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Ched1980 - Professional Profile


By day I am a Spacecraft engineer working on interplanetary spacecraft.

By night I write games.

I have been designing games since I was a teenager, starting with board games before branching out into the digital world.

I started video game creation using SEUCK on the Atari ST, making a number of small/ simple shoot-em-ups. I then moved onto using Visual Basic and VBA becoming an active member of the XL gaming forum and creating a number of games such as Cim Sity, Nations and a multiplayer version of Champ Manager (A Football/Soccer management game) within Microsoft Excel. I still play Champy today with my friends and continue to develop it some 5 years after I started writing it.

More recently I have been developing games using Dark Basic Professional (DBPro) and the App Game Kit (AGK). With the former I have created a number of FPS's and released a number of free demos. With the later I have created a number of 2D games for the Blackberry PlayBook and for Windows 8 Ultrabooks.



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