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I have a small project which is developed on ASP.NET MVC with Angular. I am stuck in when I am uploading the build on IIS, but Angular is running fine on the development environment. Please help me.

When the project is run on server, it gives me an error.

Uncaught Error: [$injector:modulerr]$injector/modulerr?p0=myAppReg&p1=Error: [$injector:unpr]$injector/unpr?p0=n
    at http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:10:168
    at http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:49:468
    at d (http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:47:197)
    at e (http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:47:438)
    at Object.invoke (http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:48:16)
    at d (http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:46:148)
    at http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:46:287
    at r (http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:11:76)
    at g (http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:46:49)
    at fb (http://dev02:8080/bundles/angular?v=WBZx8wk_-vJDZ3YonKXb00zJMs-JA9giQ01orZGP8zE1:50:153)

What I have tried:

I tried many things, from Google search but am still stuck.
Updated 1-Oct-23 8:27am

1 solution

I don't do angular, but a couple of quick Google searches comes up with some hints.

The "$injector:modulerr" mean a module failed to load for some reason.

The next one, "$injector:unpr" means "unknown provider", probably because a dependency wasn't found. You probably forgot to include some file(s) in your deployment package to IIS.
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Mansoordp 13-Oct-23 3:33am    
which packages, only i upload simple build on IIS, and i didn't integrate the angular from node.js, ng-build, only I added libraries of angular and started work.
Dave Kreskowiak 13-Oct-23 10:40am    
Like I said, I don't do angular, so I have no experience deploying an angular app.

Google is your friend: how to deploy an angular app is iis - Google Search[^]

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