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hey guy am trying to get an image which is on a picturebox
to get it on another form picturebox.

i got a picturebox on form1 which is pictureBox1
and i got form2 with pictureBox3 and i want the image which is on pictureBox1 to show on PictureBox3 on form2

i have tried this code
pictureBox3.Image.Clone = new Form1.picturebox1.image();
Mendor81 3-Dec-12 10:46am    
where does the image come from? if it's from a file then just reload it on the other form.
you could also save it to a temporary image file and reload it this way

1 solution

Create a property on Form2 which sets the Image on it's PictureBox:
public Image Image
   get { return myPictrueBox.Image; }
   set { myPictureBox.Image = value; }
Then set it via the instance of Form2 that you create in Form1:
Form2 f = new Form2();
f.Image = myForm1PictureBox.Image;
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Mendor81 3-Dec-12 10:49am    
I would have suggested that one next, should type faster next time ;P

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