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Versatile real time embedded software engineer experienced with systems ranging from small microcontrollers to multi-core multi-board systems. Most of the software development was safety, mission, or weapons critical using either C or C++ and was done in CMMI Level 3 to Level 5 environment. Occasionally involved in the proposal phase of a project and usually involved in the full life cycle from design to deployment phases. A considerable electronics and network background has been a valuable asset in the proposal and design phases of many projects. Computer Science degree from Rollins College and Electronics degree from Eastern Florida State College. Currently working at Kennedy Space Center developing gateways that interface the new launch control system with the ground controlers and the spacecraft/rocket systems. Did volunteer work for our local planetarium to design both hardware and software for a distributed IGBT based lighting system. This led to designing a variety of IGBT dimmers for a planetarium supplier. One of my hobbies is entering various design contests. Won third place in the Circuit Cellar Zilog z183 design contest with a DMX 8 channel IGBT dimmer. Another Circuit Cellar project was a swimming trainer using an accelerometer and zigbee wireless. Also developed a number of projects for Lantronix, Microsoft Spark Challenge, Renesas Rulz, and Freescale Make It contests. The most recent winning project used cell phone technology for a car tamper detector with video recording and cell phone app control and monitoring.


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