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I want to add a partialview(With some databse's datas) for common view to all page.
I did that, when partialview render from other view then not invoke controller PartialViewResult but invoke if direct render from url(localhost/Home/partialviewName).
code is bellow
This is controller
public PartialViewResult partial(Auction auc)
            auc.Name = "Abhilash Kumar";
            return PartialView("~/Views/Home/partial.cshtml",auc);

This is partial View
@model MyMVC.Models.Auction
<div style="padding:10px 10px 10px 10px">
    <p style="color:#ff0000">@Model.Name </p>

So how to invoke controller when partial view render from any other view.

1 solution

If you want to call a action result which return a partial view you can use Html.RenderAction()

Go through the below link.

MVC Render Partial view with action from controller[^]
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Abhilask kumar 13-Jan-16 3:49am    
when use Html.RenderAction() then error occur "Error executing child request for handler 'System.Web.Mvc.HttpHandlerUtil+ServerExecuteHttpHandlerAsyncWrapper'"
suhel_khan 13-Jan-16 4:35am    
are you passing action and controller in renderaction
suhel_khan 13-Jan-16 4:47am    
somthing like this Html.RenderAction("Category","Home")
Abhilask kumar 13-Jan-16 5:06am    
@{Html.RenderAction("master", "Home"); }
checked but same error.
F-ES Sitecore 13-Jan-16 7:12am    
That is rendering the "master" action on the "Home" controller, but your action is called "partial".

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