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I have a pretty big web app which consists of a few different projects. I have to add some extra functionality (account validations, searching products etc). I was provided with two .dll files let's say Services.dll and Interfaces.dll, which look like that:

using Interfaces;

namespace Services
  internal class Users : IUser
    public Users GetUserByName (string Name)

namespace Interfaces
  public interface IUser
    Users GetUserByName(string Name);

  public class Users
    public string FirstName {get; set;}
    public string LastName {get; set;}

I have two choices for using them. Either create a web service and pass it as service reference in my app or add the actual dlls as references. I don't have decided which would be better yet but I have a question on how will I use the methods of services.dll in my app. I mean that the class is declared as internal so I can't get nor use its methods. Any ideas on how to solve it are welcome.
Updated 10-Apr-13 0:33am
tumbledDown2earth 10-Apr-13 4:39am
Having an internal class with a public constructor?
vitusT 10-Apr-13 5:58am
yes..that's what they gave me.
AnotherKen 17-Apr-13 1:44am
Do you have the option of re-writing the services.dll to make it expose methods that you need? I am sort of thinking along the lines of public "accesor" methods which could be designed to give you the functionality you need without exposing private data or methods.

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