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Hi Team

I am struggling to parse a value that is not a string in my rest api call and try to first initialize it as a const name['1080p','4k']; and when try to call it during my rest api as a name its not accessing that value object and im struck.

Meaning i want to do something like this
<pre lang="Javascript">{list?.product?.options?.1080p?.price?.value}

What I have tried:

<pre lang="Javascript">import React,{ useEffect, useState} from 'react';

  function Footer() {
      // we fetch rest api first before data gets loaded 
      // using loadAsync method to allow data be loaded and fetch it after.
      const[list, setList] = useState([]);
      const[error, setError] = useState([]);
      const[load, setLoaded] = useState([]);
      useEffect(() => {
       const loadAsyncStuff = async () => {
         try {
           const response = await fetch('');
           const json = await response.json();
         } catch (error) {
         } finally {

     const names = ['1080p'];

// returning our values as data from rest api
    // embedding some form-inline to allow spacing and new line.
   return (
     <div className="footer">

           <form  className='form-inline'>
           <p>Discount ends in</p>  {list?.product?.discount?.end_date}
           <form className='form-inline'>

export default Footer
Updated 25-Jun-22 21:19pm

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