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I am using FileOpenPicker to select the file for that i am initializing with the mainwindow handle by using this API WinRT.Interop.InitializeWithWindow.Initialize
but after closing the FileOpenPicker the mainwindow got freezes to retrieve the normal state I need to move the mouse in to the tittle bar of my application or taskbar.

What I have tried:

 var parentWindow = FindWindow(null,"MyAppTittle");
 var openPicker = new Windows.Storage.Pickers.FileOpenPicker();
 WinRT.Interop.InitializeWithWindow.Initialize(openPicker, parentWindow); //Initilaize 
StorageFile imageFile = await openPicker.PickSingleFileAsync();
if (imageFile == null) return;
Updated 6-Apr-23 5:22am
Member 15627495 6-Apr-23 5:23am    
you have to handle few threads. MTA
the main window thread is too busy, then it freeze.
it's a 'busy state' of your main Windows, not a bug.
Fazil13 6-Apr-23 5:36am    
how to do that can u provide some sample please
Member 15627495 6-Apr-23 6:13am    
threads are 'processing units'
they could be STA or MTA ( Single Thread .. or Mulitple Thread built )

any App is loaded into a Thread.
to empower your Apps, you can use more than one Thread.

Thread can be created , used, and destroy and are dedicated to execute codes aside the Main Thread.
link :
Richard MacCutchan 6-Apr-23 10:53am    
Nothing to do with the question. Did you get this answer from ChatGPT?
Member 15627495 6-Apr-23 10:58am    
I wait for your solutions Richard MacCutchan

1 solution

You're mixing Windows RT and WPF. You have a hack that is apparently "just working" (async interop). Stick to what is "typical".

The OpenFileDialog - The complete WPF tutorial[^]
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