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Hello Guys,

I am building my new website, which is my first web site, and I don't know much about programming.

I was trying to search for 3 tier architecture and was trying to write my DAL and found out something called Table Adapter.
I created a pubs.xsd and looking at some links I was able to configure it, but the problem is they wrote the following code in the page load event.

PubsTableAdapters.authorsTableAdapter myadapter = new PubsTableAdapters.authorsTableAdapter();
        Pubs.authorsDataTable myauthors;
        myauthors = myadapter.GetAuthors();
        foreach(Pubs.authorsRow authorrow in myauthors)
        Response.Write("Author: " + authorrow.au_fname + "  " + authorrow.au_lname+  "<br />");

This line of code is giving me an error saying you missing a reference or assembly or a namespace.

This is the link I was following:[^]

Please help me.
I am stuck.

Thanks in Advance.
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[no name] 10-Jun-11 3:08am    
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Dalek Dave 10-Jun-11 3:44am    
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1 solution

You are probably working with typed datasets. If that is the case, the table adapters for your datasets will be generated by Visual Studio. The type of the table adapter is not known in your code, resulting in the error.

That means that you did not define the typed dataset (and the tableadapter) in your assembly or you did not properly reference the assembly where it comes from.

Here is some info on strongly typed datasets[^] on MSDN to help you get more familiar with them.
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ubaidh sayed 10-Jun-11 5:38am    
CDP1802 : Thanks , That helped me :-)
[no name] 10-Jun-11 6:57am    
Great :)

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