records but it take more time and i am doing another sql connection.
Nhilesh B 22-Oct-13 13:09pm    
Hmmm, In that case have you checked options on indexing your SQL tables and using views for querying.
More help:
Searching Text database or Full text search on Google will probably be a good start.

Here is one link:[^]
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If there is no frequent insert, update & delete operation in your table then you can create non clustered index on sentence field using below syntax. It will give you 100% performance gain.

CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX ON [dbo].[TableName] ([FieldName])

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FullText search in SQLServer is the best option for you for text search inside one or more columns.

Just configure your table columns for capable to use full text search feature.

then you write sp and use full text search query inside that stored procedure.

write ajax function from your application, with this ajax function you execute that sp and fetch the value and render it by client side.

In details regarding fulltext search in sqlserver[^][^]
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