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I have a table with varbinary datatype (file stream enabled) column which store pdf files as binary , form that i can get result as which of file have 'invoice' word using following query.

SELECT * FROM FileStore WHERE CONTAINS(Document,'invoice')

Here "Document" is varbinary column which store pdf and word files as binary.

From this i want to get words which appear how many times, i mean number of occurrences.

E.G: In one of the pdf got 'invoice' word 5 times , so want to count how many time word appear in that table using query,

Note: i am asking in varbinay datatype, not for nvarchar datatype.

What I have tried:

I tried with string can, but from binary cant found solution.
Any solution much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

Updated 8-Aug-22 19:32pm

1 solution

That's not easy - there are ways which work to find if a string exists in a VARBINARY field:[^] but they are subject to problems like wildcard expansion as mentioned there.
And they aren't going to help you count occurances i=within a single PDF file.

To be honest, you would be much better off doing the bulk of this in your presentation language - it will have much better string / binary data handling than SQL does.
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