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Need help with an advanced feature development in xamarin forms.

I am developing a mobile application in xamarin forms. In the app, user can securely save his personal info like first name, last name, address etc. in securestorage. Now, if user is navigating through any external website or mobile application, like Amazon user registration for instance, then the Amazon's website or mobile application should show an option to autofill fields (whichever it can) using the data saved through my xamarin forms app.

Can someone help me in this implementation?

What I have tried:

I learned about deep linking mechanism through Google but not getting how to use it ( or it will even work)
charles henington 7-Feb-24 10:14am    
Graeme_Grant gave you the proper solution. He did not say you can't use Xamarin yet instead it's recommended not due to it coming to end of support. That would be like using c#1.0 when the latest is c#8.0. I personally chose to put this as a comment rather than a solution as to not be accused of mining for points. Do a little research, show us what you've learnt and where you're stuck so that we can help. The only person that is holding you back is yourself.
Member 13379347 8-Feb-24 17:28pm    
I am sorry to say this but what graeme_grant gave me was far away from being called as a solution. I'd like to ask a few questions from you
1. If your client asks you to build a feature on his xamarin forms app, will you tell him to 'Go and change your technology '? Graeme_Grant behaved like xamarin has retired for decades. You should never be egoistic for technologies
2. Lets say i modify my question and instead of xamarin I would say MAUI, then Graeme_Grant would have given me an solution and it would have solved my question?
3. Graeme_Grant didn't even read my question and straight away jumped on his comment that I am asking for code. Where in my question do you get this feeling that I am asking for code?

What Graeme_Grant gave me is just an arrogant comment and you are supporting that. I am sorry bro but I don't need anyone's back here.

Anyways, for my question, neither xamarin nor Maui support it directly but i have been able to find a work around. Thanks to Graeme_Grant for his big help
charles henington 10-Feb-24 11:31am    
You state "Can someone help me in this implementation?" and you've provided no code showing what you have tried, this implies give me code.
Furthermore, on the answer that Graeme_Grant gave you, you once again ask for code when you say "@Graeme_Grant do you have solution approach for above problem for .net MAUI". He had given you links to help learn .Net MAUI, also please read here

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Member 13379347 3-Feb-24 19:30pm    
@Graeme_Grant do you have solution approach for above problem for .net MAUI
Graeme_Grant 3-Feb-24 19:36pm    
It is not our job to write code for you, that is your job as a programmer.

If you have a bug or code not fully working correctly, post code that can reproduce the issue, not the entire project, then we're happy to look at it and suggest possible solutions.

Going by your question, and your response just above, you're not aware of MAUI, nor have spent any time using the framework and tools. So you need to spend time with it. I have pointed you to 3 very good resources to get you started. There is also Google Search with a wealth of information available to you.

However, if all that you want is someone to write code for you, then there are these services:
* fiverr[^]
* Upwork[^]
* Freelancer[^]
* Guru[^]
* PeoplePerHour[^]
* TaskRabbit[^]
* Karat[^]
Member 13379347 3-Feb-24 20:01pm    
I am not asking anyone to write code for me. I am well experienced to do it. I am well aware of .NET MAUI as well, built several projects till date. What I am expecting from members here is if there's solution to what i want to achieve and if yes then just a high level functional approach to solve my problem.
Graeme_Grant 3-Feb-24 20:06pm    
"I am well aware of .NET MAUI as well, built several projects till date."
Yet you asked for Xamarin help... hmmm.

"expecting" ... hmmm.

Your understanding of "Deep Linking" is not correct. Deep links are a type of link that send users directly to an app instead of a website or a store. They are used to send users straight to specific in-app locations, saving users the time and energy locating a particular page themselves – significantly improving the user experience. Not to be used for web browsers.

You're better off writing a web browser extension.
Member 13379347 3-Feb-24 21:01pm    
So what if I am aware of .net Maui then I can't work on xamarin forms? Hhmmm...

It sounds from all your responses that you have taken this great great responsibility of telling everyone in the world which technology to chose and which not, and it also feels like you only can help someone who can post a buggy code for sum of 2 numbers for you that you can fix but you seriously get offended if anyone asks for architectural opinions. I truly appreciate the hard work you doing here to earn points. Many thanks for your time and help.

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