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Hi guys.
I'm here to search support about: How implement a silent installation from SQL express 2014

I had search in google but all the examples show all the params, but nobody show how to put the SA password.
Some examples show how to do the silent installation even without password, but there is where i'm confused.

My case is this..

I need to install SQl Express in silent mode but i want to specify my own password for SA account.

Thanks for your Help

What I have tried:

i was surfing in google , and i found several examples, but no one shows who to configure SA password.
RedDk 9-Aug-18 19:27pm    
">SSMSE-Setup-ENU.exe /?" should bring up a list of deterministic parameters available ... but to my mind there is no password switch which will make what you want to do easier.

But then there's this:
Which leads one to believe that you might be able to do a post-install retrofit of such a thing.

And, then there's this, which looks even more promising:
Good luck!

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