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Charl Lamprecht - Professional Profile


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Hi, I am Charl, husband to a stunner of a wife and father of 4 awesome kids.

I am a self-proclaimed Real-Time Data Dude, it's the coolest tagline I could find which has not been brutalized yet… and us developers, we need 'em taglines. ;->

Currently, my days are spent architecting, designing and developing real-time data delivery and complex event processing systems with a bunch of highly skilled colleagues at Derivco.

I love working with data (lots of it, flowing fast as it can) and integrating systems - I have done so for most of my working career of 13+ years with bunches of different tools, brokers and tech including SQL, .NET, Java, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, ELK, and NEsper.

I dig Apache Kafka and I am one of the first Confluent Certified Developers for Apache Kafka in South Africa.

I love the ocean, live in the most beautiful place in the world and enjoy listening to the cool grooves of Inner Circle.



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