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I am going to upload one text file or excel file or XML file( which is easy to read) to google drive.
I want to read the information stored in that   file from drive with c# code, with out downloading that file
. Is that possible? If yes how to do that?

What I have tried:

I googled for solution but there i found display list of files and directories in drive like that. So No suitable solution .
Updated 18-Jan-18 20:34pm
Alex Schunk 19-Jan-18 15:46pm    
How should that ever be possible without "quantum entanglement"?
What you want is impossible.

1 solution

I can't imagine google not having any results to help you learn how to download files from google drive...from what I found the first page should yield plenty of help, even one link is from codeproject.

How to download file from google drive c - Google Search[^]

How to download a file from Google Drive in c#[^]


.net - How to download file from google drive using c# - Stack Overflow[^]

Download Files  |  Drive REST API  |  Google Developers[^]
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vijay_bale 19-Jan-18 0:32am    
I know how to download and upload files. I want to read the file which stored in google drive. not download and read.
lukeer 19-Jan-18 4:19am    
Technically, you will always have to download the file. You can only choose the destination: memory, temporary file, user defined file, etc.
vijay_bale 19-Jan-18 7:55am    
Not for my downloading purpose. I want to upload a file with customers information. That information i want to read with the help of my software which I developed in c#. That software i will give to my clients and when ever they will connect to the net (my software also open that time), software will access that file and read that. In that file only I will put some software checking for trail like that.
David_Wimbley 19-Jan-18 10:43am    
Your not going to be able to just read the file without downloading it...that is unless google buys your software and puts it on their server. How else do you propose you gain access to a file without downloading it? Downloading it doesn't mean you have to write it to disk, you can download and deal with the bytes only.

Use something like new WebClient().Download("http://path/to/google/file"); which i think should download it in bytes (not 100% but its one of those methods) and then do what you need to with the bytes of that file without having to save it to the hard drive.

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