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31 Dec 2005 CodeProject MVP 2006
31 Dec 2004 CodeProject MVP 2005



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GeneralBye bye Firefox Pin
PJ Arends27-Feb-05 22:17
professionalPJ Arends27-Feb-05 22:17 
GeneralRe: Bye bye Firefox Pin
Franc Morales10-Jun-05 20:33
Franc Morales10-Jun-05 20:33 
GeneralRe: Bye bye Firefox Pin
thatraja29-Mar-11 7:42
professionalthatraja29-Mar-11 7:42 
GeneralFirefox vs IE Pin
PJ Arends24-Feb-05 17:02
professionalPJ Arends24-Feb-05 17:02 
Ok, so I decided it was time to try out the Firefox browser that most everyone is raving on about. So far I am not impressed.

In IE, when browsing the message boards, a click on a message would open that message at the top of the window, FF opens it and scrolls the view to some random spot. I have to scroll up or down just so I can read the messageWTF | :WTF:

FF likes to dial out on my dialup connection unless I explicitly set it to off-line mode. I am not asking it to reload a page, I just want it to keep the page I was on so I can finish reading it later. IE is well more behaved.

FF blocks popupsCool | :cool: . Score one for FF.

FF does not create well formed clicketies in forum messages, never had a problem with IE.

So far, I fail to see what the big deal about FF is. I will use it for a little while longer, playing with some of the settings to see if my experience improves. But so far I get the feeling I will be switching back to IE.

"You're obviously a superstar." - Christian Graus about me - 12 Feb '03

"Obviously ??? You're definitely a superstar!!!" mYkel - 21 Jun '04

Within you lies the power for good - Use it!
Honoured as one of The Most Helpful Members of 2004

GeneralRe: Firefox vs IE Pin
ThatsAlok24-Feb-05 20:49
ThatsAlok24-Feb-05 20:49 
AnswerRe: Firefox vs IE Pin
B2Pi22-Nov-05 8:40
B2Pi22-Nov-05 8:40 
GeneralRe: Firefox vs IE Pin
GaryWoodfine 11-Mar-07 0:40
professionalGaryWoodfine 11-Mar-07 0:40 
GeneralA start Pin
PJ Arends15-Sep-02 10:50
professionalPJ Arends15-Sep-02 10:50 
GeneralRe: A start Pin
Brian Delahunty30-Sep-02 12:36
Brian Delahunty30-Sep-02 12:36 
GeneralRe: A start Pin
ColinDavies16-Aug-03 19:56
ColinDavies16-Aug-03 19:56 
GeneralRe: A start Pin
greenjade80023-Aug-04 11:46
greenjade80023-Aug-04 11:46 
GeneralRe: A start Pin
ColinDavies23-Aug-04 12:17
ColinDavies23-Aug-04 12:17 
GeneralRe: A start Pin
Navin28-Sep-03 17:55
Navin28-Sep-03 17:55 
GeneralRe: A start Pin
PJ Arends28-Sep-03 18:37
professionalPJ Arends28-Sep-03 18:37 
GeneralRe: A start Pin
Adam °Wimsatt30-Oct-03 10:20
Adam °Wimsatt30-Oct-03 10:20 
GeneralRe: A start Pin
TigerX16-Oct-03 23:29
professionalTigerX16-Oct-03 23:29 

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